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Senior Sql Dba Consultant Resume

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Mclean, VA


  • Certified Microsoft SQL DBA and Windows Administrator with 8 + years of experience in Areas for Database Administration, Database Architecture, Database Security Integrity and Compliance working with different Industry Domains including Product Development, Financial,Marketing and retailenterprise businessorganizations.
  • Architect, build and patch SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012 and 2014 versions in Development, Test/Staging environments.
  • Migrating legacy database systems from SQL 2000, 2005 version to higher versions of SQL server which include SQL 2008R2, 2012 and 2014.
  • Capacity planning and implementing careful database backup and archival strategies to meets the business’s Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives.
  • Partitioning largetableswith over billion rows to effectively archive the aged data in different environments including replication environments.
  • Experience in working with the cloud and virtual technologies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VmWare, VirtualBox..etc.
  • Strong working experience with LINQ, Entity Framework, Foglite, speed lite, Third party tools like Litespeed, Foglight, Spotlight, PATROL, Idera Diagnostic Manager, OLAP & OLTP.
  • Architecting Logical and physical design of SQL databases on SAN storage with various RAID levels to achieve the best performance for mission critical application.
  • Experience in working on Virtual Machines with SAN and NAS.
  • Installing and maintaining SQL peer to peer replication, transactional replication andsnapshot replication.
  • Administered and load balanced high volume VLDB databases ranging from few GB’s to 10 terabytesin production OLTP and OLAP environments to achieve the best performance for missing critical applications.
  • Architect systems for disaster recovery and high availability usingreplication, log shipping, DB mirroring,Microsoft Windows clusters, SQL clusters and Always ON technologies.
  • Document and tune database performance issues via Transact - SQL enhancements, indexing as well as hardware and configuration enhancements.
  • Experience in developing logical and physical data models, preparing technical design documentation, capacity planning, designing high availability and disaster recovery solutions, installation of SQL Server in clustered environments.
  • Expertise with using third party tools like Red Gate SQL compare, Data compare, SQL monitor, Quest Fog-light etc.
  • Expertise with developing complex stored procedures, different types of functions, triggers, T-SQL.
  • Optimized queries on poorly designed databases troubleshoot complex deadlocks using several tools like SQL profiler, DMV's, performance counters, SQL Server execution plan etc.
  • Setting up maintenance jobs on productions servers like checking health of databases using DBCC check commands, rebuild indexes, updating statistics, clearing backup history, clearing error logs, transaction and full back up jobs.
  • Configuring high availability and disaster recovery solutions like clustering, database mirroring, Transaction log shipping, peer to peer replication depending on the requirements.
  • Experience in implementing replication models like Snapshot, different types of transaction replications like Peer-to-Peer, transaction replication with updating subscribers etc.
  • Expertise in developing SSIS packages and enhancing them by applying features like logging, error handling, checkpoints and configurations.
  • Expertise in deploying SSIS packages to production environment, assigning permissions to users.
  • Setting up alerts for critical jobs on production and development databases by configuring database mail.
  • Generating different kinds of reports like parameterized reports, sub reports, Tablix reports, drill down and drill through reports etc.
  • Providing ad hoc reports to the functional team by running queries on production server upon request.
  • Scheduling jobs and SSIS packages using SQL Server agent, windows scheduler etc.
  • Good knowledge of SQL Server Analysis services including dimensional and snow flake schemas, SCDs, enhancing a cube, MDX queries
  • Expertise in Always-On Availability Groups (AAG) and HA/DR Troubleshooting
  • Expertise in Database Administration on Production Servers with server configuration, performance tuning and maintenance with outstanding troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Strong technical background along with the ability to perform business analysis and write effective documentation and specifications.
  • Experience in Disaster Recovery Planning and Security Management operations.
  • Proficiency and expertise in SQL Server Replication, Backup/Recovery, Disaster recovery and planning.
  • Hands on experience in DR processes including Log Shipping and Database Mirroring.
  • Experience in Auditing, Resource governor and transparent data encryption(TDE)
  • Worked on configuring SQL Server with minimum privileged access.
  • Multiple SQL Instances on Cluster environment for Server Consolidation projects built on SAN using RAID levels.
  • Troubleshoot performance problems, fine-tuning of databases and index Analysis.
  • Worked on SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 migration from SQL Server .
  • Implemented Always-ON (AAG) on SQL Server 2012 SP2 CU5
  • Maintained individual service accounts for SQL Server services on cluster with different Security groups to raise security mark
  • Data center servers and handling 1.4 TB databases.
  • Memory configurations for SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2012 on Windows 2012.
  • Experience in Batch processes, Import, Export, Backup, Database Monitoring tools and Application support.
  • Experience in migration of database systems into SQL Azure(Cloud)
  • Can create Linked Servers between SQL Server 2008 R2 & Oracle 9i and 10g. Also created DTS package for data transfer between the two environments.
  • Working knowledge in Reporting Services (SSRS) and Clustering.
  • Experience in supporting Very Large databases (VLDB) and troubleshooting the problems.
  • Experience with analyzing query execution plans for Dynamic TSQL, stored procedures, views, triggers and cursors to trouble shoot performance issues that are caused due to locking, blocking, deadlocks and incorrect isolation levels.
  • Strong expertise in using SQL inbuilt tools like SQL Profiler, Database tuning advisor, DMV’s, Perfmon, SQL Diag, SQL Extended events and third party tools like Idera SQL DM, Spotlight, Red gate tools to trouble shoot day to day performance issues in production environments.
  • Standardize and implement best practices to simplify database administrative functions for large SQL Server implementations from + databases on 20 to 150+ instancesto allow for effective support.
  • Document the company’s database Server environment including the standards.
  • Implementing ETL process by using SSIS, BCP etc and generating reports in SQL server using SSRS tool.
  • Strong logical and analytical skills; can think broadly and consider impacts across systems.
  • Experience implementing SQL database in SQL Azure cloud computing platform.
  • Good knowledge of networking between servers using active directory domain controllers.
  • Good knowledge of VM ware, Windows server administration, IIS and following best VM ware practices to achieve the best performance of SQL servers.
  • On call troubleshooting experience in diverse production environments to quickly diagnose the problems to meet the targeted SLA’s and resolve issues quickly before they become failures.
  • Ensure the change and incident management is handled as per the pre-defined company ITIL procedures.
  • Strong organization skills and a good team player.


Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/ 2012/2014 , Oracle, DB2, MS Access 2003,2007,2010,2013, PostgreSQL

Programming Languages: C, C+, T-SQL, VB Script, Java Script,PowerShell, HTML, XML.

SQL Server and third party Tools.: SQL Management Studio, TOAD, Enterprise Manager, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, SQL Profiler, SQL Export & Import wizard, SQL Extended Events,Red gate DBA bundle, SQL Idera Diagnostic Manager, Spotlight, Fog Light, Lite Speed, SCOM, SCCM, BMC Patrol Agent, IBM Tivoli for SQL Backups, HP Data Protector, Commvault SQL backups, Dynatrace, Opswise and Disk Keeper.

Operating system server environments: Windows 2003/2008/2008 R /64-bit Enterprise standalone/clusters including physical/VMware Virtual Platform and SQL 2000/ 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012, 2014 Standard/Enterprise 32/64 bit standalone/clusters and IIS Web servers and Microsoft Azure, Azure PowerShell.

OLAP Tools: SQL Server Analysis Server 2008, 2005, SSIS (as ETL)

Load Test Tools.: WAPT 7.5, WAPT Pro 3.1


Confidential, McLean, VA

Senior SQL DBA Consultant


  • Architect, build and patch SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012 and 2014 versions in Development, Test/Staging environments.
  • Migrating legacy database systems from SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 version to higher versions of SQL server which include SQL 2008R2, 2012 and 2014.
  • Capacity planning and implementing careful database backup and archival strategies to meets the business’s Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives.
  • Managed and administrated SQL Server 2012/2008R2 on production and non-production servers.
  • Partitioning large tables with over billion rows to effectively archive the aged data in different environments including replication environments.
  • Development of application monitoring dashboard through Power BI based on the data from various implementation logs in Azure Storage, SQL Azure and Servers in Data Center.
  • Established and maintained Log Shipping and database mirroring as Disaster Recovery (DR) solution as well as nightly backup and restore for few applications containing very large databases to maintain databases in sync.
  • Testing the SQL server connectivity, configuration, storage and validating the configuration of SQL agent jobs testing and fixing errors.
  • Creating databases and schemas, triggers, views.
  • Migrating logins from one server to another with stored procedures and fixing orphan users of a database, giving required permissions to a login.
  • Contributing to release activities including Sprint Planning meetings and daily stand-ups and deployments.
  • Refreshing databases of 300 GB - 1.5 TB size and configuring replication, creating local publications and subscriptions to replicate data between prod and DR server for few applications.
  • Performing weekly deployments tasks in test and production environments.
  • Microsoft Azure PowerShell scripting for deployments and automation process for generating reports.
  • Communicating with teammates and working together to resolve issues and giving services as scheduled.
  • Providing 24X7 support for Partner Incentives Applications Define and utilize standard analysis tools to align metrics with business goals.
  • Contributing individually in the implementation and support of systems in production environment for Partner Incentives.

Environment: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server2008, Windows Server2008R2,Microsoft Azure, Azure PowerShell, IIS, SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005, TFS, SSRS, SSIS & SSAS, restful we service, PostgreSQL, C#.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior SQL DBA


  • Installed and configured Windows cluster and SQL Server instances on both stand alone and 2 to 8 node Active/Passive clusters for a highly available enterprise environment.
  • Installed SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability groups in production server systems for DR and High availability.
  • Setup and monitor FULL, DIFF and LOG database backups as per the company backup strategy to meet the recovery point objectives.
  • Responsible for ensuring reliable performance and availably of SQL server database server infrastructure.
  • Implement database mirroring and provide supportfor mission critical databases on selective instances to achieve high availability.
  • Setup SQL transaction replication to load balance the SQL Server for highly transactional OLTP/OLAP ecommerce reporting applications and support replication for day to day issues that arise.
  • Create a disaster recovery strategy for the mission critical databases using SQL Log shipping to a different data centre in other states and perform a yearly disaster recovery test.
  • Perform daily work including SQL query tuning and work closely with development teams in database design process and make suggestions/recommendations based on data needs of the application.
  • Trouble shoot application performance issues using SQL profiler, SQL DMV’s, and spot light third part tools.
  • Performed table partitioning for large tables to effectively archive the old data from the tables.
  • Institute database standards for operations, upgrades, migrations and upcoming new applications.
  • Execute database/windows error log analysis, address every day production issues/incidents and provide resolutions in a timely manner.
  • Automate/monitor daily and weekly maintenance to defrag the SQL indexes, update the statistics and perform database consistency checks.
  • Work closely with project managers/leads and architecture teams to achieve the delivery milestones of new projects.
  • Migrate database object changes from Development to test/prod environments by following the strict enterprise change management procedures.
  • Migrated Databases from SQL server 2005 to SQL server 2008R 2/2012/2014.
  • Create and manage SSIS packages to perform ETL tasks between the SQL and other database platforms like DB2, Netezza, and Oracle.
  • Apply certified patches to SQL servers and Windows patches every quarter during the maintenance windows.
  • Log and monitor and resolve every day incidents raised in observance of the incident management policies.
  • Worked closely with system integrations teams to install and configure .net based applications using the IIS 7 web servers.
  • Migrate In-house application databases to SQL azure cloud using the visual studio projects.
  • Provide monthly rotational on call support for the production environments and quickly diagnose and address the production incidents on time.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/ 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012 Windows 2000/2003/2008 , IIS 6.0, Backup, TSQL,VB.NET, Lite speed, and SQL Job Manager, TFS, SSIS, SSRS & SSAS.

Confidential, Owing Mills, MD

Senior SQL DBA


  • Responsible for data availability, integrity, consistency, and performance of all the clientproduction databases.
  • Manage the SQL Server data systems architecture, including production OLTP/OLAP systems, reporting servers and data warehouses.
  • Automation and standardization of SQL Server environment to operationalize repetitive tasks.
  • Install and configured SQL Server 2008 R2/2012on Windows Server 2008 R2 enterprise server in standalone, and extended 5 node Active/Active/Active/Active/Passive cluster environment.
  • Implement SQL Transactional and Snapshot replication for the client databases every quarter and provide support for issues that arise with transactional and snapshot replication.
  • Optimize and fix replication issues daily to meet the SLA of client database servers.
  • Create backup, restore and archival strategy for the entire test and prod databases.
  • Execute and support DR test annually at the data center in New Jersey for the mission critical production databases.
  • Support releases that are rolled out every quarter and fix all the issues that arise during the release.
  • Assist the team of developers with best development practices in Development, Test and production environments.
  • Analyze and tune SQL Server for various workloads including tuning Transact-SQL code,creating Indexes, SQL Server configurations changes, and operating systems for optimal performance.
  • Apply Windows WSUS and SQL server patches every quarter with suitable planning and documentation.
  • Install and configured third party tools like Disk keeper, Idera SQL Diagnostic manager, and Red gate tools to monitor the SQL server regularly.
  • Monitor the SQL servers for space regularly and perform capacity planning every quarter for new client databases.
  • Installed and monitor routine SQL database maintenance to perform index maintenance, update statistics and consistency checks of all test and production databases.
  • Follow change management policies and document all the changes that are being pushed from Dev to Test and production servers.
  • Migrate SQL client databases from legacy systems using SQL 2005 version to higher versions.
  • Automate ETL process by using BCP utility to load the flat file data generated from other data sources into SQL server databases.
  • Provide monthly rotational on call support for the production environments and quickly diagnose and address the production incidents on time.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/ 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012 Windows 2000/2003/2008 , IIS 6.0, Backup, TSQL,VB.NET, Lite speed, and SQL Job Manager, TFS, SSIS, SSRS & SSAS.


SQL DBA Consultant


  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 Enterprise 64 Bit on Windows Server 2008 enterprise server in Active/Passive cluster environment.
  • Design fast, reliable, replication solutions like Peer-to-Peer and transactional replication in a 3-node topology for Test and Production Environment.
  • Prepare systems for disaster recovery and high availability using log shipping and Microsoft and SQL clustering.
  • Improve database performance by examining long running SQL queries and creating appropriate indexes on the tables.
  • Implemented regular patch management on various production, development and test SQL 2008/2008 R2 servers along with applying the latest service packs in both stand alone and clustered environment.
  • Have done the capacity planning and provided the Database disk space requirement and lay out to the Engineers to build the servers.
  • Responsible for database design, creation of database device, databases, logical and physical design of the database.
  • Done range data partitioning for large tables to improve the performance. Designed the database with multiple file groups and files laid out across multiple drives.
  • Monitor replication tuned the performance of replication if there were issues with latency and created alerting mechanism for any failures.
  • Monitor log shipping and fix the issue with performance and log restores.
  • Monitor the IO activity on all the databases and re-architect them on different RAID’s based on the performance .
  • Involved in backup and restoration, performance and tuning at the architecture level, query level.
  • Export and import data from text files and Excel to SQL Server database using bulk insert and BCP utility.
  • Created and managed user security and logins and granting rights and revoking privileges.
  • Responsible for tuning Views, Stored Procedures and queries written by the Application Consultants. Assisted them in writing the proper code for better performance from the application.
  • Automated and enhanced daily administrative tasks, including space management and backups using Tivoli storage manager and red gate back up tools.
  • Created Reports using the SSRS and involved in Authoring, Managing Reporting services.
  • Provide monthly rotational on call support to address production issues during off hours.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/ , Windows 2000/2003/2008 , IIS 6.0, Backup, TSQL,VB.NET, Lite speed, and SQL Job Manager, TFS, SSIS, SSRS & SSAS.


SQL Developer/.Net Developer/SQL DBA


  • Worked on migrating from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 and comparing the data after migration.
  • Installing and configuring SQL server 2005 software and upgrading from SQL server 2000 to SQL server 2005 and installing the service packs.
  • Downloading files from clients FTP site and loading the files through ETL tool.
  • Creating upgrade scripts for production database and supporting it.
  • Development and implementation of Backup and Recovery strategies. Day-to-day activities such as backups to the disk and restore the databases and transaction log on production/development servers as per business / IT needs.
  • Tested and Implemented Log shipping technique for disasters recovery Successfully Implemented Log Shipping for Production databases.
  • Involved in writing T-SQL programming for implementing stored procedures and functions for different tasks.
  • Involved in Preparing the test cases and also Unit testing.
  • Involved in Preparing Low Level Design Documents, High Level Design Documents and Program specifications.
  • Actively participated in gathering of User Requirement and System Specification.
  • Filtered bad data using complex T-SQL statements, and implemented various constraint and Triggers for data consistency.
  • Extensively Involved in Knowledge Transfer for the documentation team for the development activities carried out by our team.
  • Created views to facilitate easy user interface implementation, and triggers on them to facilitate consistency Data entry into the database.
  • Created reports from database onto excel spreadsheet-using DTS.
  • Wrote stored procedures to process employee’s requirement and generating records.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors and created indexes where ever necessary.
  • Fixing Bugs and Automating jobs.
  • Testing and loading the data on Development and Production.
  • Checked Performance Tuning, Indexing, Query Optimization.
  • Optimized the performance of queries with modification in T-SQL queries, normalized tables, established joins and created indexes wherever necessary.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005, MS Access, Erwin, SQL Query Analyzer.

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