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Item Master Data Analysis Resume Profile

Dayton, OH

Professional History:

  • Managing and Developing software over 20 years and have been involved in all aspects of software development and implementation, the most recent 10 years has been in support of DoD Services
  • Software Development Manager, software lifecycle development
  • Product Configuration Management PCM
  • Lead, Data Analysis and Data Architecture
  • Implemented software development methodology Agile vs. Incremental
  • Knowledge of and performed CMMI Level 5 and Functional Point analysis

Technical Skills:

  • Database: MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle 11g, Remedy, MS SharePoint
  • Languages: VBA, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C, C , C
  • Operating System: Windows platform
  • Integrated Development Environment IDE : MS Visual Studio
  • Internet Development: HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, XML, KML, JavaScript
  • Configuration Control: VSS
  • Data ETL Tool: InformaticaPowerCenter and Monarch
  • BI Tool: OBIEE, QlikView, develop custom tools
  • Portfolio Management: OPPM

Work Experience:


Item Master Data Analysis

  • Assist Functional SMEs in requirements gathering and building data reference using the USAF SDDP methodology
  • Worked with SMEs in identifying data elements, inbound and outbound interfaces, process flows in preparation of development of Data and Service Reference Models DRM/SRM
  • - Functional, issue and risk expeditor, primary for BI and data related issues - Supports both the ECSS Configuration and BI Team with BI/Data Expertise to perform requirements analysis and solve complex issues and or develop risk mitigation plans
  • - Developed MS Access/SharePoint applications SICAT/BI tool to support SDDP methodology.
  • - Developed MS Access/SharePoint applications to support Issue and Risk Management team, Trading partner team and SME request team in support for the ECSS project
  • - Assistant SharePoint Administrator as needed
  • - Developed tools that could import data into Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Manager OPPM .


Project Lead and Software Developer

  • - Designed and developed a database to manage the Port of Call contact information for the Department of the Navy, Homeland Security and NATO
  • -- Designed distribution of the application, developed core information flows, perform data mining from various disparate systems and performed data validation processes
  • - Designed database to manage and mine Geoloc reference data from Google Earth
  • -- Developed conversion tools to converting various formats such as XML to KML


Logistics Management Analyst

  • Data Analyst
  • - Perform data validation as part of data cleansing effort using InformaticaPowerCenter.
  • - Established viable, standardized USAF aircraft configuration and maintenance management capability within ECSS' Oracle complex maintenance repair and overhaul cMRO module
  • -- Utilizing legacy configuration management requirements, business rules and data, created an executable baseline configuration management model for the A-10C and KC-135R aircraft
  • -- USAF systems: REMIS, IMDS, CEMS and G081
  • - Performed system analysis and provided recommendations to USAF for more aircraft configurations
  • - Established business process on how to implement configuration control for non-configured aircraft
  • - Developed data strategy for data conversion to Oracle cMRO and BOM creation from legacy data
  • - Designed a prototype data migration tool to serve as middleware between USAF legacy and cMRO
  • - Built BI tool that analyzed Remedy data


  • MS Access Database Developer for Boeing Corporation
  • - Modified and optimized Reduction Total Operating Costs RTOC Database
  • - Performed Product lifecycle management PLM analysis for USAFparts
  • - Performed costs trend analysis to identify which parts or systems had high turnover rates
  • -- Developed Prediction models to support aircraft reliability parts or system for 10 or 20 analysis, created 4 year forecast based on 10 years of trend data
  • - Developed process of the data interface from USAF disparate sources, ETL and direct conversion


Web Developer

- Managed sustainment for Customer Relationship Management CRM software for auto dealerships - Develop new web content and corrected coding and SQL errors to enhance performance


Sr. Application Developer

-- Extracted data from 90 different reports from IMDS, REMIS, CEMS, SBSS and other systems - Developed Maintenance Scheduling Application Tool to meet Software Requirements Specification -- Developed methodology to pick the best aircraft for deployment to remote locations based upon maintenance limitation and estimating supply and maintenance requirements - Managed software development team integrated master schedule ensuring task accomplishment - Managed software configuration, releases, enhancement requests and risk assessment - Conducted Joint Application Development JAD workshops with USAF SMEs for requirements - Led application testing routines and worked with various USAF bases for product validation - Led Tier 1, 2 and 3 help desk functions for global software support to the user community - Developed training material validated by both AMC and ACC Hill Training Center as best practice - Developed data mining and data analysis from various Air Force data systems or end user spreadsheet - Created Change Control Document CCD Database to manage the process flow of software development such as: version, requirements, design review, peer review, enhancement request, unit and integration testing used to product numerous program documents for management review

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