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Database Developer / Web Developer Resume

Orlando, FloridA


An energetic SQL Server developer with proven experience for project estimates, planning and deliverables.

Professional Skills:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2/2012: 8 years
  • Microsoft SQL Server DTS/SSIS 2000/2005: 4 years
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence SSIS/SSRS 2008: 4 years
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence SSAS 2008: 2 years
  • Microsoft Visual C#: 6 years
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5/6/.NET: 4 years
  • ASP.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0 : 4 years
  • ASP VBScript/JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS: 4 years
  • XML, AJAX, JQuery, Regular Expressions: 4 years
  • Microsoft Access 2000/2002: 4 years
  • Powershell: 2 years
  • LINQ: 2 years

Professional Experiences:

Confidential, Orlando, Florida

Database Developer / Web Developer


  • Spend 70% time designing and implementing SQL Server backend database system powering an apparel website based on ASP.NET technology. Tasks includes creating stored procedures, functions, indexes and triggers as well as building system maintenance scheduled tasks.
  • Spend 30% time coding frontend intranet inventory website using ASP.NET, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript’s, jQuery and AJAX, working together with team members to resolve daily tickets on bug fixings and new feature requests.

Confidential, New York City, New York

SQL Server Developer / Network Administrator


  • Spent 70% of time building SQL Server stored procedures, triggers and user-defined functions to support a network server tracking system intranet based on ASP.NET technology.
  • Spent 20% of time maintaining SQL Server databases, such as backup, restores and transfer; creating and modifying databases, tables and indices; monitoring and analyzing database and query performance.
  • Spent 10% of time developing automated scripts to monitor daily activities for 200+ Windows servers using PowerShell, such as gathering server hardware and system information.

Data Manager / SQL Server Software Engineer


  • Spent 80% of time designing, implementing and maintaining business logics for the administration website backend using Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 stored procedures, functions and triggers; generating reports in Excel, PDF, CSV or XML formats for product managers using Microsoft Business Intelligence SSAS and SSRS 2008 packages.
  • Spent 20% of time maintaining an administration system website frontend running ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 using C#, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, AJAX and jQuery; working closely with product managers and remote team members to resolve client requests and data issues; participating in migrating an old administration system running ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 to a new system running ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008.

Data Manager


  • Managed a group of 6 Data Analysts and Senior Data Analysts to support some of the company's major clients such as Frontdoor and NYTimes to collect, analyze, apply business rules and transform raw data feeds to client defined formats into SQL Server databases using Microsoft Business Intelligence 2008 SSIS and SSRS packages; our team closely monitored data processing and loading of 8 million plus real estate listings several times a day; raw data feeds came in all kinds of forms ranging from CSV, XML, Excel and either arrived in company's FTP servers or needed to be downloaded from clients' email bodies, FTP Servers, RETS servers or web services.
  • Assigned proper tasks and projects to team members based on individual skill levels; assisted team members to resolve SQL Server related code issues; monitored and adjusted team members' workloads.
  • Ensured good SQL Server code design and quality within the team by frequently conducting quality assurance checks on the works of the team members to maintain a clean, reusable, expandable and efficient code depository.
  • Motivated team members by providing them training sessions on new technologies and conducting review sessions on their current work related programming skills.

SQL Server Data Analyst


  • Created SQL Server 2000/2005 DTS and SSIS packages to automate daily manual data processing jobs.
  • Built data loading knowledge base intranet website running on SQL Server databases using ASP Classic and ASP.NET C#, enabling previously scattered and disorganized documents and data to a central point of information retrieval.
  • Developed and maintained data loading system called CDMS (Central Data Management System) using SQL Server stored procedures, WCF web services, LINQ and C# Parallel Extensions which systematically automated data loading processes to a full scale, enterprise solution, enabling team members to handle more products and projects without much efforts.
  • Assisted team manager to manage a group of 20 plus team members both in local and remote offices, trained new team members, provided team members with technical support and helped resolved high level issues or requests from clients.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Web Developer


  • Designed and implemented e-commerce website using Visual Basic 6, ASP VBScript/JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 views and stored procedures.
  • Designed and implemented Windows-based and web-based cellular phone store management system using Visual Basic 6/Visual Basic.Net, ASP VBScript/JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 views and stored procedures.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Computer Programmer


  • Developed in-house accounting system using Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Access 2002 and Adobe Acrobat 5.
  • Designed and implemented company web storefront using ASP VBScript/JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS and Microsoft Access 2002.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Programmer Analyst


  • Designed, implemented and maintained data export processes to third-party systems in forms of CSV, DTS and XML using Visual Basic 6, ActiveX DLL, VBScript, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 views and stored procedures. Data access includes ADO and OLE DB.
  • Implemented and maintained a WAP version of the company ASP web site using WML, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 views and stored procedures.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained data transfer components between in-house systems using ASP and XML.

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