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Sql Server Database Consultant Resume Profile



  • 14 years of experience in managing MS-SQL Instances including SQL 7.0/2000/ 2005/2008 R2 and 2012 Instances that residing in NT 4.0, Windows 2000/2003/2008 2008R2 environments which include database administration, analysis, design, maintenance, and performance tuning
  • Extensive experience in SQL Server tools and utilities Database Security DB Backups Disaster Recovery Strategies Data Staging, Migration and Replication Transactional Merge Mirroring Log Shipping Strong database programming skills in SQL Server T-SQL and some Oracle PL/SQL experience
  • Microsoft Certified Professional MCP Administer Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases 2014
  • Novell Certified NetWare Engineer 1994
  • MS in Electrical Engineering



SQL Server Database Consultant

  • Design and support the in-place SQL version upgrade for SharePoint DB cluster server from 2008 R2/SP2 to 2012 SP2
  • Develop and support the parallel SQL version upgrade for enterprise DB server from 2008 R2/SP2 cluster to 2012 AlwaysOn with SP2
  • Support and maintain the Zylab DB backends with 2 SQL 2008 R2/SP2 cluster servers, will upgrade them to 2012 SP2
  • Support the DoD SQL 2012 STIGs instance database and working on encrypted connecting to SQL Server


Sr. SQL Server DBA

  • Develop, design and maintain the mission critical non-commerce Internet site for upgrade DB servers from SQL 2000 never-fail to SQL 2008 mirroring, simplify the monthly weekend maintenance window Sterling Patch process working on upgrade it include the Denver Contingency Site to SQL 2012 AlwaysOn
  • Support and maintain a bunch big app database backend running on SQL Server e-Vault, SharePoint 2010 ITSM as Oracle backup DBA, familiar with Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control, Linux shell commands scripts and routine database checkup and support
  • Lead for inventory, consolidation upgrade for more than 70 SQL servers under VM ware with LUN SAN environment US Mint wide provide guidance to database and systems management personnel on use and administration of SQL Server DBMS software, recommendations for efficient use of database resources evaluate and recommend SQL Server DBMS products and tools
  • Establish standards of creating and management of SQL Server and SQL Server databases, provide the SQL 2008 SP2 upgrade guideline, standardize the setup configuration for most of the SQL servers troubleshoot the database related problems and provide the general DB support, diagnose and resolve the performance issues


Database Administrator/Developer

  • Develop and maintain daily running SSIS packages write SQL scripts and update stored procedures create the database snapshot to run the report for balancing the workload
  • Provide support for all database related to the 5 web applications under Microsoft .NET environment for HRSA BCRS branch troubleshoot all the problems related to SQL databases and servers
  • Create all kinds of reports by running complicated JOIN queries, setup and support the SSRS to replace the old legacy application and create the report models for the end users
  • Create and maintain the SSIS package for pushing the data into the HRSA data warehouse


Production, development DBA

  • Support very large and complex production environment with more than 70 SQL servers 2000/2005 that involved 18 sites and 2 operation centers
  • Roll out deployment scripts, troubleshoot the database related problems and provide the general DB support, diagnose and resolve the performance issues, follow government guideline to implement process for tracking and logging all pertinent aspects of the database processes
  • Disaster recovery planning for the 2 operation centers on database side, capacity planning and making changes to maximize performance for related DB components, setup and configure the SQL Cluster under SQL 2005, log shipping
  • Develop, support and maintain a couple of DTS packages SSIS evaluate, recommend, and perform database design, upgrades and changes write and maintain database documentation, including data standards, procedures, definitions for the data dictionary
  • Develop, support and maintain the web application as the development DBA Create SQL scripts to convert the data from the other DB to PLOTS DB support reporting service application under SQL 2005, support and maintain the Rational Software databases


Database Administrator

  • Support LIVEDGAR production environment with more than 10 SQL servers 2000 under 4 proprietary clusters
  • Provide support for all network, database and application issues related to the LIVEDGAR troubleshoot all the problems related to SQL databases and servers
  • Design a unique archiving scheme to archive the data for critical db LEOPS while it's being accessed by the customers create Alerts and SQL jobs for automatically monitoring the merge replication activities and SQL Server performances
  • Monitor the merge replications design the complete procedures for replacing the merge replication subscriber and publisher under the cluster environment


SQL Server DBA

  • Supported a large production environment Multi-Listing System consisting of 50 customer accounts, 400 users and 40 MS SQL Server 7.0 databases
  • Support and maintain daily running DTS packages wrote SQL scripts and updated stored procedures setup and maintained the transactional replication for balancing the workload
  • Performance tuning and re-index, diagnose and resolve the performance issues
  • Setup the test Remedy database on the Windows NT server and maintained the Remedy database in the production server


SQL DBA / System Administrator

  • Created the test environment and the test databases setup Windows NT servers and installed MS SQL Server
  • Administered the SQL Server databases under the web development environment
  • Wrote and implemented stored procedures and triggers supported development teams under the Windows NT 4.0 / SQL Server 7.0 environment
  • Developed the web application in ASP, VBScript, JavaScript and HTML


System engineer Contractor

  • Tested and supported various software installed on desktops for the migration of Banyan to Windows NT 4.0
  • Deployed and implemented Windows 95 and MS Office 97 including other side drivers and client applications at FDIC corporate-wide
  • Troubleshot problems during the conversion from Banyan to Windows NT 4.0
  • Updated the roll-out batch files, setup policy files and menu servers


System Administrator Contractor

  • Supported the hardware and software under the Windows NT 3.51 network environment
  • Upgraded PC systems from Windows 3.1 with Lanman PCTCP to Windows 95 and TCP/IP stack
  • Setup and tested the DHCP server, and migrated the NetWare 3.12 server to Windows NT 3.51


Computer Consultant Contractor

  • Maintained and supported NT PDC RAS servers and MS Mail Postoffice
  • Troubleshot software and hardware problems for the users setup remote TCPIP connections and updated the cabling system
  • Setup the Tektronics product to make 2 HP workstations access the Windows NT server and use MS Mail


Technical Staff

  • Maintained the NetWare 3.12 network and supported 600 users
  • Troubleshot software and hardware problems under NetWare 3.12 and Windows 3.11 network environment
  • Evaluated and tested IBM-Compatible PC system components with different application software, operating systems and testing programs for system integration quality and performance

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