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Ms Excel/vba Developer Resume Profile

Arlington, TX


  • More than 5 years of experience in design, development and implementation of MS Excel MS Access/VBA based Applications.
  • Proven background translating cell formulas in Excel into VBA code.
  • Created Macros for Business Development.
  • Automating, modifying, and optimizing reports in Excel Access.
  • Experience in the development of financial applications using Excel and Access.
  • Experience in redesigning, maintaining and supporting existing applications and tools especially in Microsoft Excel Access 2007 / 2010.
  • Experience in Advanced Excel and its features like Pivot Tables, Charts, Functions, etc.
  • Experience in migration of databases to MS Access utilizing tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules.
  • Experience in SQL statements, stored procedures using SQL server 2005/2008.
  • Experience in extracting, transforming and exporting data between different RDBMS and from flat file to Excel and vise-versa.
  • Used MS Excel/Access VBA SQL to send system generated e-mails, manage and report embedded Excel documents.
  • Created Dashboard in MS Excel.
  • Good experience in the implementation of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC from requirements gathering through implementation.
  • Prepared program level and user level documentation.
  • Experience working according to internal standards and external audit standards.
  • Excellent team co-ordination, organizational and interpersonal skills with result oriented approach.

Professional Skills:

Operating systems : Windows7, Windows XP/2000, Dos

Languages : T-SQL, PL/SQL, VB 6.0, Fox pro

VBA : MS Excel MS Access 2007/2010

Databases : MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro

Reporting Tools : MS Access Reports, Crystal Reports, SSRS


MS Excel/VBA Developer


  • Developed Excel VBA application that communicates with DB using ADO Objects and SQL.
  • Developed macros to verify and compare data.
  • Developed macros for accounting and financial purpose.
  • Built macros for updating customer orders in MS Excel Application.
  • Implemented several built-in excel functions and formulas.
  • Implemented pivot tables and charts in Excel for summarizing data.
  • Imported data into excel from flat files.
  • Developed and maintained Access Application for data retrieval. Previous method was taking Excel workbooks, translating to MS Access database, then exporting to SQL database.
  • Developed a simple and easy mechanism of database application for users to enter data without having to enter data into numerous delivered screens using Microsoft Excel/Access/VBA.
  • Define reporting requirements and gather data, using Access and create management reports, also export data from MS access to MS Excel to create Pivot table for management do more analysis.
  • Created Access database from scratch.
  • Created physical tables and link tables.
  • Assist in Migrating prior versions of MS Office applications to 2010
  • Prepared program-level and user-level documentation.

Environment: Windows 7, Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Excel, VBA, SQL Server, SharePoint


Excel /VBA Database Consultant


  • Developed Excel based application to move / format data between sheets based on selection criteria using the Excel Object Model, VBA, Events Combo boxes.
  • Enhanced an existing Excel applications consisting of several VBA programs and macros.
  • Developed VBA programs to automatically update Excel workbooks, encompassing class and program modules and external data queries and linked the based module to enable automatic updates for excel workbooks.
  • Created advanced formulas, user defined functions and formulaic arrays for data analysis.
  • Converted Excel formulas into VBA code including VLOOKUP HLOOKUP .
  • Developed macros for data automation.
  • Designed Dashboard in excel.
  • Developed macros to export data from SQL Server to Access.
  • Created Tables, Link tables, Queries, Forms and Reports in Access from scratch.
  • Developed database queries to fetch data from Oracle databases.
  • Analyze chunk data and massage before importing to the Access database.
  • Created reports using crystal reports.
  • Connected databases through ODBC for Micro strategy reports.
  • Used Excel VBA/Macros, MS Access and SQL queries to make reports in different styles and then distributed them as PowerPoint slides to various level of management.
  • Performed testing, maintenance, debugging and documentation for every process.

Environment: Windows 7, MS Excel, VBA, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, SQL Server, Oracle, Test Cases, Oracle.


MS Excel / Access VBA Analyst


  • Assisted in the development of internal applications for marketing and customer relations departments.
  • Developed macros for financial reports.
  • Created macros for calculation of equity interest.8
  • Assisted with the automation of finance department's manual processes by writing VBA code and using macros and formulas to speed processes and maximize accuracy.
  • Developed macro for ETL and reporting purpose.
  • Created Dashboards for the financial reports in MS Excel.
  • Created tables, Queries, Forms and Reports in Access assigned relationship between the tables.
  • Used several types of data sources for connecting to different databases and files.
  • Created a macro to send email alerts with attachments through Outlook.
  • Advanced use of Pivot Tables on spreadsheet.
  • Used SSRS to create reports.
  • Assist in migration of MS Access Databases 2007 to SQL Server 2008 by using Import wizard and SSIS Packages in SQL Server.
  • Making up backup strategies while doing migration.
  • To bring the databases online after migration.
  • Collected data and design a relational database with queries and reports to meet customer requirements.
  • Trouble-shoot relational databases to isolate problems and fix.

Environment: MS Excel, VBA, MS Access, VB6.0, Windows, SQL Server, SharePoint.


MS Excel VBA Developer


  • Designed an Application for in-house Accounting Systems in MS Excel Application.
  • Enhanced existing VBA application by performing VBA coding, modifying understanding existing VBA scripts.
  • Data extractions and Reports generation modules are written for management use.
  • Development of Macros and Formulas in Excel 2007.
  • Data Validation in MS Excel 2007, created forms for data entry while using data validation.
  • Created Pivot Tables Charts for Reports.
  • Develop Excel VBA macros and database calls.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain existing MS Access database for Company's Data Inventory System Department.
  • Extended the capabilities of an existing database used to track customer records in pure refined way after applying different queries.
  • SQL statement and stored procedures using SQL server 2005.
  • Import and Export databases between Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Flat files and SQL.
  • Created documentation for future time and training to new onboard users.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, MS Access, MS Excel, VBA, Windows, SQL Server, SharePoint.

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