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Network Engineer Resume

Arlington, TX


  • Over 5+ years of experience as network engineer in local and wide area networking. Strong in-depth knowledge and hands on experience over significant portion of Cisco products. Excellent on hand skills like problem-solving, Decision-making, Team-player, Supervisory and Communication.
  • Willing to re-locate along with occasional Travel.


  • Strong experience on designing multiprotocol networks Strong knowledge of data and telecommunication network architectures
  • Worked TCP/IP, Cisco Routers, Layer 2 3 Switches, WAN Circuits including Frame-Relay, Leased lines, ISDN Technologies
  • Experience on Cisco Routers and Multilayer Switches assembling and knowledge of Routing protocols like OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP
  • Expertise in multi-layer LAN Switching, configuring VLANS, VTP, STP, RSTP, etc.
  • Expertise in Installation Configuration of Serial Link, Frame Relay and ISDN.
  • NAT implementation on Cisco router ports, Check point security and ASA firewall.
  • Expertise in ACL, IP Addressing, Sub netting, VLSM and CIDR.
  • Knowledge of carrier based services (DS3, T1, E1, ISDN and POTS) and direct experience coordinating installs and troubleshooting circuits.
  • Hands of experience on practical design, development, implementation of Network Diagram use of Microsoft Visio
  • Understanding of the implementation and deployments of following Wireless Technologies : Cisco Aironet Network Adapters, Light Weight Access Point, Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)
  • Experience in setup and troubleshooting of computer networks, routers(2801 , 7200, 3600, 2600, 2800) and switches(6500, 4500, 3500, 2900 3700)
  • Configuring Managing Switches (Cisco, Nortel, Lucent Motorola) and Routers (Cisco, Nomadix, Colubris, Linksys, Alcatel) through SNMP Traps, Telnet SSH.
  • Experience in mentoring teams and excellent presentation and communication skills, Team Player, Quick Lerner, Organized and Self Motivated
  • Enthusiastic to learn new Systems and technologies and fast adaptability to new platforms and environment
  • Knowledge of Cisco wireless access technology using 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g

Degree Certifications:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science with major in Networking
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) (CSCO12128513)
  • Currently Pursuing Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP-Routing Switching)
  • Wireless Cisco Pre-Sales Training

Technical Skills:

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, LTP/UDP, STP, RSTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP, FTP. Routing Protocol: EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, RIP (V1, V2), IS-IS Switching Protocols: VTP, STP, RSTP, MST, VLANs, 802.1q trunking and tunneling VOIP Protocols: H.323, SIP, MGCP, RTP, RTCP. VOIP Platform: UC520, Cisco IP phones, FXS/FXO WAN Protocols: PPP, Frame Relay, HDLC, ATM, ISDN Tools: Wireshark 1.2.3, ethereal 0.99.0, Airopeek, Tcptrace, Xplot, Labview. Documentation: Microsoft Visio, MS office 03/07. Operating Systems:Windows Vista/XP, Windows 98/95, Fedora Linux

Professional Experience:

Confidential Jan 11 - Present Network Engineer Arlington, TX

  • Being part of Network design team learned to designed network as per the client requirement with backboneMPLS network and BGP as external routing protocol and EIGRPinternally for a major deployment
  • Part of major migration for a financial client with various other teams, had responsibility to design, schedule and execute the migration with documenting it.
  • Understanding and Configuring of Static Routes and various routing protocols as per the requirement.
  • Worked on Routing network supported by Cisco 6500, 4500, 3500 routers and gateways 2800, 3800 and 7200 and Voice Network was supported by Cisco Unified Call Manager and Cisco Unified Unity Connection and wireless networks with Cisco WLANS, WLC’s of varied series
  • Part of team in data center responsible for F5 design for few clients, also did migrations as per MOP by our design lead.
  • Design, manage and troubleshoot EIGRP and OSPF routing environment comprised of multiple areas.
  • Configuration, Management, Troubleshooting of Network devices (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Servers, DSL Modems etc.). Maintained the Telecommunication Connectivity using DSL and T1 Lines.
  • Worked on Routers Cisco 2620, Cisco 3750, and Cisco 2950 Switches Link sys wireless access points.
  • Maintained complex LAN/WAN networks with several VLANS and provided support for routing protocols.
  • Managed IP addressing and implemented IP Access Lists.
  • Knowledge of IP traffic flow, sniffing, capturing and monitoring of live traffic streams. Track current security advisories, determine core network vulnerability and then provide rapid guidance in order to minimize core network exposure
  • Configured and troubleshoot VLAN, VTP, STP and Trunks.
  • Responsible for procurement and installation of H/W, network drives and other IT infrastructure.
  • Evaluate and recommend inter-connectivity hardware, software, and services to fulfill various businesses needs as requirements develop
  • VPN and Firewall Installation and deciding and documenting security policies
  • Participate in all technical aspects of LAN, WAN, VPN and security internetworking projects including, short and long term planning, implementation, documentation, project management and operations support as required.
  • Monitored the network with Cisco Works 2000
  • Documented the design, implementation and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Responsible for procurement and installation of H/W, network drives and other IT infrastructure.
  • Evaluate and recommend inter-connectivity hardware, software, and services to fulfill various businesses needs as requirements develop.
  • Provided Technical Support to clients and on-site engineers during their installations on various products and opened tickets for the clients documenting the issue and escalating to the respective teams if it cannot be resolved by me
  • Worked on preparing documents such as BOM, RFP, Floor Plans, Installation guides, Network Flow Diagrams and documentation using MS Visio, Excel and Word.
  • Implementation, administration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and end-user support of all company Systems/Network/Security primarily in a Windows NT/2000 Servers platform, Windows XP, Cisco, Symantec environment.
  • Stay informed with current and upcoming technology on an ongoing basis to maintain a high level of technical competence in support of future business objectives as they arise.

Confidential June 10 Dec 10 Network Engineer, NOC (Level II Support) Dallas, TX

  • Working as a Networking Associate for a project which involves providing support for various clients.
  • Working on tools like Cisco Works, SDE Express creating ticketing requests in Service Center and further resolving
  • Performing a time study and effectively cutting costs by eliminating errors in the process methodology.
  • Administrate, configure and troubleshoot customer networks totaling 500 Thousand + L2 and L3 Cisco devices.
  • Communicate with the planning engineer and actively turnover more than 2000 devices into network.
  • Active work on H3C device and all range of Cisco devices.
  • Migrated traffic using F5 load balancers and documented the process
  • Routing protocols like BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, MPLS and RIP.
  • Work with Tier III IP and Tier II Firewall for each of the above to implement during Change Window.
  • Stage IOS and set boot statements on Cisco Devices and IOS Upgrades on F5 Load Balancers
  • Cisco Devices, 3COM, and Nortel Switches
  • Database Management keeping the up to date data in the Database
  • On the project side and Change manage sides, configure Customer Routers, switch, AP with SNMP, Log server, TACACS.
  • Use of advanced Excel functions such as VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables and concatenate.
  • Communicate with the planning engineer and actively turnover more than 2000 devices into network.
  • DNS, DHCP and SMTP network changes.

Confidential June 09 May 10 Network Support Engineer Plano, TX

  • Involved with team responsible for network infrastructure and the planning and design of enterprise LAN/WAN solutions
  • Handling data network issues in and around sites and providing solutions.
  • Configuration andtroubleshootingcomplexRouting Protocols(EIGRP,OSPF, BGP).
  • Responsible for configuring and maintainingBGProuting (Route Maps, AS-Path prepend, MED, Local Preference) toload balance trafficacross multiple ISPs links.
  • Implementation of Check Point and ASA firewall security.
  • Design and implementedvlans,IntervlanRoutingin the network
  • Deployment of WAPs over PoE and implementing securities over the channel.
  • Managing wireless network through WLAN controller and troubleshooting.
  • Documented the design, implementation and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Providing solutions forredundancy, Symmetric Routing, Load balancingto customers/BUs.
  • Implementing wireless access points in LAN for remote administration of devices.
  • ManagedIP addressingand implementedIP Access Lists.

Confidential July 07 Jan 09 Jr. Network Engineer Pune, MH

  • Day to day maintenance of MSAN, DLCs, PSP and Card Racks at endpoint.
  • Plan, design, install and configure LAN/WAN as per organizational / client requirements.
  • Handling data network issues in and around sites and providing solutions.
  • Configuration of routers, switches, hubs, modems and other networking devices
  • Constant testing of ring topology between MSANs for continuous connection.
  • Maintained end-to-end connectivity for standard E1 and leased lines with backup ISDN.
  • Working with development team tosolve network problem and improve the network
  • Designed web portal which helped new interns get acquainted with the company profile and get initial training. This saved a lot of time and manpower in training new interns.

Thesis Title: Throughput Performance of Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP)/UDP with Variation of Window Sizes” The main idea was to test the Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) package in our laboratory under different conditions. ION is a software package of Space Internet Protocols developed by NASA to have secure and speedy transmission over space link with minimum data loss. Three transport layer protocols (TCP/IP, LTP and UDP), different delays and link breaks were used to test ION and this testing was done over the virtual test link connected with switches and routers. My role was to get maximum window size (Nominal Block Size * no. of sessions) which can be sent over a link. At end, results were sent to developer to improve the performance of the protocol.

Organizational roles:

  • Served as the Administrative Director of the Electronics and Communication Organization (ECO)
  • Part of the team that organized National Level Technical Symposium Purveyance 2007 and other events under ECO.

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