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Programmer Resume Profile



Seeking a position within a growing organization that offers the opportunity to capitalize upon my technical expertise and proven skills in successfully leading project teams and developing custom software solutions to address business needs.


Over 25 years of experience in IBM midrange systems specializing in Manufacturing and a solid background that includes project management, analysis, design, custom development, and full-lifecycle implementations. A variety of project experiences have resulted in a diversified background and successful history in a variety of roles including technical consultant, manager, and advisor. Key expertise in following areas:

Key Skills



Detail Design 12 years

Java 6 months

IBM System 38 10 years

Project Management 12 years

HTML 6 months

IBM AS/400 17 years

System Design 20 years

RPG ILE 7 years

CGI Programming 3 years

RPG400 12 years


RPG III 20 years

BPCS 7 years

CL 27 years

Omegas Group 3 years

Operating Systems

MS Project 6 months

OS400 27 years

IBM supplied SDA 27 years




  • Financial applications involving extensive use of CGI programming, SQL, combined with RPG, stand alone SQL
  • in stored procedures, and in the last couple of years using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.


T3 Product manager

  • Duties include maintaining and updating Choice Technologies T3 systems. This package is a heavily modified
  • Version of SUPPORTNET software. Have performed numerous modifications and enhancements to this system,
  • As well as performing user support activities to all of Choice Technologies T3 customers. Package is comprised of
  • accounting and order entry/billing as well as warehousing.


Senior Consultant


  • Designed and created application programs required to copy information from one customer to another for manufacturer of automotive components. RPGILE, SDA, CL
  • Package support for custom application including modification and creation of programs to support this company's AS/400 package LSAMS for mortgage finance company. RPG ILE and CL
  • Project Leader on numerous projects including part number change system, KOGO inventory management and reporting system, warehouse management system, routing controlled warehouse for manufacturer of pneumatic components. Successfully led additional project for Y2K remediation effort. Project Management, RPG400, CL, SDA
  • Project Leader on custom package modification, as well as new program and system development for trucking company software manufacturer. RPG400, CL, SDA
  • As Project Leader at a steel manufacturer for native mode conversion and file definition project, performed analyses of applications running in System/36 mode on the AS/400 to estimate the effort and time involved to convert the data files to Native AS/400. Then, documented approximately 900 files used by the system and wrote a utility to obtain layouts from the I specifications within the programs. RPG400, CL, and RPG II
  • As project Leader at a furniture manufacturer , analyzed, designed, programmed, tested and implemented a PC interface into BPCS, along with miscellaneous enhancements and modifications. RPG400, CL, RPG II


Sr. Consultant


  • As Project Leader at a chocolate manufacturer, responsible for modifying BPCS software on a System 38 with a focus on Order Entry, Billing, and Accounting functions. Other major projects included designing and developing the Salesmen's Commissions, Tax Breakout by a variable number of shipto's, Rebates, Excise Tax, Prize Chocolate, Gift System, Inventory, Gift Wrapping Systems, and Advance Order System. Heavily involved with PC support when developing the Gift Wrapping System and the Advance Order System. RPG III, CL, SDA
  • Participated in design and development of a serial number tracking systems that interfaced with BPCS at a precision instrument manufacturer. RPG400, CL, SDA
  • Worked with software manufacturer to design and develop a system providing company security in their manufacturing package. RPG III, CL


Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Rewrote the Order Entry module of BPCS which included extensive modifications to the Inventory and Billing Modules for a garage door manufacturer. RPG III, CL, SDA
  • Rewrote the BPCS Picking Process to accommodate the requirements of this custom truck manufacturer and made extensive modifications to the MRP and MPS modules of BPCS. RPG III, CL, SDA
  • Made major modifications to all BPCS modules, including the design and writing of a custom forecasting system for a cosmetics manufacturer. RPG III, CL, SDA
  • Heavily involved in the design and implementation of major modifications to the OMEGAS software Route Accounting module for a dairy projects distributor which included the complete redesign and rewriting of Pricing and Route Accounting's Order Entry. Also performed ongoing maintenance to the OMEGAS Route Accounting software and participated in the design of various new systems including a user-defined sales report system. RPG III, CL, SDA
  • Made extensive modifications to the OMEGAS software Route Accounting module for a snack foods manufacturer. RPG III, CL, SDA

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