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Rpg Programmer/analyst Resume Profile

Earth City, MO


  • Solutions-driven senior software engineer with 20 years of experience in design, development, support, testing, and maintenance of interactive and robust software solutions for clients within government, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, construction, and business industries.
  • 20 years of programming experience in RPG and CL in an AS/400 environment combined with advanced systems integration, AS/400 systems, SQL, and DB2 knowledge.
  • Extensive experience with the IBM family of computers IBM 3X, AS/400, RS/6000, iSeries .
  • Expertise in transforming user requirements into business solutions through the creation and testing of new technology and a demonstrated ability to modify and adapt new and existing software applications to align with hardware requirements, correct application errors, and improve overall database and system performance.
  • Provide application and database architecture and design through the documentation of business requirements and translate them into innovative technical designs.
  • Collaborate with systems analysts, engineers and programmers in the design, planning, and implementation of a wide range of projects focused on software and database modernization, design, enhancements, and application development.

Skills Capabilities

  • Utilizing top-down methodologies in all phases of software design, development, support, and maintenance.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and master new and emerging technologies that deliver innovative solutions and integrate new and existing design strategies and application specifications.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work in both team and self-directed settings and balancing multiple priorities with results-driven execution.
  • Effective cross-functional leadership skills with a talent for leading and developing superior team performance while balancing conflicting priorities in deadline-driven environments.
  • Strong analysis, design, and problem solving skills with the ability to articulate solutions to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and communicate in a positive manner to team members, peers, and customers.

Technical Qualifications

Operating Systems: IBM i5 iSeries Power Systems , SSP-OS/400 3X Series , Windows


Methodologies: SAA Standards top-down structured, user controlled, file access

Software: Hawkeye, Turnover, PDM, ROBOT, Tivoli, Tuxedo, e-Gate, VIEW, Client Access, Toad, Communicator, ClearCase, ClearQuest, MS Office, FrontPage, Photoshop, Premiere, Bryce, Visual Basic, HTML

RDBMS: DB2, Oracle, MS Access

Hardware: IBM 3X SYS/34, SYS/36 , SYS/3 mod 15d, AS/400, I Series, Series 1, PCs

Professional Experience


RPG Programmer/ANALYST

  • Assumed responsibility for the inventory system aspect of an overdue project completion, rewriting inventory-tracking system and RPG structure to implement the following enhancements:
  • Rewrote the entire item master record, providing enhanced record maintenance capability and a seamless integration into the existing system.
  • Upgraded the inventory tracking system to include bar code input capability and the creation of a bill of material and costing system.
  • Implemented on-screen summary and detail data for job cost tracking, purchase receipt lookup, and commission tracking reporting while providing a more user-friendly interactive application.
  • Provided functionality to vendor and freight pricing and master record management, allowing for real-time access to the application and tracking of freight and margin values.


Senior Software Engineer

  • Short-term contractor assignment with an internal business process control team, serving as first point of contact for technical and procedural issues related to Sarbanes-Oxley business processes and systems and documentation requirements. Selected to create six new applications in a rigidly controlled SOX environment for use in vendor activity, performance, compliance, and control of third-party manufacturers.
  • Rewrote barcode scanner software to convert the application to a simplified process and provide full screen functionality for data entry and viewing.
  • Successfully completed 37 application modifications, bug fixes, and upgrades.


Senior Software Engineer

  • Provide software engineering support to internal and external teams and projects with responsibility for the program design, test, documentation, and user testing functions. Programmed interactive, cross-platform applications and trigger programs for the data validation and file maintenance.
  • Managed legacy data transition and sync during Oracle database and GUI implementation. Created trigger programs to validate new transactions, create and modify stored procedures, process transactions, and convert interactive legacy programs to wrappers for back sync from Oracle to legacy system.
  • Modified and maintained internal vehicle administration software used for the reporting and maintenance of all vehicle-related data acquisition, resale, location and vendor communications.
  • Recruited to collaborate on off-team assignments including:
  • Consolidated vehicle-specific data and created logical files to extract specific data and modify existing software to utilize new logical files for the implementation of one-way rental capability within the rental fleet.
  • Eliminated redundant applications and ensured compatibility between remaining applications after the acquisition a controlling share of the Vanguard Automotive Group, providing an integrated and functional application to track and manage rental car operations, inventory, sales, and relevant data.
  • Wrote multiple interactive utilities including:
  • DDMWIZARD provided the ability to send data from a host machine to a targeted production machine or retrieve/consolidate data from selected source machines to a target machine while providing security through business rules that prevent disruptions to the production environment.
  • MRCLEAN is an interactive utility that integrated physical files in a selected library and create sub-files allowing the user to organize, clear, or delete files as needed and at their discretion.
  • STAGE utility streamlined order staging functions by allowing functionality to enter an order number and retrieve order details for modification, staging, and records management during the staging process.

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