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Sql Developer Resume




  • Over 11 years of working experience in all phases of software application design and development
  • Expertise in design and development of Web Applications involving J2EE technologies with Java, Servlet, JSP, MVC Framework(Struts,Spring,JSF), EJB, XML, JNDI, JDBC.
  • Very good understanding of Object Oriented Design (OOD), Design Patterns, J2EE Design Patterns, MVC, Struts multi-tier architectures and distributed architectures
  • Extensive experience in implementing MVC architecture using Spring and Struts Framework.
  • Extensive experience in developing and deploying applications on Websphere,Weblogic and JBoss Application servers.
  • Participated in all aspects of software Development Life Cycle and Production support, Software testing using Standard Test Tool.
  • Extensive experience in developing software applications for Banking,Finance,Retail,Telecom and Publishing domains.
  • Extensive experience in Oracle (7.x, 8i, 9i), Sybase, DB2, SQL Server and PL/SQL and database concepts.
  • Hands on experience in creating automated build scripts using ANT.
  • Very good working knowledge on configuration management tools like Clearcase and Clearquest.
  • Good understanding on Rational Unified process (RUP).
  • Solid Management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring individuals to maximize productivity and forming cohesive team environment.
  • Excellent Technical, Communication and Interpersonal Skills with strong Customer Orientation and Client: Interfacing Skills.
  • A self-motivated professional and natural communicator possessing good technical, initiating, leadership and problem-solving skills and has proven to be a good team player.


Bachelor of Engineering


1.) Sun Certified Java Programmer.


C++, Java

IDE:Jbuilder 8.0, IntellijIdea, Eclipse 2.1,Netbeans 3.6,WSAD5.1 Databases:Oracle 7.x/8.x, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Db2. Middleware Technologies:EJB, Web services (Apache Axis),XML, SOAP Internet Technologies:Java Servlets, JavaScript, JSP, ASP, XML, XSLT, Swings. Version Control and Bug Tracking Tools:VSS,CVS,Clearcase,Radar,Bugster,Clearquest Web Servers:Apache Tomcat, IIS 4.0, Iplanet. Operating Systems:Windows 98/2000/XP, Solaris 9.1 Application servers:Weblogic, Jboss,Websphere Frameworks and Tools:AJAX,Struts,JSF,Velocity, Torque ,Sitemesh,AspectJ,Xdoclet,Cocoon,Ant 1.5.2,Spring,Ibatis, Lombardi Teamworks 6.1, Autosys.


Project Name:Servicer Loan - Release2 project Duration:December 2010 to Till Date Client:Confidential, USA

Project Description This project is to enhance web based servicer portal application architecture to portal based platform and to add the functionalities to match the old system MIDANET, so that all the customers can adapt to servicer portal and the legacy system i.e. MIDANET can be retired. An automated reporting network that enables servicer to send mortgage accounting and serving information to Freddie Mac along with existing functionalities like , Loan Level Reporting, Electronic Default Reporting, Default Workout Reporting and Transfer of Services.

Activities My responsibilities are listed below:

  • Performing a role of a Technical Architect
  • Provide solution for complex technical issues.
  • Interact with customer to address project need.
  • Involved in testing the quality of the code and development of use case.
  • Involved in creating the initial framework for the application using JSF components.

Technical platformJSF, Trinidad My faces, JSP, JavaScript, Tomahawk Components, Weblogic.

Project Name:Strategic Analysis For Exposure (SAFE) Duration:May 2009 to December 2010 Client:Confidential, USA

Project Description Strategic Analysis for Exposure (SAFE) is a credit risk system that combines overall business functions of approving and monitoring counterparty exposures.

Activities My responsibilities are listed below:

  • Performing a role of a Technical Architect.
  • Involved in managing the offshore resources.
  • Interact with customer to address project need.
  • Involved in code review, testing and handle adhoc request from business users.
  • Involved in production support of SAFE application.

Technical platformUnix, Shell scripting, Java Swing, Autosys, Sybase.

Project Name:Pega to Lombardi Migration (P2L) Duration:March 2009 to May 2009 Client:Confidential,USA

Project Description P2L is the migration of business workflows from pega to Lombardi teamworks 6.1 for retail banking business users.


My responsibilities are listed below:

  • Performing a role of a Technical Architect.
  • Analyzing the Business Requirements and System specifications to understand the requirement.
  • Preparing Technical Design Document
  • Providing solution for complex technical issues.
  • Developing business process & services that adhere to BPMN standard.
  • Business Process & Services are developed using Lombardi Teamworks 6.1 authoring environment and UI Coaches for presentation.

Technical platformBPM, Lombardi Teamworks 6.1, Process Server,XML,XSLT,java,javascript,SQL Server 2005.

Project Name: Coolgen rewrite Duration:October 2007 to February 2009 Client:Confidential,USA

Project Description Coolgen rewrite is a development of web-based applications in J2ee platform.

Activities My responsibilities are listed below:

  • Performing a role of a Technical Architect.
  • Involved in overall effort estimation of the project.
  • Involved in Resource planning.
  • Involved in Team Building.
  • Providing solution for complex technical issues.
  • Interact with customers for requirements clarification.
  • Involved in the analysis, design, construction, UAT & implementation of the project.
  • Involved in requirements analysis. Design, coding and UAT support.
  • Reporting the status to customers on a weekly basis.
  • Performing technical review for design and code.
  • Involved in performance tuning for improving the quality of code.
  • Application was developed using Spring Web MVC and JSP for presentation.Ibatis tool was used for interacting with database.
  • Websphere MQ API has been used for asynchronous messaging to MQ server via configures request and response queues.

Technical platformRational software Architect, UML, OOAD, Spring, Ibatis,AJAX,XML,MQ Message Broker, DB2,SQL Server,Websphere

Project Name:Strategic Account Management (SAM) Duration:Jan 2007 to Sep 2007 Client:Confidential,USA

Project Description SAM is accounts management software application used by various Client:s across the globe.Its completely re-engineering of their earlier application for better performance.


  • Performing a role of a technical lead
  • Involved in the framework design for presentation layer.
  • Involved in the estimation of the usecase
  • Involved in developing the UI components with Struts,AJAX & Javascript

Technical platformUML,OOAD,Rational Rose 2003,AJAX,Struts,JSP,Javascript,Servlet,CVS,Eclipse 3.2,Jboss 4.0.5 & Oracle

Project Name:CITISTREET Duration:July 2006 to December 2006 Client:Confidential,USA

Project Description The Plus Benefit Payment System is a Retiree Services mission-critical application on UNIX that is used for all benefit payment processing. This application currently processes payments for approximately 850 Client:s with a total of 2.7 million payments issued per month. Benefit payment processing includes pension monthly recurring payments, pension special payments and lump sum distributions, as well as report generation and additional benefit payment activities. The application includes the following key functionality: manual data entry, file processing, reporting, check run processing and Client: specific functions. Plus Web will be released to Retiree Services Client:s and record keepers to provide access to their benefit payment information and conduct benefit payment processing, including update, reconciliation and reporting functions


  • Performing a role of a technical lead
  • Involved in designing & developing the UI components with Struts,Tiles & JSTL

Technical platformUML,OOAD,Struts,Tiles,JSP,JSTL,Servlet,Clear Case, Clear Quest, Eclipse 3.1,Jboss 3.2.6 & DB2

Project Name:CHECKMATE Duration:March 2006 to July 2006 Client:Confidential,USA

Project Description CHECKMATE is a web based tool that allows you to submit and track payment requests for non-salary compensation. This application automatically routes the requests for approvals.CHECKMATE can be used by Managers to to request spot bonus.Spot bonuses should be used to selectively recognize individuals below the Director level for extraordinary performance.All employees to request adoption benefit reimbursements.


  • Involved in leading a team
  • Involved in supporting the application that includes interacting with the users to solve the application related issues.
  • Involved in development activities by working on Service request for implementing a particular functionality.
  • Interacting with the onsite business team for requirements clarification
  • Involved in the estimation of the change request.

Technical platformUnix,Servlets,Eclipse 3.1,Aqua Data Studio 4.5.2,Oracle 8i, Solaris9.1 & Iplanet 6.1

Project Name:SUNTIME2 Duration:August 2005 to March 2006 Client:Confidential,USA

Project Description Suntime2 is Sun's implementation of Kronos Work Force Central Time and Attendance application. It is almost entirely a vanilla implementation except for the interfaces to the imports.Custom code has been developed to load and process HR employee and SunCAT delegation data into the import tables provided by Kronos Work Force Central application. Thereby, the vanilla import processes are run to load this data into the application.All of these interface processes need to be monitored and supported continuously.


  • Involved in leading a team.
  • Involved in supporting the application that includes interacting with the users to solve the application related issues.
  • Involved in development activities by working on Service request for implementing a particular functionality.
  • Interacting with the onsite business team for requirements clarification
  • Involved in the estimation of the change request.

Technical platformUnix,PL/SQL,Shell Scripts,SQL Loader,Solaris9.1,Aqua Data Studio 4.5.2,Oracle 8i & Iplanet 6.1

Project Name:Corebank-API Test Client:. Duration:June 2005 to August 2005 Client:Confidential, Denmark.

Project Description The project involves in the development of a web based front end for the CoreBank branch Client:, a banking application, which deals with all business functionalities with respect to the branch. An existing HPS fat Client: application is converted into the web application using the JSF framework. The GUI's are made by using the JSF Components.


  • Involved in leading a module
  • Designed JSP screens and developed the backing beans.
  • Prepared test cases and done code walkthrough and code reviews.

Technical platformJSF,WSAD5.1 & DB2

Project Name:Confidential Duration:May 2004 to May 2005 Client:Confidential

Project Description The Business Vision of FALCON is to develop end-to-end loan origination and processing system that allows for Consumer Loan Origination, Small Business Loans, Direct & Indirect Loans, Captive Auto Loans and Mortgageto be processed on a single origination platform. The end product will include integration to other external systems (Fair Isaacs - Liquid Credit, Experian Business, Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax, Trans Union, Experian Consumer Bureau Reports) in order to provide a true end-to-end loan processing solution.


  • Performing a role of a Offshore Project Coordinator & Team Lead
  • Involved in Team Building & Team mentoring
  • Involved in Designing and Coding

Technical platformUML, Rational Rose 2003,EJB, JSP, STRUTS1.1,Javascript,XML Booster,ANT 1.6,Crystal Reports, Weblogic 8.1 ,Oracle

Project Name:Confidential Display Ad Management System(QDAMS) Duration:January 2004 to May 2004 Client:Confidential

Project Description ConfidentialDAMS intends to create an end-to-end solution for ad management. Advertisements are primary source of revenue for publishing houses. The entire ad business cycle from Ad publishing / printing to sales and customer management are for the customers. ConfidentialDAMS intends to offer a solution to improve customer service and customer experience (customers of publishing houses), optimize page space and provide correct billing generation for the publishing houses.


  • Involved in designing and Coding

Technical platformUML, Rational Rose2003,EJB,JSP,Servlets,Tomcat4.1, Jboss3.2.3,SQL-Server 2000,ANT

Project Name:Confidential Workflow Manager Duration:September 2003 to December 2004 Client:Confidential Product

Project Description Confidential Workflow Manager is a powerful and comprehensive Workflow Management System geared towards providing a complete Workflow solution to the modern business organizations.It can be used as a standalone or integrated with other software systems.It has five modules Administrator,Workflow Desigener,Initiator,Monitor,Tasklist. Administrator module allows for administrative functions like maintenance of users, groups, user permissions, classes, global variable groups, global variables and customization of task notifications. Workflow Designer module allows for the graphical designing of workflow processes. Initiator module allows the creation of workflow instances. Monitor module allows monitoring the progress of the workflow instances. Task List module acts as the inbox for the user's tasks. It contains all Active and Archived tasks of the user.


  • Involved in designing and Coding

Technical platformUML , Rational Rose 2003,EJB,JSP,Servlets,Apache1.3,Tomcat4.1, Jboss2.4.4,SQL-Server 2000

Project Name:EMEA-DWDI Data Integration EMEA Data Warehouses Duration:May 2003 to August 2003 Client:Confidential

Project Description The software is a significant enhancement over an internally developed system for data transfer and sharing between DW and the master remote Application. The whole data transfer is made simple using web services technology using SOAP 1.1 spec later it has been enhanced to support SOAP1.2 Used AOP for logging and security information.


  • Involved in system study and designing
  • Coding and Testing

Technical platformUML, Rational Rose 98,EJB,Servlets ,Apache Axis, Tomcat, Jboss3.2.3, AspectJ, empirix SOAP test,Oracle

Project Name:ECParagon Duration:Nov 2002 - April 2003 Client:Confidential

Project Description This enhances service and retails centers to transact business electronically their automated Claims processing with the Master Application. Three modules of the project were to modify the existing system, On-line, Claim Attachments and Prior Authorization (PA) subsystems. These modifications expand available information with increased access and mobility throughout the on-line system. Electronic routing of Claim Attachments and Pas promote efficient tracking mechanisms and reduce paper incentive practices. The financial subsystem modification enables the issuance and tracing of non-provider checks reducing the intensive manual effort. The final segment is the creation and tracking system) case management and to create Insurance Premium Payment subsystem. The existing information is incorporated into the case management System and premium payment subsystems to allow for a solid foundation in both areas. The B2B transaction arena used Rosattanets standard implementation.


  • Involved in use case analysis and coding

Technical platformEJB,Servlets,Apache cocoon ,Velocity, SiteMesh, OSCache, Tomcat, Jboss3.2.3, AspectJ,Xdoclet,Oracle

Project Name:MIS - Management Information System Duration:May 2002 - Oct 2002 Client:Confidential

Project Description The objective of this project is to represent data queried by the end user in existing MIS Graphically and Geographically. Graphical representation was done for the links Ageing Analysis, Stock Details; Snap shot, Customer Balance, Collection, Sales and Despatch details. Line, Bar and Pie charts were used for Graphical representation. Geographical representation is done for entire India and 9 states where BCL hold their market share. Geographical representation helps to plan and analyze their Nationwide and Statewide Sales and Collection activities from their desktop by portraying their business spread based on anchor field. On Mouse over a particular area key parameters affecting their business which will be shown in a table below.


  • Requirements gathering from the Client:.
  • Involved in Testing and Installation.

Technical platformJava applet, JSP, Servlet, Java Script and EJB, Web logic 6.1, Oracle 8x

Project Name:BCL - Ebpp Duration:Nov 2001 - April 2002 Client:Confidential

Project Description BCL wants to build an ebpp solution (Electronic Billing, Presentation and Payment). BCL proposes to get invoices coming from many suppliers, to translate them in to a transfer format, to present them on the web to the buyers in an aggregated way so that they can validate, pay and integrate them in their Systems. The solution will be based on secured infrastructure and web technologies, thus enabling users to do all their transactions with a simple browser. Invoices are feed to the system using another intranet application.


  • Involved in Coding.
  • Involved in Module Testing.

Technical platformEJB, JSP, Java Servlets, Web logic 6.1,Java Script, Oracle 8.x, Java.

Project Name:GAIN -Geographically Aided Information Network Duration:Nov 2000 to Sept 2001 Client:Confidential

Project Description

  • GAIN is a multi-dimensional tool that enhances better understanding of data by providing features like Viewing Platform, Forecasting and Trend Analysis.
  • As the market is spatially distributed, each marketing pockets behaves in a unique style. So the geo-demographic clusters, which articulate the behaving pattern of each product in each market will be better, understood, if they are looked at proper perspective and this requirement is precisely addressed by GAIN.
  • GAIN helps to plan and analyze the Nationwide and Statewide sales and marketing activities from your desktop
  • GAIN helps to visualize and track performance against targets over a time period.
  • GAIN allows the user to relate specific information on Sales and Marketing activities with a sophisticated viewing Platform.
  • Instantaneous access to Geographical distribution of business activities by means of a user-friendly pictorial format.
  • This tool has features like comparing the reports, exporting the reports in to image files and linking a report with another report.


  • Involved in Coding.
  • Entire functionality testing.
  • Involved in support activities during implementation.

Technical platformJava, Swing, Visual Cafe,Oracle 7.x.

Project Name:Discussion Board Duration:Feb 2000 - Oct 2000

Project Description This software is a solution for web based conferencing and discussion. Every user/visitor will login and we can create a topic for discussion and can also participate in the available discussion topics. And he can also post his own ideas/already published articles for others to know about it. The items will be available for a specific Duration: only. The administrator is empowered to delete discussion/article at any time. And the administrator will create the user login id based on their cadre and then only the user can login and participate in the discussion.


  • Involved in Coding.
  • Involved in Module Testing.

Technical platformJava, Servlet, Java Script, Oracle 7.x, HTML.


  • Working as Assistant-Consultant in Confidential from Oct'2007 to Till Date
  • Worked as Sr.Software Engineer in Confidential from August'2005 to Sep'2007.
  • Worked as Associate-Projects in Confidential from May'2004 to August'2005.
  • Worked as Member-SDG in Confidential, Mohali from September 2003 to May'2004.
  • Worked as Software Engineer in Confidential, Bangalore from Feb'2000 to August 2003

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