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Technical Editor Resume

Washington, DC


  • Highly proficient at conducting research and comprehensive analysis.
  • A selfless team player who can adapt by bringing multiple simultaneous editorial projects to completion with comprehensive professionalism and accuracy.
  • In addition, the incumbent should also love working with different colleagues and clients on creating logos, posters, flyers, and weekly/monthly newsletters.
  • Knowledge of MS Word Merging, MS Publisher graphics, MS PowerPoint presentations
  • Graphic/Text Scanning Content Business Management, Internet Research Skills
  • Creative, attention to detail with excellent communication skills
  • Coaching federal clients/interns on managing database within the organization and coordinating tasks
  • Remarkable experience in writing/editing technical documents, correspondence, and presentations
  • Sound knowledge of the methods and techniques of desktop publishing
  • Ability to learn advanced technology and tools
  • Possess strong management and organizational skills


MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Database, Correspondence Management System, Acrobat Reader 4.0, Acrobat Writer Pro, VISIO


Confidential, Washington, DC

Technical Editor


  • Editing Navy technical manuals for accuracy, completeness, grammar style, font and alignment/format by reviewing and editing, table of contents, adding charts, inserting pictures, graphic attachments, presentations
  • Operate independently or as part of an acquisition team and produce detailed visuals and illustrations/presentations in MS PowerPoint
  • Work effectively and productively without supervision and capable of producing professional acquisition documents using MS Office suite
  • Attending bi - weekly client/staff meetings regarding upcoming projects and status of current contracts/projects
  • Self-Starter operate independently or as part of an acquisition team in gathering information and graphics for engineers

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Freelance Technical Editor/ Graphics Editor


  • Collaborate with various clients independently by manipulating the design properties like font style, type size, spacing, column width and placement to improve looks
  • Produce detailed visuals and illustrations/presentations while creating designs specific to client requests and desires using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Publisher, and MS PowerPoint
  • Provide variety of visual aids and graphics samples for clients to select by collecting and organizing text, photographs and content in a pleasing and readable manner
  • Develop and maintain graphics, charts, briefings, slide presentations, brochures, interactive media production, and electronic presentations and enhance such with clip-art or other graphical images.
  • Resized, cropped, and edited photographs using latest version of Photoshop and created 3D logos in Adobe Illustrator
  • Manipulate images like photo retouching design a logo company brochures and posters and holiday invitations


Jr. Technical Editor


  • Assist in touching up graphs for program analyst and engineers in MS PowerPoint or MS Publisher
  • Editing Navy technical manuals for accuracy, completeness, grammar style, font and alignment/format by reviewing and editing ship drawings, table of contents, adding tables, and additional text regarding changes of equipment to the technical manuals for Naval Sea Logistics Center in MS Word and in MS PowerPoint.
  • Draft, coordinate, and implement updates to maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to carry out detailed customer functions.
  • Imported edited technical manuals into Project Management System database (PMS) database after correcting discrepancies for approval of LSI package
  • Assisted Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Program Managers (PMs) to refine and conduct technical content and reviews

Confidential, Washington, DC

Jr. Correspondence Analyst


  • Managed activities within a team by coordinating tasks to interns in file organization, assisting clients, editing Congressional correspondence, newsletters and congressional letters into Correspondence Management System (CMS) and maintain Standard Operating Procedures
  • Converted and merged congressional letters into PDF for future retrieval and formatted certificates/memos in MS PowerPoint and MS Word for civilian government awards by using templates
  • Edited templates on environmental health policies to Congress, Senate and White House by providing editorial assistance on correspondence and documentation; proofreading and making alignment changes to text like fonts, paragraph spacing, grammar, and punctuation or adding charts or graphs as required by subsequently resolving issues
  • Edited detailed list of elements contained in each document including fonts, paragraph spacing, grammar, and punctuation; adds graphics as required by subsequently resolve issues through correspondence and, where necessary, oral proceedings
  • Edited STAA Awards, Career Certificates and Rachel Carlson responses in MS Word and made recommendations for incorporating best practices.
  • Edited congressional correspondence in MS Word and MS PowerPoint for the Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC), Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB) and Human Studies Review Board to be imported into CMS database and defines writing program goals and objectives.
  • Interacted with senior management and ORD Administrator on a monthly basis regarding the distribution of correspondence responses within the EPA and to Congress regarding operations, compliance with regulatory requirements

Confidential, Washington, DC

Documentation Specialist


  • Provided project management support for the SPENTFUEL Litigation team in serving as lead by reviewing all documents for accuracy and compliance
  • Edited and maintained legal correspondence, charts, MS Excel Spreadsheets or graphs into Concordance database for future referral
  • Analyzed continuous flow of legal documentation to develop reports and recommendations by interacting with senior executives
  • Collaborate across all functional teams to develop program-mandated documentation and deliverables
  • Prepared, monthly reports, and correspondence, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and timely delivery to DOJ clients of vital documents in MS Excel and MS Word by collecting data and through Concordance database
  • Leverage archived/historic program and corporate documents to develop highly-technical proposal and corporate documentation in Concordance database

Confidential, Crystal City, VA

Career Services Coordinator


  • Organized student files and scanned documents into Confidential Intranet; created PowerPoint slides, edited correspondence/publication
  • Maintained student information Spring/Fall registration in Confidential University shared drive
  • Participates in the design and development of marketing brochures, conference programs, public relations announcements, and other materials when requested
  • Provided content organization, terminology, and art guidance to help managers achieve content and content quality goals
  • Communicated with academic management in updating and proofreading correspondence

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