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Technical Writer Resume

Hartford, CT

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full-time, permanent position in a company that can utilize my computer expertise, technical writing, training, word processing, document production and/or supervisory skills and offers the opportunity for personal growth, career advancement and long-term stability.


Confidential, 03/96 – 02/27/09
Hartford, CT

In charge of running the Document Production/Word Processing Department. Worked in a fast-paced, high production-oriented environment on a daily basis. Provided Administrative Services, Document Production and Word Processing support to the Corporate, Environmental and Litigation Departments. Excellent interpersonal skills interacting daily with Senior Attorneys and staff. Assisted in training of secretaries on various software applications (MS Office, MS Word for Windows, Windows XP, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Internet Explorer, WordPerfect, Groupwise, Docs Open, Comparewrite and Deltaview). Performed technical writing tasks by creating and writing documentation training materials and user-specific instructions. Designed many in-house forms used throughout the law firm. Converted documents from WordPerfect into MSWord, did massive document formatting setting up styles and paragraph numbering both in MSWord and Excel; created corporate presentations using PowerPoint, designed many charts, tables and graphs, did merge mailings/printings, CD burning/labeling, and created/revised lengthy mergers, acquisitions and agreements.

Worked as a Computer Consultant with various employment agencies in Hartford, CT

Consulting projects included work at some of the following:
Day, Berry & Howard, Eagle Snacks (1995-1996)
ABB, ADP, Deloitte & Touche, Standard Register, UTRC (1994-1995)
Lee Hecht Harrison, Levy & Droney, Newington CHS (1993-1994)
Carvel, Gerber Garment, NETS (1992-1993)
Hamilton Standard (1991-1992)
Robinson & Cole, Womens’s Specialty Retailing Group, XEROX (1990-1991)
Hartford Steamboiler, Kaman Aerospace, Kostin & Company (1989-1990)
Pratt & Whitney, OTIS Elevator, Johnson & Higgins (1988-1989)
UNISYS (1987-1988)

Hardware/Network Knowledge:
Diablo 1620; Electronic Mail Distribution (DISOSS); Hewlett Packard Scanners; IBM MODELS OS-6, SYSTEM 36, 8100, 5520, 3730, 3732 and 3736; Keyword 8000 (used for document conversions); Memorex Telex 1192; Motorola; Novell Lan Networking; Raytheon PTS-100; SoftSolutions; Sperry Univac UTS-30; UNIX, and VAX/VMS V5-5-2.

Software Knowledge:
CMS Script III; Corel Flow; Delta View; DOCS Open; DocsXchange (for converting); Excel; Flowchart 2.0; Groupwise; Harvard Graphics; IBM Displaywrite; Interleaf Desktop Publishing; Internet Explorer; Lotus 1-2-3; Lotus Freelance; Microsoft Office; Microsoft Publisher; MS Outlook; MS PowerPoint; MS Word for Windows 3.1, MS Word for Windows; Multimate; Novell Netware; Printshop Deluxe; Promocal 3.2; Q&A 4.0; Samna; Soft Solutions 4.1 for Windows; Symphony; Ventura Desktop Publishing; Wang; Windows 2007; Windows XP; WordPerfect; WordPerfect Office Calendar; Wordstar

Confidential, (LOS ANGELES, CA) 07/86 – 12/86

I managed an IBM 5520 system consisting of 6 CPU’s and 115 terminals in a law firm of over 500 attorneys. Other duties included actively managing and supervising the Word Processing Department, providing software training to operators on the IBM 5520 (30 operators), hiring, firing, prioritizing, logging and administering all incoming work, ensuring that work consistently met designated turnaround deadlines, performing system maintenance, archiving, retrieving, and daily system backup procedures.

Confidential, (HARTFORD, CT) 10/83 – 06/86

I installed the bank’s first office automation system (IBM 5520) in Corporate Headquarters. This task involved developing and programming numerous operational profiles for all terminals and printers, detailed design by diagram of various installation sites, determined appropriate heating and cooling requirements, and established proper cable measurements and hookup. Supervised and trained all secretaries, system users, and administrative staff (approximately 50 people), conducted in-house training classes. Did technical writing by creating in-depth Documentation Training Manuals, established document format sources, designed complex database files, connected IBM PC’s to the 3270 mainframe, installed software upgrade enhancements and emulation boards as needed, acted as troubleshooter, and performed a multitude of system maintenance tasks. Another task involved designing a Data Processing Inventory Control Database which tracked all hardware, software, and various office equipment and supplies used in all bank branch offices located within CT, MA and NY.

Confidential, (HARTFORD, CT) 06/77 – 09/83

Transferred to the Real Estate Investment Department in order to expand working horizons.

Major Accomplishment: While working on the IBM 3730, I trained myself on the IBM 8100, IBM OS-6 and IBM DISPLAYWRITER, resulting in the unique capability to accomplish extensive workloads on all four machines simultaneously.

Promoted to Senior Word Processor. Received a special performance bonus after implementing several new/original ideas (work measurement/quality assurance studies) for documenting daily workflow generated by various department managers and administrative staff.

Worked in Supervisory Capacity. In addition to training administrative secretaries, I was responsible for screening, prioritizing, and assisting in the actual production of all incoming work; I performed daily, weekly and monthly work measurement studies, interacted with many administrators and department heads in order to ensure proper deadlines were met. Developed excellent communication/interpersonal skills while interacting with over 250 people in the Real Estate Investment Department.

Major Accomplishments: Trained and assisted the entire secretarial staff (95) on the IBM 8100, IBM OS-6, and IBM DISPLAYWRITER. Major tasked involved manually retyping over 300 text documents originally stored on the IBM OS-6 that converted poorly over to the IBM DISPLAYWRITER, in addition to keeping up with the daily workload, meeting production deadlines, and performing various administrative tasks.

Promoted to work in Hartford’s Home Office on an experimental word processing software program called SCRIPT III. Completed training program which included extensive knowledge of VM/CMS, CMS EDITOR, DIABLE 1620, RAYTHEON PTS-100, IBM VM/3730, 3732 and 3736. Established database for new and existing applications. Produced repetitive letters, revised and input text documents, tables, and numerous statistical charts.

Major Accomplishment: Did technical writing by creating new concepts of utilizing SCRIPT III resulting in a 300-page Policy and Procedures Manual for the Systems Department.

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