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Lead Database Developer Resume

Watertown, MA


I am a seasoned database developer and architect with 12+ years of experience in this role, and 30+ years of overall industry experience. I have worked in financial services, healthcare, and job search/career management verticles.


Confidential, Watertown MA, Lead Database Developer

Providing all database management, analysis and development, and T - SQL, SSRS and SSAS report and cube develoment for Healthcare startup. This is a highly interactive environment, working closely with senior management, operations, quality and care management staff.

  • Design and development of workflow application for CareManagement of CoreHealth’s member population. Database design and development and oversight of C# development for these applications.
  • Developed a T-SQL solution to convert 3rd party health assessment documents into careplan documents, using metadata data dictionary to interpret .
  • Developed a Membership Cube in SSAS, providing member analysis by 15 different dimensions, including daily data extraction from our member management system in SSIS/T-SQL. Reversed engineered 3rd party member management system database to build data loads into the data warehouse.
  • Developed Phone Statistics cube in SSAS, analyzing call/abandonment rates by queues/agents. This data extracted and conditioned from phone systems MySQL database.
  • Developed and deployed SSRS reports for Operations staff to look at membership and enrollment activity.
  • Developed SSIS processes and SSRS reports for Historical Claims data.
  • Supervising one additional database developer, and one C#/Sharepoint developer.

Technical Experience: SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, SSRS, SSAS 2012. Exposure to Sharepoint 2013.

Confidential, Lead Database Developer/Architect.

SQL Server, Transact-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS Development for Risk Management Reporting application. I am the primary person responsible for daily and nightly processing of market data, fund returns and transactions, to feed a Risk Management website and reporting system. The website presents such data as daily and period-to-date returns, exposure weights and tracking errors, and posts Excel and PDF reports from a propreietary reporting engine to analyze Fund risk using Barra covariance risk factor matrix analysis. This position works closely in a team of five to deliver the full suite of Risk Management services.

  • Advanced use of T-SQL stored procedures, triggers, scalar and table valued functions. SSIS experience developing and extending ETL stored procedures that collect data from several market and returns feeds, and condition data for display by website and input to reporting engine.
  • Experience processing and handling the nuances of data for a wide suite of financial instruments: Equity, fixed income and short term securities, options, derivatives, futures.
  • Worked with different mathematical calculations of periodic return types - standard deviations, cumulative and average returns, drawdowns, fund vs active returns etc. Managed and enhanced a set of User Defined Functions to provide on demand returns calculations used extensively by the reporting engine and the website.
  • SSAS: Developed an OLAP cube to present Fund and Asset Risk Results by various drilldowns. Asset Risk results can be researched through the Fund/Sleeve hierarchies and categorizations of securities by type, market cap size, industry codes, and several other dimensions.
  • Researched and deployed significant performance improvements in daily and nightly data cycles (from 5 hours to 1 hour of processing per night)
  • Data Quality analysis and reporting. Developed a suite of “recon” reports that are run daily after data cycle to analyze data quality and flag outliers.
  • Solid understanding and application of BI principles such as SCDs, pricinples of dimensions and fact tables (aggregation and factless facts).

Technical Experience: SQL Server development versions 2000, 2005, 2008r2. T-SQL development, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS. SSMS/SQL Server Agent for daily job management. Oracle 11g (querying and analyzing data on source databases).

Confidential, Westford, MA

Princile Software Engineer

Lead technical developer and architect on NetScore and NetEng network analytics products.

  • Streamlined data warehouse loading process in MySQL to use memory engine tables and pre-computation of aggregated data. Developed using PERL and MySQL.
  • Working with integration and deployment of a vertical database solution (Infobright) for high volume CDR analysis.
  • Developed MySQL to Infobright database and data migration solution for product upgrade.

Technical Experience: MySQL 5. PERL programming. CDR and telecommunications data analysis. Infobright and Vertica Vertical (column oriented) database solutions.

Confidential, Newton, MA.

Database Development Lead

Company produces a SaaS product for discharge processing between hospitals and post-acute care facilities throughout the USA. Managing a team of three and hand’s on contributor, handling all aspects of Oracle and MySQL database development, including database performance analysis and tuning, PL/SQL coding, ETL development.

Technical Experience: Oracle 11g, MySQL 5.5, Linux RedHat, PERL, Advanced level work with stored procedures, functions, packages, and triggers. Agile (scrum) development methodology.

  • Developed nightly ETL for reporting database extraction to offload reporting processing from the main Oracle database (PL/SQL). Worked on optimized schema development for OLAP database definition.
  • Developed and deployed a near-time replication model to populate the OLAP database using Oracle Change Data Capture. From our key tables, we are extracting a load of 400,000 transactions per day and replicated to a reporting database with an average latency of 3-4 seconds.
  • AWR report analysis and OLTP and OLAP transaction tuning. In a period of 3 months, improved overall I/O capacity on our primary database server by a factor of 5. Query refactoring, index and materialized view deployment, and in some select cases, use of strategic denormalizations.
  • Support for application development for SQL query tuning of both queries in the product and new queries being developed for product releases

Attended two-day training course on Agile Development Methodology.

Confidential ., Boston, MA.

Lead Database Architect.

Company hosts a public website for student and alumni career management and job search services (www.experience.com). This position was highly interactive, working with Sales, Marketing and Executives to deliver database services, reporting and business intelligence, and working with QA and Development teams to support transactional database modeling, testing, and product development.

Technical Background: Oracle 9i and 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite development (including JPivot, Mondrian), OPENI, OpenReports, OEM, Kettle ETL, XML, MySQL 5.0, Postgres 8.3, extensive work in OLAP, dimensional modeling, and Cube Design. Unica NetInsight WebAnalytics. Symantec I3 for Oracle, Oracle Performance Tuning. Google Visualization API. Agile Development Methodology.

  • Developed a new OLAP business intelligence and data warehousing strategy and design for the company. Conceived of and constructed a data warehouse and built ETL data extractions from existing transactional database into the warehouse.
  • Developed Pentaho Business Intelligence suite (Mondrian) to provide an end user BI tool for analysis of our “job seeker” population across a wide number of dimensions (30+). The tool is used extensively by the sales and marketing teams to identify targeted groups and generate e-mail campaigns. Built E-Commerce and Employer Account Demographics Data Marts/cubes.
  • Developed a wide suite of business reports using OpenReports (an opensource report generator), including E-Commerce Analysis, an E-Commerce price modeling tool, Active Candidate analysis, and many others. Developed about 200 actively used reports in this product. Work closely with each business unit to analyze reporting needs, develop strategies, and deliver daily reporting.
  • Wrote and deployed scripts (Linux Shell, PL/SQL) for daily site statistics gathering across our databases. Nightly statistics gathering, which took about 7-8 hours to run prior to my arrival at the company, now runs in about 1 hour.
  • Extensive work in Oracle SQL tuning, performance analysis and ongoing management of our production site/database. Use of Symantec “I3 for Oracle” and Oracle Statspak and AWR for database performance monitoring and tuning. Use of explain plans, autotrace to trouble shoot problem SQLs. Made many recommendations for changes to product generated SQL, resulting in significant site performance improvements through index design and deployment, table restructuring, different queries to generate better query plans, and deployment of Materialized Views.
  • Built web enabled dashboards for inward and customer facing web reporting using the Google Visualization API.

Confidential, Amherst MA

Senior Software Developer

Senior Database Architect, ETL Developer, DBA

Initially hired as a software developer (primarily C/C++ development), I transitioned into a DBA and database modeler/developer role. Played a key role in the conversion of our products from Sybase to Oracle database technologies, and bring Oracle Warehouse Builder product into the company.

Technical Background: Oracle Warehouse Builder, ORACLE 8i, 9i, 10g. OEM, TOAD. Sybase, Transact-SQL. PL/SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers. Oracle RAC. UNIX (HP-UX, TRU64), Linux RedHat 3.0 configuration and administration, UNIX/Linux shell scripting, TCL. Tomcat web server administration. JAVA JSP, Servlets, Apache Tomcat. C and C++ programming. Familiar with healthcare encoding standards such as ICD9 and CPT4.

  • Lead data analyst/modeler, and ETL developer, for new Business Intelligence application suite. Developed and deployed an ETL strategy using Oracle Warehouse Builder to build a data warehouse Built web enabled dashboards for inward and customer facing web reporting using the Google Visualization API.
  • BI development for various business domains (Access Management, Resource Scheduling, Clinical Care Reporting, and Revenue Management). Developed initial datamart population load and periodic update strategies.
  • Lead a team of 3 developers to build HIPAA compliant “De-identification” processing into the company’s internal test data warehouses (which were copies of customer data). Name, Address, time of clinical procedures, and other key data were masked to ensure that patient data was not visible. Development in C/C++/Java.
  • Responsible for evaluation and eventual recommendation of Oracle Warehouse Builder as our primary ETL development tool.
  • Oracle DBA team lead. Installation and management of Oracle 9i, 10g databases, on HP-UX, TRU64, and Linux. Management of a project to develop expertise in configuration and installation of Oracle RAC on Linux.
  • Development and maintenance of an Application Server load balancing methodology (developed in JAVA) on Tomcat web server, for load balancing of long running server jobs across multiple application servers.
  • Key technical contributor for Clinical Events Apply Server for identification of user defined events within clinical data in the data warehouse. Development of core rules processing engine to select qualifying events from the database. Performed Oracle data model design for this project.
  • Worked on a team of developers to support conversion of databases from Sybase to Oracle 8.

Education classes:


  • Oracle Warehouse Builder - Implementation.
  • Oracle DBA Fundamentals I and II.
  • Oracle 9i: PL/SQL Language.
  • JAVA programming course, Holyoke Community College. Hired by the college to tutor other students in JAVA programming following completion of the course.

Confidential, Hadley MA

Senior Software Developer.

Software development for the company’s InQuery product - full text indexing and search engine software.

Technical: C/C++ programming. UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), Windows NT and MSDN. Lotus Notes application development (Notes C/C++ API, LotusScript), HTML, CGI-BIN programming.

  • Analyzed and built prototype software for the use of CORBA as a platform for distributed search architecture. Selected ORBIX as product of choice.
  • Developed Lotus Notes GUI interface to indexing and search engine. Interface developed using Notes development environment, C++ API, and LotusScript.

Confidential, Boston MA

Lead Technical Architect.

Lead designer/developer for Common Order Routing system, an intelligent message switch for routing security orders and executions to/from electronic stock exchanges.

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