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Technical Writer Resume Profile

Technical Writer/Editor

  • I have a broad technical background and the ability to edit or write detailed documents and literature on a wide range of subjects. I have experience in:
  • Professional writer and editor, offering over 12 years of experience in writing and editing original technical documents and manuals, user guides, maintenance and installation procedures, instruction manuals, reports, test procedures, operational procedures, and software technical documents. Experienced in interviewing engineers, developers and other SME's to gather information to support document writing and development.
  • Writing and editing operational procedures and maintenance procedures
  • Proofreading and editing of technical or literary documents, manuals, or books
  • Writing entire technical documents with emphasis on clarity, and correct grammar.
  • Writing and editing concise, detailed and accurate documents for easy comprehension
  • Interviewing technical and subject matter experts to gather information on subject
  • Working with federal and state government agencies: writing and coordinating the testing of software systems, also managerial experience in technical environments
  • Collaborating with business staff and management to ensure high quality documents.
  • Currently writing 2 books for general publication.


  • Writes, edits, and proofreads: design requirements, user manuals, operational procedures, maintenance manuals, RFP's and proposals using MS Word.
  • Writes detailed operating procedures, test procedures and installation manuals
  • Ability to express complex technical information in clear, concise, well formatted, correctly punctuated text in correct English grammar.
  • Familiar with Chicago Style CMOS ..
  • Creates drawings, flow charts, and diagrams using MS Visio
  • Writes test procedures to verify communications system operations.
  • Uses templates and guidelines
  • Wireless systems: Mobile phones, CDMA IS-95 , BTS, HLR, VLR, AUC.
  • Familiar with SDLC software development life cycle concepts.
  • Technical instructor experience
  • Holds technical review meetings
  • Edits and writes training materials, lesson plans



Technical Writer/Project Coordinator

  • Writes progress reports and functional descriptions in MS Word 7.
  • Coordinates the 3rd Party Security Audit and Assessments of the security environment for a state administration organization involving NIST 800-53 Compliance.
  • Organizes and conducts interviews with technical representatives for state organizations.


MD Consultant/Technical Writer

  • Wrote technical, business, and contractual documents in response to RFP's for contracts with state government regarding technical and IT projects, using Microsoft Word.
  • Proofreads and edits proposals and contracts for client to ensure accuracy.
  • Updates documents using data from SharePoint.
  • Developed a PowerPoint presentation to describe how contract would be performed.


MD Writer/Marketing/Sales

Wrote marketing literature for a precision Laser Measurement system, using Microsoft Word, and Visio. Edited documents describing the operational features of a Laser system. This effort resulted in sales in the US, Canada, and the UK. Created sales presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint to describe the system operational features.


MD Document Processing

Gathered and verified information and edited financial documents for submittal to the Calyx automatic online processing software.


Manager, Writer

  • Analyzed the requirements to verify compliance with AMA standards for the Kenan biller.
  • Wrote the master test plan for verifying the accuracy of the telephone billing data which included usage records and call detail records CDRs .
  • Manager of software QA for software testing and verification, in an SDLC environment.
  • Created flow diagrams and charts to depict the billing processing operations
  • Attended design review meetings regarding telephone system design requirements.


MD Writer/Tester

  • Analyzed the HNS wireless system technology and wrote detailed test procedures to verify that the Qualcomm based CDMA wireless system operation was in compliance with IS-95 requirements, including call processing, hand-offs and power control.
  • Wrote and edited test procedures to verify the HLR, VLR, MSC, and the AUC.



  • Wrote test procedures to verify the network provisioning system performance, in accordance with specifications for the subscriber services in Local Area Networks.
  • Used SQL commands to test the automatic provisioning system.



  • Managed the software development of the ATS Test System, for testing the Signaling System 7 SS-7 operations.
  • Wrote and edited test requirements for the ATS automatic call processing test system.
  • Wrote test procedures for validating the IXC switching system call processing functions, including call setup and teardown, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Conference Calling.


Business Process Analyst/Tech Writer

  • As Business Process Analyst, wrote system design requirements for the TAMS automatic test system. Created diagrams and flow charts to describe the system operation.
  • Held peer review meetings with managers, developers, and designers to review the requirements and specifications, within the Software Development Life Cycle SDLC .
  • Wrote progress reports for management regarding the development effort.


Technical Writer/RFP's

  • Researched information on the MCI telephone networks, wrote the technical part of the response to an RFP for the TAMS test system from MCI Telecom.

Previous Experience:

  • Software Programmer Meteorological monitoring for nuclear plant NUS Corp.
  • Programmer: Developed real time software Landis Tool Co.
  • Project Engineer Missile Systems and Doppler RADAR Raytheon Co.
  • Technical Writer/Editor Missile Systems and electronics Raytheon Co.

Quality Initiatives and Results:

  • As Business Process Analyst, wrote the entire design requirements for and directed a development effort on an automatic test system for MCI Telecom, which enabled MCI to improve their system software.
  • Developed the initial software process control software for automating manufacturing procuresses..
  • Supervised the installation and sea trials of a state of the art SONAR System on a nuclear submarine.


  • Productivity Tools: Windows NP/2000, XP, Vista, Microsoft Office 2003/ 2007, 2010, MS PowerPoint, Excel 2007, Outlook
  • Authoring and publishing solutions: MS Word 7, Visio
  • Wireless: CDMA, GSM, and GPRS wireless technology, IS-95
  • Telecom: Alcatel E10-FIVE telephone switch, AT T 5ESS switch, X.25, Network Provisioning
  • Operating Systems: UNIX, Oracle, Rationale Rose, worked with Clearcase version control
  • General: Knowledge of SharePoint, Snagit, studied Runbooks and Orchestrator

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