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Senior Sybase Analyst Resume

Albany, NY


  • 16+ years of experience in Software Consulting, with experience ranging from a Programmer to a Solutions Architect, in addition to being a Technical/Team Lead.
  • Vast knowledge and extensive experience in Sybase & SQL Server databases, procedures, triggers, performance tuning and replication. Good understanding of scripting languages kix and Perl as it would relate to DB activities. Extensive experience in PowerBuilder starting from the first release to current release. Experience in Development using Visual C++.
  • In depth understanding of all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Very strong requirement gathering, analysis, design and development skills.
  • Proven background improving process quality and providing system automation recommendations and strategies to manage solutions and data efficiently.
  • Excel at developing and supporting analytical solutions, data transformations, and reports.
  • Maintain positive communications and excellent working relationships at all business levels.
  • Adept in multi tasking, a team player, go getter and very resourceful under very high stress and fast paced environments.


I am an expert in Sybase and can perform at any level (Developer to a Database Architect level). I am also well accomplished in Object Oriented Design and Programming (PowerBuilder).

  • Highly skilled in analyzing complex database schemas and design/architecture of database tables/queries/views/procedures/triggers. Significant experience in converting functional requirements into data models, designing normalized databases (tables, views, SPs, indexes) weighing the resources versus performance needs.
  • Expert in Sybase optimization/performance tuning. Some of these optimizations have also included in taking a different approach based on the resources available to the database engine(s) splitting of queries, using worker processes, using temp tables instead of cursors, optimizer hints, prefetch of data, using larger i/o caches, loading static, yet, frequently used tables in cache, etc.
  • In depth knowledge of Sybase query plans and can use query plans to analyze and interpret and accordingly optimize queries. Can also use advanced dbcc trace flags and interpret the output. Can review other s code and recommend efficient and feasible solutions.
  • Skilled in performing sysmons and also skilled in MDA tables to determine various parameters to be tweaked for fine tuning.
  • Can recommend database structures/schemas for optimal performance based on application needs. Can also recommend routine maintenance to keep the database primed for efficiency.
  • Extensive experience in writing stored procedures using Transact SQL, views and triggers. Vast experience in working with complex queries/procedures within multiple transaction blocks. Significant experience working with SQL, creating pivot tables, usage of Joins and using group by having queries. Very solid experience using dynamic SQL creation within stored procedures.
  • Brain bench certified as a Master Sybase 12.5 DBA. Though I have never worked officially as a DBA, my role in various projects involved in extensive interaction with the DBA teams and am very familiar with many administrative activities and have personally provided administrative solutions to issues that have risen in the projects.
  • I have conducted technology training sessions on Sybase and best practices in Sybase to peer technology groups as well as junior developers.
  • I have tremendous experience in tier 1 technical support involving Sybase and have successfully resolved all Production issues in record time.
  • Heavy development all throughout my career in PowerBuilder and Visual C++.


  • Excellent functional knowledge of Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. In depth knowledge of ViewBuilder architecture a Deloitte Consulting proprietary architecture for rapid development of applications and the FBA Navigator architecture a Unisys architecture with a set of tools for developing rapid full fledged retail delivery system applications. Extensive experience in automating financial retail delivery systems (branch automations).
  • Provided consulting services to various clients globally including Bank of New York, Sybase, Mass Mutual, Deloitte Consulting, BellSouth, New York State Departments, and various banks across the world.
  • Extensive experience in client server, layered multi tier, 3 tier architectures.
  • Extensive product installation experience in 300+ sites ( and counting)


Confidential Albany, NY, Senior Sybase Analyst, Sybase 12.5, Powerbuilder 9.0

  • Requirements gathering, analysis, design and development of the performance metric reports for each unit within Workers Compensation Board.
  • Data modeling and table/view design using ErWin and core business logic development using Sybase. Created logical data models and then converted them into physical tables/views.
  • ETL Designing and developing extracts, designing and developing staging/transformation logic of the extracts and developing optimized and performance tuned stored procedures to load into the reporting tables. This also involved in designing new tables/views, stored procedures and triggers.
  • Designed and developed core modules of the front end using PowerBuilder to create new reporting templates and fuse them into the pre existing design.


Manhattan, NY July 2006 June 2007

Senior Sybase Consultant / Optimization Guru

Sybase 12.5, Perl and Unix Shell scripting

  • Requirements Analysis, Data Modeling and Design of Wilshire and Russell feeds.
  • Designed and developed core stored procedures/common stored procedures that can be used by multiple applications (and stored procedures) to encapsulate complexity within these stored procedures. This also involved using complex joins, usage of Group By having clauses and dynamic SQL. Examples: Common Error Handler, common trigger handler, common account unraveling, common asset/security lookup, common position/transaction retrieval, etc.
  • Performance tuning of various stored procedures, queries, views and triggers. Performance tuning at the database level to introduce parallel processing and large I/O caching.
  • Work with business stakeholders, application developers, and production teams and across functional units to identify business needs and discuss solution options
  • Conducted a technology training session for the offshore team. The training session concentrated on the fundamentals of Sybase SQL optimization and best practices.
  • Created scripts in Perl to remove duplicate rows from incoming files, map fixed characteristics on incoming files to load directly into staging tables. Worked on fixing shell script logic that was used to parse incoming analytics files and load them into the database.


Preferred Consultant

Sybase 11.9.2 12.5 , PowerBuilder 5.0 , 8.0, 10.0, PowerDesigner 9 & 10

  • Evaluation and reporting of a PB application (some pieces of code were not available): Evaluated a huge application written in PB using PFC and CornerStone and a third party vendor architecture. The primary deliverable was an evaluation report that highlighted various analytical parameters and reported on these parameters (object statistics, size, structure of code, re usability, modular nature of code, good practices, database portability, education areas, etc.)
  • Conversion and migration of application: Evaluated an existing application for conversion from UDB to use Sybase. In addition to that, identified efforts that might impact the critical path in the project development cycle. Upgraded the front end application to PB 8 from PB 5. Restructured the front end code to be more modularized (so as to facilitate different database vendors). Converted the entire UDB based application (both front and back end) to use the Sybase engine.
  • Sybase ASE Performance Tuning: Involved in performance tuning of the clients massive database with distributed applications and multiple interface points (web applications, various multi software applications). The database is in Sybase ASE 12.5. Some of the responsibilities involve performance tuning, identifying load/bottleneck areas, assisting in load testing, resolving performance bottlenecks, establishing policies for regular maintenance to alleviate future issues, capacity planning, etc.


Solutions Architect/Team Lead/Database Manager responsibilities

  • Extensive business requirements gathering, design and development of various modules of the enterprise wide application (front end and back end).
  • Heavy functional design, data modeling (logical and physical), database architecture (moved from decentralized to a centralized DB system) of tables/views, SPs, triggers and replication architecture.
  • Work with business stakeholders, application developers, and production teams and across functional units to identify business needs and implement solution options.
  • Team Lead responsibilities involved design and development activities as well as estimating for management, status reporting, planning and development of QA processes, resource planning and management, packaging, leading user documentation of the application, managing and providing technical support to the Help Desk.
  • Responsible for code reviews, mentoring other members, conducting training sessions, analysis of logic/code before migrating to Testing and Production environments.
  • Aided in development, execution, and maintenance of policies and procedures for application distribution, backup, DB maintenance and disaster recovery (Hot replication, high availability server, dbcc databases)
  • Design of the replication architecture to facilitate satellite agency sites using Laptop servers acting as satellite databases and synched up using Replication.
  • Providing fast, accurate and quality oriented solutions to complex issues arising in the system keeping the design embedded into the current architecture.
  • Key planning and oversight of database administration, capacity planning, design and implementation of Sybase replication, performance tuning and interaction with Sybase personnel for resolving long outstanding issues.

Development responsibilities

  • Plan, design, development and implementation of Sybase ASE tables, stored procedures and triggers and the replication needs for the objects.
  • Build and maintain SQL scripts, indexes, and complex queries for data analysis and extraction. Created queries for ad hoc user requests.
  • Extensive database coding to support business applications using Sybase T SQL.
  • Documented and maintained database system specifications, diagrams, and connectivity charts.
  • Perform quality assurance and testing of the Sybase server environment.
  • Assisted new (ISU, FAN, OCFS) and existing (CDC, FDA, KeyBank) clients/units with integration and data conversion activities. Extract, Transformation and Load (ETL) was developed using PowerBuilder auxiliary applications developed in PowerBuilder, staging tables/stored procedures in Sybase and using Perl and kix scripting. Develop new processes to facilitate import and normalization, including data file for vendors, agencies, FDA and CDC.
  • Design, develop and implement application core objects (in PowerBuilder), such as functions, datawindows, list controls, service object NVOs, ole custom controls (Winword letters using Mail/Merge, Signature Capture Device, Growth Chart Graph Control), and interface for Check printing.
  • Maintenance of the existing WICSIS PowerBuilder application including bug fixing, optimization, analysis of production issues, providing solutions, enhancement of the ViewBuilder architecture (Deloitte Consulting proprietary architecture) to support new functionality and enhancing existing core functional areas.
  • Designed and developed the ReportRunner architecture and application (using PowerBuilder) for reports generated at the Agency and State level. The report business logic was designed and developed using Sybase Transact SQL stored procedures. The distribution of reports was done using Windows Replication and Perl scripting.
  • Ensure best practices are applied and integrity of data is maintained through security, documentation, and change management.
  • Monitored and provided front line support of daily processes.
  • Performance tuning and optimization of the front end PowerBuilder application and the Sybase back end database and objects.
  • Providing support to the helpdesk and technical assistance to the training staff.
  • Plan, design and implement a migration from a decentralized DBMS to a centralized DBMS.


Albany, NY

Design Strategist

Extensive study of the current systems and meeting with the System Matter Experts (SMEs) to gather detailed functional knowledge of the systems. Developed a Project Tracking system to maintain the systems flow documents and to provide links to existing SME documents and interfaces to the code. Part of this is achieved by linking with RescueWare, a tool that decodes COBOL programs and creates a functional flow diagram. The final deliverable was a fully mapped functional flow and design document.


Business requirements gathering, strategy planning, conceptual design, functional decomposition of requirements and detailed design. Responsible for the Conversion Strategy and Plan and the Interface Strategy and Plan. Was responsible for a full functional decomposition of each subsystem, a definition of application flow, the activity plans for development of screens and business component layouts and designs, and the coordination of tasks surrounding the functional and detailed design.



Senior Developer

PowerBuilder 6.5, PFC, PB Browse 2.0.4, Sybase 11.9.2, Windows NT 4.0, Unix/Solaris, C++

Designed, developed and implemented the application. Optimization and performance fine tuning of Sybase ASE tables, procedures, indexes and triggers. PowerBuilder development involved extensive use of datawindows, list views, tree views, dynamic cursors and windows animation. Implemented multilingual spell checker and web browser capabilities using custom user objects. Worked with Powersoft Corp. to develop the corporate layer using PFC. Used PB Browse to implement and document class hierarchy. Instrumental in converting from usage of embedded SQL to Stored Procedure. Developed accessory applications for installation, update and trouble tracking which include the NPA/NXX split in the business system, developing and maintaining business entry batch system using C++ on UNIX.


Was involved in many financial retail delivery systems for various clients across the world. Development was done primarily using PowerBuilder and VC++. Also worked on various DBMS (Sybase, SQL Server, Informix) creating tables, views, triggers, replication scripts and extensive usage of SQL. Below is a list of various projects under the Tata Infotech flagship.


Systems Architect

PowerBuilder 5.0, 6.0, PFC, Windows NT, Sybase 11.5 11.9.2 , SQL Server, FBA Navigator, FISERV host applications


Team Lead

PowerBuilder 4.0, 5.0, VC++, Windows NT, Sybase 4.9.2, SQL Server, FBA Navigator, DEC ScopePlus host system, FinTran host application

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