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Programmer Analyst Resume

Des Plaines, IL

RELEVENT EXPERIENCE 10 years of experience as a software developer with extensive experience in full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definitions, design, interface implementation, testing and maintenance. Experience writing maintaining, testing and debugging applications written in VB6 and C++ using UNIX and Oracle as well as Java using Eclipse. Currently learning VB.NET.


VB6 & VB.NET: Design VB Interfaces Toad for Oracle: Write and update API's, DLL's, OCX's SQL and PL/SQL: Crystal Reports C++ : Java using Eclipse UNIX: GNU debugger Internet Explorer: Telnet FTP : MS Access, MS Project MS Access Documentation: XML UltraEdit : UML Use Cases


Confidential Jan 2007 - Nov. 2009 Programmer Analyst II, Des Plaines IL Continuation of Endeavor Information Systems (merger with ExLibris Group USA) My duties were to support all of our specific clients that were written in VB6 which use API's written in VB and C++ to send requests to the C++ code where the SQL is embedded to communicate with the Oracle Database.


  • Write new code and/or enhancements from specifications.
  • Help other developers understand our applications and business rules.
  • Maintain, add and fix business rule logic in the VB6 clients and C++.
  • Fix and test bugs reported by end users and update the documentation.
  • Add new functions and features to the applications.
  • Responsible for all DLL's API's, grids, checkboxes, radio buttons, splash screens, timers, functions, ocx modifications, calculations etc.
  • Responsibility to maintain and modify the SQL and PLSQL in the C++ code.
  • Write clean up scripts - SQL and PLSQL to correct database corruption when bugs caused errors.
  • Troubleshooting client server environment, SQL with Oracle, GNU debugger Source Safe, Toad, UNIX Excel, Access, and Crystal Reports.
  • Update and maintain System Administration multi-database IP configurations.


  • Key member of team that developed a multi-database environment called Universal Borrowing as a new feature to the existing single database configuration. Also providing a virtual multi-database feature configuration for clients that only had one database, but needed to simulate a multi-database environment.
  • Fixed major overnight billing and scheduling system problems.
  • Led the bug-fix team to produce quality and accurate fixes.

Confidential Aug. 2000 - Dec. 2006 Programmer Analyst II, Des Plaines IL This was a Worldwide Library Management System using client/server architecture written in VB6, C++, XML and SQL with Oracle. My duties were to support all of our specific clients and maintain the business rules within our applications. Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the client/server applications using VB6, SQL PLSQL, and C++.
  • Fixing bugs testing and documentation.
  • Adding new functionality and enhancements.
  • Develop enterprise testing scenarios.
  • On-going research and validation of the business rules to insure accurate enhancements.
  • Java using Eclipse, Ultra Edit, Access.


  • Assigned sole client programming responsibility for all VB6 clients (previously 4 people).
  • Reduced response times for large database customers.

Confidential Sept. 1999 -July 2000 Developer/Business Analyst Dallas TX, Chicago, Illinois Contract Assignment - Sprint Long Distance International Billing. Responsibilities

  • Business analysis - interviewed management and client users.
  • Documented their existing methods of capturing data in which they used MS Excel as input source, business rules in their VB5 and SQL Server database and Stored Procedures.
  • Analysis of existing system - VB5 and SQL Server 6.5 and MS Access.
  • Research of existing workflow and methods


  • Provided a Technical Requirements Analysis using UML Methodology, Use Cases etc.

Confidential March 1998 Sept. 1999 Developer/Business Analyst Rolling Meadows, Illinois Supported an existing Warehouse Inventory System that used VB5, Access, SQL Server, and Crystal Reports. They also used barcode readers as part of the solution for data input. Responsibilities

  • Modified and updated the VB5 code and made changes to the SQL and PLSQL.
  • Installed, and fixed the hardware and software as well as setting up and testing the bar-code readers at the customer site.
  • Added and modified existing logic in the VB code.
  • Integrated solutions with barcode readers.
  • Meet with new clients/prospects - get their requirements.

Education Work towards EE Mathematics Major

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