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Senior Cognos Developer Resume Profile

Atlanta, GA


  • Cognos Certified Professional with 8 Years of total IT experience in the design, modeling, development and testing of database and Data Warehouse applications.
  • Over 7 years of working experience with Cognos 10.1/8.x BI Suite Framework Manager, Cognos connection, Report Studio, Metric Studio, Analysis Studio and Query Studio
  • Expertise in gathering business requirements and creating models reports to meet the requirements.
  • Handling complete range of BI capabilities: reporting, analysis, dashboards and business event management
  • Hands on Experience with Framework Manager Modeling Physical Layer, Business Layer, Packages and Complex Report building with Report Studio
  • Expertise in developing and testing Complex reports List, Cross tab, Charts, Maps, Drill-through, Master-Detail, and Cascading and Dashboards using Report studio
  • Experience and expertise in understanding existing business processes, data analysis requirements, business systems analysis and design, converting requirements specifications into functional specifications
  • Extensive experience in Multiple Relational Databases including SQL Server, Oracle DB2
  • Experience with writing SQL queries, Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Cursors and Triggers
  • Provide best practices for day to day operations, performance analysis, tuning and capacity planning
  • Have clear understanding of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing concepts with emphasis on ETL and Life Cycle Development
  • Involved in training end users and providing technical support and documentation
  • Ability to adapt and learn new technologies and to get proficient very quickly with them


BI Tools: Cognos 10/8 BI Series, Cognos Metrics Manager, MicroStrategy

ETL Tools: Informatica PowerCenter, Cognos Decision Stream, OWB, Ab-Initio

Programming: VB, Java, C, Pro C, SQL/SQR, PLSQL, C

Internet Technologies: HTML 4.0, VB.NET, JavaScript, ASP

Java Technologies: EJB, RMI, CORBA, JSP

Front End: Developer 2000, Visual Interdev, and Visual Basic

Databases: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g , Sybase, DB2, SQL Server

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/00/NT 4.0, UNIX Solaris, HP



Senior Cognos Developer

  • Gathered report requirements from Business Users and converted them in to technical documents
  • Installation and configuration of the Cognos 10.2 in Development environment.
  • Experience in building models using Framework Manager creating simple to complex reports in Report Studio.
  • Created database layer and business layer, defining appropriate relationship between query subjects in Framework Manager.
  • Designed Implemented List, cross tab, chart, drill through, master-detail and complex reports with Multiple Pages/Prompts in Report Studio.
  • Created multi-page reports based on multiple master queries to show the data on different pages when the master record changes in a report using Report Studio.
  • Performance tuning of the reports implemented by creating summarized tables, views and appropriate indices.
  • Developed Dash board reports to display all the information related to environment using Summary reports.
  • Created Master Detail reports, drill through and custom prompting reports, and Scheduled reports for efficient resource utilization.
  • Created optional filters/prompts in report studio using Java Script and HTML.
  • Implemented Cognos SDK code for extracting the report schedules defined by power users.
  • Upgraded FM models, reports from Cognos Version 8.4 to 10.
  • Created reports using Cube/DMR Packages as Source MDX Queries in Report Studio.
  • Expert knowledge writing MDX query based reports in Report Studio.
  • Deploying models and reports from Development to Production and administering users/groups/roles.
  • Involved in creating the User Training manual to help the Business Users understand the reporting architecture.
  • Created documentation for the complete project life cycle and mentored the End Users and Provided the Technical Support.

Environment: Cognos 10.2.1 Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio , Cognos SDK, JSP, HTML, Java, Shell Script, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, Windows 2008.


Senior Cognos Developer

Implemented Data Analytics using Cognos BI Suite v10 to support Sales and Marketting Dept.

  • Developed Framework Model against different datasources with filters and calculations included for effective reporting and published packages on to portal
  • Converted Crystal reports to Cognos Reports.
  • Created Complex reports like the Multipage reports, conditionally formatted reports including graphs and Images, drill through reports.
  • Developed Dash Board reports in Report Studio using MDX Functions.
  • Created, refreshed and supported Cognos Transformer models and cubes to support timely Transaction Operations.
  • Developed dynamic reports to sort on column headers by implementing Java scripts as HTML items.
  • Created Conditional Block reports to dynamically hide or show reports objects and provide the end user the option to view the data in different formats.
  • Developed complex reports, multi-query reports and sub selects queries to meet the client requirements.
  • Worked on Cognos 10 Business Insight and Active Reports for two demo projects to demonstrate the End-User the new features available in Cognos 10.
  • Using the Cognos Scheduler Schedule Management tool , scheduled the long-running reports to provide static views to the business.
  • Created, refreshed and supported Cognos Transformer models and cubes to support multi-dimensionality of the reports.
  • Developed a High level dashboard, designed and created Report templates, bar graphs and Gauge charts based on the financial data using Cognos.
  • Experienced in writing complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Cursors, Joins, Constraints, DDL, DML and User Defined Functions to implement the business logic and also created Clustered and non clustered indexes.

Environment: Cognos 10.2.1 Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio , Cognos SDK, JSP, HTML, Java, Shell Script, Oracle 10g, zLinux.


Senior Cognos Developer

Supported Cognos 8/10 environments for multiple internal projects like HR and Sales Comission Reporting. This included day to day support as well as an upgrade.

  • Discussed with clients about their present reporting system and understand their current reporting issues to meet their needs.
  • Built POC reports to showcase how to achieve client needs using real time scenarios.
  • Demonstrate the flexibility of Cognos using Cognos Report Studio, Analysis Studio and how Cognos could help them to meet their reporting needs.
  • Performed the distributed installation and configuration of Cognos 10 on new servers in Production, Testing and Development environments.
  • Fact and Dimension tables were used in the Cognos FM model for Package building.
  • Built new packages using Cognos Framework Manager and converted the existing reports from Excel to Cognos reports using Cognos Report Studio.
  • Used ROLAP and OLAP models as source to create reports using Report Studio.
  • Built complex reports using SQL scripts.
  • Created complex calculations, various prompts, conditional formatting and conditional blocking etc., accordingly.
  • Deployed the Cognos Content from Development environment to UAT/Production environments
  • Closely worked with Cognos Support team for troubleshooting complex issues.
  • Responsible for creating the Cubes and Reports and scheduling them accordingly.
  • Extensively used PowerPlay Transformer to move relative data mart data into PowerCubes.
  • Maintained users, groups, and roles and assign them respective privileges as per business needs.

Environment: Cognos 8.4/10.1.1 Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Metric Studio, Query Studio , Cognos PowerPlay Transformer v8.4, People Soft ELM v 9.1 , SQR, PL/SQL, Web Sphere application server, Java, Shell Script, Oracle 10g, MS Excel 2007, MS Access 2007, Win 2K, HP-UNIX


Senior Cognos Developer

Supported Cognos 8/10 environments for multiple internal projects like Loan Track, Risk Reporting within Citi Group. This included day to day support as well as an upgrade.

  • Designed Functional Requirement Specifications for report development, modified relationships between different database tables and building models using Framework Manager.
  • Installation, Configuration of Cognos Application on Development and UAT Environments.
  • Customized Cognos Connection with appropriate reports and security measures.
  • Involved in Designing DMR models with Relational Data using Framework Manager and deployed packages to the Report Servers.
  • Implemented Framework manager security for Data access, Object level access and Package access based on the Organization Level.
  • Implemented Star Schema Grouping and Dimension Hierarchy in Framework Manager Model.
  • Created multi-page reports based on multiple master queries to show the data on different pages when the master record changes in a report using Report Studio.
  • Conceptualize and formalize several list, crosstab, master-detail, drill-down and bursting reports to be developed, using Report Studio, and made available to the users.
  • Bursted the reports in Cognos Connection based on the RDT number.
  • Developed a renaming utility using SDK to rename the bursted reports for better distribution of the reports to various user groups.
  • Define the security structure for the complete user community, by adding roles and groups to the Cognos Connection directory and mapping all the users to one or more of these roles/groups.
  • Migrated reports from MicroStrategy to Cognos 8 environment.
  • Developing multi-dimensional analysis and business metrics reports using Cognos PowerPlay and Power Cubes using Cognos Transformation Server.

Environment: Cognos 8.4 BI Series Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio , Framework Manager v8.4, Python, Informatica Power Center v7.1, Toad v7.6, Java, JSP, Oracle 9i, DB2, MS Access,UNIX AIX


Cognos Developer

The portal provides the Business Analytics group with a wide variety of pre-designed reports and also the capability to generate ad-hoc reports using any one of the various packages available for different user communities.

  • Developed 45 Report Studio reports.
  • Gathered business requirements by conducting user interviews and documented their query, business analysis and reporting needs.
  • In Framework Manger Database layer resembles mostly Star Schema sometimes worked with views and stored procedures and business view includes user understandable tables and columns.
  • While creating Framework Manager Model, worked on different possibilities like segmentation, links and shortcuts etc., to get the best model for the business.
  • Created stored procedures and views and imported into Framework Manager to create some complex reports.
  • Extensively used conditional block sections for creating multiple queries in a single Cognos ReportNet Reports for reuse and layout.
  • Responsible for creating the Cubes and Reports and Scheduling them accordingly.
  • Integrated Cognos PowerPlay Cubes and Reports with Cognos Connection.
  • Responsible for publishing PowerPlay Cubes to upfront using PPES to provide end users with a single, Web-based point of personalized access to reports.

Environment: Cognos 8.1 Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Metric Studio, Query Studio , Informatica Power Center v6.1, Tomcat 5.1 application Server, Java, DB2, PeopleSoft HR/Financials, UNIX AIX


Software Engineer/Cognos Developer

  • Designed the reports and catalogs using impromptu as per the requirements.
  • Extensively used PowerPlay Transformer to convert the data into power cubes.
  • Modified Power Cubes by adding new Dimensions, Levels and Measures. Designed Cognos Transformer cube models using reports modeled according to user needs.
  • Installed Cognos ReportNet and Framework in an interim environment as a proof of concept.
  • Involved in migration of catalogs from Impromptu to ReportNet using Migration Utility.
  • Created customized BI reports linking various databases, to meet the user requirements.
  • Designed models using Framework Manager and deployed packages to the ReportNet Servers.
  • Created standard and Ad hoc reports using Cognos Query Studio.
  • Developed technical document.
  • Developed Templates, standard Reports, Master Detail Reports.
  • Created Complex mappings using Connected/Unconnected Lookup, Aggregator and Router transformations for populating target table in efficient manner.
  • Created events and tasks in the work flows using workflow manager.
  • Provided production support by monitoring the processes running daily.
  • Created Schema objects like Indexes, Views, and Sequences.

Environment: Cognos ReportNet 1.1, Impromptu 7.0, Power Play Transformer7.0,Power Play Web 7.0, Upfront 7.0, Access Manager, Power Play Enterprise Server, Oracle 9i SQL,PL/SQL , Windows NT,UNIX, Informatica Power Center 6.1, Oracle, DB2

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