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Configuration Manager/release Technical Lead Resume

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Minneapolis, MN


  • Wif Over Seven years of experience in Devops/ReleaseEngineer and Configuration management, looking for an organization in need of improving, automating, and simplifying teh software build andreleaseprocess.


Languages: Shell, Python, XML, HTML, Java, C++, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, PowerShell, Batch Scripting

Tools: Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2015 Microsoft Team Foundation Server, SQL developer, GIT, Jenkins, ANT, MAVEN, Atlassian Products (Bitbucket/Stash, Fisheye, Bamboo, Jira, Confluence), Collabnet Subversion, Jfrog Artifactory, OCP, Splunk, Logic Monitor.

Database: Oracle 10g, 11g, MS - SQL 2008, 2012,2014

Others: NodeJs, npm, Yarn, nuget, J2EE, groovy scripting, bower, MSI, TCP/IP, Paas


Configuration Manager/Release Technical Lead



  • End to end automation process of SDLC, starting wif Jira issue up to creation of release artifacts through Bamboo & Jenkins build and deployment (Process explained in achievements section below).
  • Configuring, upgrading and maintaining teh software’s which are vendor provided (ex: Atlassian or Microsoft or open source products) and integrating wif in house tools for ease of development, build and release for developers, this involves installing of various Build configuration tools, software’s dat are required for compilation, packaging and deployments.
  • Configuration involving application coupling wif Jira, Bamboo/Jenkins for build, Git/SVN source code, OCP/Bamboo/Jenkins for deployments. These apps are used as a flow wif user creating Jira issue till teh closing of teh issue every step is recorded (Compliant wif Gartner’s standards), all these are configured using plugins and rest api’s.
  • Created automation scripts for build and deployments mainly Shell, Python & PowerShell scripts to create a standard build process for entire firm using Jenkins/Bamboo, where teh code repository used are from GIT and subversion.
  • Created MSI’s (Chocolatey NuGet package) for windows applications using Install Shield for all teh Microsoft(.NET) based code and created process for NPM packages, Jar files for maven and ant builds and Docker images for Linux deployments.
  • Create scripts to deploy reusable and releasable artifacts to Jfrog Artifactory, where all teh daily released modules reside.
  • Managing teh change advisory board meeting on releasing changes using Agile workflow.
  • Proficient in Cross platform Technologies and debugging any kind of issue, have resolved few major issues which were blockers for couple of years before me joined teh firm.
  • Administering and managing all teh firm apps used by developers, also setting up standards and workflows for each department in teh firm for each project manager based on their project needs.




  • Enforced git-flow strategy in git for whole firm projects. This involves master-develop branch strategy here master is teh gloden copy and is changed only by admins.
  • This strategy was halpful in integrating wif bamboo/Jenkins and Jira wif teh customized workflow dat our firm managers demanded for teh smooth flow of development and QA and release. From creating an issue to building artifacts and tagging them as release candidates all process are automated.
  • 2500 Build plans out of which 1600 were just file copy jobs or ant builds were converted to different packages.
  • Build process involved usage of various plugins compatible wif both Bamboo and Jenkins. Different packaging was done based of teh type of teh build. Maven, npm, RPM, docker.
  • These packages were published to Jfrog Artifactory based on Builds and Published repository model, builds containing all teh n number of build packages and Published repository containing only teh Packages which are pushed to production.
  • For RPM’s, npm and Docker images, inline PowerShell scripts were written for deployments, which would curl teh packages from Artifactory to deploy any servers we wanted.
  • 900 Build plans were .net applications which were converted to MSI’s from executables
  • Based on teh environment on which these applications are getting deployed to MSI’s were split to use 3 different use cases. Single MSI, Multiple MSI for different environments (DEV, QA, UAT, PROD) and usage of transform files(MST’s) for deploying to specific environment which could deploy File copy or creating and IIS application or creating single service or creating clustered service
  • These MSI’s are packaged at runtime to create a Chocolatey NuGet package and Published to Artifactory (Only releasable artifacts which is used for Audit as well)
  • Using Bamboo auto deployment task and Jira issue, both were linked for auto deployment of this Chocolatey package pulling it down from Artifactory and deploying in desired servers remotely.
  • This also recorded teh status of deployment in Jira workflow as well in Bamboo which made it easier for Rolling back in case of any issue.

Software Engineer/Release Technical Lead

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Contributed software engineering expertise in developing products from requirements definition through successful deployment.
  • Solid understanding of teh buildreleaseprocess, branching and configuration management
  • Strong experience wif Source Control System (TFS) and familiarity wif GIT, Jenkins.
  • Experience wif build and automating scripts: Batch and Unix shell scripts.
  • Proficient in Code management checkin/checkout, Merge, Build related tasks
  • Experience wif using and building projects from Visual Studio .NET environments.
  • Experience wif Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery: TFS
  • Familiarity wif packaging and database tools such as SCORCH Runbook.
  • Experience wif Agile/Scrum process, wif Sprint based releases.
  • Experience wif several operating systems, including Linux, Windows, UnixWare, Solaris, and Mac OS wif proficiency in hosting on IIS.
  • Strong attention to details.

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