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R&d Senior Manager Resume

Waltham, MA


XML: XMetal Author Confidential edition by JustSystems, XML Spy, DITA, DocBook, XSLT, XSL - FO programming; XML parsers, processors, and web servers Saxon, Xalan, Apache

Analysis and design methodologies: Unified Modeling Language (UML), Agile, and Scrum

Document authoring tools: Adobe FrameMaker (both structured and non-structured), RoboHelp, Acrobat 3D, and Captivate; Quadralay WebWorks

Programming, Web development: C, C++ (object oriented), HTML, xHTML, CSS; Wiki technologies Trac Wiki, MediaWiki

Version control: SCM, Perforce, Rational ClearCase, MKS Source Integrity, WinCVS, Borland StarTeam

Collaboration tools: Documentum eRoom, Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, ENOVIA Live Collaboration


Confidential, Waltham, MA

R&D Senior Manager


  • Documented new hierarchical defect management features of Semiconductor Team Collaboration product for ENOVIA Live Collaboration platform.
  • Responsible for core document set covering ENOVIA kernel, Matrix Query Language (MQL), and web applications Variant Configuration Central, Product Line Management, and Advanced Search using the XMetal editor.
  • Quickly learned DS toolset/processes with no training.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

System Consultant and Software Content Developer


  • Updated Hitachi Tuning Manager online help, adding info on virtualization (VMware) and hypervisor monitoring.
  • Advised on developing/implementing a content model for structured documentation in DocBook XML.
  • Updated Element Definition Document (EDD) in structured FrameMaker (FM), specifying elements, attributes, and format tags.
  • Modified an unstructured FM template to create a new structured template, specifying formatting tags and page layouts (master pages).

Confidential, Westbo rough, MA

Technical Writer


  • Updated programming guide describing how to configure a hypervisor for Linux, proprietary Ingress/Egress Packet Processors, and I/O device drivers; and how to boot the multiprocessor chip from various devices.
  • Updated LaTeX code to improve look and feel of API reference doc automatically generated with doxygen from developer comments in source code.
  • Initiated a move from unstructured writing in FrameMaker to topic - based writing with Confidential /XML.
  • Produced a Getting Started Guide in Confidential .

Confidential, Southborough, MA

Principal Technical Writer


  • Researched, wrote, and updated internal developer documentation describing a new common back-end architecture, which was intended to unify disparate legacy storage systems.
  • Participated in software architecture design meetings and posted content of discussions to the internal developer Trac Wiki site.
  • Developed design templates for content posted to the Wiki site.
  • Created and maintained a Documentum eRoom, and installed a new MediaWiki site for the group.

Confidential, Newton, MA

Documentation Manager


  • Researched, wrote, and published both printed and online user documentation for complex healthcare applications.
  • Updated the online help for medical applications running on handheld devices.
  • Wrote documentation plans, estimated timelines, and coordinated multiple projects in tandem with product releases.
  • Managed and tracked documentation progress to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Developed templates for use by other writers. Evaluated and implemented new tools and technologies (for example, DITA/XML) for use by the documentation group.
  • Managed the print vendor and tracked costs, ensuring that print costs remained within budget.

Confidential, Natick, MA

Technical Documentation Group Manager


  • Managed a group of writers documenting the Confidential Vision Language (CVL), a C++ class library for machine vision which included Confidential, image acquisition, display, vision tools, and hardware. Targeted to developers of hard/software for machine vision, assumed to be familiar with C++ who needed to learn tools and techniques, including API, for programming Confidential machine vision systems.
  • Created documentation plans, allocated tasks to writers, scheduled milestones, and tracked their completion. Coordinated activities of team members to meet release deadlines and ensure quality.
  • Represented doc group in cross-functional team meetings.

Principal Technical Writer



  • Wrote, edited, and produced an API reference guide, getting started guide, user’s guide, vision tools guide, and installation instructions, as well as release notes for a technical audience comprising programmers and vision engineers.
  • Created a system for importing XML into Frame 7.0 (in structured mode), and exporting Frame files back to XML. Created the structured application rules document, an Element Definition Document (EDD), and template files for mapping Frame paragraph tags to XML elements.
  • Produced online documentation in formats that included HTML Help, compiled from individual hand-written HTML pages, and PDF distilled from FrameMaker source files.

Confidential, Andover, MA

Principal Technical Writer


  • Directed a small team of writers, wrote doc plans, coordinated reviews, wrote release notes, and produced final doc sets. Personally wrote, among others: describing how to design, generate, build, and run CORBA applications with the UML and Rhapsody. describing how to adapt the Rhapsody framework to new real-time operating systems.
  • Online help, tutorials, reference guides, a code generation properties reference, a configuration management guide, and installation guides, as well as release notes.

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