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Unix/linux Administrator Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 8 years of IT industry experience as a UNIX System Administrator onSun Solaris, Linux, HPUX, AIX and Windows environment.
  • Extensiveexperience working with Ticketing Tools like Peregrine, HP Service Manager-7,HP Service Desk, PM-ONE.
  • Workingexperience on Incident Management, Main Frame zOS in Production Support.
  • Workingexperience on Red hat Linux ES 4.0, 5.0, SLES 9.
  • WorkExperience on HPUX 11.0 and 11i V1,V2 and V3.
  • Extensive experience in installation,configuration and administration of Solaris 2.x, 7, 8,9,10, Red hat7.3,8,9,SuSe Linux, HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, IBM AIX 4.3, 5L, 6.
  • Extensivelyworked on SUN SPARC platformX86 and Sun Fire V440, V120 and V480, V490,V880Sun Fire X4100, X4200, X4440 and X4500, Sun Fire 2900, 4800, 6900,Sun Enterprise Servers T5220, T2000. HP SuperDome, HP-9000,rp3410,rx3115,rx2620,rx3600,rx7640,rx8640 Servers. AIX P595 Blade, P-Series,RS-6000 Servers.
  • Experiencedin HPUX Volume Manager, VERITAS Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster Server, VxFS,Solstice Disk suite 4.2, SVM.
  • Excellentexperience and knowledge with designing installing and implementing VMware ESXserver, VMware virtual center, settingup V-Motion, HA, DRS, and related VMware products such as VM Workstation,VMware converter VM Backup products and other products for virtualization
  • Configuredmanaged storage resources using LVM.
  • Experiencedin configuring Jumpstart servers.
  • Experiencewith Hitachi and EMC SAN and also Disk Array based Environments.
  • CreatedLogical Volumes on SAN by using HP LVM.
  • Experiencewith User Account Administration
  • Experienceworking with LDAP/DNS/NIS/NIS+ services.
  • Experiencedin Configuration and Administration MC-ServiceGuard Patch and Packages management.
  • Experienceworking with VIO, Ignite Servers, and activating DLPAR with HMC.
  • Experiencedin Configuring TCP/IP for Solaris 8, 9 and 10 systems.
  • Experiencedin Monitoring system Access and Monitoring servers by using AAD, Micro Muse,Wily, Big Brother Tool.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting by working closely with Application,Database, Network and Storage Teams.
  • Writing Scripts for automating and testing the code using Perl, Korn.
  • Experiencein understanding, helping in the design and configuring of building theApplication servers like SAP, ORACLE and Web logic Environments.
  • Experiencedin troubleshooting and resolving network issues related to the servers.
  • Experiencedin Documentation on clients requirements and System Specifications.
  • Involvedin Team buildingMigration projects, project implementation, analytical,interpersonal and communication Skills.


Operating System:Sun Solaris 8,9,10, Red Hat Linux 4.0, Windows 95, 98, 2003,XP,HPUX 11.0, HPUX 11i, HPUX 11i V2,V3, AIX-5.2, 5.3,VIO-1.3,1.4. VolumeManagement:VERITAS volume manager, Sun VolumeManagement. Hardware: Sun Fire(/V440, V480, V490, V120), HP-9000, HP rx8640,rx7640,rx3410,AIX P595 Blade. File Systems: UFS, hsfs, JFS, pcfs, swapfs, Tmpfs, VxFS, zfs Scripting Language : Bash, Ksh ,Perl Backup: tar, ufsdump, veritas net backup and legato Network: HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, SSH, NFS, NIS, SSL, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, SNMP


Master of Computer Applications


Client:Confidential Atlanta, GA
Duration: Mar 2011- Till Date
Role:Unix/Linux Administrator App/Prod Support

Responsibilities :

  • Supporting Prepaid/NPP Application forNITROUS Project.
  • Working on diff tools likeSAM,CRM,WebTrax,Telegence etc.
  • Involved in handling different applicationsand providing support for the customers.
  • Running the cron jobs and modifying the shellscripts.
  • Working on Incident Management for the Tier 12.
  • Working on KIC, Snooper, NPP for prepaidprocess.
  • Involved in Outage calls, bridge calls forthe issues 24*7 Operations.
  • Working on LVMS, filesystem, sftp, apache issues onRHEL Servers.
  • Deployment ofJAVA Applications on UAT, DEV, and PROD Red Hat boxes.
  • Migration of Sun OS to Red Hat Servers.
  • Responsible in giving KT for the people in the team.
  • Working on Clarify, AOTS Ticketing tools.

Solaris 9,10, Dell Servers, Sun E480, E450, Sun Fire V440, V480, HP,Oracle, RHEL 3,4,Shell,
Q-Enterprise Manager, Clarify, AOTS ticketing tools.

Client :Confidential, Sterling VA
Duration : Oct 2009 -Feb 2011
Role : Sr. Unix/Linux Administrator App/Prod Support


Responsible for Supporting CARE Applications.

  • Responsible for Supporting Critical Applications (i.e.)NLIS,CIS,LCIS,NCPS.
  • Fixing the NLIS/CIS production support issues and Adhoc requests.
  • Fixing the job failures on mainframe zOS and failed processes onmid-tier.
  • Working on LVMS, filesystem, sftp, apache issues onRHEL Servers
  • Deploying of JAVA Applicationson UAT, DEV, and PROD boxes.
  • Working on NDM/FTP/FAX transmission failures across multipleenvironments on daily basis.
  • Working with the Oracle/DB2 databases to fix some issues.
  • Assisting the development team, DBAs, SAs during the integratedreleases and major implementations.
  • Running the JCL Jobs on mainframe zOS.
  • Working with VMware update manager to install patches and updates onESX hosts and virtual machines.
  • Excellent experience with designing and implementing VMware backupproducts and distracter recovery solutions.
  • Systems monitoring andadministration of Servers for day-to-day problems, monitoring log files,configuration changes and documentation.
  • Worked with Network teamunderstanding about the TCP/IP protocols, SMPP, routers and sending requests toopen the ports.
  • Worked with ApplicationSupport Engineering team for trouble shooting the issues on the resolver nodesin the Prod Env.
  • Migrating the Sun OS 9 to 10on Sun Blade Servers.
  • Migration of applicationsfrom windows to Linux Environment.
  • Experienced on HP- LVM,creating Lvmsadding a VxFS file system on it
  • Running the automated Shellscripts on Production Environment.
  • Doing the complete systemcheck every day by checking e-mails and running the monitoring scripts onmid-tier and mainframe.
  • Creatingfilesystems using Veritas volume manager/Filesystem.
  • Troubleshooting of Volume manager objects with Veritas File System.

Environment: Solaris 9,10, Dell Servers, Sun E480, E450, Sun Fire V440, V480, HP,Oracle, DB2, Mainframe zOS, RHEL 3,4,Shell,VMware ESX 3.0 and 3.5, Lotus Notes( Sametime ). HP-UX 11.23/31, Sun T2000, T5220, T5240; Sun Fire V490, V890,E2900, E6900, 15K, 25K, M5000, M9000; HP rp5400, rp7400, rp8400, rx4640,rx5670, rx7620; HP Proliant DL Series, Dell Poweredge Series; StorageTek SL8500; EMC DMX-3 4500, EMC CX-700, EMC CX3-80, Veritas Cluster Server, SolarisCluster 3.2, Veritas Storage Foundation , Veritas NetBackup.

Client:Confidential, Winston Salem-NC
Duration:April 2009- Sep 2009
Role :Senior UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator


  • Building HPUX rp andIntegrity servers with HPUX 11i V1,V2,V3.
  • Managing and SupportingPBSG, PBG, FRITOLAY, and TROPICANA Servers.
  • Providing the support for700 Base Line Servers
  • Configured File Systemsusing UFS/vxfs/JFS for Oracle Databases.
  • Monitoring, troubleshootingreportingdaily backup status for all critical production UNIX servers enterprise-wide.
  • Created Logical Volumes onSAN by using HP LVM.
  • Migration of Applicationsfrom HP UX to Red Hat Boxes.
  • Migrating HP UX Ksh to RedHat.
  • Scheduling cron jobs fordisk utilization, CPU utilization, backup of the dataoperating systemand other applications as per the requirement using shell scripting.
  • Installed Application Agents on 250 Virtual/Physical servers inwindows 2000/2003/Linux/Solaris.
  • Configuring the MC-ServiceGuard Packages on HP Cluster Servers.
  • Installing the databases like Oracle on the Linux, HP Servers.
  • Handling the file system issues.
  • Working on the Peregrine tickets based on the severity with in the SLA. And working on the CAB requests as per the severity.
  • Working on NPAR/VPARS on SuperDome Servers.
  • Installing the VIO-OS using NIMon P-595 Servers.
  • Working on LPARs on P-Series Machines controlled by HMC.

HPUX 11i, HPUX11i V2,V3. Linux, HP rp3440, rp 4440, rx7640, rx8640,rx3600, rx5915
SuperDome and Integrity servers. AIX P595 Blade, RS-6000 Servers,MySql, RHEL V3, V4.

Client:Confidential Bloomington, IL
Duration: Aug 2008- Mar 2009
Role :Senior HP/AIX Systems Administrator


  • Created Logical Volumes on SAN by using HP LVM and also increased FSonline by online JFS.
  • Managed around 1200+ IBM PSeries Servers, 400 + HP 9000 Servers.
  • Worked in ISA/SDA Teams in IncidentManagement.
  • Worked on HMC, VIO, NIM, IGNITE Servers forLoading and diagnose the Operating system on Servers.
  • Installed, modified, maintained HP ServiceGuard Cluster.
  • Worked on the tasks of HP/AIXVirtual Server Environment, Created and monitored LVMs, Vpars, Lpars.
  • Exported and Deported Volume Groups.
  • Migration of servers between one Datacenter to different locations.
  • Upgrading servers OS and Hardware.
  • Building HPUX Ignite servers to take images of all HPUX environments.
  • Written Shell Scripts to collect the Systemperformance Information, account information on a daily basis.
  • Involved in making the new buildsInfrastructure Ready, Application ReadyProduction Ready.
  • Formatted raw diskspartitioned them using the format utility.Created file system using newfs and mounted it. Created devices and specialfiles using mknod.
  • Writing Scripts for automating and testing the code using Perl, Korn.
  • Network trouble shooting using ndd, 'traceroute', 'netstat','ifconfig' and 'snoop' etc
  • Installed of all the required Software,patches, and upgrades.
  • Involved in documentation, licensing andtrouble shooting.
  • Setup various user profiles, environmentvariables/security to ensure smooth operation.

Red hat Linux AS4.0, HPUX 11i, HPUX 11i V2, AIX-5.2,5.3,6.1,P5Series,P615,RS6000, AIX IBM Stand aloneServers,VIO-1.3,1.4,1.5,HP-9000,NIM,IGNITE Servers.

Client : Confidential, India
Duration:Jan 2006- Jun 2008
Role :Senior SUN/Linux Administrator


  • Responsible for Migration of server and make sure they will come upfine after moving to different location.
  • Managed team size of 8 SAs and reporting to senior management ontimely basis.
  • Managed around 450 + IBM Rs6000/7025 machines.
  • Provided second level Production support for heterogeneousenvironment with SUN, HP, AIX, Linux and WINTEL machines.
  • Handled Incident/Problem management tools.
  • Supported Application Owners during User Acceptance Testing and PilotTesting as appropriate on QA, UAT and DEV boxes.
  • Deployed the WAS Application server releases, monitored andadministered the applications on QA,DEV, and Prod boxes.
  • Deployment of Java Application releases on Wintel, Solaris Machines.
  • Created and troubleshooting LDAP user accounts.
  • Creating the User/Group Accounts using GTS-Panana Tool.
  • Installed and maintained applications such as BMC patrol,Tripwire,IPlanet, Prism, Marimba.
  • Worked as a SME for complex business issues.
  • Managed DNS maps and creating zones
  • Worked on LPARs and VPARs in virtual environment.
  • Worked on SUN ZFS filesystems.
  • Implemented HP Service Guard Clustering toolon HP Servers.
  • Configure File Systems, users and group for Oracle Database.
  • Configuration of Kernel parameters for Oracle Database.
  • Created Korn shell scripts to automate cronjobs and system maintainance.Scheduled cron jobs for job automation.
  • Worked on CA- Autosys Job Scheduler forrunning the automated jobs.
  • Worked on JIL for running the jobs .
  • Hardening and securing of all the Sun servers
  • Automating the installs using Jumpstart and building post installsscripts using Shell scripting.
  • Configure Network services such as NFS, NIS.
  • Backup configuration using Veritas Netbackup.
  • Monitor the systems using Keax, Micro Muse Tools.
  • Handled LVM, SAM,SCM,CIFS/9000 (Samba) concepts on HP.
  • Managed MQ Servers.
  • Involved in Building Infrastructure Servers.
  • Installing multiple OS usingVMWare on Red Hat Liunux Standalone Boxes.
  • Set up jumpstartkickstart server from scratch for theinduction of new servers.
  • Worked on LAN/WAN protocols: TCP/IP,SSH,SMTP,DNS,DHCP.
  • Good exposure in REMEDY PM-ONE ticketing tool.
  • Good knowledge on Perl Scripting, Plate Spin Migration 8.1.
  • Good knowledge in veritas volume manager (Vxvm) and veritas clusterservices (VCS)
  • Applying new patches and packages of Solaris and Linux.

Environment: Sun Solaris 8,9,10, Suse Linux 9, Sun FireV240, Sun Fire 480, Sun E15K, Wintel Servers, Veritas Volume Manager, SolsticeDisk Suite, MySql, Tivoli, WebSphere, Veritas Netbackup, Samba, IBM RS-6000/7025 Machines.

Client : Confidential Hyd, India
Duration: Jan 2004- Jan 2006
Role : Linux, Solaris and Windows System Administrator


  • Installation and customization of Linux, SunSolaris and Window NT servers.
  • Patch installation, regular maintenance.
  • Supporting 150 Servers for multi locations.
  • Oracle installationsystem level support to clients.
  • Amendment of existing scripts as well as writing new Bourne and Kornscripts related to repeated systems administration tasks.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving of problems related to hardware,operating systems, third party applications and scripts
  • Troubleshooting of Servers.
  • Backup Schedules for Solaris and WindowsServers using DLT Tape drives.
  • DNS, NFS, NIS administration.
  • Installation, Configuration of Web Serversusing Apache, IIS on Solaris and Linux Servers.
  • Installation and configuration of WindowsNT4.0, MS Back Office Products
  • Network Solutions to various clients usingWindows NT.
  • Configuring Windows 95, 98 and NTworkstations in NT domains.
  • Configured, Maintained, administered andtroubleshooted core services such as FTP, NFS, DNS, DHCP, NIS, Apache, Sambaand other key 3rd party products

Sun Solaris 2.x, Sun 4 250, Sun E 450, Network switches, Linux -7.2with 200 Work StationsServers. Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Apache, MySql, IIS 4.0 and Oracle 8i.

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