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Sr. Sql Server Dba/data Architect Resume Profile

Schenectady, NY


  • Oracle/SQL Server DBA professional with 14 years of extensive experience in managing production Oracle/SQL Server databases.
  • Data architect with Business Intelligence BI implementation skills: requirements/process analysis, conceptual and detailed design, relational conceptual, logical and physical modeling and dimensional modeling star/snowflake schema , implementation of cube data warehouse , testing, training, and support. ETL Design, Scheduling, Deployment and data loading using SSIS and Pentaho Integration Service.
  • Extensive knowledge in Health Information System including PACS Installation and configuration, Meaningful use assessment, HL7 messaging and parsing, gap assessment on Meaningful use for physician practices.
  • Hands-on DBA experience with production Real Application Clusters RAC including installation, configuration, tuning and maintenance in both Linux and Sun Solaris environments and with installation, configuration and management of Oracle Data Guard Architecture together with Automatic Storage Management ASM and Flashback technologies.
  • Thorough knowledge of Oracle architecture with proven experience in database administration for Oracle databases Oracle 8, 8i, 9i,10g,11g in both OLTP and DSS environments including configuration, patching and upgrades, migration release, database monitoring and security management.
  • Thorough knowledge of MS SQL Server architecture with proven experience in database administration for MS SQL Server databases in OLTP, OLAP and SSIS environments including configuration, patching and upgrades, migration release, backup, recovery, database monitoring and security management.
  • In-depth knowledge of Oracle Recovery Manager RMAN for backup and recovery solutions for Oracle databases with storage technology and Media Management Layers.
  • Proficient in writing SQL queries and developing SQL stored procedures.
  • Excellent performance tuning skills at SQL Server and Oracle database and at Windows 2008 and Linux/Unix OS level, also strong skills in SQL tuning and debugging, hand-on experience with database design and data modeling.
  • Technical lead for many IT projects with role in database architect and process development.
  • Possesses effective interpersonal communication and organizational skills.


Business Intelligence BI implementation skills:

requirements/process analysis, conceptual and detailed design/modeling, implementation of cube data warehouse , testing, training, and support. Oracle Database Server 11g,10g, 9i, 8i, 8.x, 7.x . Other RDBMS with general side support: MS SQL Server 2000,2005 and 2008. Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL 3.x, 4.x, 5.x , SUN Solaris 2.x, 8, 9,10 , Windows 2003 and 2008. RAC/Red-Hat Linux, RAC/SUN Solaris, Veritas/SUN Solaris, Data Guard, RAID, Channel bonding, HBAs with EMC PowerPath, IBM Multipath SDD , Veritas DMP .

Backup and Storage Technology:

device, UFS, VxFS, Veritas NetBackup, RAID, EMC Legato NetWorker, EMC CLARiiON, Tape Library.


Shell Scripting, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C , C, PERL, C in ASP.NET.

Performance and Monitoring Tools:

OEM Grid Control, Quest Performance Analysis.

Data Warehousing:

ER and multidimensional modeling, implementation of cube data warehouse and ETL tools.


TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, Gigabit Ethernet, Switches, Hub, Wireless network, SSH, installing Certification authority CA SSL Certificates.

Healthcare Information System:

PACS, DICOM, RIS, EMR/EHR, Mirth interface server, HL7 v2, CCD, Meaningful use and HIPPA.

Veterinary Medicine:

Worked as the Doctor of Veterinary in clinical and research. Strongly analytic capability. Presented research

at national scientific meetings and published scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.



Sr. SQL Server DBA/Data Architect

  • Worked as DBA on the SQL Server installation, upgrade, administration, and maintenance. Pentaho integration service repository creation and maintenance and database administration. Supported the billing and invoice projects by designing and creating the logical and physical database structure such as data model, database, tables, indexes, stored procedures, triggers, etc.
  • Perform day to day Database Maintenance tasks - Database and replication Monitoring, Backups, Space Management, Resource Utilization, responsible for performing object migration between all production database Servers.
  • Manage hierarchical security access control, permissions, etc for databases and ensure data integrity. Ability to prepare for and participate in security audits and disaster recovery measures.
  • Troubleshoot database performance issues and tune database objects. Set up traces and Profiler to troubleshoot performance issues. Analyze deadlocks diagnose issues on the server. Troubleshoot Infrastructure issues related to SQL database server such as memory, CPU, I/O, Disk, etc. Monitor log files to proactively resolve issues.
  • Proven experience in maintenance of SQL Server in the production environment experience in troubleshooting and resolving database problems. Provide 7x24 support.

Data Architect


  • Data model design and implementation. Utilized Toad Data Modeler to design and create relational Conceptual, logical and physical model and dimensional model star/snowflake schema and to create the Business Intelligence reference architecture and implement the enterprise data warehouse. Created standards and design patterns on data movement, data access, data integration, and other areas in the data warehouse.
  • Designed and implemented data warehouses using custom coding such as stored procedures as well as with ETL tool like Pentaho Integration Service. Enable the reference architecture and design solutions for several specific data warehouse issues: enterprise key assignment process, data migration and integration, complete ETL audit, multi-source, data acquisition, data archival strategy, and data analysis for business specific applications.
  • Mapping data from source system to the dimensional mode. ETL Design, Scheduling, Deployment and data loading with SQL/Stored Procedure Development. Serving as the Database developer and Pentaho ETL Developer to load the data from different sources including AS400 legacy system, Ingres, MySQL and MS SQL onto SQL Server data warehouse.
  • Re-engineer some of the current ETL processes to streamline the data acquisition and integration process using ETL Pentaho Integration Service, SQL Server Stored Procedures and Unix shell script.
  • Work with business partners to define analysis requirements. Guide them through the BI delivery process and layout the business and application architecture road map. Produce some 'quick win' prototypes in Pentaho Integration Service.


Sr. SQL Server DBA/Solution Architect

  • Responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining Oracle 11g R2, SQL server 2008R2 and MySQL 5.5 databases on Windows 2008 Server.
  • Creating and maintaining Oracle 11g R2 databases on Solaris10 at client site for data migration.
  • Creating database objects like Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Security policies and functions. Backing up and restoring database.
  • Migrating data among Oracle, SQL Server and MYSQL databases using SQL Server tools such as ODBC, SSIS, linked Server, export/import and Oracle tool such as SQL Load, data pump, etc.
  • Backup and restore database for disaster and cloning purposes.
  • Created and configured an OLTP replication database for disaster recovery purpose.
  • Worked with developers to tune the SQL queries using SQL Profiler.
  • Provided 7 x 24 Production support for the database and application issues.
  • Tuning the SQL queries using SQL Profiler, Performance advisor, explain plan and hints.
  • System Administrator for Microsoft Windows 2008 Server and Active directory. Creating, maintaining and supporting Active Directory. Managing Active Directory Group Policy and implement Users' and system security Policies on Windows Server. Managing group and user IDs.
  • Supporting and maintaining server firewall, Remote Desktop Gateway server/clients Creating and installing self-signed digital certificate, which is able to replaces VPN connection.
  • Setting up and maintaining Server Data Backup policies for Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Maintain IIS server Deploy and maintain web sites Install Certification authority CA SSL Certificates to protect transactions and customer data.

Business Intelligence Solution

  • Creating relational Conceptual, logical and physical model and dimensional model star/snowflake schema using Embarcadero's ER Studio, Microsoft VISIO and SQL Server Diagram.
  • Serving as a Database developer and ETL Developer for a database migration implementation from Informix in AIX to Oracle in UNIX at a public sector client. Mapping data from source system to new data model on the database migration. Understanding and hands on experience with ETL tools such as MS SSIS and Cubeware Importer. ETL Design, Scheduling, Deployment and data loading with SQL/Stored Procedure Development.
  • Integrate data from disparate data sources into the single star schema or snowflake schema and identify points to use, design, and populate aggregate tables.
  • Creating cube on SSAS using Cubeware Importer or MS SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio .
  • Creating reports for business reporting using Cubeware Cockpit V6PRO. Having knowledge to use MS SQL Server SSAS and Arcplan7 to create reports.
  • Designing and coding web software for IPAD APP Admin tools using C .net.


Sr. Technical Analyst

  • Consultant to Healthelink on Beacon project. Assisting physician practices to achieve the Meaningful Use while leveraging implementing transformation of clinical processes to Electronic Medical Record EMR . Support physician practices to improve the patient care processes, quality and financial goal through the development and refinement of clinical designs, including process flows, order sets, decision support, analytic reporting, documentation templates and online forms.
  • Install and maintain MS SQL Server 2008 database to store the data collected from provider practice office on Meaningful Use assessment, gap-analysis and implementation status. Develop web interface using MS Visual studio 2010 ASP.NET to manage and view the results of Meaningful Use assessment, gap-analysis and implementation.
  • Install and maintain Mirth interface server and Oracle 11g database to parse and map HL7 v2 messaging and store the clinical information. Develop web interface using MS Visual studio 2010 ASP.NET to troubleshoot the clinical information and create patient registries for population health management.


Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Provided 24x7 on-call support 60 1-13TB of Oracle databases on Sun Solaris platform in mission-critical production data center at SiriusXM.
  • Installed and configured Oracle RAC 11gR1 and R2 on Sun Solaris OS and Linux.
  • Worked on tables partitioning based on business requirements.
  • Managed production cluster environment using VERITAS cluster.
  • Managed OLTP database environment 1-13 TB .
  • Provided Installation and patching of the databases. Upgraded the Oracle databases from 9.x to 10g and 11g on UNIX Sun Solaris/Linux.
  • Supported for the databases in the DEV, QA, reporting Production environment on Oracle 9i,10g. Work closely with development team: Provide advises on design, help with SQL, PL/SQL and packages.
  • Creating maintaining standby Database using Data Guard.
  • Developed performance monitoring reporting scripts on Production, QA DEV environments.
  • PL/SQL SQL tuning by Explain Plan, SQLTRACE TKPROF on the databases.
  • Wrote Performance monitoring jobs and jobs for setting and checking RMAN backup using shell scripting.
  • Assisting with the support and lifecycle activity with Oracle databases.
  • Provided the full System security audit by writing customized scripts that is implemented on all the environments in the company.
  • Worked on performance and tuning SQL queries wherever it is required.
  • Troubleshoot Oracle Applications and Database performance issues using Statspack or AWR.
  • Working with the Data Warehousing Team for gathering requirements, Design Phase, Testing and tuning phases.
  • Detailed documentation for every process Software Configuration Management.
  • Proactive Database Management: Elaborate health check scripts, check failed jobs, tune top queries, identification of problem trends and root causes implement permanent fix to prevent recurrence.
  • Cloned the production databases for development and QA team weekly with either RMAN copy or shadow copy.


Sr. System Engineer/Oracle DBA, System Engagement Team

  • Configure and partition SAN Disks with Veritas Storage Foundation.
  • Install Linux Redhat Enterprise 3 and 4 servers.
  • Install and configure PACS software. Integrate PACS with RIS/HIS. Provide Network design and consulting. DICOM services, QA, end-user training, and work on system deployment and upgrades.
  • Install, patch and configure Oracle 9i and 10g database server with medical PACS/RIS application systems Install and maintain Veritas cluster
  • Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures
  • Take care of the Database design and implementation Implement and maintain database security create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges Performance tuning on databases and application Setup and maintain documentation and standards Plan growth and changes capacity planning Work as part of a team and provide 7x24 support when required Do general technical troubleshooting and give consultation to development and QA teams Interface with Oracle Corporation for technical support.
  • Supporting customers, partners, and vendors to integrate components and functionality developed by our business unit into their environments and applications.


Service Engineer/Oracle DBA

  • Responsible for Providing level 3 support to complicated PACS system, archive system, RIS system and their Oracle databases from large to small hospitals including Sun 4800, 480, 280, 240 and Windows 2003 server, Veritas cluster servers, Oracle database performance tuning, Database backup and recovery using RMAN, long term storage archive, NetBackup, PACS web server, system installation and configuration, RAID configuration such as physical and logical disks , manage systems security and performance.
  • Installed and maintained Mirth interface server to parse HL7 v2 messaging clinical information between HIS and RIS.
  • Install and configured Oracle RAC 10g on Sun Solaris Backup Recovery, Capacity planning of the Oracle databases.
  • Work as part of a team and provide 24x7 support when required Troubleshoot Oracle Applications and Database performance issues.
  • Installed, configured and upgraded Unix Solaris/Veritas cluster server with medical PACS system, and Wintel Windows 2003 clustering RIS server. Installed EMC, IBM and Promise iSCSI RAID storage, HBA, disk allocation and LUN masking, FC switches zoning, Foundry Network load balancer, Cisco PIX and VMWare virtual servers.
  • Performed system data backup and restore dealing with storage online, nearline and offline with DICOM modalities.
  • Configured LDAP with Active Directory. Integrated Distributed Architecture of PACS/RIS systems.
  • Qualified and validated hardware platforms and system integration procedures crucial to the sales, project deployment and post-sales service for the 150M Healthcare Information Systems business. Delivered HIPPA compliant configuration specifications, qualification documents, performance metrics, and service procedures.
  • Provided PACS Business continuity solutions including UNIX Solaris/Windows platform clustering, EMC/IBM RAID storage technologies, SAN/NAS, Wintel, Firewall, and Load Balancer in medical networking environment.

Information Security Analyst


  • Role as System Administrator in UNIX and Windows environment provided company-wide Global Telecommunications LAN/WAN support. As part of the World-Wide IS security team, ensured reliability and security of IT infrastructure for site with Kodak Company.
  • Recognize security risks and make appropriate recommendations for addressing them.
  • Analyze and recommend secure technical solutions for network connections to individuals, contractors, vendors and business partners.
  • Work with other enterprise business units to implement secure solutions and architectures.
  • Assess and mitigate security risks throughout the enterprise to ensure business objectives being met successfully.

Oracle DBA


  • Database architecture design for web-based, OLTP which requires high performance, for data warehouse, and for operational data store databases.
  • Create, upgrade, and clone Oracle databases versions 7, 8, 8i, 9i Creating relational Logical/Physical Data Modeling and dimensional data modeling for databases and data warehouses Setup and implement Backup and Recovery procedures using RMAN.
  • Installation, upgrade, patching Oracle RDBMS software Physical and Logical Tuning of database structures.
  • Experience with Data Modeling and/or Application Development Supporting multiple projects/tasks simultaneously.
  • Front-line DBA supporting for 24x7 systems, first stabilizing critical and/or deteriorating situations then working toward permanent self-sufficiency, stability, and maintaining defined/expected service levels.
  • Diagnose and resolve difficult database and application scalability and performance problems.


Oracle and SQL Server Database

  • Install and configure servers in a UNIX environment Sun-Solaris 7, 8, 9, HP-UX, IBM-AIX and Microsoft Windows platform 2000/2003 servers .
  • Manage and support servers in a UNIX environment to ensure system backups, performance and uptime are optimal.
  • Support and administer server based enterprise databases and patch management.
  • Manage and maintain system security and OS versions.
  • Administer, maintain, develop and implement policies and procedures for ensuring system security and integrity.

Web Developer


  • Analysis, design, coding and testing of dynamic and static web sites by using of multiple web technologies including ColdFusion, JSP, ASP, CGI and HTML, Javascript, cookies, JAVA, XML, CSS and Extensible Stylesheet Language XSL stylesheet.
  • Programming for Automatic Maintenances of the Oracle Databases.
  • Write the scripts in Perl, CGI, SQL, PL/SQL and UNIX Sell to develop web-based monitor of databases, to back up databases, to refresh snapshots and materialized views, to rebuild indexes, to clean files.

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