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Sr. Sql Server Dba Resume

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Irving, TexaS


  • 7+ years of experience as a Microsoft Certified SQL Server DBA in MS SQL SERVER 2014, 2012/2008/2005 Database Administration in Production, Test and Development environment.
  • Expert in installation and configuration of MS SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 in different 32/64 bit environments.
  • Expertise in Installing and configuring SQL Server 2014/ 2012/2008/2005 Active/Active and Active/Passive clusters on 32/64 bit Window Server 2003 and Window Server 2008;
  • Expertise in migration of SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005/2008, SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012
  • Implemented Database Mirroring in SQL server 2008 & 2012.
  • Expert in developing and documenting the backup and disaster recovery plan.
  • Expertise in implementing Log Shipping as backup solution for MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 databases.
  • Highly experienced in implementing Replication Models such as Transactional and Snapshot in SQL Server 2008 and 2012 in OLTP environments.
  • Experience with 2012 Always on High Availability groups.
  • Handled multiple SQL Instances on Cluster environments for Server Consolidation projects built on SAN using RAID levels
  • Excellent skills in developing Backup & Recovery procedures and Database Security procedures to maintain Data Integrity.
  • Expertise in deployment and scheduling of SSIS packages.
  • Expertise in SQL Server performance tuning, query optimization, Database Maintenance plans, Database Consistency Checks using DBCC and DMV’S
  • Maintained individual service accounts for SQL Server services on cluster with different Security groups to raise security mark.
  • Having Experience on Data center servers and handling 1.4 TB databases.
  • Expertise in monitoring the production server with native tools like SQL Profiler, Window System monitor.
  • Expertise in identifying, troubleshooting issues and documenting root cause analysis.
  • Experienced in configuring and managing Linked Server, Data transfer between SQL Server and other Databases
  • Strong experience in mentoring team members and writing documentation.
  • Experience working in 24X7 production support for 2014, 2012, 2008R2, 2005
  • Experience in working with quality assurance and version controlling tools
  • Superior communication, presentation, documentation, analytical and problem solving skills.


Languages: C# ASP. NET, T - SQL, My SQL, VB.NET, HTML, XML, C/C++, CSS, DHTML, Java Script

Operating Systems: Windows 95/2000/2003/2008/ XP/VISTA/7, Sun Solaris 9, LINUX, VMware ESX servers

Databases: MS SQL Server 2008R 2/2008/2005/2000 , Oracle 10g/11g, MYSQL, MS Access

ETL & Reporting Tools: DTS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Crystal Reports, MOM

DB Utilities: SQL Server Management Utility, Query Analyzer

Application Software: Visual Studio 2005/2008, Visual Source Safe, TFS, MS Office Suite

Data Modeling Tools: Erwin

Other Tools: LiteSpeed, Red gate, Foglight, Spot light


Confidential, Irving, Texas

Sr. SQL Server DBA


  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2014 in Windows Environment and Migrated Old 2008 Databases to 2014.
  • Installation and Maintenance of SQL Server 2012/2008(R2) on Test, Development and Production Environments.
  • Create and manage databases across Development and Production instances using SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Usage of new compression Techniques in SQL Server 2008(R2) / 2012 for backup and restore jobs.
  • Experience working with TSM Backups and Restore.
  • Manage and Administer SQL server 2012 on VMware environment.
  • Transactional Replication with Multiple publishers and centralized subscriber.
  • Deployment of Replication and mirroring in both Test and Production environments
  • Disaster Recovery Planning, Testing and analyzing and continuous update of documentation.
  • Implemented Database Mirroring and Transactional Replication as a part of DR plan.
  • Creating Logins and Roles with appropriate permissions.
  • Creating and Maintaining Database Maintenance Plans.
  • Configured Database Mail for failure Job notifications
  • Modify Stored Procedures and complex T-SQL Queries to improve query execution process.
  • Write T-SQL Scripts for database backup jobs and daily/weekly jobs.
  • Tune slow running queries using SQL Server Profiler
  • Worked with database tuning advisor, SQL server profiler, Performance monitor and activity monitor for Performance tuning
  • Experience working with IDERA in Server Monitoring for Performance Monitoring, Dead Lock, Blocking.
  • Import data across multiple instances using BULK INSERT and BCP Utility.
  • Extract, Transform, and Load data from heterogeneous data sources to SQL Server using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Packages.
  • Plan, analyze and develop Ad-hoc Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Report Manager to support various user requirements.
  • Worked with DTS Packages to load the massaged data into Data Warehousing System.
  • Create and manage database objects that include Tables, Views, User-defined Functions, Stored Procedures, Constraints and Triggers to implement Business Logic.
  • Create Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes to improve the performance of database access.
  • Extensively worked on performance issues like Update statistics and Autostats
  • Involved in Capacity Planning, Database Normalization and De-normalization process.
  • Optimized the database server usingDMV’s and DMF’sand performed acode reviewandtuningfor the best performance of the application.
  • Involved in Logical and Physical Data Modeling process using MS Visio.
  • Use MS Visual Source Safe as a Version Control System.
  • Involved in Change Data Capture process.
  • Monitoring Event Viewer, SQL Error logs and Log File Viewer for Software and hardware related errors.
  • Avoiding
  • Mentored team members to optimize SQL Queries.

Environment: Microsoft Windows 2008/2012/2012 (R2) Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (R2)/2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Windows 2003/2008 Server, IIS Server 7, MS Visual Source Safe, IIS 6.0, XML.

Confidential, Madison, WI

Sr SQL Server DBA


  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2012/2008R2 Enterprise/Standard edition in the production/DR/Test/Dev environment.
  • Successfully migrated from SQL Server 2000/ /2008R2 on Developing/Testing/ production Environment.
  • Monitoring 500+ server using CMS, working with offshore and onshore SQL DBA team.
  • Expert in Recover database from Suspect/Emergency mode using DBCC command, repair/rebuild user database and rebuild master using command prompt.
  • Monitored the Daily Full Back-up and Transactional log backup jobs.
  • Involved in the configuration and maintenance ACTIVE/PASSIVE Cluster Environments for the production servers
  • Involved in Database and SQL Query Tuning to improve performance, identifying locking and blocking issues by utilizing DBCC commands, DMV’s and DMF’s for monitoring.
  • Implemented and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • Perform general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams.
  • Identified issues related to poor performance of complex SQL queries by analyzing missing indexes and unused indexes.
  • Reduced the deadlocks by using the SQL Server Profiler and setting up Trace flags for every day monitoring.
  • Troubleshoot and Resolved issued problems with the production server via the ticketing system BMC remedy.
  • Involved in taking backups of database and restoring and validating them when needed.
  • Experience in working in Change Data Capture (CDC) for auditing data objects in SQL Database.
  • Analyzed values of performance monitor counters to identify potential disk, I/O subsystem issues.
  • Created and Deployed RDL in SSRS server to maintain Disk space monitoring of all servers including Stage Environment.
  • Actively involved in development of automated daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks such as backups, verifying database integrity and re-indexing.
  • Monitoring the servers usingIdera Diagnostic Manager.
  • Provided dedicated supports for SQL Server production server 24/7 shifts.

Environment: Windows server 2003/2008/2008 R2, MS SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008/2005, Idera Diagnostic Manager, BMC remedy

Confidential, Wellesley Hills, MA

SQL Server DBA


  • Configure, patch, test, monitor, and support multiple heterogeneous database instances, maintaining the databases at current release and maintenance levels.
  • Configured and setup snapshot replication from production to Development and stage environments.
  • Resolve server and SQL job alerts server ping alerts for production servers.
  • Working with developers in identifying locks and databases and proposed resolution.
  • Setting up email alerts on the database for the log file growth and drive space.
  • Used database utility programs and third party utilities tools REDGATE to monitor database performance, such a s blocking, expensive queries, memory utilization
  • Created and scheduled SSIS package to monitor Idera’s SQL compliance Manger on Monthly basis to check standards are followed.
  • Created job to copy and restore backup files from Production (DMZ) across domain in VBA Script.
  • Worked with network team to open firewall between DMZ servers and LAN servers for SQL Server to communicate as required.
  • Working on footprint tickets from users meeting SLA requirements.
  • Checking Disk space alerts on Production server and to inform Infrastructure to add more space if the disk is full.
  • Start SQL Server in Single user mode to get access on to the Development and Test servers
  • Configured and maintained Report Manager and Report Server for SSRS and update passwords for the quarterly password change.
  • Participated in the organization’s change management process for production releases with different applications.
  • Work with responsible applications personnel, coordinate testing of new releases and upgrades from applications perspective.
  • Perform problem determination (root cause analysis) and document the source and proposed resolution.
  • Worked on implementing SQL Compliance and standards on Tier 1 production servers and scheduled reports as per audit team request.
  • Worked in implementing yearly password changes on the production in updating passwords for SQL Services, replication, Reporting services database connection strings.
  • Development and implementation of database back-up and restore policies and procedures.
  • Testing the functionality of the backup tool Avamar to see if that fits our environment.
  • Provided On-Call support on rotation.

Environment: SQL Server 2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000 , Windows 2008\2003, DTS\SSIS, SQL, Compliance Manger, EMC Avamar

Confidential, Mt Laurel, NJ

SQL Server DBA


  • Created, modified stored procedures, Triggers, and Views.
  • Maintaining jobs for data massaging from production server to Business Objects server.
  • Created and managed the database and objects.
  • Customization of DTS workflow thought active x task.
  • Managed and coordinate with remote user for change request and optimization of application.
  • Management and maintenance of data, including backups, data fixes, replication, restoration and high availability of operational systems
  • Configuration and management of security of company SQL servers, including troubleshooting
  • DTS for Import from Oracle & Excel for Analysis server.
  • Responsible for planning, executing, and maintaining data integration projects and database upgrades.
  • Ability to write SQL scripts. Hands-on experience with disaster recovery techniques and database failure contingency planning.
  • Monitoring SQL Server, at the physical server and database layer.
  • Significant experience in database redundancy strategies, and disaster recovery (Data Mirroring, Replication, Log Shipping, Clustering).
  • Windows 2003 multi-node clustering. Experience with transactional replication required Experience with MS BI Stack SSIS, SSRS and SSAS.
  • Responsible for fine tuning of the database, trouble shooting, user administration, memory management, and running DBCC.
  • Involved in Performance tuning and Query Optimization.

Environment: Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Active Directory, MS SQL Server 2000, Excel Objects, Oracle, MS Projects, DB2, UNIX, Erwin.


SQL Server DBA


  • Managing of database objects like Tables, views, indexes.
  • Performed regular Database Maintenance task, checking the disk Defrag procedures in Development environment.
  • Involved in Installation of SQL Server with Multiple instances, Service packs and Hot Fixes
  • Assisted in Setup and troubleshooting Active/Passive Clustering for SQL Server2008.
  • Configured Disaster Recovery solution using Log Shipping. Setup for Snapshot and Transactional Replication between Servers, troubleshoot and monitor Publishers, Distributors, and Subscribers
  • Used Index Tuning Advisor for Database performance for proper indexes.
  • Involved in upgrading of existing Servers from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.
  • Implementing Load balancing Replication across the Databases.
  • Performed Database Refresh tasks from production to Development and Staging Servers.
  • Involved in Performance Tuning of the SQL Server for Web based Production and Development environments.
  • Used PerfMon and Profiler Trace to monitor the Memory, CPU and Disk usage, the private bytes of each process, the trend in the Available Bytes, Performed Uploading of bulk data migration with BCP Utilities.
  • Performed Database consistency checks with DBCC, Index tuning and monitored SQL Server error logs.
  • Resolved the issue of mission critical of high usage of system CPU, Disk, Deadlocks issue and Transaction per/sec, Memory involved in performance monitoring of Memory, Processor, Disk I/O.

Environment: SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005. T-SQL, Windows Server, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Access

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