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Gis Consultant Resume Profile


I am a GIS Analyst with over 13 years of professional experience utilizing and supporting GIS software and tools in multiple industries such as oil and gas exploration. Skills include researching, managing and integrating data for the purpose of creating maps for geoscience professionals for Oil Gas exploration and supporting land and facilities management teams. Have an extensive knowledge of coordinate systems and projection datum utilizing ESRI products as well as FME and several other GIS products. I have spent the majority of my career in the Oil Gas sector both in land and facilities management, pipeline data integration and management, and exploration.


GIS Consultant


  • I completed multiple contracts for Oil and Gas exploration clients providing GIS analysis for seismic survey exploration in the Eagleford Shale gas play working in the field with survey crews analyzing 2D and 3D seismic data and formatting it for use by geological and geophysical scientists utilizing software packages such as Petra for further analysis.
  • Provide Technical support to the GIS Pipeline group in diagnosing issue's related to GIS and Cad based production methodologies.
  • Create solutions to increase productivity such as automated features and streamlining work processes.
  • Load and verify data in SQL and SDE environments as well as pull reports and data for work processes from SQL databases.
  • Act as liaison with software vendors to solve current software issues and integrate new software platforms into current working environment.
  • Performed regulatory lease mapping utilizing Arc GIS as well as GIS Data editing on projects for upstream and midstream oil and gas companies including POD's data base integration in SDE environments.
  • Experience working with every version of the ESRI GIS suite since 2001 and have worked with multiple other GIS platforms including SmallWorld, MapInfo, Gnome and others.
  • Worked for a civil engineering firm utilizing Trimble GPS equipment in field survey drafting for water and waste water devices and transferring that data to both ArcGIS and Autocad formats.
  • Perform advanced database analysis and maintenance in the day-to-day operation of the GIS and associated applications.
  • Worked with multiple clients supporting the G G groups, the facilities groups, and the land groups, with GIS mapping and data analysis.
  • Formatted data and loaded data in SQL.
  • Utilized FME for data conversions such as converting CAD files from their .drg format over to ARC .shp files utilizing the tools in FME to remove extemporaneous data and set proper projection on the new data being imported from pipeline alignment sheets and facilities drawings.
  • Worked in an SDE environment, utilizing Python, SQL and Oracle to query and build databases.
  • Utilized Python scripting to automate several simple mapping processes such as publishing to .pdf a weekly map update for well locations as well as other simple automations.
  • Supervised the set up and operation of the field GIS teams for the BP cleanup of the gulf coast oil spill, as a GIS Deployment specialist - assigned field duties to GIS analysts at forward operating bases collected and created data utilizing SDE, Oracle, and Access as well as pushing the data remotely into an SDE database based in Houston.

GIS Analyst


  • Provided support to multiple teams of engineers engaged in several projects supporting multiple engineering disciplines mainly related to ordinance disposal and hazardous material clean up and disposal.
  • Also tasked with expanding the G.I.S. data structure to more efficiently utilize G.I.S. tools in day to day operations such as modeling web based browsers for viewing current project data remotely as well as other features allowing for a more diversified portfolio of products to offer the client and increase the overall value of service.
  • I designed a new data management system to create standardized data naming schemes in order to create data filing efficiency and organizational preparedness for future projects that would be effective for the next 10 years.
  • I created a tracking system to coordinate allocation and ownership for all GPS units and survey equipment and completed full inventory of all mobile GPS systems.


GIS Analyst

  • I was tasked to provide individualized support to field clients in oil and gas exploration projects as a direct client liaison on site for seismic exploration teams.
  • Created detailed digital maps based off plat maps and metes and bounds legal descriptions and also created new mapping projects on request, delivering digital map documents and data files for large oil and gas exploration projects.
  • Updated and maintained company geospatial oil and gas databases to facilitate integration into an SDE environment.
  • Worked on pipeline project scanning and edge mapping pipeline alignment sheets and reviewing the scanned images to link the feature data to cartographic maps for survey projects.
  • Collaboratively worked with the GIS and Operations groups to develop and maintain processes for handling pipeline data
  • All maps were created utilizing versions of Arc and using Access and SDE databases.


GIS Analyst/ QC Technician

  • Worked on a pipeline project creating pipeline and facility features from GPS field data collection for Oil and Gas clients.
  • Promoted to be the Quality Control Analyst, conducting quality assurance/quality control procedures relating to GIS deliverables.
  • Led the technicians who were using alignment sheets for reference and digitizing the materials, individual lengths, fittings, pumping station details, depths for buried pipeline, and all other attributes associated with pipelines including right of way details.
  • Evaluated the performance guidelines for members of my team in order to facilitate the raise review process and provide positive feedback for process improvement.
  • Utilized Microsoft Access, Excel, Power Point and Outlook programs daily and created presentations for quarterly progress meetings using Microsoft Power Point.


  • Arc GIS up to version 10 - 7 Yrs
  • FME - 1 Yr
  • SQL - 2 Yrs
  • Visual Basic - 1 Yr
  • Python - 2 Yrs
  • Vision Systems GIS software- 3 Yrs
  • MapInfo - 2 Yrs
  • TeleAtlas - 2 Yrs
  • Trimble GPS Devices software - 2 Yrs
  • Utilities, AM/FM, Cadastral Mapping - 3 Yrs

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