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Sql Server Developer Resume Profile



  • Over 10 years of Professional IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance of various Data warehousing applications
  • About 7 years of solid experience in the Analysis, Design and Development of Data warehousing solutions and in developing strategies for Extraction, Transformation and Loading ETL mechanism using AbInitio, Informatica and Knowledge of full life cycle development for building a data warehouse, SDLC, Test Methodologies and Production Maintenance Methods using Waterfall and Agile/Scrum.
  • Strong knowledge of OLAP, OLTP RDBMS concepts
  • Exposure to several Design, GUI, ETL and Reporting tools and evaluation of tools
  • Extensively worked on DB2, Oracle 9i 10g, PL/SQL having high proficiency in database Performance Tuning Techniques and Analytical Functions.
  • Expert level knowledge and understanding of AbInitio ETL architecture, design and integration with hands on expertise in designing, developing and delivering ETL solutions
  • Well versed with XML and Object-Oriented design paradigm.
  • Expertise in UNIX , shell scripting and configuration scripts and data integration/migration
  • Extensively worked with Ab Initio GDE, Co-operating System and Data Manipulation Language DML and Parameter Definition language PDL .
  • Designed, developed, and implemented ETL for large decision support systems DSS and Data Warehousing projects
  • Worked with Operational Data store ODS named EDS, for storage and retrieval of the compressed flat files., Designing processes and data models to capture Business, Process, and Technical Metadata
  • Excellent technical, analytical, and management skills focused on delivering optimum solutions and providing quick return on investment
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Committed and Motivated team player with good analytical skills.
  • Experience in Designing Modular, Reusable data structures and processes for data integration, migration and conversion


  • Industries: Banking Finance, Retail, health Care
  • Tools: AbInitio Co>OS 2.13, 2.14, 2.15,3.x and GDE 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 3.x
  • Business Objects, Mainframe
  • Languages: C, C , Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting
  • Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, MS-DOS, UNIX 4.3.3, Mainframe.
  • Databases: DB2, Oracle 8i/7.x, UDB, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, MS Access, 7.0/2000,
  • SQL Loader, SQL Plus, TOAD



Technical Lead, RNM

  • Pharmacy networks PBMs build networks of retail pharmacies to provide consumers convenient access to prescriptions at discounted rates. PBMs monitor prescription safety across all of the network pharmacies, alerting pharmacists to potential drug interactions even if a consumer uses multiple pharmacies.
  • Mail service pharmacies PBMs provide highly efficient mail-service pharmacies that supply home-delivered prescriptions with great accuracy and safety and at a substantial savings The Government Accountability Office GAO has also found that mail-order pharmacies in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program FEHBP offer substantial savings, especially when compared to retail pharmacies. Enrollees typically paid lower out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions filled through mail-order pharmacies and benefited from other savings that reduced plans' costs and therefore helped to lessen rising premiums.


  • Capture Knowledge from other vendor and explain out team to work on the existing issues
  • Takeover the owner ship of the RNM application.
  • Lead Technical, design sessions to provide ETL/ Ab Initio best practices and architecture reviews
  • Create High Level System Design Document based on the functional requirements.
  • Perform design and code reviews to enforce ETL standards and guidelines.
  • Explore and assess software to meet current and potential business needs.
  • Participate in RNM Architecture Road Maps and Long Range Plans strategies in the areas of infrastructure Uplift , Demand Management , Automation etc
  • Evaluate system utilization related to responsiveness, processing capacity and reliability.
  • Gather business requirements and convert it to detail level design document
  • Design Continuous and batch flows in AbInitio as per the business requirements
  • Write shell wrapper scripts for logging , running jobs and reusability


Technical Lead, GMFST

Confidential is a global financial, travel, Gift cards and network service provider. AMEX issues Personal cards to its customers through whom it helps merchants to manage their sales and purchases.

Confidential is a major initiative under the Capture IT Strategy, which is part of the CAPN initiative. Merchant Submissions Re-engineering establishes the technology framework that supports Business needs for processing American Express Proprietary Acquirer related submissions globally. This project, implemented through multiple releases, focuses on development of Submissions functionality that begins with the acceptance of files from Submitters and ends with delivery of files to Accounts Receivable System for Account Receivable Issuer activity and to the Accounts Payable system for Accounts Payable Acquirer activity.

Module 1

Title: Release 8A

Description: Implemented functionality to enable batch-level suspense feature by AMEX Submitters. In addition, Transmission Interface TI functionality was enhanced to allow Submissions to send files confirmation and acknowledgements back to merchants through multiple instances of Secure File Transfer SFT

Module 2

Title: Release 5B

Description: Made enhancements to migrate US, Canada, and EMEA airline traffic to POA. Enabled functionality to accept two new POS data codes that allows a Merchant to issue an instant temporary shopping pass to a Card member but also ensures that transactions are authorized only from valid shopping passes.

Module 3

Title: Release 5A

Description: Implemented to enable the functionality of the migration of EMEA merchants to the POA CAPN Submissions platform with the introduction of new layouts.


  • Lead Technical, design sessions to provide ETL/ AbInitio best practices and POA roadmap. Participated in JADR Joint Architecture and Design reviews with portfolio , application and infrastructure architects
  • Created Process Flow Diagrams and High Level System Design Document based on the functional requirements.
  • Perform design and code reviews to enforce Amex and ETL standards and guidelines.
  • Participate in the Project DefinitionPhase with Business Users and Functional Owners.
  • Explore and assess software to meet current and potential business needs.
  • Participate in Submissions POA Architecture Road Maps and Long Range Plans strategies in the areas of infrastructure Uplift , Demand Management , Automation etc
  • Evaluate system utilization related to responsiveness, processing capacity and reliability.
  • Design the Continuous Graphs interfacing external systems through MQ Queues XML data.
  • Gather business requirements and converted in to entities and attributes and participated in Logical and Physical models in Reengineering
  • Design Continuous and batch flows in AbInitio to fulfill business/SLA requirements
  • Develop utilities to extract valuable technical information to provide insights on performance, volumes, statistics from Production Logs
  • Architecture the Merchant Certification process by reutilizing the existing graphs with minimal changes to enable pre-certification of merchants
  • Assisted the Testing Centre of Excellence team to build Multi-Test environments to support Multiple Project development
  • Organize and coordinate meetings with different user and business groups to resolve issues
  • Participate in code and design reviews to enforce standards.
  • Work on building, testing and implementing Disaster Recovery.

Environment: ABINITIO CO>OP 2.15/2.14 ABINITIO GDE 1.15/1.14, EME Web Interface, DB2 UDB,Oracle 10G/11G, Windows XP Pro, Control-M, SharePoint, Actuate, Jasper soft, Web Logic. UNIX Sun Solaris


Sr. AbInitio Developer

Description: This project is involved in the development of data warehouse based on four kinds of data marts such as Accounts, Loans, Credit Cards, and Insurance. In loan data mart has loan amounts for various purposes like: Personal Loan, Educational Loan, Vehicle Loan, Housing Loan, Consumer Durable Loans, etc. The company requires different level of analysis regarding loan amount, type of Loans, customers, payment schedules, interest rates, defaulters list and the penal interest calculations, etc. They Needed a data warehouse so they could maintain historical data and central location for integration, Analyze Business in different locations, According Profit areas, which could serve as a purpose for decision makers


  • Developed complex graphs having more than 40 components with emphasis on optimizing performance.
  • Developed custom FTP components to automate the file transfer process to different servers.
  • Wrote wrapper scripts to call custom auditing and log scraping scripts.
  • Developed generic audit graphs to implement auditing of the financial data.
  • Developed graphs to load type II dimensional tables and fact tables.
  • Implemented Partition techniques using MFS with Partition by Key, Partition by Expression and Round Robin techniques on the data before sending the data through data quality checks.
  • Used AbInitio as ETL tool to extract data from source systems, cleanse, transform, and load data into target databases.
  • Developed complex AbInitio graphs, utilizing join, look up, sort and aggregate components and used parallel processing to speed up loads.
  • Analyzed data warehouse/decision support business requirements.
  • Involved in developing UNIX Korn shell wrappers to run various Ab Initio scripts.
  • Created AbInitio graphs based on business requirements using various Ab Initio components such as reformat, rollup, join, scan, normalize, generate records, validate records etc.
  • Worked on improving the performance of AbInitio graphs by using Various AbInitio performance techniques such as using lookups instead of Joins, parallelism techniques MFS etc.
  • Monitored AbInitio jobs within and also in deployment environments using AbInitio commands and Schedulers.
  • Involved in data mining, data quality testing, metadata, and data profiling.

Environment: ABINITIO CO>OP 2.15/2.13, ABINITIO GDE 1.15/1.13, EME Web Interface, LINUX, SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 10G, Windows XP Pro, Control-M, TeraData.


SQL Server Developer


  • This Project is mainly aimed to main the Micro Finance Information. The Micro Finance Institution MFI helps poor people. The MFI will give loans to poor women with Less Rate of interest and the MFI will collect amount on weekly, fortnight installments. This Project consists of three modules, designed to bring Office Automation process with more efficient solutions to a wide range of users. We provide accounting services based on CGAP format.
  • This Product having Financial Information System, Management Information System, HRM, Accounts, Reports Crystal Reports, Text Reports, HTML Reports


  • Project Developed as client/server system SQL Server 2000.
  • The technology used in 2 tier architecture.
  • Writing Stored Procedures for data processing.
  • Creating Reports Crystal Reports, Text Reports

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