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Sr.database/bi Developer Resume

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Richmond, VirginiA


  • Around 9years of IT experience in Microsoft SQL Server (2016,2014,2012,2008R2)Development (T - SQL), Administration(DBA)and Business Intelligence (MSBI) - SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS),SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Experience with complete SDLC life cycle, which includes requirement gathering, analysis, design, Modelling, development, Testing, Deployment, Reporting and Administration.
  • Effective interpersonal, conflict resolution skills. Team oriented, technically motivated and creative.
  • Capable of forming and maintaining positive and productive working relationships in internal/external and team environments. Database/T-SQL Development:
  • Gathered and Analyzed the Requirements with Business Analysts, Data modelers and Designed Tables and Developed the Optimized Solutions with T-SQL Stored Procedures and Database Concepts.
  • Implemented Data Modeling (Logical and Physical Design of Databases), Normalization and building Referential Integrity Constraints
  • Possessed Excellent T-SQL Programming skills and EffectivelyUsed Advanced Programming Concepts like CTE’s, Windows Functions, Table Partitioning, Apply Operators, Table Valued Parameters, Output Clause, Merge Statement, Pivot, In-Memory OLTP, Dynamic SQL, Table Valued Functions etc.
  • Implemented Stored Procedures with TRY-CATCH Blocks, Database E-mail for Error Handling and Effectively Used Join Hints, Isolation Levels to reduce Locking and Blocking.
  • Used Some of New Features like Sequencer, ThrowStatement, Fetch and Offset and Functions LikeLead(),Lag(),Format(),Concat(),First Value(),Last Value(),EOMonth(),TRY Convert() etc.
  • Designed ETL packages dealing with different data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, Flat Files, Excel Files, and XMLs etc.) and loaded the data into target data sources by performing different kinds of transformations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Developed SSIS Packages with Custom error handling, Logging using event handlers, Send E-mail Task and Used Checkpoints to rerun Packages from Point of Failure.
  • Designed SSIS Packages with Dynamic Tasks and Connections Using Variables, Expressions,Package Parameters,Project Parameters,Packages Configurations and followed best practices to maintain Optimized performance.
  • Loaded Data ware House Fact Tables and Dimension tables of type 1 and type 2 attributes Using SSIS Transformations like Lookup, Merge Join with Conditional Split and also Using T-SQL 2008 Merge Statement
  • Performed Incremental Load on Dataware House using diffirent methods like CDC,TimeStamps and with Hash Function.
  • Debugged the Packages Using Break Points, Data Viewers, Script Task.
  • Deployed the Packages Using Newer method of Project deployment Model with Project Parameters and Environments and also Package deployment Model with Package configurations of XML and Sql server.
  • Deployed the Packages Using DTUtil Commands, Deployment Utility and Scheduled Packages with DTExec Commands in Sql server agents.
  • Some Hands on experience on Informatica
  • Designed and Deployed several SSRS reports such as Drill down reports, Drill through reports, Parameterized reports, Cascaded reports, Cached reports, Snapshot Reports, linked reports, Sub reports.
  • Experienced in configuring and maintaining Report Manager, Report Server and Repot Builder for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Used Report Manager to assign roles, permissions and Created report schedules, Subscriptions
  • Knowledge on Reporting Tools Tableau and Business Objects.
  • Built Dimension Models of Star schema and Snow Flake ofData warehouse.
  • BuiltCubes and Dimension Modeling with Star schema and Snow Flake schema depending on business requirements using SSAS
  • Developed multiple tabular models in SQL Server Data Tools SSDT for analytic reporting as well as aggregated data reports with Power Pivot, Power View and Power BI
  • Defined Relationships between Dimensions and Measure Groups like Fact Relationship, Many-to-Many Relationship, and Defined Dimension Granularity within a Measure Group.
  • Deployed and Processed SSAS Cubes and written MDX queries
  • Used Various DAX expressions in tabular models as per business requirementsand Created Reports
  • Experienced in performance optimization of SSAS cubes using Partitions, Hierarchies and Attribute Relationships
  • Expertise in installing MS SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005 and associated database tools, updating with latest service packs, hot fixes and security patches.
  • Used SQL Profiler, Execution Plans, DMV’s, Database Engine Tuning Advisor and Created Suitable Indexes for Query Performance Tuning and Optimization.
  • Created Log-Ins to the Users and Assigned Roles and permissions and handled Security of Databases
  • Created Backups and Scheduled Jobs for Backup Maintenance
  • UsedDMV’s and Locking Queries to find out Locks, Deadlocks and Long running Queries or Transactions.
  • Written Scripts for Deploying the code across various SDLC Environments like Test,UAT and Production
  • Experienced in implementing different types of High Availability methods like Clustering, Log shipping, Replication models like Snapshot, Transactional and Merge
  • Resolved Disk Space Issues, Monitored and did the Transactional Logs Shrinking
  • Monitored database maintenance plans for checking database integrity, rebuilding, reorganizing indexes, Shrinking Databases, updating statistics, creating and Scheduling SQL Server Agent Jobs.


Data Warehousing/BI Tools: SQL Server Business Intelligence (MSBI) - SSIS,SSAS,SSRS, MDX,DAX, Power Pivot, Power View, Power BI Desktop, Power Query,Tableau

RDBMS/DBMS: SQL Server 2016/2014/12/08 , Oracle 10g/11g,Teradata 13,MS Access, DB2

Tools: Management Studio, BCP, Performance Monitor, Database Tuning Advisor, SQL Profiler,SSIS Documenter, SQL Agent, SQL Mail, Visio, Erwin,Team Foundation Server 2014/2012/2010

Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, XMLA.

Programming Languages: T-SQL, Python, PL/SQL, C#.net, Java, Power Shell

Operating Systems: Windows 7/vista/XP/2003/2000/NT 4.0/9x, Main Frames,MS-DOS

Cloud and BigData Technologies: Hadoop 2.0, HDFS, Map Reduce,Pig, Hive, Zookeeper, AWS, Red shift, EMR, Microsoft Azure, HD Insight, Azure Data Factory, Data lake, SQL Dataware House


Confidential, Richmond,Virginia

Sr.Database/BI Developer


  • Interacted with business people in meetings to gather and understand the requirements
  • Analyzed the given requirements for loading data from Source databases to ODS and to the Data ware house applying Business Logics.
  • Designed and implemented SQL Server-based OLTP / ODS/ OLAP architecture solutions following industry standard process
  • Deployed SSIS Packages into SQL Server Catalog using Project Deployment model and Environments are Configured across all server Environments Dev,QA,UAT,Prod
  • Capture audit information during all phases of the ETL process and also to do performance tuning SQL Server databases.
  • Created Stored Procedures with Merge Statement, Triggers, and Staging Tables to Perform Incremental Loading in SSIS
  • Perform incremental data loads such as only loading into the warehouse the records that have changed (inserts, updates etc.) since the last load; as opposed to doing a full load of all the data into the Transactional Databases.
  • Designed SSIS package to load data in to DW along with dimensions & facts with the use of Staging Tables andT-SQL Merge statement and maintained the historical data.
  • Designed Dimensional Modelling Datamarts with Star Schema
  • Created Custom Logging and Error Handling to SSIS Packages
  • Design, deployment, and maintained various SSRS Reports in SQL Server and also created Reports from Cubes and analyzed in PowerPivot and Power View
  • Designed and implemented Parameterized and cascading parameterized reports using SSRS.
  • Created MDX Queries to retrieve data from SSAS Cubes and to generate reports from Cubes
  • Created Analytics, Dash boards Using Power Pivot, Power View and Power BI Desktop and DAX
  • Created Suitable Indexes to Increase the Performance of the queries and also followed other Optimization Techniques.
  • Conduct appropriate functional and performance testing to identify bottlenecks and data quality issues.
  • Proficient in Using TFS Source Control to maintain the Code, Packages, Deployment Scripts, Tracking Tasks and Completing them in time

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2016, SQL Server Data Tools 2014 (SSDT),Visual Studio 2014, Team Foundation Server 2014/2010,.NET Framework, Windows Server XP, MSOffice 2013,Excel 2013,MS Office365, Power Pivot,Power View,Power BI Desktop

Confidential, Bowie, Maryland



  • Modified existing Stored Procedures according to the new user requirements and also involved in design and development of new Rewrite of project.
  • Fixed the Defects in Business Logic of Stored procedures part of Maintenance of the Project.
  • Improved query performance by adding covered indexes, adding file groups
  • Performed Troubleshooting and minimized the production issues.
  • Designed and implemented maintenance plans (Index and Database consistency check) in a highly complex database environment.
  • Upgraded SQL 2008/2012 servers to SQL Server 2014/2016 for Production environments
  • Installed, configured and maintained 5node SQL Cluster (4 active/1 standby). Involved in Datacenter Migration
  • Ensuring high availability for mission critical applications using AlwaysOn Availability Groups and Log Shipping in SQL Server 2016/14 database servers
  • Proficient in Using TFS Source Control to maintain the Code, Packages and Deployment Scripts
  • Generated the Schema and Data Scripts to deploy the incremental changes in the code to UAT and Prod.
  • Designed SSIS Packages with Dynamic Tasks and Connections Using Variables, Expressions and Packages Configurations and followed best practices to maintain Optimized performance
  • Worked on Type-1 and Type-2 Stored Procedures in DW environment (Kimball Methodology) and on packages in SSIS to load the data into Data Warehouse. SSIS package calls these stored procedures for loading the data.
  • Worked on designing packages, deploying packages and Package security.
  • Design, deployment, and maintenance of various SSRS Reports in SQL Server.
  • Designed and implemented Parameterized and cascading parameterized reports using SSRS.

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2/2012, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS 2008), Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008 , Team Foundation Server 20012/2008,.NET Framework, Windows XP, Power Pivot

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

SQL Business Intelligence Developer and DBA


  • Created Database objects - Tables, Views, Triggers, Functions and developing Procedures on OLTP Environments for implementing application functionality at the database side for performance improvement.
  • Created indexes on selective columns initially after Database is Created and also added Missing Indexes after few months.
  • Enforced business rules via check constraints and Triggers.
  • Implemented Error Handling using TRY and CATCH blocks, Logged the Errors into Tables and Send E-mails Using Database Email.
  • Identified the Long running Queries Using DMV’s then Analyzed them with the help of Execution Plans and Tuned them following Best Practices of Query Writing and added required Indexes
  • Used Suitable Join Hints and Isolation Levels in Stored Procedures to avoid Blocking of Queries.
  • Implemented Nested Stored Procedures, Transactions and Used some of Newly Added 2012 Functions.
  • Synchronized the Few Table’s Data Across Two Databases Exists on different Servers with Combination of Transactional Replication, Triggers, T-SQL 2008 Merge Statement, CTE, Windows Functions and Output Clause.
  • Involved in making the Data model and provided few Suggestions.
  • Created Few XML Columns and both Populatedand shredded them in Stored Procedures Using XQuery, Openxml etc.
  • Resolved Locks, Deadlocks with the help of SQL Profiler and re arranged the Order of Execution to avoid deadlocks.
  • Implemented Table Partitioning and Archive Strategy on Large Tables and Improved Execution of Queries.
  • Designed and developed SSIS Packages to Load Incoming Flat Files, Synchronize data between other Business Databases and used multiple transformations such as Data Conversion, Derived Column, Conditional Split, Lookup, Merge Join, Union All etc.
  • Used For Each Loop, Sequence Containers, Execute SQL Task, Script Task, File System Task, Send Mail Task, Event Handlers, Precedence Constraints to achieve business requirement.
  • Loaded Data ware House Fact Tables and Dimension tables of type 1 and type 2 attributes Using Transformations Lookup, Merge Join, Conditional Split and also Using T-SQL 2008 Merge Statement
  • Added the Package Configurations to Existing Packages and Setup the Packages of Environment Free and Dynamic using SSIS Variables, Expressions and Dynamic Connection Managers.
  • CreatedCustom Logging and Error Handling to SSIS Packages and deployedthoseUsing DTUtil Commands, Deployment Utility and Scheduled Packages with DTExec Commands.
  • Creating and deploying various Reports like Drill Down, Drill Through, and Cascading Parameterized reports using SSRS.
  • Used Report Manager to assign roles, permissions and Created report schedules, Subscriptions
  • Created MDX Queries to retrieve data from SSAS Cubes and to generate reports from Cubes
  • Developed, Deployed and Processed SSAS Cubes

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS 2008), Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008 , Team Foundation Server 20012/2010,.NET Framework, Windows Server 2003, Power Pivot

Confidential, Columbus, OH



  • Rewritten Many Stored Procedures which has Cursors and Long running Loops with Set Based Coding and Using Temp Tables and Table Variables.
  • Added necessary Non Clustered Indexes and Improved Performance of many Stored Procedures
  • Scheduled Index Fragmentation Jobs to reorganize and rebuild indexes.
  • Implemented TRY CATCH Blocks and Transactions. Reduced Big Transactions into Small Transactions.
  • Resolved Disk Space Issues, Shrink the Transactional Log and Updating Statistics
  • Written Deployment Scripts to Move the Database Objects and Data to the QA and Prod.
  • Designed, Developed SSIS Packages to move the Data between Alumni IT and University IT and to make the Data in Synchronization.
  • Implemented the Package Configurations to Existing Packages and Setup the Packages Environment Free and Dynamic using Variables.
  • Designed SSIS Packages to handle Incremental Load not Just Initial Load of Packages.
  • Created Error and Event Handling using Precedence Constraints, Break Points, Check Points, and Logging using SSIS 2008.
  • Documented SSIS Packages Using the Tool SSIS Documenter.
  • Deployed the SSIS Packages Using BI Express tool.

Environment: SQL Server 2008R2/2005 Enterprise, Windows Enterprise Server 2003, IIS 7.0, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS 2008 R2),Team Foundation Server 2008


Jr.SQL Programmer (Member Technical Staff)


  • Had thorough understanding of highly normalized/back-end intensive data model.
  • Designed, coded and tested several T-SQL Queries using Joins, Indexes, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions and Views.
  • SQL Performance tuning by modifying SQL or adding/changing indexes.
  • Created and developed DML Triggers for auditing purposes.
  • Migrated old data from MS Access and Excel into SQL Server 2008 R2 using SSIS Packages in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Developed, deployed and monitored SSIS Packages including upgrading to SSIS 2008 from SSIS 2005,DTS
  • Loaded Historical data from Legacy System into SQL Server 2005.
  • Experience in Error and Event Handling using Precedence Constraints, Break Points, Check Points, and Logging using SSIS 2008, 2005.
  • Designed and developed SSIS Packages for loading data to star schema.
  • Developed custom ad-hoc reports by using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Created various reports using SSRS such as Drill down Reports, Parameterized Reports, Linked Reports and Sub Reports apart from generating Ad-hoc Reports.
  • Performed Unit Level Testing and Integration Testing SSRS Reports
  • Deployed the report developed on to the Report Server, assigned Security Roles and used Data-driven Subscriptions to email the reports to a dynamic list of subscribers using Report Manager.
  • Designed and developed the data access layer using C#, ADO.NET and SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • Used DBCC commands to check physical and logical consistency of the databases and Rebuild indexes.
  • Worked closely with Application Developers and Business Analysts to produce all required documents.

Environment: SQL Server 2008/2005, SSISPackages, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS 2005),SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Query Analyzer, Windows 2003, C#

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