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Senior Database Architect  Resume

Reston, VA


  • 18+ years’ experience as an IT professional. These experiences include Software Engineering, SQL Server Enterprise architecture & Design, SQL database administrator, SQL development, and Project Management.
  • MS SQL DBA - experience includes installing and upgrading multiple versions of SQL Server including service packs, configuring necessary NT Authentication accounts to run required SQL services, creating groups and user accounts in Active Directory, configuring SQL and mixed mode authentication, testing and installing service packs when required, installing and configuring clustering and scheduled failovers plans for proper system/windows server maintenance. My experience also included building & scheduling database maintenance plans; which includes creating and scheduling automated procedures to track and report on database integrity, global Errors, query stats, Isolation levels & Index utilization, hardware and disk stats; including data requests (Disk READ/WRITES) for capacity planning and measure query performance. This included monitoring SQL Server logs, verify backups were successful, verify job activity, review Error Logs, and SETUP & manage resource governance, and database mail & alerts. this includes creating scheduled backups to meet high availability, test daily backups & restore, update statistics and rebuild indexes if required, cleanup history and historical backups that are with compliance to company policy, set up policy and change management to enforce standardization, utilize profiler to trace optimization issues if required, utilize resource pools to manage/allocate CPU usage and to prioritize workloads. experience includes setting up scheduled log shipping, snapshots, mirroring, replication within a 20+ terabyte data model. My Data-warehouse experience includes architecture & design, creating dimensional matrixes, building data stores and data marts, dimension & fact tables using the Kimball methodologies.
  • MS SQL Development - experience includes designing and building normalized & de-normalized data models with proper referential integrity, global error/exception handling, flexibility for future growth, and give the ability to maintain high availability and scalability for vertical and horizontal data growth. experience includes working directly with client stakeholders to establish business requirements. This includes creating detailed documentation for scope creation, object modeling, and functional specification & design. Project Management experience also includes working with an Agile approach or traditional development lifecycle. experience also includes reverse engineering code, documenting workflows, gaps, potential issues, enhancements, and performance tuning as well. experience includes coding custom processes with XML, dynamic or static SQL, designing & building tables, schemas, stored procedures, CTE’s, views, table variables, temp tables, functions, triggers, cascading events, and incorporating best practices for coding standards and naming conventions. Experience also includes Business Intelligence, utilizing BCP, DTS, and SSIS tools for ETL, data collaboration & migrations and data conversions. Experience includes utilizing SSAS for data mining and providing OLAP multi-dimensional analysis for reporting data statistics. This also includes utilizing the SSRS tool to build and deploy custom reports. experiences also include utilizing SQL Server Agent, creating user defined datatypes, utilizing built-in SQL collation, aggregate & scalar functions, and utilizing database certificates & symmetric keys to encrypt and protect PII data for various government agencies and commerce online transactions.
  • MS Windows R2 Server - experience includes Installing and configuring Windows R2 Servers, including creating Networks with Kerberos for domain access control, partitioning and configuring network drives, group policies, Installing and configuring Active Directory accounts and domain services with DNS and creating forward and reverse lookup zones. This includes setting up a local forest Domain Controller and adding any additional servers required under that domain with proper firewall settings for security. My experience includes installing and configuring additional server management components such as SMTP for email services, system status notifications, and required alerts for failed services and unusual activity captured from the event logs. This includes, creating groups and user accounts, installing and configuring FTP, IIS, and SSL certificates for secure data transactions. My experience includes building and managing secure ecommerce architectures and implementing best practices to meet all PCI compliance. This includes Windows Administration, reviewing Task Manager, event viewer, windows logs, application and services logs, and documenting disk space for capacity planning. My experience also includes utilizing and configuring virtual servers and setting up various RAID and SAN configurations. This includes configuring Windows certificate based credentials and utilizing Windows Application Services, Web Services within an ESB/SOA middleware, and securely connecting to external Platforms with multiple API’s and different technologies.


Programming Languages:  Visual Basic, VBScript, ASP/ASP.NET, HTML, DHTML, C/C#, TSQL, XML, PSQL

Operating Systems:  Windows NT/ 95/ 98/ 2000/2003/2008/2012 , Novel, OS2, MS DOS, AS400, and NPS.

Databases:  SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, Access, DB2.

Development Tools:  RDBMS, ODBMS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Visual Studio .NET, Adobe Professional, Front Page, Team Foundation, Visual Source Safe, SharePoint Admin, Crystal Reports, TOAD.

Project Management Tools:  Microsoft Project, VISIO, Power Point, SharePoint, Excel, Agile.

Servers:  Windows R2, IIS, Project Server, SQL, Apache/Tomcat, COM+, DCOM, DNS, FTP, SFTP, Active Directory,


Confidential,Reston, VA

Senior Database Architect 


  • My current duties included managing a team of DBA’s and maintaining the senior DBA role for the Department Of Interior in Washington DC. Projects included completing a complete infrastructure upgrade from Win2003 to Win2008 and Win2012 with Hyper-V virtualization integration. This included upgrading their current SQL 2005 environment to SQL 2008 including Visual Studio BI 2008, migrating from a RAID5 to RAID10 configuration under an EMC SAN. This new topology included configuring SQL Server and Reporting Services within a DMZ environment, and rolling out 2 new cluster environments for Testing and Development. This project also included building a custom ETL tool in SSIS that migrated/converted/cleaned 68,000 XML files from various FTP sites into a new SQL 2008 data repository. During the migration various data types had to be converted to Unicode with additional data integrity checks accomplished during the transformation.
  • Phase II of this project included setting up database mirroring for fault-tolerance/High Availability, creating maintenance plan for routine checks, setting up performance monitoring (I/O pointers), utilizing profiler and database engine tuning tools, creating daily and weekly backups with notification, implementing capacity planning and standardization, including data dictionary. This included building a Data warehouse with various dimension and fact tables with a master data store for their Tier 2 ERP system.
  • Phase III of this project included writing custom stored procedures, triggers, and functions to manipulate, read and write data in a high transactional environment when required. This included object modeling, creating views, creating certificates, symmetric keys for data encryption.
  • Phase IV included designing and build a .NET interface that would connect to various servers and transfer data from one server to another using web-services/API’s and SQL Server broker. This interface was built in .NET 3.5 framework using C# and VB.Net coding languages.
  • After upgrade Projects included enhancing the HR module within a SQL Server and Oracle ERP environment, also included was to design and build a data-warehouse utilizing SSIS, SSRS to meet reporting needs to eliminate the current system performance bottlenecks. This included doing the initial assessment discovery phase to establish business requirements, implement proper task/time allocation for resource pools within a SDLC. In addition, to determine and document potential risks, project management, and provide standardizations for development and maintenance. My duties included being the senior architect and maintaining hands on roles throughout the entire engagement. During this engagement we upgraded the current ERP platform from 2000 to 2005, and the Data-warehouse environment from 2005 to 2008. This included introducing new capacity planning strategies for the next 2008 ERP upgrade phase; planned for 2010. This included modeling a new high availability & disaster recovery plan with mirroring, defining and implementing proper security principles for auditing & notification, configuring various remote servers through service broker. Also included, utilizing MDX, OLAP, and SSAS for data analysis and segmenting data into groups, and OLTP for reporting transitioned from Crystal to SSRS. Duties included creating SSIS containers with integrity checks to move 20+ terabytes of data from an Oracle 9g platform to a new SQL 2005/2008 platforms. Here various SQL instances were created to accomplish transactional replication as well as creating various maintenance plans including mirroring and server clustering. My duties also included being hands on, developing in TSQL and PSQL, creating a 2008 testing environment, creating stored procedures, views, CTE’s and provide dimensional modeling.
  • Developed a lead generation rules engine with a SQL Server backend to capture leads from various web sites. This engine would check for data integrity issues, cleanse where required and provide executive reporting. Included with this design various data marts were created based on city and state.
  • Lead and architected a full software application for Microbust, a Direct Sales software company building compensation engines and allocating funds and financial documentation to all government institutions internationally. The project was to migrate a legacy FoxPro application from a single threaded to a multi-threaded enterprise level software with the flexibility and scalability to maintain 100 to 200 terabytes of data with 24/7 uptime. My responsibilities was to design the data model architecture and migrate the current model from a demoralization model to a normalized model with proper referential integrity. My responsibilities was senior architect, which included all DBA responsibilities, and SQL Server Development.
  • My duties included configuring and managing Windows Server environments, including implementing and managing Domain Controllers, Active Directory, DNS, SFTP, creating scheduled services, configuring IIS, utilizing COM+, implementing log shipment, server maintenance, required security layers, and maintaining PCI & SOX compliance within an N’Tier topology. 

Confidential,Newport Beach, CA )

Senior IT Consultant / MS SQL Developer / MS SQL DBA / Database Architect

  • A Senior SQL DBA & Architect on site for over a year was contracted as the Senior DBA to do an assessment on the current MLM ERP system utilized for capturing close to 15+ terabytes of data. Our accomplishments included building a custom replication/ETL tool for consolidating genealogy data from 9 disparate databases (Oracle, MySQL, Informix, SQL Server, and COBOL) into a new SQL 2005 data-warehouse. We built the ETL tool utilizing .NET 3.0 framework, C#/ ASP.NET for the front end application, SSIS for the bulk loading and a SQL Server rules engine for the backend for data transformation, scrubbing, and consolidation. The Architect & Design was built around a batch process that controlled the pipeline of data that is generated from the initial data repository. As a senior consultant my duties normally spread out which causes me to wear many hats during most Software Development Lifecycle’s. My duties also included Project Manager, Chief Architect, and Backup Support DBA. As the Project Manager my duties included gathering requirements through multiple discovery phases, and frequent meetings with stakeholders. After completing the assessment and confirmed requirements, dependencies/risks, my duties included building a qualified resource pool through interviewing and hiring qualified candidates to eventually take over. My resource pool on this project consisted of 2 DBA’s, 1 SQL developer, 1 analyst, 2 .Net developers, and 1 tester. As the Chief Architect my duties included architecture & design, data modeling the business requirements into scope, transferring the scope into a FSD, defining required tasks, enforcing standardization & change management, and defining a timeline for completion. Backup Support included picking up the slack, enforcing code peer reviews, solid documentation, system & security audits, risk assessment, and acting DBA when required. Also building the required workflows and business processes to maintain productivity, system capacity planning, and consistent internal tracking/reporting using SSRS. As a hand on person, my duties also included assisting in areas where required and developing maintenance plans for the new 2008 Data Warehouse.
  • A SQL DBA consultant on site for over 2 years, and contracted to provide a complete platform/product assessment for their current MLM EPICOR ERP client/server environment. The company wanted to see if the current ERP environment was scalable enough to handle a potential acquisition and company expansion to other areas outside of California. My duties were to reverse engineer the current TSQL stored procedures responsible for keeping the data/inventory moving. After the assessment create and deliver a four-wall analysis report identifying areas of concern and alternative solutions. After my discovery report; which determined the maximum capabilities and forecasted growth, our decision was to provide an interim solution and implement a new Oracle ERP platform capable of handling the potential volume of data. My duties were extended to Interim Chief Architect to design/determine the best interim solution; which included providing a complete cost analysis, resources required, suggested technology, and timeline for completion. After design approval my duties got extended to IT Manager where I reported directly to the CIO. Here I contracted and managed 9 EPICOR developers, 2 SQL DBA’s, 2 VB.NET engineers, 4 testers, and 2 help desk resources. During this software development lifecycle, I continued to wear multiple hats including custom development, project management, and overseeing this entire engagement. I also implemented a change and configuration management system to track production code changes and managed the staff. This included implementing a change control process, for code and document sharing that could be easily auditable if required. As hands on person, my duties also included application web development in C#/ASP.NET/VB.NET and database development using TSQL.


Project Manager / MS SQL Developer / MS SQL DBA / Software Engineer

  • Managed a team of engineers, provided Senior level DBA consulting services, managing customer accounts, including gathering and documenting business requirements, Architecture & Design, defining Risk Management, creating and delegating tasks to resources, managing daily productivity using MS Project Server 2003, appointing hours to tasks, creating resource pools, defining project timelines.
  • Networking responsibilities include setting up user accounts on the company domain, creating and managing SQL Server security roles, IIS and active directory.
  • Developed a financial application using VB, C# in .Net, developed database and required data objects with data elements to accomplish current and new application functionality, created a backup strategy using SQL snapshot replication, provided data dictionary and required documentation, responsible for support, versioning and enhancements.
  • Developed a dynamic reporting tool that allows the customer without development experience to build financial reports on the fly using Crystal Enterprise Reports, This tool can/will be reused in other applications.
  • Senior DBA for the company’s internal and external development/testing/Production platform, creating schema’s, developing DTS packages to transport data, scheduling backups, auditing event logs, restoring transactions logs, and develop various stages of replication when required. 

 Confidential,Washington, DC 

Contractor / MS SQL Developer / MS SQL DBA / Database Architect

  • Responsibilities include enhancing and managing various SQL 2000 databases, developing middle tier components using COM+, implementing data integrity processes, setting up security & authentication layer, scheduling database backups and restores, creating and managing linked and remote servers, development, importing & exporting data using DTS. Developing and managing tables, stored procedures, triggers, and views when required, running traces for debugging and performance monitoring using SQL agent, managing and monitoring various transaction logs, accomplishing performance and scalability when required.
  • Database conversions & normalization to SQL Server from various Access databases platforms provided by 52 chapters, was responsible for eliminating standalone applications/databases that could not communicate, eliminated legacy processes.
  • Providing various Scope’s and FSD to meet documentation requirements, Incorporating database optimization tactics using various staging sessions (dropping and re-building indexes) for various data dumps.
  • Accomplished weekly production enhancements using clarify as a tracking source, creating data dictionaries, hosting peer reviews, and managing 4 DBA’s and 1 SQL developer.


Project Manager / Software Engineer / MS SQL Developer

  • Managing a team of fraud analysts, and software engineers to build custom applications to fight ATM & Credit card fraud. Responsible for designing, developing, and implementing an interface for filtering results provided by a data processing tool I built. This interface allows the user the ability to filter each file by criteria, specific event, and export selected data sets when needed.
  • It is intended to provide additional and more detailed analysis to evaluate possible fraudulent activities on a daily high transactional level. Designed, developed, and implemented a data processing tool that downloads large tilde delimited text files provided by many banking networks throughout the United States.
  • It connects to multiple FTP sites on a scheduled basis, performs a variety of file verification checks, then extracts/parses data row by row and inserts it into their designated SQL platform for further data manipulation.
  • The tool was designed to extract specific banking transactions that meet set criteria, locate points of compromise for Secret Service and FBI analysts. Provided detailed documentation, and functional spec designs for the required rules engine.
  • Developed the “Event Analysis” tool that is utilized to create criminal cases when fraud is detected which is then validated by banking institutions.
  • Analysts use this tool to search for current and archived data tables to update statuses and search for additional transactions that may be part of a pattern by a specific perpetrator.
  • It assists in identifying the point of compromise (location) and allows the user to update prior cases if the data is consistent to ongoing investigations. This application would check data integrity provided by network customers and then filter out possible fraudulent credit card and ATM transactions while establishing the perpetrators location nationwide.
  • Worked directly with senior management by scheduling and directing meetings pertaining to future projects and reporting employee productivity.
  • Provided project awareness and worked directly with the departments on new product designs, ideas, and product knowledge training.

Confidential,Sterling, VA

IT Help Desk Manager / Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Managed the computer help desk & software development team of 22 for all computer-affiliated projects. This included Architecture & Design for all processes/workflows related to application & hardware development.
  • Project A+ certification - I proposed and delivered a successful marketable, state registered A+ certified help desk; including myself, (3) months before schedule.
  • These duties included directing an in-house training class for the A+ and Net+ certification to accomplish all marketing and contractual obligations.
  • Project Decrease Severity - I developed and implemented incentives for motivation for day-to-day job duties and training and provided the highest service level of 90 percent of all incoming calls answered within 20 seconds. Achieved a first year profit of 2.6 million in revenue, decreased the average computer service severity by 34% and earned the company the first in revenue.
  • Established and directed a service audit that resulted in a company reimbursement of $136,000.
  • Responsible for reporting the computer help desk department’s annual budget and required monthly reports.
  • Planned and directed the day to day operations and distributed tasks, enforced company policies. Developed and implemented productivity reporting/tracking tools using SQL, Access, recorded, monitored, and reviewed in/outbound calls for Q&A purposes. Accountable for growth in business and staff to meet contractual obligations, responsible for meeting with potential clients to negotiate rates, Developed new methods for analyzing and improving workflow as well as the depth and accuracy of analyses and anticipation of future conditions. Was responsible for writing and administering employee reviews and interviewing possible candidates for employment, time and progress tracking. 

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