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Sr. Sql Server Bi Developer (ssis, Ssas And Ssrs) Resume

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Norwalk, CT


  • More than 8 years of experience in the analysis, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of database applications in SQL server, reporting services (SSRS), Authorization Services &integration services (SSIS).
  • Having good knowledge of software development life cycle (SDLC) process and excellent analytical, developing and problem - solving skills.
  • Experience in data modeling by using normalization techniques and building referential integrity constraints.
  • Created SQL Server objects like tables, stored procedures, views, joins, set joins, indexes and functions using T-SQL Programming.
  • Good knowledge of performance tuning, query optimization by using indexes & few tips to improve performance to execute complex quires fast. Used display estimated execution plan tools for the same.
  • Extensively used reporting services to develop the tabular, matrix, gauge, dashboards, sub reports, parameterized reports, drill down & drill through reports as per the business requirements.
  • Extensively used grouping, cascading parameters, paging, column freezing and complex expressions to develop the reports. Deployed SSRS reports and data sources from SQL server data Tools to SSRS reporting server.
  • Managed all the published reports using report manager. Controlling the user permissions to access the reports at site level, folder level and report level access.
  • Created and maintained standard and data-driven subscriptions to auto generate the reports snapshots at the scheduled time for the given users via email.
  • Involved in complete ETL processing of extracting the data, transforming the data and Loading the data using SSIS package executables and transformations.
  • Good experience of using transformations like data conversion, derived column, conditional split, merge join, look up etc. in SSIS packages.
  • Created SSIS packages for data migration from diff. sources to diff. destinations like SQL server, oracle, MS access, excel, XML and flat file.
  • Having good knowledge of using variables and expressions in packages. Used variables in execute SQL task, script task, for each loop logic, error handling, and precedence constraints.
  • Worked on SSIS packages using execute process task pointing to the .bat file to run the command prompt for transferring the text file to new directory in FTP folder.
  • Experience of scheduling the SSIS packages execution in SQL server agent (Jobs) and tracking the execution of packages and configuring the email notifications through SQL server agent.
  • Interacted with SQL server DBA team on SQL server issues. Monitoring of SSIS related jobs.
  • Having the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, good team player and can work independently and having strong interactive skill to communicate with end user and development team.


Programming Skills: T-SQL, C, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, VB, C#

RDBMS: MS SQL Server, MS Access, Teradata.

Database Design Tools and Data Modeling: MS Visio, Star Schema/Snowflake Schema modeling, FACT & Dimensions tables, SQL Query Analyzer, ETL, SQL Enterprise Manager, Solution Explorer, Analysis Manager, Reporting Server.

BI Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Visual Studio Crystal Reports

Operating Systems: UNIX, LINUX, Windows7/ NT & Windows 9x and MS-DOS

Systems familiarity: OLTP, DSS, OLAP, MDX

Tools: and Utilities SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Profiler, Import & Export Wizard, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)

Methodologies: Logical and Physical Database Design, UML, Database Design and Normalization, Data Modeling


Confidential, Norwalk, CT



  • Migrated data from Heterogeneous Data Sources and legacy system (DB2, Access, and Excel) to centralized SQL Server databases using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to overcome transformation constraints.
  • Converted Data Transformation Services (DTS) application to SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS) as assigned.
  • Developed DTSX packages to extract, transform and load into the Campaign database from OLTP database using of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Created Pivot tables using Power Pivot and power Query.
  • Worked with various SSIS control flow tasks and data transformation tasks like Data conversion, Derived Column, Look-up, Fuzzy Look-up, script task, etc. as part of ETL.
  • Involved in performing incremental loads while transferring data from OLTP to data warehouse using different data flow and control flow tasks in Business intelligence studio using SSIS.
  • Debugged SSIS Packages using Data Viewers, Breakpoints. Used various transformations like Derived column, Pivot, Un-pivot, copy column, merge join, union all, Lookup, audit, aggregate etc.
  • Created Cubes with Star schema in SSAS and developed SSRS reports based on the cubes.
  • Used T-SQL in SQL Server 2012 to develop Stored Procedures, User-Defined Functions (UDFs), Indexed Views and DML Triggers to support ETL packages. Preparing Dashboards using calculations, parameters in Tableau.
  • Performed Provider analysis and gave useful Insights about reliable Insurance group, claims, deposit details from the Power BI dashboards. Created report schedules on Tableau server.
  • Responsible for creating connections to the Oracle Database for the Source and target tables in Informatica to create the sessions. Creating reports using SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) for customized and ad-hoc Queries.
  • Developed dashboard reports using Reporting Services, Report Model using Report Builder.
  • Experience in creating Parameterized reports and Linked reports with thorough knowledge of report serving architecture. (Table, chart and matrix report). Created drill down and drill up in worksheets in tableau.
  • Designed SSIS Packages to extract, transform, load (ETL) existing data into SQL Server from different environments for the SSAS cubes. Configured Email Alerts for unsuccessful completion of Scheduled Jobs.
  • Used Performance Monitor and SQL Profiler to optimize queries and enhance the performance of database servers. Involved in trouble shooting of performance issues which were associated with Tableau reports.
  • Experienced in integrating different Microsoft BackOffice Components such as Share Point and IIS with MS SQL Server. Experienced in working with agile methodology.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2016/2014, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SVN (source control), Tableau, Informatica, MS Visual Studio.NET, C #, TFS (SharePoint), Visual Studio 14.0/VB.net, VB Script and Windows 2012 Server.

Confidential, Brecksville, OH

SQL Server/SSIS Developer


  • Worked on Full life cycle development (SDLC) involving in all stages of development.
  • Worked as a developer in creating complex stored procedures, Triggers, Functions, Indexes, Tables, Views and SQL joins for applications. Implemented different types of constraints on tables.
  • Used highly complex T-SQL Queries and SQL Scripts to perform efficient data load based on complex Business rules. Optimized queries tuned and monitored server performance using SQL Profiler.
  • Designed and developed SSIS Packages for loading data from text files, CSV files to SQL Server databases using SSIS. Developed SSIS solution for developing a fully-fledged data warehouse solution.
  • Migrated data between different heterogeneous sources such as Flat file, Excel 2012 using SSIS.
  • Performed data conversions from SQL server to flat file using SSIS. Created packages that implements tasks like Execute SQL Task, Data Flow Task etc. Identified and defined Fact relationships in SSAS.
  • Responsible for creating the reports based on the requirements using SSRS 2012.
  • Involved in writing Query for generating drill down reports, identified and worked with the parameters to generate parameterized reports along with that extensively used global variables, expressions and functions.
  • Identified and defined the Datasets for the report generation.
  • Deployed the generated reports directly on the client's workstation.
  • Explored and used many enhancements of Power BI in current reports like Content pack and direct connection to databases like SSAS. Involved in writing scripts for the client’s requirements for reporting purposes.
  • Assisted in production OLAP cubes, wrote queries to produce reports using SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services (SSAS) and Power BI for reporting. Worked on building queries to retrieve data into Tableau from SQL.
  • Analyzed the existing reports, cubes and dashboards and prepared the use cases for Tableau visualizations.
  • Created complex SSAS cubes with multiple fact measures groups, and multiple dimension hierarchies based on the OLAP reporting needs. Implemented the calculations to aggregate physical measures.
  • Created calculated fields with MDX code to meet additional measures need that are calculated from existing measures. Involved in Data Modelling of variant Data and integrating the data into existing EDW model.
  • Monitored mainframe production and test jobs, including the critical overnight ODS data exchange processes.
  • Involved in developing Data Access Components to access the SQL Server Database using ADO.NET.
  • Actively supported business users for change in requests. Gathered user requirements.
  • Implementing Dashboards and Score Cards using Microsoft Performance Point Server and integrated with share point. Monitored production and test jobs for Operational Data Store (ODS) distributed environment.

Environment: SQL Server 2012/2014, SSIS (2012/2014), SSRS (2012/2014), SSAS (2012/2014), Visual Studio 2010/2013, MS Excel 2010/2013, T-SQL, C#, Window 7, Team Foundation Server.

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

BI developer


  • Involved in project planning meeting with Project Manager, Business Analyst and Team members to analyze the business requirements and outlined the proposed solutions.
  • Created logical and physical data models using the Erwin data modeler tool.
  • Responsible for identifying sources, creating a Pre-staging and staging database, and data mart utilizing dimension modeling. Worked closely with the database developer as a team mentoring.
  • Implemented normalization and de-normalization of existing tables wherever needed for faster query processing. Identified types of slowly changing dimensions required for the data mart.
  • Maintained data integrity by creating various integrity constraints.
  • Managed ETL for extraction, transformation, and loading of data to the destination data mart.
  • Developed mappings utilizing SSIS to transform data from multiple sources: Excel, Flat File, and SQL Server to OLTP database. Implemented Incremental loading using checksum and CDC.
  • Implemented SSIS packages with loggings and event handlers for error handling.
  • Worked on implementing transactions for billing details and checkpoints in the packages for optimizing the performance. Designed the OLAP cube using SSAS for hospital drug analysis.
  • Restructured ETL packages with optimized queries and proper transformations for faster data loading.
  • Deployed SSIS packages from development server to production server utilizing project deployment model.
  • Generated parameterized, cascading parameterized, drill down, and drill through reports.
  • Created reports using Power BI if data getting from Azure cloud and web services.
  • Optimized embedded queries or stored procedures that generate reports.
  • Created analytical reports and dashboards utilizing Tableau.

Environment: SQL Server 2008/2012, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, SSMS, SSDT, MS Visio, Erwin, Power BI, TFS, SQL Azure Database, Azure Storages, Tableau.


MS SQL Server Developer


  • Analyzed the functional specs provided by the business users and created technical specification documents.
  • Active part in maintenance of data cubes for OLAP. Involved in migration of crystal reports to SSRS 2008.
  • Designing logical and physical database structure to facilitate analysis of data from both operational and customer perspectives. Wrote PowerShell scripts to automate Excel Macros and generate various reports.
  • Experience in creating Tablix Reports, Matrix Reports, Parameterized Reports, Sub Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services 2008. Involved in Migration of SSRS 2005 to SSRS 2008.
  • Created Triggers, Views for Audit and security purposes. Created different types of User-defined functions.
  • Used Package Configurations to make use of same SSIS package in Dev/Testing/Prod Environments.
  • Worked with POWER SHELL to automate SSIS Package and create report in Excel.
  • Involving in creating the packages by using Control Flows, Data Flows and script tasks.
  • Scheduling the ETL jobs to run some of them daily and some of them are monthly once
  • Fixing the defects in QC as per the tester comments. Launching the report builder for ADHOC reports.
  • Extensively working in loading fact and dimension tables in Data warehouse.
  • Created database maintenance planner for the performance of SQL Server, which covers Database integrity checks and re-indexing. Extensively used Excel PowerPivot and Slicing and Dicing concept
  • Created reports to retrieve data using Stored Procedures, MDX Queries that accept parameters.
  • Used various report items like tables, sub report and charts to develop the reports in SSRS.
  • Developed T-SQL queries and stored procedures with multiple parameters to created data Sets for reports
  • Designed and developed Data Warehouses, Data marts using multi-dimensional models such as Star Schemas and Snow Flake Schema. Created mapping tables to find out the missing attributes for the ETL process.
  • Used the row count transformation and event handlers control flow to populate the special Log tables with high level SSIS package execution results. Used Type 1 and Type 2-dimension models for loading multiple dimension.
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) development using SQL Server 2005, SQL 2008 Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Handled Performance Tuning and Optimization on SSIS and MDX, with strong analytical and troubleshooting skills for quick issue resolution in large-scale production environments located globally.
  • Involved to planning and designing SSAS 2012 Cubes and building attribute relationships for optimal MDX query performance of Hierarchies and Fact Dimensions.
  • Design and develop dynamic advanced T-SQL, PL/SQL, MDX queries, VB.NET Scripts, stored procedures, XML, user defined functions, parameters, views, tables, triggers, indexes, constraints, SSIS packages, SSAS Cubes, SQL Server Agent jobs, deployment scripts and installation instructions for enterprise data warehouse and applications. Integrating SharePoint Server with SSRS and deploying SSRS reports on to SharePoint Server.
  • Created different types of reports such as Cross-Tab, Drill-down, Drill Through, OLAP and Sub reports, and formatting them using both SSRS 2005/2008.
  • Worked with various tasks of SSIS include Transform Data Task, Execute SQL Task, Active Script Task etc.
  • Designed and written the queries in the query builder for retrieving the data.
  • Generated various reports with drilldowns, calculated members, dropdowns from the cubes by connecting to Analysis server from SSRS 2008. Used data profiling task in SSIS 2008 to identify poor data and repair it.
  • Created and worked with drill down reports and identified the report parameters.
  • Writing extensive T-SQL Programming, SQL Server Scripts, ETL (SSIS) packages, SSRS reports and SAP BOBJ reports, deployment feasibility, cost and time requirements, compatibility with current technologies and system capabilities to integrate new business functionalities
  • Generating various types of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, ad-hoc, standard, dynamic reports in customer level, manger level, vendor level using Microsoft and SAP technologies.

Environment: SQL Server 2008/2008R2, Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS), T-SQL, SQL Crystal Reports, (SSIS) SQL Server Integration Services, MS Visual Studio, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, Ado.Net, TFS, (SSRS) SQL Server Reporting Services, (SSAS) SQL Server Analysis Services, Business Object XI, SAP Suite, ETL, MDX, Erwin, SQL Profiler, MS Excel 2003, BI stack, PowerShell, MS Visio, informatica, Visual Studio 2008/2005


SQL developer (SSIS/SSRS)


  • Involved in gathering requirements from the business users and created the Functional Specifications, Technical Specs, Design documents and Approach documents.
  • Involved in reviewing the Investments application and interacting with business users to understand the user requirements.
  • Worked in Agile Scrum Methodology with daily stand up meetings and great knowledge in TFS (Team Foundation Server) 2010. Developed stored procedures to use in SSRS report using dynamic SQL and T-SQL.
  • Experience in working with SSAS in creating cubes, data source views, named queries, dimensions and deploying of analysis services projects. Created SSIS packages to clean and load data to data warehouse.
  • Created SSIS Packages using Pivot Transformation, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Term extraction, Aggregate, Execute SQL Task, Data Flow Task, and Execute Package Task etc. to generate underlying data for the reports and to export cleaned data from Excel Spreadsheets, Text file, MS Access and CSV files to data warehouse. Created packages to migrate data from different data sources to data warehouse.
  • Worked on Source Data Analysis, Design and creation of Data Mappings for Extraction of bulk data from sources like Flat files, Excel files etc. Developed stored procedures to use in SSRS report using dynamic SQL and T-SQL.
  • Developed SSIS packages using various Control Flow and Data Flow items to Transform and Load the Data using SQL Server Integration services (SSIS).
  • Created Stored Procedures, User Defined functions, Views and implemented the Error Handling in the Stored Procedures and SQL objects and Modified already existing stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes depending on the requirement. Executed the test cases in Quality Center to ensure the quality of the data migration.
  • Implemented Custom Error Handling (Record Level) by using the Script component to generate custom error messages and redirected the error rows to a staging error table.
  • Used the SSIS Configuration files to make the package connections, variables etc., configurable and maintained the same on Test and Production environments.
  • Built different types of chart reports using SSRS for the business requirement like Designed and deployed reports with Drill Down, Drill Through, drop down menu options, Sub-reports in SSRS using BIDS.
  • Report parameters included single valued parameters, multi-value parameters that also consisted of different parameter types like hidden, internal, default (queried and non-queried parameters).
  • Created complex stored procedures to use as the datasets for the Report Design, to generate Adhoc reports using SSRS.
  • Developed Complex SSRS Reports involving Sub Reports (Matrix/Tabular Reports, Charts and Graphs, Bar charts, Column charts and Pie charts)

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008, XP, T SQL, SSAS, SQL Profiler, Microsoft Dynamics, Agile, Report Builder, SSRS, SSIS, Visual Studio 2005/2008, VB script XML, Crystal Reports, Excel.


SQL BI Developer


  • Efficiently used Microsoft SQL server 2005/2008/2008 R2 SQL server management studio.
  • Created and developed stored procedures, triggers to handle complex business rules, history data and audit analysis. Elicited business requirements through interviews, surveys, prototyping and observations.
  • Prepared BRDs (Business Requirement Documents) supporting documents containing essential business elements, detailed definitions, & description of the relationships, to analyze and document business data requirements. Reviewed and Analyzed the Business and Functional Requirement Documents.
  • Used SQL server business Intelligence Development Studio to design SSIS packages to transfer data between servers and deploy the data. Scheduled the job to do this task periodically.
  • Prepared functional specification documents and managed any changes in user requirements with change requests and by keeping track of the requirements through traceability.
  • Designed DTS/SSIS Packages to transfer data between servers, load data into database, and archived data file from different DBMS using SQL enterprise manager/SSMS on SQL server 2005/2008 environment.
  • Generated reports using SQL server Reporting Services, and created user friendly templates, indexes, using xml
  • Generated test data and tested database to meet the functionalities deliverables in the project documentation and specifications. Developed SQL queries to validate data in tables based on business requirements.
  • Designed and developed matrix and tabular reports with drill down, drill through and drop-down menu option using SSRS. Extensive use of T-SQL DDL and DML commands for various applications.
  • Expert in transforming complex business logic into Database design and maintaining it by using SQL tools like Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, TSQL Scripting. Good working knowledge on Agile Projects.
  • Expert in implementing an extra level of security by creating views and creating stored procedures to query the confidential data.
  • Scheduled reports for daily, weekly, monthly reports for executives, Business analyst and customer representatives for various categories and regions based on business needs using SSRS.
  • Experience in development of extracting, transforming and loading (ETL), maintain and support the enterprise data warehouse system.
  • Expertise in generating reports using linked reports, sub reports and filters in SQL server reporting services.
  • Back end Experience in MS SQL Server development, writing complex queries, stored procedures, views, triggers, cursors, UDFs.
  • Linked business processes to organizational objectives, performing critical path analysis, analyzing ER diagrams.
  • Experience in SQL joins, sub queries, tracing and performance tuning for better running of queries.

Environment: Windows server 2005, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Business Intelligence Development studio (SSRS and SSIS), Microsoft.NET, MS Office Access 2003, VBScript, Erwin and Visio.

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