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Sr. Programmer Analyst Resume

Center Valley, PA

Technical Expertise:

  • Architecture and Design:

Object Oriented Design (OOD), Web Services, XML.

  • Core Technologies:

MS Windows development, Client/Server Development, Web Development, .NET Development [All C#], ASP.NET Web Forms, Windows Forms, Ajax, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): Familiarity

  • Service Technologies:

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX), SOAP

  • Languages:

Delphi/Object Pascal, C# 3.0,Java, Java Script

  • Databases:


  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC):

Technical Team Lead, Software Configuration Management (SCM) [VSS, CVS]

Education: Major: BS in Instrumentation Technology Minor: IT

Additional Info: H1B Holder

Current Employer: Confidential

References: Will be provided upon request.

Work Experience More than 12 years experience in cutting edge software development.

Job One Job Title: Sr. Programmer Analyst (Contract) Confidential, Center Valley PA, USA Dates: December 2008 to June 2011 Major Duties:

  • Implemented Image/Meta Data extraction module that extracts Images from the pyramid structured virtual slide image into a Jpeg or Tiff file with a supplied image dimensions and magnifications. The module uses the RESTful services that are exposed by the server for creating these images.
  • Implemented All-in one Multi-threaded Workflow module, that gathers and updates the main database system with information from other LIMS system, allows periodic purging of old slide images, automatic optimization of slide images for better performance, periodic archiving of slide images.
  • Single point of contact for all the Technical questions, Remote Installation of the software suite at different client places and technical support using Citrix Webex.
  • Created training materials using Adobe Captivate software
  • Remote Technical Training and Demo to customers who are using Virtual Microscopy solutions.
  • Maintaining the Web Servers, Database servers, IIS servers to meet the client’s requirements and updating the software as required.
  • Configured the final build system to create the client license copies of the software for delivering when the license expires.
  • Maintained the legacy software which was written using Delphi 2007/7, and Java. Added new modules for the legacy system, Created/Added new features to the Web Server application which was completely written using Delphi, HTML, Java Script. Added new features to the Java applet that supports viewing of virtual slides on Linux and Mac Systems.
  • Written Database objects (such as Stored procedures, Triggers, Views, Functions)
  • Assisted clients in creating their own websites utilizing the web services exposed by the virtual microscopy software suite.

Job Two Job Title: Sr. Programmer (Full Time) Confidential, Puerto Rico, USA Dates: Jun 2003 to Dec 2008 Major Duties:

  • Understanding technical challenges and providing efficient solutions to team in designing the new features, fixing issues, creating new modules.
  • Implemented a highly customizable billing module that mines huge SQL database (several million records) and gathers the information for over 200 clients and based on a complicated business logic setup for each client, it generates a billing file that is then sent to accounting department for final billing purpose. All the business logics were easily configurable to setup the complex rules.
  • Implemented large number of item processing customers using J&B’s Remittance processing software suite
  • Created highly customizable DLL modules for adding any new clients into the system which have complex business logics
  • Created complex stored procedures
  • Created large number of reports using Crystal Reports 8.5
  • Created a complex derogatory accounts database for Hacienda. Created Image export module that exports the daily processed Tax Documents of Hacienda Images in a multi-paged TIF format with all the meta data in XML.
  • Created lot of batch files to upload the flat files to AS400 system for further analysis
  • Created database backup utility to select the desired data and images for backup purpose
  • Provided 24/7 production support.

Job Three Job Title: Programmer Analyst (Full Time) Confidential (Blue Bell, PA) Dates: Mar 2001 to Jun 2003

Major Duties:

  • Designed, and developed data entry applications using Delphi.
  • Designed, and developed reusable user interface components library using Delphi.
  • Designed, and developed database schemas for SQL Server.
  • Designed, and developed image recognition library using VC++ to recognize OCR, MICR, Bar Code, and Dollar Amount on the image.
  • Designed, and developed image annotation library using VC++.
  • Provided development task estimations.
  • Added various features to their product, working across all software layers.
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Gathered requirements from customer, and documented them.
  • Performed requirements analysis.
  • Provided technical, and application production support to customers.
  • Visited numerous customer sites to debug, and fix production issues.
  • As an on site consultant performed application installation, user training, acceptance testing and production support. Documented production defects, and coordinated with offshore development team to resolve them.

Special Projects:

  • Confidential:

Confidential is a market leading, and highly customizable Item Processing Product developed by J & B Software Inc. Confidential provides Item Processing solutions to Banks, Insurance, Credit Card, Government, and Utilities etc.

  • Confidential:

Crows Solutions implemented a new system to payments and Invoice processing using TMSImage2000, NCR High Speed Transports, and Kodak Scanner.

  • Confidential:

Confidential reengineered their Retail and Wholesale payment processing systems using TMSImage SE, and NCR High Speed Transports.

  • Confidential:

Confidential a new system to automate their Item processing system using TMSImage 2000 platform and NCR High Speed Transports.

  • Confidential:

Confidential implemented a new system to payments and Invoice processing using TMSImage2000, NCR High Speed Transports, and Kodak Scanner.


  • Lead offshore development team of 5 in customizing Confidential product for Provident Bank, and Allstate Insurance.
  • Worked as lead developer in design, and development for Confidential SQL Server Edition.
  • Designed and developed data access layer for Client/Server architecture using Delphi, ADO, and DCOM.
  • Visited offshore development facility in India, to share domain experience, discuss requirements, and to provide technical support to development team. Helped development team to resolve design issues, and reviewed design documents.

Job Four Job Title: Programmer Analyst (Full Time) Confidential (Bangalore, India) Dates: September 1998 to Feb 2001

Major Duties:

  • Designed, Developed data entry applications using Delphi.
  • Developed various reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Prepared test cases, and performed application testing.
  • Developed Delphi Styler a code analysis tool using VC++. This tool analyzes Pascal code, and reports method complexity, exception-handling percentage using object-oriented methodology.

Special Projects:

  • TMSImage Customization:

Developed custom code to provide solutions to Intria Systems, and EDS Detroit.


  • Visited onsite to support customer during onsite acceptance testing.
  • Worked with offshore development team in resolving defects reported during customer acceptance testing.

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