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Advanced Data Analyst Resume Profile

Houston, TX


  • Master's Degree of Geophysical engineering with 6 years experience of SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g, Access 2007 database and data loading reporting tools: SSIS, SSRS and Crystal Report 2008. Over 10 years experience as a professional in the energy industry.
  • Extensive skills in SSIS/SSAS in OLTP and OLAP system. Knowledge on OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP modeling application, Metadata
  • Proficient in SQL Server 2008 databases server installation, login and user creation, role and permission configuration.
  • Professional experience in SQL Server, T-SQL, and PL/SQL in constructing tables for relational data.
  • Expertise on high performance data integration solutions - Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service SSIS , including extraction, transformation, and loading ETL packages for data warehouse.
  • Professional experience on loading variety of large volume data files into SQL server 2008 database tables, migrating Oracle tables into SQL Server 2008 database tables and generating Report with SSRS.
  • Proficient in Power Pivot for Excel.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of Data Warehouse and Data Modeling like multidimensional cubes star schema, snow-flake modeling SSAS services as well as data mining solutions.
  • Experience on testing and monitoring data performance.
  • Proven record in performance tuning for query and process of database.
  • Independent working ability as well as team player with great verbal, written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving skills, troubleshooting, and decision-making skills.
  • Experience in UNIX/Linux environment, akw command, PowerPoint, vi editor, nedit text editor

Technical Skills

Operating System

Linux Centos , Windows XP/2008,Window Server 2008, Window 8

Application Tools

SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, SQL Server Management Studio SSMS , SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio, SQL Server Data Tools Visual Studio 2010/2012 , Microsoft Office/Access/Excel//Word/Outlook, Oracle SQL Plus, Oracle Designer, TOAD, Crystal Report

Query Languages

T-SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic.NET


MS SQL Server 2008/2012, Oracle 11g, Excel Access 2007,Cubes

System Administration

SQL server installation and setup/configuration and production monitoring



Title: Advanced Data Analyst

Major Achievements:

  • In SQL Server Integration Services, configure different sources from remote SQL server databases, MySQL or excel to local machine by using OLEDB/ODBC connection for source data and destination data extract data from flat files, Excel, FTP Server or SQL Server databases Merge, Sort, Aggregate, Union, Row Count,Lookup ect transformation load data to flat files, excel, tables data destination under SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio BIDS or SSDT
  • Design ETL packages/Templates by applying Data Flow Task, Execute SQL Task,Script Task,Web Service Task, Send Mail Task to execute different tasks in the control flow in 2010 Visual Studio
  • Confirgure data source and mapping data to data destination
  • Use Slowly Changing Dimension task to load special dimensition tables and fact tables from OLTP to data warehouse
  • Execute and debug packages by setting breakpoints before projects deploy to SQL Server or target folder
  • Schedule SSIS jobs on SQL Server Agent of SQL Server Management Studio
  • Implement access control by setting the protection level of packages or by using Integration Services Roles
  • Design multidimensional cubes ie. Data source, data source view, measure group, dimension tables edit, dimension hierarchy configuration, attribute relationship, cube and KPI Key Performance Indicator matrix to review the target value star schema data warehouse design on fact tables and dimension tables
  • Install SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 as wells as SSIS/SSAS/SSRS servers configure their settings,security,deployment, backup and recovery setup
  • Apply performance tuning skills such as SQL Server Profiling, Database Engine Tuning Advisor in SSMS Clustered and Non-clustered indexes and partition tables strategy
  • Generate Matrix Report by using OLAP multidimensional data build parameterized report with custom code dynamic columns report build reports with look up value field lookup function in expression create report template Dashboard report Drilldown report Subreports Ad hoc Reports
  • Work with DBAs to deliver reports to native mode report server and SharePoint mode server
  • Write stored procedures including subquries, table joins, views, Indexes to retrieve data triggers and cursors for the monitoring and management of data
  • Maintain and optimize databases and tables with SSMS
  • Involved in Logical and Physical Database design.
  • Continue updating knowledge on SQL Server 2012, MS BI system, Power Pivot for Excel.


Title: Senior Data Processor

Major Achievements:

  • Built the seismic data model and implemented data migration.
  • Monitored seismic data migration and quality control.
  • Test parameters and workflow.
  • Analyzed seismic data and evaluated the processed results.
  • Prepared the final reports to the clients.
  • Loaded data from flat data files into SQL Server 2008 database tables using bcp, bulk insert, and table import/export wizard loaded data tables from flat data files and excel sheet into SQL Server Databases
  • Studied and trained MS SQL Server, Microsoft BI tools application, Oracle database and Access 2007.


Title: Data Processing Geophysicist

Major Achievements:

  • Hired as a geophysicist and tapped to drive process of seismic data
  • Analyzed and evaluated processed seismic data attributes: amplitude, phase, frequency
  • Calibrated the seismic data with well-log from oil companies
  • Built 2D/3D velocity model and tomography updates

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