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Ms Sql Server Database Administrator Resume

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San Francisco, CaliforniA


  • Having 8 plus years in depth IT experience in MS SQL Server 2008 R2/2008/2005 Database Development and Administration in enterprise production environment including server installation, configuration, upgrade, maintenance, performance tuning, client/server connectivity, query optimization, backup/restore, disaster recovery, migration, monitoring, security planning and trouble - shooting high availability related issue.
  • Microsoft Certified SQL DBA with staunch understanding of Database development, Administration, Design, Implementation & Support of MS SQL Server 2000/20 R2.
  • Expertise in mentoring and setting up High availability environments like active-active and active-passive clustering, Database Mirroring, Replication (Snapshot, merge, transactional), Log shipping(With Monitor Server Instance), setting up servers from scratch on clustered environment, Linked servers.
  • Experience in identifying the I/O and memory bottle necks, blocking and deadlocks caused by complex queries using SQL Server Activity monitor/profiler, Dynamic Management Views (DMV) and handling them by implementing better Query Execution plans.
  • Handful experience in Installs, deployments, renewals, service accounts resets, add service patches and hot fixes on stand-alone and Cluster Environment and Configuring, performing upgrades / migrations, process job tickets & bugs, test verify backups and recovery.
  • Strong understanding of components of SQL Server Architecture, Backups, Restore Strategy involving complete database backup/restore and transaction log backup/restore, policy based management.
  • Experience in maintaining the security for databases (creating logins for users, roles, and assigning permissions to them).
  • Implemented SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) tool of SQL Server to populate data from various data sources, creating packages for different data loading operations for application.
  • Experienced in developing and deploying complex reports using SSRS (Reporting Services)
  • Proficient with SQL Management Studio,Spotlight, Quest litespeed, Foglight, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Business Intelligence development studio, report builder 2.0, rescheduling jobs with SQL Server Agent, SQL Profiler, Perfmon, restoring database using full, differential, and log backups, OLAP, OLTP, trouble shooting.
  • Experience in automation of administrative tasks like creating Maintenance plans, creating Jobs, Alerts using SQL Server agent and monitoring and troubleshooting the jobs.
  • Responsible for design, setup, installation, and implementation of DB’s, data maintenance (re-indexing, integrity checks by running DBCC commands, statistics update, log file monitoring), performance tuning (fragmentation, compression drive distribution, load balancing, replication), technical documentation and implementation of SQL Server disaster recovery models.
  • Provide software build support & ongoing assistance with build activities to ensure timely delivery of testing & production software builds in a highly software development life cycle process.
  • Designed and documented Logical and Physical Data Models.
  • Experience in relational database modeling using tools like CA Erwin, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft SQL Server Database Diagrams.
  • Experience in Tuning T-SQL Complex Queries, Stored Procedures, UDF’S, triggers, cursors, views, Indexed views and error handling using Try-Catch blocks.
  • Comprehensively involved in Migration of Data from Excel, Flat file, Oracle, to MS SQL Server by using SSIS, BCP and DTS utility and tools in C# or VB .NET for data import, export, and validation
  • Expertise and Interest include Administration, Development, DatabaseDesign, PerformanceAnalysis, and Production Support for Large (VLDB) and ComplexDatabases.
  • Experience in updating Windows Server 2003 to Windows server 2008.
  • Experience working with production and 24 x 7 on call environments.
  • Good team player, strong interpersonal and communication skills combined with self-motivation, initiative and the ability to think outside the box.


Database: MS SQL Server 2012/2008 R2/2008/2005, MySQL, MS Access, MS Excel

Languages/Tools: T-SQL, RDBMS, C #, C++, JAVA (CORE), PL/SQL, HTML, VB.NET, SQL Lite Speed, REDGATE, SCOM, IIS 6.0, SSMS, Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Spotlight, Perfmon, DTS, SSIS, SSRS.

Operating System: Windows, Win NT 4.0, Win server 2003/2008/ 2008 R2

System: PC Internals, S/W Installation & Internet

RDP Tools: Remote Network Connection, VPN, Citrix, Unix, VNC, Smart Card, FOB, RAS.


Confidential, San Francisco, California

MS SQL Server Database Administrator


  • Installed SQL server 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2, applied service packs and HOT fixesin BCP, Production, UAT and Development Environment.
  • Involved inMigrating databases from SQL Server 2005 Servers to SQL server 2008 R2 and to SQL Server 2012 and performed Data refresh.
  • Deployed patches in UAT and PROD environment in Data Warehouse.
  • Performed huge data transfers between various servers using BCP and Environment Migrations, Backing up and Archiving Data for various business requests.
  • Involved in supporting Multi node Cluster environment in production having databases of size 3 to 10TB.
  • Actively involved in System Performance by tuning SQL queries and stored procedures by using SQL Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Advisor and Windows performance monitor.
  • Promoted the SSIS Packages in different Environments like QA, Staging and Production.
  • Created, altered/modified and tuned T-SQL Stored Procedures, Complex Queries, views, tables, functions on production environments.
  • Created Jobs, Alerts and scheduled DTS Packages, SSRS to generate reports and involved in PowerShell scripting.
  • Resolved Priority issues working extensively on Problem Tickets, Work Requests, Work Orders and Change Requests in Production and UAT environments.
  • Setting up and Automatic/Forced fail over for the production servers using Log Shipping, Mirroring, Replication and Clustering.
  • Configured Database Mirroring with high performance and high availability mode on PROD and BCP servers
  • Created backup strategies based on database size and scheduled Maintenance plans, automated DB refresh jobs in Test & Development environments.
  • Used DMVs, DMFs for Identifying missing indexes and Index usage stats, Fragmentation levels of Indexesetc for query/stored procs tuning.
  • Managed Security using SQL Logins, Roles and Authentication Modes for various categories of users.
  • Involved in configuring table/data partitioning on huge tables for better performance.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved Application issues, database performance and deadlocking issues.
  • Responsible for monitoring Jobs, Disk spaces, error logs and making recommendations for performance improvement in hosted databases which involved index creation, index removal, file group modifications, and scheduling jobs to rebuild/reorg indexes and update statistics.
  • Scheduled jobs using Autosys.
  • Actively involved in SQL Server Replication for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing between databases to maintain consistency.
  • Extensively worked in highly available SAN & Active, Passive Clustering environment with Very Large Databases (VLDB) with change control (Visual Source Safe).

Environment: SQL Server 2008 R2/05/00,Windows Server 2008 R2/03, PAC 2000(BMC Remedy),SQL Profiler, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, PowerShell Scripting,SQL Lite Speed 4.8.4, Spotlight, Radmin, MS-Excel.

Confidential, Santa Clara, California

MS SQL Server Database Administrator


  • Installed and configured SQL server 2008/2005on windows 2003 and maintenance of Servers in Production, QA and Development Environment.
  • Involved in maintaining MS SQL 2008 R2/2005 andprovided production support.
  • Planned, installed, configured and maintained the SQL Server 2008 in Environment of Active/ActiveCluster.
  • Project DBA for one of the Tier 1 applications. Activities - Installing/configuring SQL server, patching, troubleshooting, performance tuning.
  • Developed SSIS packages to extract and transform data and Involved in Scheduling SSIS Packages.
  • Experience in creatingT-SQL scripts for monitoring.
  • Scheduled and monitored all maintenance activities of SQL Server 2008 including database consistency check, and index de-fragmentation byDBDEFRAG and DBREINDEX and statistics updates.
  • Implemented procedures for periodic restore and recovery for all databases in more than one environment, deployed management packs using SCOM.
  • Performed database/infrastructure physical design, database upgrades from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008, and monitored in upgrading databases to SQL Server 2012& applied software patches to databases as per application/client requirements.
  • Development of automated daily, weekly and monthly system maintenance tasks such as database backup, replication verification, database Mirroring, Log Shipping.
  • Performed backup using backup compression and Data compression in SQL Server 2008 on clustered environment and SQL Server 2005 security Audit.
  • Analyzed and involved in troubleshooting complex problems and handled issues relating to database integrity, performance issues, blocking and deadlocking issues, replication issues, log shipping, connectivity and security issues.
  • Extensively worked on SQL Profiler, Spotlight, Litespeed, Foglightfor performance analysis,Perfmon, DMVs, DMFs and DTA for troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization of SQL Server and non-production database code as well as T-SQL code from developers.
  • Worked on disaster recovery testing plans on SQL Server environments.
  • Monitoring the event logs and Server error logs, scheduled existing/new jobs for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Monitored database status including CPU, memory, I/O, space, and dead lock issues using SQL Server Utilities.
  • Worked on data modeling and design, data mapping and defined data elements, input and output sources and entity relationships.
  • Extensively worked on Active-Active and Active-Passive Clustering, troubleshooting production issues and making high availability, meeting Service level agreements.
  • Implemented database mirroring.
  • Designed and created Power and Temperature Reports based on the management request for customers using SSRS.
  • Used third party tool like Quest lite speed for taking backups and restoring them.
  • Created Jobs to Automate & Schedule database administrative tasks.
  • Created alerts, notifications, and emails for system errors, insufficient resources, fatal database errors, hardware errors, and security breach.
  • Worked on all phases of database management with application development team and other vendors to maintain maximum availability.

Environment: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 , MySQL, Windows 2000/NT, ASP.NET 4.0, VB.NET, Excel, JAVA, Access, SQL Profiler, Replication, Enterprise Manager, Lite Speed Backup Software, DTS, T-SQL.

Confidential, Minneapolis

SQL Server DBA


  • SQL Server 2000, 2005,2008 - Performed installation of SQL Enterprise bit version and SQL Enterprise bit version, service packs on Windows 2003 servers on Enterprise systems of clustered and standalone servers in enterprise Data Centers.
  • Installed SQL Server 2008 for Labs servers for testing purpose
  • Succesfully done with Failover cluster testing and resolution on servers as well as monitoring and backup reporting setup with Microsoft Operations Manager and backup teams.
  • Created Database Maintenance Planner for the Performance of SQL Server, which covers database Integrity Checks, Update Database Statistics and Re-indexing.
  • Executed Change control management on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Planned the Complete Backing up of Database and Restored the Database from Disaster Recovery
  • Created Clustered and Non Clustered Indexes on tables, views, and columns
  • Configured Server for sending automatic mails to the respective people when a SQL Job is failed, log files are grown beyond the predefined limit, or free space of the hard disks fall below the threshold limit.
  • Deployed the databases into the production server clustered environment.
  • Optimize Server Performance by Configuring Virtual Memory and Server tasking.
  • Monitoring the system bottlenecks - CPU, RAM, Disk IO and Networking using performance counters, alerts.
  • Involved in database backup, recovery and restoration
  • Actively involved in SQL Server Replication for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing between databases to maintain consistency.
  • Actively involved in Merge Replication designed for mobile applications or distributed server applications that have possible data conflicts.
  • Worked on Snapshot replication to overwrite the database at the subscriber or in updating the initial database replication
  • Capacity Planning - Analyzed the Database Growth and reported future space requirements.
  • Installed, authored, and managed reports using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.
  • Created various reports like charts, sub reports, graphs and scheduled these reports using windows task scheduler to run on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Closely worked with client services and development team for analysis of client requirement and worked with development team to configure those changes into database management configuration.
  • Worked on translating business and application requirements into database environment configurations according to ITIL recommendation.
  • Security Management - Handling Roles, Users, Logins and granting the Rights

Environment: SQL Server 2008/05/00,Windows Server 2008/03, VSS, BIDS, SQL Profiler, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, SQL Lite Speed 4.8.4, Remedy, MS-Excel

Confidential, Glendale, CA

SQL Server DBA


  • Involved in installation, configuration, and up gradation of MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 servers.
  • Involved in Data modeling, designing and building Relational Databases using Tools like Erwin and SQL Database Diagrams.
  • Performed huge data transfers between various servers using BCP and Environment Migrations, Backing up and Archiving Data for various business requests.
  • Heavily involved in writing stored procedures with complex logic for both Reporting needs and DBA Script libraries.
  • Security Administration by creating user logins with appropriate roles, dropping and locking the logins, monitoring the user accounts, creation of groups, granted privileges to users and groups.
  • Running Index tuning wizard and rebuilding indexes (Clustered/Non Clustered) for faster query response.
  • Worked On SQL Replication For Load Balancing.
  • Actively Involved in SQL Replication in sharing the access load between several databases servers having identical databases.
  • Worked with Transactional Replication where data changes frequently and need for constant refreshing of the data.
  • Worked on performance tuning, Query Optimization and increasing the performance of store procedures by looking into the execution plan, Indexes, Outdated Statistics, Optimizer Hints, and Partitioned Views etc.
  • Maintained Operators, Categories, Alerts, Notifications, Jobs, Job Steps and Schedules as well as Monitored Connections, locks and Performance of SQL server.
  • Involved in Configuring and Monitoring SQL Server clustering and SQL Server Transactional Replication for reporting capabilities
  • Good knowledge of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Heavily involved and responsible for development of Reports using SSRS and populating the Warehouse data using SSIS.
  • Worked and responsible for design, implementation and enhancement of ETL jobs
  • Involved in design and development of large reports with different features such as drop downs, hidden parameters, and drill through depending on the requirement.
  • Create and support reporting data mart, which includes tables, views, cubes and dimensions, as well as necessary infrastructure to support pre-built reports.
  • Develop metadata models, schemas and views to support user-defined reports.
  • 24/7 Production support for SQL Server databases
  • Performed documentation for capacity usage factor data validations and work summary for capacity usage factor calculations.

Environment: Windows 2003 Advanced Server, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, TSQL, SQL lite Speed, Visual basic 6.0.


SQL Server DBA/Developer


  • Responsible for improvement and maintenance of the databases to include rollout and upgrades.
  • Responsible for implementation and release of database changes according to agreed timescales.
  • Provided 24x7 L1-Production support for the database and application issues.
  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2000/2005 with latest service packs.
  • Implemented database standards and naming convention for the database objects.
  • Research on upgrading the SQL Server from .
  • Managed manual Log shipping for the servers running on SQL Server 2000 by creating SQL scripts and configuring them in a job to run hourly, every day.
  • Played the key role in configuring Transactional replication between Primary Server and three Read - Only (Subscribers) servers, with the separate Distributor server.
  • Experienced in creating logins, user roles and managing user permissions to the SQL Developers and application users.
  • Maintaining security permissions for the internal and external users of the respective databases and servers.
  • Creating and monitoring all maintenance jobs (backups, integrity, optimization, etc.) on all databases.
  • Managing space issues by shrinking files (data and Log), moving data to different drive and file groups.
  • Server Health Checks through daily monitoring jobs, alerts and traces on critical servers.
  • Configured Linked Servers and dealt with all related issues.
  • Develop successful backup strategies based on recovery model for accomplishing optimal data safety and to ensure nil loss of information.
  • Involved in developing Stored Procedures, Triggers and user defined functions as per requirement.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005/2000, T-SQL, DTS and Crystal reports 8.0, IIS 5.0, VB 6.0, Windows 2000 Server/Pro.

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