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Technical Writer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Designed two grant proposal and technical writing consulting firms that served academic, non - profit, and corporate clients.
  • Secured public and private grant funding and produced white papers.
  • Created clients’ grant manuals and guides.
  • Grant Office Creation and Management
  • Secured science research, medical, graduate fellowship funding for natural, physical, biomedical sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts programs.
  • Grantsmanship training for college, university, non-profit, and research-based small businesses
  • Created Confidential responses.
  • Managed grant/contract lifecycle (pre-award, post award and close-out).
  • Assessed grantees’ performance, enforced regulatory compliance, and created grantees’ corrective action plans for 100+ grantee portfolio.
  • Training
  • Designed and delivered grant development training.
  • Developed and taught Confidential Clear Writing seminars (using federal, Plain Language standards).


Technical Writer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Technical writing, editing, and grant expertise for private for profit and non-profit companies and for colleges, universities, and arts organizations.

Contract Technical Writer

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • Collaborating on Subject Matter Expert Team to produce Confidential electronic health record (eHR) documents on Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure, Health Informatics, Business Processes research and guidance documents.
  • This included developing lay accessible, informaticists’, engineers’, business processing professionals’, and privacy and security experts’ content in lay language.
  • The work involved describing necessary fortifications for the IT infrastructure upon which Confidential could rely.
  • It involved Interviewing Confidential medical professionals and potential vendors; creating assumptions, constraints and risk management texts.
  • This effort included explicating all eHR-related functional and technical requirements.

Federal Program Officer/Education Program Specialist

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Managed pre/post award and closeout grant phases; managed programs and grantees; designed competitions, guidelines, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), standard operating procedures (SOPs); provided technical assistance to applicants; represented the Department at professional meetings.
  • Managed 100+ grantee portfolio (e.g. curriculum, faculty and workforce development projects, museum collections expansion, student support services).
  • Monitored grantees’ performance and compliance with federal rules and regulations.
  • Managed grant competitions and peer review panels for 25+ programs.
  • Wrote and edited technical program guides, blogs, web content, official documents, Congressional correspondence, and Freedom of Information Act ( Confidential ) responses.
  • Developed and presented Office of Postsecondary Education Clear Writing seminars.
  • Collaborated with Office of the General Counsel and Inspector General’s Offices to undertake grantee-fact-finding and corrective action plans.
  • Conducted grantee site visits and developed assessment reports.

Consultant/Consulting Firm Founder/President

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Created, marketed, and managed two winning proposal writing/technical writing/editing consulting firms.
  • Clients: colleges, research universities, hospitals, biotechnology companies, medical device corporations, public health and education non-profits, state and county agencies, and biomedical research facilities.
  • Developed successful, clearly written proposals that articulated complex scientific and engineering advances.
  • Produced technical documents that explained scientific and medical research in lay language.
  • Provided grantsmanship training -- faculty, professionals, EPA fellows, non-profit leaders.
  • Hired trained, and managed teams of contracted writers and library researchers.
  • Recruited and hired previous grantees to serve as pre-submission grant reviewers.

Development Director

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Developed promotional materials and successful grant proposals; secured private corporate and foundation funding.
  • Developed and submitted successful grant proposals to federal, foundation, and corporate philanthropic entities; developed white papers on electronic medical records, retail health clinics, and emergency preparedness (including telecommunications issues); developed emergency-preparedness tabletop exercises.

Director, Federal Grants Division

Confidential, Puerto Rico/Washington, DC


  • Designed office, trained and managed 7-member, staff and formulated successful proposals that secured Department of Commerce, National Endowment for the Arts and other federal funding (including Confidential Save America’s Treasures grant applications
  • Developed Commonwealth agencies’ federal communications, environmental, health, and education regulatory compliance plans.
  • Brokered agreements between Commonwealth’s government and federal agencies.
  • Researched and wrote Commonwealth’s agricultural, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical economic development white papers. Helped to write Commonwealth’s Annual Strategic Plan.

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