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Underwriter Resume

Richardson, TX


Sr. Underwriter (Special Risk Unit)

  • Perform highest-level of underwriting, responsible for review and decisioning accounts of more complex nature
  • Review Debt to Income ratio to determine if borrowers qualify for reorganizing of loan
  • Ensuring that loans meet program and product specification Under HAMP or Investor Guidelines
  • Review detail Profit and Loss statements, K-1 and Tax returns and dealing with self -employed borrowers to identify ownership and income
  • Using MSP, LPS, Excel, HSSN, WPII, Agent desktop, Surf, and reviewing appraisals and BPOs and titles to help with final decision
  • Deal with Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, USDA, private investor and Tx50a6 loans
  • Being knowledgeable of U.S Treasury updates, Dodd Frank, FDCPA and implementing them accordingly

Asset Performance Management

  • When unable to fully collect the outstanding debt, review the borrower's financial situation for a workout alternative
  • Use MortgageServ, MSP LPS, Fiserv and other tools to review of the borrower's financial package and other documents to make the best decision for the borrower and the company including postponing foreclosure
  • Use MortgageServ, MSP LPS, DRP and Excel and other tools to assist with the loss severity calculations and in drafting the details of the workout option recommended as applicable
  • Monitor the loss mitigation/special servicing workout process through its completion, including borrower follow-up
  • Order appraisals to make decision on approving or obtaining necessary approval for Short Sales and HAMP modification through HSSN and WPII for investors
  • Maintain a work queue for target date and goals while following FNMA and FHLMC guidelines
  • Negotiate terms with brokers, attorneys, and third parties of sale of properties
  • Responsible for following loss mitigation/special servicing procedures
  • Order title clearance and approving final hud-1 for closing
  • Identify potential problems and timely communicate them to management

On-site Loss Mitigation Analyst / Quality Assurance Consultant

  • Assist Servicer with working delinquent loans that are past due to qualify for HAMP or Facilitate contact with correct Freddie Mac foreclosure staff on urgent decisions to postpone foreclosure sale
  • Facilitate the flow of the loss mitigation files that are stalled in the process at the servicer shop, resolve backlog of files
  • Review closed loans for eligibility with respect to Freddie Mac Selling Guide, LP DU Guide and/or negotiated terms as defined by contract with Freddie Mac Lenders partners
  • Accurately record date and review conclusions in QAS(Quality Assurance System)
  • Review offers for short sales and approved deals that are within my delegation and update all information regarding my decisions in NPL
  • Initial point of contact for resolving borrowers and brokers escalations that come through our borrower's outreach hotline
  • Uncover issues and identify training opportunities to manage the overall business more effectively
  • Manage servicer relationships to improve performance
  • Knowledge of Freddie Mac underwriting and quality control guidelines

Confidential, Richardson, TX
Underwriter (Fannie Mae portfolio)

  • Communicating regularly and effectively with mortgagors that are seriously delinquent in order to identify and counsel borrowers on the best workout options available
  • Negotiating workouts with all involved parties(Borrowers, Investors, Insurers and Brokers) from initial workout request to final close of workout
  • Obtaining all necessary documentation from mortgagors and coordinating workouts options(Modifications and Homesaver Advance Loan) with applicable internal departments when necessary
  • Review loans daily, order appraisals, credit reports, and analyze tax returns, W-2s, pay stubs and preliminary title reports
  • Input required information in HSSN on non-delegated case for investor's approval
  • Postponing and Canceling Foreclosure sales when necessary if workouts options are in process of being completed

Confidential, Dallas, TX
08/06 - 02/08

  • Determine appropriate recommendations subject to management and underwriting guidelines
  • Reviewed, evaluated and synthesized data to ascertain loan viability and identify risk issues and potential fraud
  • Independently performed financial analysis on borrower
  • Assisted in identifying, recommending and negotiating alternative loan requirements, funding loan-structuring solutions
  • Recommend workout solutions based on analysis and comparison of short payoffs, modifications, repayment plans, and deed in lieu scenarios
  • Review financial information for workout determination in accordance with business and investor guidelines
  • Negotiates terms and payments with borrower, brokers, and realtors.

06/05 - 07/06
Front-Line Underwriter

  • Review 25-30 loans daily
  • Order appraisals, desk reviews, W-2s, Pay stub Fee sheets, and preliminary title reports
  • Review closing documents, credit reports, and commitment extensions and rate locks
  • Review OPUS reports
  • Analyzed tax returns

10/03 - 06/05
One of the top U.S. based commercial finance company include direct finance, dealer and vendor financing construction equipment, healthcare equipment and energy management equipment

  • Collect delinquent property taxes and monthly payments
  • Skip trace accounts and come up with new methods to contact customers
  • Prepare invoices
  • Review Tax records for accuracy and acknowledge disputes
  • Counsel customers on future action if delinquency continues
  • Refer consistently delinquent accounts to legal for recommendation action

03/03 - 10/03
Patient Admitting Representative

  • Verify Benefits for patients with insurance companies
  • Schedule surgeries
  • Contact patients to verify surgery dates and times
  • Review the surgery scheduling listing for each day in advance to verify that there are no scheduling conflicts
  • Greet patients with a smile and go over pre-op paperwork and obtains signatures needed and collect payments
  • Follow-up on payments not received or confirmed by insurance providers or patients after 30 days of service

Bachelor of Science - Health Science

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