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Senior Sql Server/ Etl Developer Resume

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  • Highly experienced with diversified IT departments for Analyzing, Designing, Data Modeling, Development, Reporting, Testing, Implementation of Client/Server Technologies and Web Applications.
  • Good working experience of Data warehousing experience with MS SQL 2012/2008 R2/2005, SSIS, T - SQL.
  • Expert in ETL and Data Analysis for Business Intelligence development using T-SQL and SSIS.
  • Expert in SSIS administration using BIDS and SSDT.
  • Vast working knowledge in Data architecture, Dimensional data modeling, Data marts, Logical and physical database design along with strong understanding of Client-Server Architecture and enterprise data warehouse.
  • Finished heterogeneous ETL projects which require research and mapping of product, trade, account and pricing data.
  • Well experienced in Python design, Perl process automating and utilizing real-time feeds.
  • Experienced in writing SQL to identify data quality gaps.
  • Well versed with scripting in different platforms such as Perl, Unix Korn Shell, awk, sed, and Python system scripting.
  • Coordination with onsite and offshore team for aligning code reviews, SIT testing schedules and release schedules.
  • Extensively experienced in T-SQL, Stored Procedures and Dynamic SQL.
  • Strong experience with SSIS package development, management and Troubleshooting, which includes but not limited to Coding, Logging, Debugging, Error Handling, Deployment, Configurations, and Scheduling.
  • Vastly experienced in converting business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Expertise in SSAS, SSRS, Dimensions, Fact Tables and Stored Procedures.
  • SQL server developer experience in requirements gathering, analyzing, designing, development, SIT, UAT and various segments of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Microsoft SQL Server (2012/2008/2005/2000 ), SSRS, TSQL, ETL Tool.
  • Experience asAnalysis Services Cube Developer (OLAP)andReport Developer (SSRS).
  • Experienced in Jobs Scheduler and Batch Processing.
  • Very high level communication skills to coordinate within the team, across the teams and business side of a company.
  • Strong Knowledge on Agile methodology projects.
  • Worked with TFS (Team Foundation Server) and VSS (Visual Source Safe).
  • Highly experienced in ETL tools, Database design, Query optimization and Performance tuning.
  • Extensive Experience in creating Indexes, Views, Triggers, UDF’s (User Defined Functions), Synonyms and stored procedures to facilitate efficient data manipulation and data consistency.
  • Performed DR (Disaster Recovery) testing and involved in BCP (Business Continuity Plan).
  • Active participant of Server migration testing and troubleshooting.
  • Created Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, Database Mail.


Database Platforms: SQL Server 2008/R2/2014(SSRS, SSIS/DTS, SSAS-OLAP), MySQL 5.5, ETL, SQL Profiler, DB2, Vertica, Sybase 15/12.5, Sybase IQ, Oracle 10g/11g, and Access.

Database Objects: Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Schema, Constraints, Indexes, Transactions, Cursors and SSIS/PL/SQL packages.

Database/Web Programming Languages: T-SQL (sub queries, performance tuning), PL/SQL, ASP.Net, C#/C++, Vb.Net, Visual Basics, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Python(basic) DHTML, Excel, Autosys jil, Perl CGI, Bash, KSH scripting, PowerShell Scripting, VBA and XML.

Designing: Logical/Physical databases designing/Normalization, ERD, Data Mapping, Reading data Models and User Interfaces.

Compilers and Editors: Business Intelligence studio 2008, ER/Visual Studio, SSDT, Net 7.1, TOAD, Eclipse, Autosys, Visual C++, Editor Vi, Ultra Edit and Notepad++.

Servers: IIS 7.0, Configuring Webservers, CF Server, Tomcat 5.0.

Operating Systems: Windows, RHEL, AIX, IBM Power Linux, Solaris and ESX.

Reporting/Designing Tools: SSRS, Crystal Reports 8.0, Toad Data Modeler, Visual Source Safe, Visio 2000 and Photoshop 5.5.

Storage Platforms: EMC, NetApp, IBM and HP.


Confidential, Minnesota

Senior SQL Server/ ETL Developer


  • Created an Insert-Update stored procedure using T-SQL to process member enrollment OR to update any existing member information.
  • Created/implemented ER schema diagram using Toad Data Modeler i.e. added new columns, tables to Order Recon Database.
  • Performed troubleshooting of SSIS package(s) by changing database server name fixed truncation errors in data loading procedures to load the data successfully.
  • Created ODS tables and complex stored procedures using T-SQL to populate these tables.
  • Applied data cleansing/validation rules to enforce data warehousing standards using Substring (), Right (), Cast () in the where clause as well as in SQL joins for data loading stored procedures to extract right data from staging tables.
  • Created Dimensional and fact tables, created relationship using primary and foreign keys then developed T-SQL stored procedures using Case statements, different date functions and joins like Inner/outer to populate Star Schema tables.
  • Created stored procedure using Merge statement to do the Insert/Update operation on the target table to integrate the new data.
  • Generated periodic reports based on the statistical analysis of the data from various time frame and division using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Developed various operationalDrill-throughandDrill-downreports usingSSRS.
  • Developed different kind of reports such aSub Reports,Charts,Matrix reports, Linked reports.
  • Used cascaded parameters to generate a report from two different Data Sets.
  • Involved withQuery Optimizationto increase the performance of the Report.
  • Developed Reports for business end users usingReport Builderwith updating Statistics.
  • Created SSIS package(s) using Data Flow, Control Flow to extract data from Excel, CSV files to SQL server, mapped target and source columns and used data conversion control to handle Unicode vs Non Unicode datatype error.
  • Created batch scripts for SSIS packages. Developed a procedure using CTE with Row Number () function to delete the duplicates from the source table before inserting into target table as a part of migration project.
  • Optimized slow running stored procedures by creating clustered and non-clustered indexes to improve the performance.
  • Served as SME for designing, developing, and delivering high performing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (2008) OLAP cubes using industry best practices.
  • Created and modified SSAS cubes (dimensions, facts, members, calculations, etc) including relational side design
  • Worked with project team to deliver OLAP solutions to provide robust high availability and performance.
  • Created Cubes and performed data mining on the data using the fact table and the dimension using SQL Server Analysis Services 2008.
  • Developing OLAP cubes using SSAS 2008 and calculated the metrics that were revealed in the functional analysis.
  • Analyzed T-SQL code to understand the logic of different stored procedures to make changes as required.
  • Created SSIS packages SSDT-BI for Visual Studio 2012 and SSDT-BI for Visual Studio 2013 then automated the packages by scheduling the jobs using Autosys jil and Shell scripting.
  • Developed end to end ETL using T-SQL, Stored Procedures and SSIS C# scripted error handling mechanism.
  • Sourced data from Claims systems, Policy Premium systems, financial systems and Accounting systems.
  • Extensively lifted SQL logic from PL/SQL packages and procedures.
  • SSIS 2012 Project/Package development, Coding, testing and Project/Package deployment.
  • Logical re-scheduling and re-synchronization of SSIS batch jobs for Reporting Data.
  • Migrated SSIS 2008 version to 2012 version.
  • Edited SSIS code to in corporate graceful modifications to existing dimensional star schemas.
  • Efficiently leveraged new T-SQL window functions for data engineering and data analysis.
  • Developed, Tested and Deployed SSIS Project with ease by leveraging the new powerful mechanisms like Project deployment, Environment Parameter feed, Data Tap, SSIS Catalog Reporting.

Confidential, Tennessee

Senior SQL BI Developer


  • Designed database schema diagram using ER Studio by importing Create-table SQL scripts from SQL server to ER studio.
  • Created T-SQL scalar function to limit the number of characters in name.
  • Created a T-SQL script using sub-queries, Inner joins to create a new import table from the existing import table by adding, deleting and modifying the existing import table by importing data from WSTR-535,537,544 Excel files to SQL 2008 tables.
  • Wrote a stored procedure using while loop, sub-queries, Not Exists to compare the source and target tables if new records have been added to source table those will be added to target table using INSERT INTO Select by getting newly inserted records from temp table, if any of records have been changed then target table will be updated using Update statement.
  • Created SSIS package(s) by mapping data using BI Studio to load data from Excel files to SQL table to perform data analysis.
  • Fine-tuned a T-SQL statement in stored procedure by replacing Substr () function with LIKE Operator with wild Card ‘%’.
  • Designed conceptual, logical and physical data models with a significant effort towards Data warehouse application, using ERWIN and MS SQL Server.
  • Generated necessary mapping tables to feed ETL stored procedure based dynamic SQL queries.
  • Created Technical specification documentation and Mapping documents.
  • Performance tuning of complex SQL queries and Stored Procedures to increase the performance and worked on Exception Handling.
  • Created packages according to business requirements using BIDS 2008 and ran the packages using dtexec command prompt utility.
  • Designed and implemented facts, dimensions, measure groups, measures and OLAP cubes using dimensional data modeling standards in SQL Server 2008 that maintained data.
  • Involved in development & Deployment of SSAS Cube, Monitor Full and Incremental loads and support any issues.
  • Identified and defined Fact relationships. Maintained and deployed OLAP Cubes in SSAS.
  • Created aggregations, partitions, KPI’s and perspectives for a cube as per business requirements and Created roles using SSAS to restrict cube properties.
  • Developed SSAS reporting data models, drill-down and drill-through capabilities, security / access controls and error handling.
  • Defined MDX Scripts for querying the data from MOLAP cubes (SSAS) and build reports on top of cubes.
  • Designed OLAP cubes with star schema and multiple partitions using SSAS.

Confidential, Michigan

Senior SQL/ETL Developer


  • Created logical models using Erwin; generated and maintained databases schemas.
  • Created entity relationship diagrams, table indexes, and stored procedures.
  • Created entire production environment, including UNIX shell scripts, SQL, Perl DBI scripts, Autosys jils, and Stored Procedures.
  • Edited and deployed SSIS 2008 R2 package’s XML native code as a fast track approach to production support.
  • Performance tuning of queries and indexes to increase efficiency.
  • Solved outstanding data loading issue by removing duplicate declaration of variables from the data loading stored procedure.
  • Created an extract by creating complex T-SQL query from six tables by using multiple inner joins and temp tables.
  • Developed SSIS package to in corporate CMS-TRR’s fixed width data into Data Warehouse.
  • Design and implement ETL framework with features like error handling, logging, data quality, data security.
  • Collect the business requirements and merge them into the design and implementation for all end-to-end BI/Data Warehousing solutions.
  • End to end production support on SSIS based ETL mechanism and package maintenance.
  • Maintained enterprise level Data warehouse.
  • Implemented SQL Server OLAP services (SSAS) for building the data cubes.
  • Creating complex cubes for seeing business data from different perspectives by slicing and dicing the data.
  • Involved in building dimensional cubes with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and querying the data with MDX script.
  • Defined MDX scripts for querying the data from OLAP cubes (SSAS) and build reports on top of cubes.
  • Excellent hands-on experience in SharePoint, C++, .Net/C#.
  • Excellent understanding of the Data warehouse life cycle right from data source to ETL to transformations to multidimensional models like data marts, star schema and BI reporting tools like Business Objects. Data quality and lifecycle management processes (SCD, DQM).
  • Experienced to data modeling, predictive analytics, and forecasting techniques.
  • Very high knowledge on analytical and troubleshooting skills, SSIS/SSAS/SSRS, PowerPivot - DAX/MDM/Tabular models, Sharepoint, .Net/C#, Teradata, Informatica.

Confidential, MO

Mid-Level SQL Developer


  • Extract, Transform and Load using SSIS and T-SQL Stored Procedures.
  • Extracted data from Oracle (Claims DB) and migrated into SQL Server 2005 using SSIS.
  • Captured table join blind spots effects from existing reports and databases.
  • Used dimensional conformance strategies for efficient loss ratio reports.
  • Performance tuning of Queries and Stored Procedures.
  • Build the Dimensions, cubes with star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Developed Data Warehouse is using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Implemented checkpoint mechanism, SSIS Package Optimizations, Error handling and logging as part of fast development.
  • Implemented various levels of Transaction Support and Dynamism.
  • Wrote complex SQL against data store for validating the report accuracy and in helping the QA team with testing strategy.
  • Deployed and managed SSIS packages using Package deployment, Import/Export, Scheduling, Configuration modifications and Backup.

Confidential, Texas

SQL Developer


  • Developed numerous ETL packages using SSIS to capture multi-Vendor file based data.
  • Captured, Diagnosed and handled package failures and data errors.
  • Developed SSIS packages to Track, Capture and Analyze duplicate payment invoices from customer transactions.
  • Developed a simple ETL mechanism via SSIS tool to analyze the incoming Softheon (QHP) data daily.
  • Enhanced database(s) performance by applying normalization for existing tables in SQL Server 2008 R2.

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