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Cognos Administrator Resume Profile

Charlotte, NC


  • Over 8 years of experience in building Business Intelligence environments using IBM Cognos.
  • BI Server capacity planning and implementing upgrades.
  • Expert in implementing and Administering BI applications using Cognos BI tools include: Cognos 7, series 8.1, 8.3 10 - Impromptu, PowerPlay, Transformer, Impromptu Web Reports, Access Manager, Cognos Query, Power Prompts, Scheduler and Metrics Manager and Map Manager.
  • Developed dashboards, and reports by gathering requirements. Used event studio to send out alert mails. Used Analysis studio for trends, comparisions. Used metric studio for scorcarding. Worked with the db developers to find the data appropriate to develop Framework manager models and publish packages.
  • Expert in Cognos 8.3, which includes Report Studio, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Metric Studio, Cognos Connection and Map Manager.
  • Around 3 years of Design, development, administration, Security and Testing in Cognos Reportnet.
  • Designed, Developed and maintained Cognos reports, catalogs and packages.
  • Strong experience with client interaction, understanding business applications, business data flow and data relations.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills, ability to work independently and a good team player.
  • Software Design, Development, Analysis, Testing, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems

Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Windows NT, Unix, RedHat Linux


Oracle, MS SQL Server , MS Access

Reporting Tools

Cognos 10.2, Cognos 8.4, Cognos Series 8.1, Cognos Planning, TM1, Cognos Report Net 1.1 MR2, Cognos EP Series 7.1 MR3, Cognos Impromptu, Cognos PowerPlay, Upfront, Data Manager, Map Manager, Cognos Script Editor, Access Manager, DashBoards,


Datastage 7.5.2, Datastage 8.7


C, C , SQL, PL/SQL, . Java

Web Technologies

Java,Java Script, VBScript, HTML, DHTML

Work Summary


Cognos Administrator

Cognos Administration responsibilities

  • Installed upgrades from Cognos 8.1 to 8.3, 8.3 and 8.4 to Cognos 10.
  • Opening PMR tickets with Cognos, for unresolved issues, and bugs in the Cognos environments.
  • Testing and validating the installed environments before releasing to the clients.
  • Configuring report servers, webservers and content managers. Setup server alerts for high CPU, low disk space, and process monitors
  • Creating response files/packages for automated silent installs on servers.
  • Server capacity planning for new upgrades. Checking compatibility and testing of system components with Cognos before the installs.
  • Supporting Cognos Environment and troubleshooting client issues Ex:16 disptacher windows environment with CM on Unix . Screening log files for root cause analysis.
  • Start/stop Cognos services when necessary to bring back the environment after maintenance. Applying patches after testing on Cognos servers.
  • Monitoring the environments daily and look for long running jobs, killing processes etc.
  • Migration strategy - weekly conference call with IBM to discuss pending and ongoing issues in Cognos.
  • Setting up security to new users/groups. 24x7 oncall support.
  • Performance test review on reports/packages, to check production worthiness.
  • Analyzing the impact of upgrading Cognos in group meetings with developers, to resolve issues in report development, functionality issues, and ensure they meet deadlines to make the upgrade seemless to the clients.
  • Installing drivers and DNS names on report servers for new database instances. Creating datasource connections, applying permissions, restricting features based on roles/groups. Scripts for clearing dump files, RTM files and temp files on a regular basis.
  • Documentation on Upgrade impact analysis, Install details Architecture diagrams.
  • Use of Audit package to monitor the report usage and user activity.
  • Export/Import of packages, reports between environments - development, testing and production regions.
  • Advising best practices in writing and running reports.
  • Migration/Upgrade of applications into Cognos 8.1 from Cognos 7.x. Catalogus to Packages, Cube relocation and applying security to the deployed location and Reports migration . Server configurations, checking compatibility of hardware with the new version of Cognos, Sand box testing.
  • Automating repetitive jobs like applying permissions, updating datasources, export imports using Cognos SDK.

Products and Tools: Cognos 10, 8.4, 8.3 8.1, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Event Studio, Metric Studio, Transformer, Access Manager, PerfMon, RAD/Eclipse, Unix, RHEL, MS Visio, Word, Excel, Access, HTML, XML SQL Server 2005, Windows 2003, Sun Solaris, SSIS, Oracle 11, DB2.

Datastage Administration responsibilities

  • Installed Datastage 8.7 on a multitier architecture Linux servers with High availability.
  • Configured and customized each new server to work like the old 7.5.2 servers to make the upgrade seemless.
  • Implemented failover for the production install nodes on the servers.
  • Installed on both virtual VMware and physical servers.
  • Benchmarked the new servers and increased the CPU and memory capacity to match the growing demand.
  • Assist the developer teams in upgrading their Datastage projects to the new servers.
  • Opened PMRs and conduct weekly meetings with IBM for defects in version 8.7.
  • Apply patches to server due to ifor on going PMRs and test them.
  • Implemented Operation Console on the new servers.
  • Stop/start DatstageEngine and WebsphereApplication server for maintenance.
  • Scripts to monitor and alert Datastage Engine status, Websphere status, high CPU and low disk space.

Products and Tools: IBM Datastage 8.7 , Ascential Datastage 7.5.2, RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 5.8 Tikanga, Oracle 11g, Subversion, MKS toolkit, Teamquest, SQL Developer 3.0, Control-M Enterprise Manager 7.0.00.


Cognos Administrator/Developer


  • Moved Cognos from a single test server to a multi server production environment. Planned the hardware, server Web, Application Content Manager servers configuration etc.
  • Involved in design and development of Joins, filters, calculations, prompts and conditional variables in Packages in Framework Manager.
  • Maintained packages and updated them by adding tables, as and when required by other report writers. Prepared and maintained project/package Framework Manager and Reports detail design documents.
  • Worked on creating list reports, cross-tab reports and chart reports using multiple queries in a single report by using filters, calculations, etc.
  • Conversion of Warehouse drawings into maps using Map Manager and other 3rd party software like Map Info and Auto Cad, for customized Dashboards.
  • Created Dashboards which lead to detailed reports with different parameters in Report studio. Customized Bozzuto's Cognos Portal.
  • Created a company dashboard with six divisions which updated every hour to show Profit, Margin, Inventory, sell by cost, Profit by dept, Margin by dept. Created scorecards for different departments, like grocery, produce, stationary, perishables using Metric Studio. Also created bookmarked reports for faster access to pre run detail reports. Monitoring of margin, sales, out of stock are a few to name.
  • Installation of Framework Manager/Transformer.
  • Setting up security for roles and groups in Cognos connection.
  • Administering Cognos server to tune server performance to optimize speed and efficiency. Performed daily monitoring of the servers, scheduled reports and logs.
  • Conducted weekly training sessions for modeling and report writing in Cognos to novice Cognos users.
  • Fixed errors encountered by users, and issues concerning the Cognos product behavior, on the servers. Documented the errors which were encountered in the new setup for further monitoring and reference.Done a few Webex sessions with Cognos to fix unlisted knowledge base post installation errors which came up in the then new version of Cognos 8.2.
  • Worked on framework manager to import metadata from data sources DB2 AS/400 SQL Server to create Models for reports and published packages to Cognos server.Worked on Event Studio to publish news items, and sending out event mails on a daily basis.

Products and Tools: Cognos Report Net, 8.1, Framework Manager, Data Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Enterprise Planning, TM1, Adobe Flex 2.0, SQL 2005, SSIS, Event Studio, Metric Studio, Map Manager, Crystal Reports, KRONOS, Unix, Apache Tomcat, Windows 2003, iSeries access to AS/400 DB2.


  • Maintaning instrument datacollection databases.
  • Periodical database backups.
  • Designing and coding new control algorithms in DCS feedback loops
  • Maintaining and modifying existing control system code for instruments
  • Working collaboratively with design engineers, and operation engineers.
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving in data collection.
  • PLC ladder programming,troubleshooting and support.

Products and Tools: MS Access, SQL Server, Windows 2003, AS/400 DB2, DCS, PLC.

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