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Technical Writer Resume


  • A creative, detail oriented technical communicator.
  • Six Sigma Greenbelt certified with diverse industry experience supporting computer software requirements documents, test plans, user instructions, and manufacturing process work instructions for railroad, nuclear, oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, green energy, and structural steel industries.
  • A fit, trim, drug - free non-smoker.
  • Producing self-sustaining income as a Website Developer, Writer, Internet Bond Trader, and Contract Freelancer.
  • Edited, revised, created, and published software requirements documents and test plans for automated inspection systems which resulted in tripled production throughput.
  • Published over 45 user manuals (over 1200 pages) and over 160 CAD drawings in less than 12 weeks.
  • Developed website user documentation and service and operation manuals for railroad electronics, data acquisition, and safety systems which resulted in a reduction in hours expended for customer support.
  • Published engineering design standards and process work instructions which resulted in improvements to first time yields on some products from 25% to 100%.
  • Reviewed, edited, and/or approved over 580 welding, heat treating, and coating, work instruction and inspection report documents for the Exxon Russian Sakhalin oil field consortium project which resulted in timely delivery of a 45 year oil supply to Russia, Asia, and the US.


TQM, SDLC, TE 9000, ISO 1000, ISO 9000, TE 1000, Software Life Cycle, Business Systems Analyst, Scripts, Web.


Software: Word 2007, Scrivener, Adobe, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, PDF Professional, SharePoint, Joomla, WordPress, and CAD systems.


Technical Writer



  • Recently completed contract projects include: instruction manuals, work instructions, engineering reports, software user documentation, and AutoCAD drawings. Industries include: railroad safety systems, software, oil and gas, and lithium ion battery systems.
  • Developed welding processes, programmed lasers, and published qualification reports for new robotic laser welding systems; audited and edited welding, heat treating, inspecting, and coating process work instructions and test reports for a Confidential oil project.
  • Pro bono work, as time permits, includes writing and editing content for Confidential eBooks used by blind students, funding grant research, and publication of WordPress website blogs for charity non-profits.
  • Launched a home digital recording studio and released 9 CD’s of original music.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Senior Engineer


  • Created and published manufacturing process work instructions and engineering design specifications for over 700 products in ongoing production and over 100 product launches.

Process Development Engineer



  • Published requirements documents and certification test plans for computer software quality assurance for an automated distributed inspection system which tripled product throughput.
  • Published manufacturing and inspection methods for the Confidential Freedom thermal control system accumulator, a new MD-80 Jet Engine APU, and over 300 aerospace products in ongoing production.
  • Published engineering reports summarizing the results of designed experiments and welding inspection tests for Confidential and Inconel weld repairs for naval nuclear reactor hardware resulting in the qualification of over 35 different repair methods used to recover $1,500,000/each reactor assemblies and restore them to full specification compliance.

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