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Technical Writer / Editor / Trainer Resume


  • Created and maintained user, system administrator, system configuration, and installation guides.
  • Wrote business plans and managed corporate communications.
  • Worked in Waterfall and Agile environments and passed Agile training.
  • Constantly modified and improved publications.
  • Produced documents in OO and SOA environments.
  • Served as Confidential onsite rep and grew business.
  • Created objective measuring systems for grading the effectives of written documentation and the speed of the production.
  • Ensured compliance with Government Printing Office and a variety of other military standards.
  • Produced white papers, reports, and numerous presentations.


SOFTWARE: MS Office 2010, Adobe Suite, SharePoint, Linux, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Doc - to-Help, Snagit, Java. Excel, Power Point, VISIO, and Outlook.



Technical Writer / Editor / Trainer


  • Wrote the user documentation and training deliverables for a major Confidential (DoD) medical logistics, accounting, and billing software program at Confidential, MD.
  • Wrote and maintained numerous end-user deliverables, Confidential Authority to Operate publications, and a myriad of support documents as well as on-line help.
  • Created and maintained libraries and templates. Set standards, created a style guide, edited numerous publications, and served as arbiter of GPO and Confidential of Style questions.
  • Performed needs analysis, scheduling, designing, and delivery of user manuals, requirement specifications, lesson plans, on-line help, computer-based training, training guides, and classroom instruction for hospital staff unfamiliar with basic software applications.
  • Developed a library system to maintain reports, presentation materials, and technical documents.
  • Created templates and formats, which became organizational standards.
  • Prepared funding reports, status reports, and technical presentations.
  • Compiled and reduced data into simple reports.
  • Edited technical documents for format, style, and language correctness.
  • Oversaw scheduling and successful completion of contract deliverables including all system security documentation.
  • Hired a company for and oversaw production of Computer Based Training, coordinated training schedules, deliverables, and resources. Interviewed and hired personnel.
  • Performed status reviews. Created, submitted, and maintained budgets. Never ran over budget.
  • Worked closely with developers to design the GUI and performed much of the testing and organization of testing procedures.
  • Performed demonstrations of the product and the help functions for high-level Confidential funding providers.
  • Provided voice narration of all e-learning deliverables.
  • Created metrics and systems for accurate scheduling and delivery costs.
  • Used Predictive Analytics to accurately forecasts costs, labor requirements, and timelines.
  • Met with management to present timelines, budgets, and needs analysis.
  • Wrote numerous GSA and Schedule 70 proposals.
  • Hired, interviewed, reviewed and provided standard personnel supervision.
  • Worked in Waterfall and Agile development environments.
  • Worked in OO and SOA development methodologies.
  • Grew the reserve fund by more than $600,000, gained the borough an Confidential bond rating, and saved more than $870,000 by restructuring and refinancing of debt.
  • Performed numerous public speaking engagements and represented the borough at meetings with the governor, congressmen, and other elected officials.
  • Worked closely with borough lawyers to resolve numerous lawsuits, property acquisitions, property sales, and union negotiations.
  • Trained at Confidential and served as the borough crisis communications coordinator.


Proposal Manager


  • Wrote proposals for Confidential and other customers related to the Confidential for Confidential .
  • Duties included identifying RFPs, assembling teams, setting schedules, creating and monitoring budgets, writing the overview, past-performance sections, re-writing resumes, and coordinating technical and financial sections. Left after the Confidential customer formally requested my return.


Project Manager


  • Oversaw the installation and marketing of wireless hub sites.
  • Created a process manual for installation. Hired local contractors.
  • Created schedules.
  • Negotiated with local site owners for installation rights.
  • Maintained complete records and projections of installations, and costs.
  • Introduced and applied Predictive Analytics to highly accurate forecasts for installation time and cost as well as anticipation of potential problems.

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