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Senior Master Data Specialist/etl Specialist Resume

Kansas City, MissourI


  • An Information Technology and/or Project Management position using my project management, problem solving, software analysis, identification and implementation of technical solution skills to contribute to carrying out team and/or organizational goals.


Design Tools: Oracle Designer, Power Designer, Erwin, TOAD, SQL XL, SQL Developer, SubVersion, Visual SourceSafe, Share Point, Visual Studio, Rationale Rose, Lotus Notes

Languages: SQL and PL/SQL, XML, HTML, MS FrontPage, JavaScript, Java Knowledge JDBC 2.0, Visual Basic, Cobol, C, Pro*C

Operating Systems: MS Windows XP/2000/NT/9x/Vista/7, Unix Shell Script, Sun Solaris, AIX

Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, DB2, Focus, Informix, dBase, MS Access, MySQL, dBase, Greenplum

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, MicroStrategy, Hyperion, Web Focus, MS Excel, MS Project

ETL/ELT Tools: IBM Info Sphere MDM, Clover (Initiate), DataStage, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 10g, SSIS/DTS, Informatica


Confidential, Kansas City, Missouri

Senior Master Data Specialist/ETL Specialist


  • Completed IBM Initiate Technical Boot Camp V10 Training.
  • Tasked to lead the Master Data Management (MDM) Initiate Project to consolidate Customer data using IBM InfoSphere MDM platform. This included reviewing previous installed implementation and providing information on proceeding with the project. Worked with other groups to re - install and configure the software and achieved daily loads.
  • Performed physical MDM hub configuration, data mapping, service mapping and performance tuning on MDM.
  • Worked with algorithms, bulk matching and the ETL to ensure they were correctly configured.
  • Troubleshooting and application of appropriate recommendations and fixes.
  • Created analysis reports to be used for data cleansing.
  • Assisted other team members with troubleshooting DataStage and Database issues and helping them understand the systems from my previous experience with the group.
Confidential, Kansas City, Missouri

Database Developer/ETL Specialist/SQL Tester, Senior IT Consultant


  • Involved in implementing the Production Data Operations group for the Do Not Pay project sponsored by the Department of Treasury that helps prevent improper payments. Tasks included implementing separation of duties, creating documentation on the Wiki/Sharepoint and issue tracking using JIRA.
  • Performed Production Support Services for the Informatica Jobs that load data into the Do Not Pay Datawarehouse and Datamart. Tasks included running the jobs, troubleshooting and providing communication to stake holders in addition to providing requirements for enhancements.
  • Performed SQL testing on the Informatica code to ensure the transformations done by the tool were accurate by running similar scenarios outside of the tool. This included developing test plans and scripts for unit and integration testing.
  • Created validation scripts for reports that calculate improper payments made by agencies.
  • Mentored other team members as they joined the Production Data Operations group by providing direction and guidance to less-experienced staff.
Confidential, Kansas City, Missouri

Database Developer/ETL Specialist, Senior IT Consultant for HP/USDA


  • Developed datasets through Master Data Management to provide a common single source set of shared data that is current, accurate, and consistent for all transaction systems and the data warehouse. The Master Reference Tables (MRT) eliminated building of stovepipe reference tables from individual system resources and have become the primary data source for the information they contain.
  • Designed data migration processes using ETL/ELT push/pull strategy, error handling and exception handling processes, mapping, job success/failure notification strategy, and job scheduling.
  • Responsible for identifying entities and attributes to feed data warehouse systems. Used PowerDesigner to create DDL from data models. Worked with the Data Modeling Team to develop and maintain the data models for the various databases.
  • Performed comparison between ETL/ELT tools such as DataStage, Informatica and ODI as tasked by manager.
  • Developed automated jobs using DataStage and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) ETL software. The primary purpose of the jobs was to retrieve data from various database sources, including websites in XML format, Spreadsheets, and flat files and load into the SQL Server, Oracle, dB2 and Informix databases.
  • Performed DataStage Administrative project configuration changes and project migrations requested from the DataStage user community while implementing Version Control standards.
  • Managed projects which included providing status reporting, risk assessments, alternatives analysis, database disaster recovery plans, project plans, and other standard technical documentation. Maintained the Microsoft SharePoint site.
  • Provided customer support, developed SQL scripts for troubleshooting and also maintaining data.
  • Led the initiative to upgrade the MRT Application SQL Server database from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 and to SQL Server 2008, upgrade DataStage Jobs from DataStage Verson 4 to Version 5 and Version 7.5 and move jobs from different Unix Platforms with minimal impact to the delivery of Production Services.
  • Managed timecards for the Contracting staff to ensure they were accurate and transmitted to the contracting company on time.
Confidential, Kansas City, Missouri

Database Developer/stand by Datatbase Administrator


  • Supported database adhoc enquiries and requests from work groups to resolve data issues. Trouble shot application data problems and worked to define processes necessary to meet set objectives.
  • Performed Extract Transform and Load (ETL) functionality and data clean up for assigned applications. Data sources/extracts included Spreadsheets, MS Access and Flat files to Oracle primarily working with SQL, TOAD and SQL XL.
  • Ensured all documents, DDL, DML, SQL scripts I created to support the Technical Project Process (e.g. ETL, data cleanup) were maintained and version controlled in Visual SourceSafe.
  • Created and maintained a data dictionary and ERD for the database using Oracle Designer.
  • Provided database expertise to other projects and groups after evaluating ETL and EAI tools and attending KC Oracle User Group meetings. Researched XML utilities in Oracle that were incorporated in the .Net application code for improved data retrieval to the application.
  • Maintained a stand-by Database Administrator (DBA) role to perform daily and other pertinent tasks. Performed dBA processes e.g. creating and modifying tables, schema comparisons and troubleshooting database problems.
  • Involved in Application and Oracle 9.i Regression Testing to assist the Business Analysts meet their testing deadlines for on-time implementation.
Confidential, Kansas City, Missouri

Software Engineer


  • Saved $300,000/month by moving the Sprint One Payment Research web application used to research misapplied payments from a leased server to a Sprint-owned server and configuring it. Led initiative to relocate and test all the UNIX, SQL, PL/SQL and Java components to new AIX server.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained the Sprint One Payment Research web application using Unix Scripts, C, SQL, PL/SQL and Pro*C. The design incorporated the LTD, LDD and PCS divisions. Streamlined the process resulting in a common repository with improved search accuracy and accessibility at reduced cost. Incorporated Oracle partitioning to provide faster retrieval from 24 months worth of history data for each division.
  • Provided Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) functionality for SQL Server datamarts from Teradata warehouse for Sprint Business Profitability and NCO/Encore applications and loaded the data into cubes. Created profitability reports from the data for the Sales, Marketing, Finance and Corporate departments to enable accurate strategic planning using MicroStrategy and Crystal Reporting tools.
  • Managed the ION IP Service report development project that used Java, SQL, Information Broker, Excel, Outlook and Crystal Report.
  • Took initiative to develop documentation including data and system flows for all assigned applications, resulting in reduced transition time and improved resources for future developers.
  • Developed automated processes to load data Into Oracle tables using Unix Scripts and PL/SQL incorporating error checking based on company standards. Possibilities of human error were minimized, human intervention reduced by more than 70% and transition downtime slashed.
  • Designed and implemented the Sprint Customer Agreement (SCA) web application that allowed users to sell customized telecommunication service packages based on the customer’s needs. Technologies used in this project were NT, Lotus Notes, JavaScript, HTML, Excel and Visual Basic.
  • Worked with the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) methodologies. Prepared project estimates and plans. Achieved 90% accuracy in project development and deadlines, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Managed and maintained Orion (Sales compensation application) using Netscape Enterprise Server, UNIX and JavaScript.
  • Maintained, tested and implemented Focus mainframe applications - FMS (Facilities Management Systems), SBSC (Sprint Business Services Center), BSKPI (Business Service Key Performance Indicators), STATS (Sales Transactions and Tracking System) and CBS (Carrier Billing System).
  • Documented on-call procedures for the midrange and mainframe applications supported. This enabled those with limited knowledge of the systems to have a quick checklist when contacted minimizing the need to contact the application expert and reducing system down time. Created log of common errors to reduce troubleshooting time.
  • Cross-trained fellow employees on critical applications, reducing downtime by eliminating single point of contact.
  • Successfully completed Year 2000 (Y2K) compliancy for Sprint One Payment Research, FMS, CBS and SCA applications to alleviate any repercussions the company would have had. Researched and analyzed existing code in C, Oracle, Unix Scripts, JavaScript, Focus, Lotus Notes to identify date references, made changes, tested and implemented resulting in an incident free transition.
  • Coded test programs, tested data in new system versus outgoing system, verified results in FOCUS and documented outgoing system for the VM rehost application. This resulted in the elimination of $2 million recurring costs.

Confidential, Missouri

Lab Manager


  • Redesigned Customer application to MS Access from dBase IV. This enabled the users to interact with MS Office package eliminating the need to interact with incompatible software packages.
  • Provided lab support by maintaining hardware, installing software and administering Novell Network.
  • Responsible for scheduling lab assistants for continuing education computer classes and mentoring and assisting adult students through Micro computer classes.

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