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Mysql Dba Resume



  • Around 9 years of IT experience involving Database administration at all phases of software development lifecycle i.e. Design, Development, Analysis, Testing and implementation for various Financial, Insurance, Retail clients.
  • Worked for Six years entirely as MySQL Database administrator with expertise in online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) on multi-user systems involving large databases for Financial, Media, Retail and Insurance clients.
  • Involved extensively in Data modeling, Installation, Configuration, upgrading and troubleshooting MySQL databases.
  • Created MySQL Database Objects like Schemas, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Indexes (cluster/Non-cluster), Views, Constraints, Triggers, Buffer Pools, User Roles and functions.
  • Experience with MySQL Utilities DESCRIBE, EXPLAIN, HELP, USE
  • Experience with MySQL client programs (mysqladmin, mysqlcheck, mysqldump, mysqlimport, mysqlshow)
  • Experience with MySQL functions - XML, Cast, Encryption, Bit and String functions
  • Migrating MySQL databases from old to newer versions (v 4.X to v 5.X) and applying FIXPAKS to keep MySQL databases at most recent level.
  • MySQL Error handling, Log maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Experienced in handling MySQL Security, establishing MySQL Replication and MySQL Clustering between two or more MySQL Database servers.
  • Experienced in Capacity planning, Backup, Restore, Recovery and log maintenance.
  • Creation of users, roles and granting/ revoking necessary permissions to users and roles.
  • Experience in setting up and maintaining disaster recovery methods for MySQL databases.
  • Configured High Availability and Scalability for MySQL using Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) and Linux HA Heartbeat
  • Experience with Installing and configuring Nagios and Splunk for MySQL database monitoring.
  • Highly involved in Performance tuning of Databases, Disk I/O, Memory and testing SQL Queries and functions to enhance performance
  • Wrote Shell, SQL scripts and setup CRON jobs to backup databases and crucial system tables
  • Configured batch jobs for data transfer from MySQL Production, backups to Disk or Netbackup, and refreshing QA database with production data.
  • Implemented Cacti, Innotop, iostat, vmstat and SQLyog monitoring tools on MySQL databases
  • Monitored databases using snapshot and event monitoring for troubleshooting.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting health parameters of the database such as Deadlocks, Lock timeouts/external locking, Buffer Pool, Query Cache, Utility and Table Heaps.
  • Worked simultaneously with Data Warehousing people in ETL tools - EXTRACTING, TRANSFERING and LOADING data from warehouse tables to staging tables in the databases


DATABASES: MySQL 3.23/4.1/5.1/5.5 , DB2 UDB V.7.X/ 8.1/8.2/9.1/9.5 , IDMS, SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , IMS

Data Tools: SQL Loader, SQL navigator Quest Central, TSM, DB2 Connect, DB2 Replication, DB Artisan, BMC Patrol, BMC Change Manager, DB Artisan, DB2 Data Joiner, Erwin, Power Designer, Query Analyzer, VERITAS.

Operating System: AIX 5.1/5.2/4.3. x, Solaris 2.8/2.7/2.6, Windows NT 4.0, HP-UX 10.2/11.0, Windows XP/2000/98/95, Linux,

Programming Languages: Java, Shell Scripting, Java Script, JSP, Perl Scripting, AWK, OAK, SED

Others: ETL , Informatica, PowerMart 4.6/PowerCenter 5.1.1, BRIO, Cognos DecisionStream, Monitoring tool Spot Light, Data modeling tools like Erwin and Erstudio, Data junction, Toad, IDMS




  • Upgraded Mysql Development and QA using Percona build to new MySQL 5.5 version
  • Wrote custom scripts for database maintenance for the new database servers
  • Installed Percona tool Kit and customized it for all Mysql Percona environments
  • Installed and configured Nagios and Splunk monitoring tools for MySQL database for day-to-day monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Tuned the Mysql/Magento queries using Percona pt-query-digest tool and analyzed database queries by slowness, CPU time and frequency to stop database spikes and tune bad queries
  • Cleaned and rotated/automated the error logs and slow query logs – Mysql log maintenance
  • Configured Xtrabackup and automated Dev, QA and Production backups to SAN
  • Installed and configured Cacti for graphing, performance metrics and historical data collection for MySQL databases – very useful for performance monitoring
  • Optimized SQL statements, Indexes, Buffer Pool and Query Cache
  • Implemented MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Replication Monitor and MySQL Query Analyser for improving query performance and capacity planning in mysql OLAP databases.
  • Involved in trouble shooting and fine-tuning of databases and system configuration parameters for better performance and concurrency
  • Performed database point in time database recovery at crucial database failures
  • Wrote shell scripts, Perl scripts and setting up CRON jobs to take backup, disk space monitoring, I/O contention, log growth and rate of database growth.
  • Converted some MyISAM tables to Innodb for better performance and integrity constraints
  • Worked with the engineering team to implement new database tables to incorporate new system functionality in the future
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers in MySQL for lowering traffic between servers & clients
  • Handling Release management and user acceptance and supported 24X7 oncall

Confidential, MO


  • Administration and management of the entire development,QA and production environment.
  • Installed and configured MySQL on Linux and Windows environments.
  • Performed installation, new databases design, configuration, backup, recovery, security, upgrade and schema changes, tuning and data integrity.
  • Increased database performance by utilizing MySQL config changes, multiple instances and by upgrading hardware.
  • Assisted with sizing, query optimization, buffer tuning, backup and recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other administration functions as part of profiling plan.
  • Ensured production data being replicated into data warehouse without any data anomalies from the processing databases.
  • Worked with the engineering team to implement new design systems of databases used by the company.
  • Effectively configured MySQL Replication as part of HA solution.
  • Designed databases for referential integrity and involved in logical design plan.
  • Performance Tuning on a daily basis for preventing issues and providing capacity planning using MySQL Enterprise Monitor.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers in MySQL for lowering traffic between servers & clients.
  • Ability to carry out security tasks at network level such as block/unblock TCP/IP ports through firewall on both Linux and windows and block/unblock remote access to MySQL server.
  • Proficiency in Unix/Linux shell commands.
  • Created and deleted users, groups and set up restrictive permissions, configuration of the sudo files etc.
  • Created data extracts as part of data analysis and exchanged with internal staff.
  • Performed MySQL Replication setup and administration on Master-Slave and Master-Master.
  • Documented all servers and databases.

Confidential, Washington DC


  • Responsible for MySQL (MS SQL) DB architecture, installation, configuration setup, DB systems administration, provisioning, troubleshooting database performance problems. Linux OS, server and data storage systems configuration, capacity planning, utilizing scaling methodologies
  • Experience with the meta data tables in INFORMATION SCHEMA
  • Extensive experience with various backup and recovery methods – mysqldump , enterprise backup , percona xtrabackup ..
  • Data loading and exports using LOAD INFILE , mysqlimport
  • Used mysqlbinlog utility to identify and rectify the corruption in relay logs
  • Experience with RPM installs as well as binary installs
  • Recovered multiple MyISAM tables after corruption using Check and Repair
  • Worked on auto recovery for innodb and myisam tables
  • Used MySQL workbench, query browser utilities
  • Enabled slow query log for query analysis and used the write to table option
  • Wrote shell scripts to monitor replication , take backups and other routine DBA tasks
  • Set up Innodb file per table option and other innodb standard parameters to standardize tablespaces
  • Worked on adding foreign key constraints as per the application requirements
  • Dealt with deadlocks in innodb storage engine
  • Database operation, maintenance, security, provisioning, administration, replication, automation, disc I/O / space management
  • MySQL best practice engine, demon variable configuration and optimization
  • Managing Storage engines: InnoDB, MyISAM, Falcon, Percona XtraDB, MySQL Federated, MySQL Archive, Aria
  • Database performance problems analysis, diagnoses and optimum performance resolution - employing preventive measures to maintain high applications availability, performance monitoring, identifying and resolving database performance bottlenecks, SQL tuning, Explain SQL query, Indexing, MySQL and Linux OS level optimization
  • Developed solution for complex joins, creating dynamic SQL scripts to support system analysis, and troubleshooting of legacy bugs / issues
  • On-call shift 24 x 7 production environment, support - configuration, backup, recovery, schema changes and Database systems and software upgrades
  • Execution and monitor database backups and rotating archives of backup files
  • Recovery and restore of transactional data, and Database disaster recovery automation
  • Responsible for supporting integrity, availability of database systems for high traffic business critical network of web application.
  • Developing Perl, Batch, shell scripting, Wintel scripting, DB maintenance task automation
  • Multiple project development and on-time delivery – Projection and Estimation project duration, resource load and cost documentation
  • Developing technical strategy of all Database OLTP, Data Warehouse OLAP initiatives for the business clients
  • Designing and maintaining Database standards and best practices. Physical database design for all database initiatives
  • OLTP / OLAP, Data Warehouse programming code development
  • MySQL, PL/SQL, SQL (DDL, DML), XML, shell programming code development
  • Creating ER Diagrams, Conceptual, Application Flowcharts, objects referential integrity designs diagrams and documentation
  • Data conversion from any data source to MySQL database – custom code development configuration and implementation
  • Data replication / data migration development – with all major ETL software applications
  • Developing ad-hoc and custom reports for business analysis
  • Technical resource to the Application development team on data configuration and referential integrity data storage
  • Technical knowledge transfer and cross-teams training
  • Research on latest technologies and design Proof of Concept - POC with latest trends and design technology infrastructure



  • Supporting onsite clients 24*7.
  • Monitoring alert log files.
  • Maintain database backup and recovery environment, verify operation of backup strategy and develop recovery procedures and support recovery from loss of data.
  • Managed multiple MySQL databases in production environment: installation, configuration, backup/ recover & performance tuning.
  • Involved in Analysis, Design, documentation, Creating Databases objects, Preparing Backup Strategies and integrity methods and tuning the Database Performance using MySQL and third party tools.
  • Taking online and offline backups, Managing daily, weekly backups.
  • Responsible for weekly DB maintenance, production database release tasks.
  • Implemented & maintained multiple instances in single environment.
  • Implemented and maintained database in replication.
  • Worked with storage engines MyISAM, InnoDB, Memory etc.
  • Installing MySQL with source and binary distribution.
  • Worked on MySQL proxy and implemented failover strategy.
  • Knowledge on MySQL Cluster.
  • User Management.
  • Supporting clients for monitor.

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