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Sybase And Solaris Admin Resume

Northbrook, IL


  • 6 years of experience in Data Design and Development in different versions of SYBASE 12.5.3/ 12.0/11.9.2 /11.5.2/11. x.
  • Possesses a detailed business expertise in Private Banking, Securities Processing, Debt Trading, Money Markets, Bond Trading, Asset Management, Insurance Products.
  • Database Administration: Maintain availability and integrity of databases through multiple access schemes; facilitate sharing of common data by overseeing proper key and index management. Monitor the databases to optimize database performance, resource use, and physical implementations of databases. Checking for database consistency, fixing DBCC errors, monitoring of error logs regularly, monitoring of database space allocations, transaction log space allocations.
  • Expert in Creating and testing of Database Backup Procedures, Restoration Procedures, Disaster Recovery procedures, and Contingency Procedures.
  • Sybase server Installation: Installed Sybase servers’ version 10, 11.0, 11.5, 11.9, 12.0, 12.5 and 12.5.x on SUN, SCO UNIX System and applied required patches by monitoring new patch releases.
  • Replication Server: Worked on Replication Server in 24 X 7 environments.
  • Performance tuning (Server/Query): Reduced the data retrieval time considerably by binding frequently used object to memory pool, Create Stored Procedures optimized for performance at query level and modified existing queries for optimum performance.
  • Requirement Determination: Responsible for creating Business Process Model and convert to Physical Database Model (Sybase and MS-SQL) by interaction with the user department, Verify if the existing system can be modified to meet the requirement, offer solutions by discussing with concerned users and arriving at the acceptable solution.
  • Documentation: Created/updated documents for the application.
  • SQL Programming: Created database objects as required by the application, modified objects for better performance and change in requirements.
  • Developed and manipulate large, complex data sets and maintain large databases.
  • Shell Scripting: created scripts for Monitoring and Maintenance task, automated Database & transaction dumps.
  • Perl Scripting: Used Perl for transferring data.
  • Highly praised for outstanding performance, Reputation for adaptability, enthusiastic teamwork and quick learning.

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000/2005 , Oracle, Microsoft Access, and Sybase, Winrunner 7.0, Loadrunner 6.5, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP, MS Windows NT, VB 6.0, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQLXML, VBA, VBS, SQL, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports, Active Report, Adobe Designer, Adobe Form Server, Erwin, Rapid SQL, .NET framework, ActiveX, ADO, DAO, ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML, ASP, IIS, Visual Studio, VB Script, HTML, DHTML.


Confidential , Phoenix, AZ

Sybase DBA

Confidential has built the world's premier global delivery network by trailblazing express shipping in one country after another. Over 220 countries and territories later, Confidential is the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry.


  • Wrote documents about Sybase (Installation, Performance Tuning, Configuration, Creation of database).
  • Creation of dbccdb and several databases.
  • Monitored scheduled task run from Crontab are completed successfully.
  • Monitored and maintaining the databases performance, size the database for future growth.
  • Tested Pre-production databases for new changes to configurations.
  • Troubleshooting any issues when there were problems raised, such as, Error 821, locked share memory problem, and dbcc checkstorage.
  • Provide 24 x 7 supports.
  • DBA activities, such as, Database Creation, dbcc traceon, Backup and Recovery of Databases, Logins and Users Creation.
  • T uning database objects for performance enhancements.
  • Tested Pre-Production installation of new changes to configuration, Monitoring scripts.
  • Checked and tuned the performance of the Procedures with appropriate Index Strategy and statistics.
  • Created Memory Pools for Tables and procedures for faster access times.
  • Wrote shell scripts for transaction log dumps and Database Dumps using crontab.

Confidential , Norwalk, CT

Sybase and UNIX Admin

Confidential is an internationally leading IT service provider with worldwide revenues of $6.6 billion and over 39,000 employees worldwide.


  • Delivered new Sybase environments for Development, Testing and Training Data Servers.
  • Provided 24 X 7 Pager support on rotation basis.
  • Monitored Scheduled task run from Crontab are completed successfully.
  • Tested Pre-Production installation of new changes to configuration, Monitoring scripts.
  • Provided DBA Support to Development Teams and testing Teams.
  • Involved in planning for disaster recovery procedures and writing shell scripts.
  • Involved in Planning and implementation of Fail-Over support for 4 Production Servers.
  • Monitored database performance, monitor servers, schedule night jobs, tune stored procedures, size the database for future growth, and write database backup/restore strategy in case of server crash.
  • Designed/modified database schema objects to support existing and new business related application development for a global-application.
  • Wrote/tested SQL scripts to perform application specific data manipulation.
  • Designed/wrote/tested stored procedures and triggers to support application logic.
  • Evaluated ongoing application production/development problems and recommend/justify solutions.
  • Wrote thorough documentation for all developed/modified code.
  • Sybase DBA activities include activities in Memory/Cache Allocation, Performance and Fine Tuning, Normalization and De-Normalization of Database, table partitioning, dbcc traceon, Database Creation, Tables and index on database, Backup and recovery of database, Logins and users creation, Database Design, Database Security, and Tuning etc.
  • Wrote utilities (shell scripts, sed & awk) to help automate various system administration tasks , generate accounting and usage reports, utility scripts for user support, printing, starting/stopping/monitoring applications etc.

Confidential , Northbrook, IL

Sybase and Solaris Admin

The Confidential Corporation is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Confidential sells 13 major lines of insurance, including auto, property, life and commercial. Confidential also offers retirement and investment products and banking services.


  • Installation of Sybase Servers.
  • Migrated Sybase servers from Sybase 10 to Sybase 11.0, 11.5, 11.9.
  • Deferred updates, stressed on locks, deadlocks, transaction-log, db space, index-selection troubleshooting, response-time issues, resource-management, replication and batch-process.
  • Added devices and proper implementation of Thresholds. Heavy Transact-SQL (T-SQL) work for Queries, Data Modifications (DML) and Data Definition (DDL) commands.
  • Schema jobs also include table partition, segments, cache management and database options.
  • Responsible for Bulk-Copy (bcp), dbcc, defncopy, I-sql, utilities for Data Management.
  • Production Support for troubleshooting applications and code rectification (24x7).
  • Writing and implementing Shell scripts as tools for external data-management.
  • Job Scheduling using CRON (On UNIX).
  • Performed Performance Tuning Effort at query level and server level.
  • Creating parallel server as a replica copy of production server in case of data server crash.
  • Sized the database for future growth, tuning the database and help developer to tune the application.
  • Determined the layout for the databases, devices and placing the objects for the best performance and speedy recovery. Extending the segments and databases and dropping of “default” and “system” segments for the right mapping.
  • Placed the logs, indexes and frequently used tables on separate segments. Creation of default and specific memory pool and binding the objects to it. Deciding the cache strategy.
  • Bound cache to tempdb for better performance. De-fragmentation of database for better performance.
  • Estimation of the memory requirement, cache requirements, locks & memory pools.
  • Running of DBCC commands on weekend before cleaned backup of database using UNIX utility Crontab.
  • Checked & monitored free data and log space. Check the server error log daily for errors.
  • Involved in data modeling of the Finance System, Material Requirement Planning & Inventory Systems.
  • Setup of automated backup of database & transaction log schedules using UNIX utility Crontab.
  • Creation of logins, groups and allocating the rights.
  • Wrote Shell Scripts for automated backup, planning and monitoring regular Backups.
  • Created Stored Procedures for Multiple Applications.
  • Migrated data from MS-SQL server to Sybase.
  • Work closely with developers and business associates to quickly resolve any ongoing production problems.
  • Involved in proper documentation and presentation of technical details and the jobs planned/performed.
  • Designed/wrote/tested stored procedures and triggers to support application logic.
  • Planning and implementation of disaster recovery including backup strategies, processes and configuration.
  • Monitoring and performance tuning of CPU, Disk I/O, Memory, Communication I/O, Kernel etc.


Sybase 12.5/12.0, Rep Server 12.5 on SUN Solaris, MS-SQL Server, Shell scripting, Perl, ERwin, Sybase Central

Confidential , Pittsburgh, PA

Sybase Developer/DBA


  • Installation, Configuring and tuning Sybase Servers.
  • Migration of servers, perform problem determination, isolation and resolutions related to Sybase issues.
  • Implement changes to the Sybase servers as per the established procedures.
  • Responsible for the design, analysis, development and testing of enhancements made to the accounting process.
  • Data retrieval using stored procedures in Transact-SQL.
  • Solely responsible for monitoring the success of batch jobs.
  • Coordinated with SA for the release of UNIX scripts.
  • Worked on ad-hoc reports to supply brokerage information as per the request.
  • Improved performance by tuning the reports.
  • Designed and developed Sybase stored procedures and triggers to maintain the data integrity.
  • Reverse engineered the database to understand and analyze the current functionality.
  • Developed new tables and views to maintain trade related data
    Analyzed and implemented new requirements by coordinating with BAs.
  • Developed UNIX/PERL scripts and stored procedures to monitor brokerage spent by traders.
  • Improvised reporting functionality by tuning the inbuilt stored procedures and queries.
  • Built reports to provide detailed information required for broker negotiation and the management of the traders use of preferred and non-preferred vendors.
  • Enhanced start up scripts that run on nightly basis.
  • Developed database objects to facilitate the daily brokerage data search feature.
  • Developed and enhanced Perl module to retrieve the data using SQL stored procedures.
  • Worked on PERL/UNIX scripts to perform data validation.
  • Worked extensively on BCP to load the data into database.
  • Automated batch scripts by using CRONTAB.
  • Participated in technical and team meetings.
  • Took part in Production Support.


UNIX. Sun E 10000, Sun E 450, Sybase 12.0/11.9.2 , Autosys3.3, UNIX Shell script, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000/NT, HTML. SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic, Windows NT/2000, MS-Reporting Services, ASP, VB Script, ASP.net, VB.Net, Winrunner and Loadrunner

Confidential, New York, NY

SYBASE DBA/Developer


  • Created and supported many Tables, Stored Procedures and Triggers on Sybase Database.
  • Used BCP for uploading data in the database.
  • Created and modified many T-SQL queries based on research and clients data.
  • Tuned Sybase queries for better performance and faster data retrieval from trades data.
  • Created many ad-hoc queries and reports for user support.
  • Took part in production support.
  • Supported front-end programs with Sybase Stored Procedures and queries.
  • Worked in enhancing existing Stored Procedures for future changes.
  • Took part in new features design and implementation.
  • Took part in testing and documentation.
  • Created Transact-SQL stored procedures for the creation of various trade history and client performance reports.
  • Worked with existing PERL modules for data handling in the backend.
  • Worked in many PERL/Shell scripts for data updates and loading.
  • Created many scripts and maintained existing using PERL DBI connection to Sybase system.
  • Participated in performance tuning for better performance on reporting and updates.
  • Supported the batch application, which runs many batches daily/weekly/monthly
    worked in CRONTAB for scheduling batch processes.
  • Took part in User meetings and QA activity.

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