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Senior Business Data Analyst/ Etl And Sql Developer Resume

Jersey, CitY


  • Skilled senior IT professional that combines strong technical skills with a solid knowledge of business processes.
  • Background includes two years in the healthcare environment with development of applications resulting in annual cost savings for Confidential, 5 years in the financial industry and 11 overall resulting in managing and creating solutions in high pressure environments.
  • Team player who possesses the diligence to work independently when needed.
  • Strengths in, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving and motivational speaking (winner of Toastmaster Speech Contest).


Platforms: Windows operating systems

Software: Microsoft Office Suite, SQL Server, Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Manager, Visio, LogiXML, SSRS, SSIS, Cognos 8.3 (basic knowledge), Tera Data, SSAS(cubes/dimensions limited experience), Investran (back - end).

Languages: T-SQL, VB.NET, SQL


Confidential, Jersey City

Senior Business Data Analyst/ ETL and SQL Developer


  • Working in a busy Mortgage data testing environment with on and off shore teams
  • Automated testing data comprising of Population and Sample files for all mortgage loans for multiple teams.
  • Partnered in building a script check in/check out tool that allows developers to make changes to scripts and check them into our production database.
  • Created a new production database environment that allows checked in scripts to run in our daily process to create population and sample files.
  • Start work at 6:00 AM EST to work with our off shore team and trigger the production processes since it is semi-automated environment without scheduling
  • Documenting all processes and enhancements to all existing and new processes. Using Bulk data INSERTS, OpenRowSet and Open queries to move data between databases and servers. Data Analysis and seeking requested in the list of database servers in the company.
  • Aim is to automate as much as possible with minimal support required to maintain the processes.
  • SME for the production environment we have setup for all Automated tests.
  • Performing Data Analysis and seeking requested in the list of database servers in the company.

Tools: Used: SQL Server 2008, SSIS 2008, Visio.

Confidential, Manhattan, New York

Senior Business Data Analyst

  • Worked in a busy Private equity firm supporting Production processes and reporting issues.
  • Supported Investran, a fund accounting system used to enter and maintain all funds the company created and maintained.
  • Followed Agile methodology for all projects from requirement documents and SCRUMS to execution and implementation.
  • Learned the complex funds’ structure of the firm.
  • Developed SSRS reports and SSIS packages to automate data loads. Dynamic SQL and BULK data queries to read data from Excel and other files.

Tools: Used: Investran (back-end), SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SSRS 2008, Visio, limited Crystal reports.

Confidential, Manhattan, New York

NYC Team Lead - Senior Business Data Analyst/ Equities Oracle BI/SQL Developer

  • Worked in a high-pressure trading floor environment at Confidential, Equities division.
  • Worked with equities trade data, learned terminologies and how data works from trade level to month end trader level analysis.
  • Belonged to the IPM team in Charlotte, but I was their point of contact for the Equities team in New York.
  • Managed suggested enhancements and proposed solutions to the Equities team. Once approved, helped assign the work the IPM team members.
  • Organized and maintained business expectations by holding meetings with IPM to keep track of statuses and timelines.
  • Worked in a data warehouse environment in SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Created, maintained and delivered dashboards and reports using Oracle BI (OBIEE) 10g. Also acted as Admin for all other users and provided appropriate access based on their roles.
  • Analyzed data loads, researched reasons for failure within minutes due to the high pace trading floor environment.
  • Another aspect of the role was to provide complex month-end Incentive Compensation report for all traders based on their sales of stocks.
  • Created multi level drill down reports in Reporting Services (SSRS) for all business users to keep track on data from trade to quarterly sales level.
  • Maintained strong relationship with all business users for any data and reporting needs.

Tools: Used: Oracle BI 10g, Data warehouse in SQL Server 2005, 2008, SSIS, SSRS, DTS, Visio and In house trader coverage systems.

Confidential, Manhattan, New York

Data Quality Analyst/Database Developer- Consultant

  • Worked in a data warehouse environment in Tera Data 13.0 and SQL Server 2008 for analysis.
  • Gathered report requirements and worked with the BI team for Cognos report development.
  • Worked in Visio for charts and data flow diagrams.
  • Mainly focused on data quality programs and initiatives dealing with all aspects of subscriber data, revenue assurance, and equipment data and data from partner data exchanges.
  • Maintained data completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness, and accuracy.
  • Worked with business stakeholders, application developers, and business intelligence team to identify potential data anomalies and at-risk processes.
  • Researched data anomalies while analyzing complex business systems and developing audit reports
  • Came up with recommendations for correction of data, and developed business and technical processes to ensure data integrity.
  • Provided data management quality assurance through routine check-ups of pre-existing data fixes and audit reports.
  • Formulated and actively developed test cases, test scripts, and output report specifications for data remediation projects.
  • Created SSIS packages calling stored procedures, querying Views from SQL Server 2008 for reporting and extracting data for clients.
  • Coded in SQL Server 2008 and Tera Data 13.0
  • Created a file extract package for Toyota, GM (OEM) that provides data extracts in a delimited file for their internal imports.
  • Adhoc queries using Cognos query studio and Analysis studio and SQL Server 2008.

Tools: Used: Data 13.0, SQL Server 2005/2008, Visio, SSIS, Cognos.

Confidential, Red Bank, New Jersey

ETL/Database Developer/Data Analyst/Conversion Analyst - Consultant

  • Took part in a conversion project that involved converting, mapping and moving data from legacy systems to the new Guidewire Claim Center, which is a well-known claims management application.
  • Mapped Data for Guide wire Claim Center by working with business users.
  • Performed data cleansing and set up routines to automate legacy data import into staging.
  • Developed and running SSIS packages along with T-SQL (SQL Server 2008) procedure to convert and move data.
  • Migrated legacy Insurance data to Guidewire Claim Center.
  • Modeled work tables utilized for migration.
  • Created CBOB reports in SSRS for the finance department.
  • Helped create a database that stored data for migration in a consistent format from all Legacy databases.
  • Wrote T-SQL procedures to convert legacy VB.net code into a data cleansing routine.
  • Processed Claim Center Data Integrity Checks and then moving staging data into operational tables.
  • Rationalized code structures and proposing changes when required.
  • Performed Test Cases and other QA standardized tests for every conversion piece in SQL Server 2008 and using Claim Center..
  • Created aggregate claim codes for legacy Insurance system based on the business/treaty rules.
  • Performance Tuning of existing queries and T-SQL stored procedures.
  • Utilized functions in T-SQL (SQL Server 2008)
  • Maintained files on Share point
  • Documented all ETL processes and communicated progress to the Project Manager on a daily basis.

Tools: Used: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SSRS, Visio, Guidewire Claim Center.

Confidential, Edison, New Jersey

Data & Reporting Services Analyst / BI Developer

  • Managed the evaluation of different Business Intelligence (BI) tools for the company (QlikView, LogiXML).
  • After evaluating the tools, worked through a selection process that highlighted every feature the products offered and compared it to the original requirements.
  • Created am SQL relational database for SSRS and Logi XML reporting
  • Developed dashboards and reports in LogiXML as per user requirements.
  • Responsible for the roll out Project of LogiXML BI tool for reporting.
  • Developed client reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and wrote TSQL stored Procedures on the back-end.
  • Created Sub reports in SSRS to show grouped and detail-level data.
  • Managed Production release of the canned SSRS reports.
  • Gathered data for reports and wrote scope documents
  • Performed data profiling on newly received data before loading it into the system
  • Created data dictionary for the import processes.
  • Created numerous Adhoc reports in SSRS.
  • Also worked on drill down functionality reports in SSRS.
  • Managed the extraction, transformation and population of data files and databases (SQL Server/SSIS).
  • Provided analysis to clean up the SQL SERVER database based on new state standards and rules.
  • Developed scope documents to help users document their initial thoughts for Ad Hoc reports and created prototypes.
  • Worked independently with a set of defined objectives and priorities to meet time sensitive deadlines.
  • Provided technical consulting and support to application, database, reporting and Business Analytics teams by holding meetings with the end-users to document and understand their needs. Added additional thoughts and ideas based on prior experiences.
  • Created daily trend reports that displayed performance and weighed it against previous daily/weekly/quarterly/yearly numbers.
  • Looked for trends that explained hikes in productivity or reasons behind poor results by bumping performance against defined goals. Created corresponding graphs.
  • Managed, developed, configured and customized the reporting infrastructure.
  • Developed reporting standards.
  • Implemented QA standards and developed a process for client reports.
  • Maintained and updated files on Share point.
  • Exposure to Crystal Reports as part of Microsoft Dynamics reporting for financial data.

Tools: Used: LogiXML, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Visio, SSAS, Microsoft Dynamics, Solomon.

Confidential, New Brunswick, New Jersey

SQL/Developer, Systems Analyst

  • Supported Connotate's Gen2 (Web Data Extraction software) for Coatue Management and Goldman Sachs.
  • Gen2 allows the creation of Agents that work similar to Excel Macros but scraped data off of websites and deliver it in several desired formats (Excel, Email, DB etc.).
  • Utilized SQL Server 2005 to store and retrieve extracted web data.
  • Utilized Microsoft SSIS (DTS) packages to import and export large amounts of data into the database.
  • Trained clients on utilizing Gen2 and its ongoing support.
  • Tracked all client information, contacts and communications in a CRM system called Sales Force.
  • Helped Connotation bring several new clients on board by demonstrating quality assurance and integrity checks on the initial web data deliveries during trial periods.
  • Gathered requirements and created custom Excel reports for clients.
  • Maintained and updated files on Share point

Tools: Used: SQL Server 2005, SSIS, Connotate Gen 2, IE.

Confidential, Somerset, New Jersey

Project Analyst

  • Worked closely with clients to satisfy reporting needs. Managed projects and achieved milestones to meet project needs.
  • Worked with programmers to automate reports for the project
  • Utilized SSIS to import and process Exponent level sales/prescription data (syndicated data) from IMS and Wolters Kluver to create and deliver timely performance reports and improvements.
  • Created multiple tending reports in SSRS, VB,.net and Excel using the prescription data from the monthly IMS feeds to show trends over time to the clients.
  • Worked with Sales Force Automation System - SFA to load Sales Data and maintain information.
  • Maintained data dictionary for the client file load.
  • Worked on creating requirements documents on client requests
  • Worked independently to create ad hoc analyses and reports at request of clients and sales management.
  • Conducted database integrity checks.
  • Conducted report training for external Sales Representatives.
  • Maintained strong communication with clients at all times.
  • Maintained and updated files on Share point

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