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OPERATING SYSTEM Windows-7, 8, Win2K8, Win2K3, Vista, Win2K, XP/ME/HE, WIN-NT, Windows-95/98/SE, CE, Windows-3.X, Linux, Macintosh, MS-DOS

FRAMEWORKS DEVSTUDIO 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 , Blend-2013, , ISA, IIS , Eclipse, InterDEV, J-Builder, DreamWeaver, Front-Page, VBCCE, MPW, InstallShield, Embedded Visual Studio IIS Versions-2-7.5, 8.5 Application Pools, ACL, Certificate Mgmt//PKI, URL-Redirect, Web Deploy TOOLS TFS, TestManager, n-UNIT, MOQ, ClearCase, MKS Integrity, SourceSafe, Perforce, Tortoise, Subversion, PVCS, CVS, SharePoint/WSS, DevPartner/BoundsChecker, et al NETWORKING TCP-IP, UDP, WINSOCK, completion-ports and overlapped IO, SSL, FTP, HTTP S , NNTP, SNMP, SMTP, POP, DNR, DNS, and knowledge of IKE, SPE, IPSEC METHODOLOGIES SCRUM/AGILE, TDD, Waterfall, Big-Bang, Wild-West. TESTING Behavioral TDD , Black-box, White-box, Exception, Positive, Negative, Functional, etc

Executive Summary: A Win32/Win64 guru with 24 years of experience developing enterprise class applications across platforms. Specialty involves native client, server, .NET SAAS, SOA and ASP.NET development using WPF and WCF frameworks. Can come up to speed on large source-code bases very quickly also have J2EE/JSEE experience on Linux. A go-to person considered to be a star by colleagues. Not just a developer, but a technical lead, mentor, and architect.

PROFESSIONAL Technical Lead, Manager, Senior Developer Confidential EXPERIENCE Architected and developed MobilePlus a cloud-based backup and restore web-based product targeted towards the mobile workforce. N-tier front-end MVVM . N-tiered Back-end SOA using SOAP WS, EF S.T.Es , TSQL, sprocs, BI layer developed using domain layering/separation-of-concerns. Many moving parts like RSA-SHA1 encryption and hashing, SSL certificates. Features like at rest encryption, scalable back-end storage vaults , Reporting UI, Dashboard. A host of technologies leveraged: ASP.NET, ASP-MVC, Win-Services, EF, WPF, WCF, C , abcPDF, Telerik Reporting, ASMX, and .SVC .NET WCF WS's.

  • Architected, developed and managed team provided all technical guidance required to ship the MobilePlus product in a little over a year. Provided User Guides, Confluence/WIKI technical pages, release notes, etc.
  • Maintained and extended existing internal and external web-based portals providing Billing Management and Customer Management capabilities. Ported both portals from Web Site to WAP Web Application using ASP.NET 4.5, C . Concurrent product development on multiple projects at any one point in time.
  • Architected and developed custom Basic Authentication, and SOAP transport security authentication providers for several client-server applets including: Log File client-server, Heartbeat client-server. Leveraged ISAPI, C .
  • Architected and developed a Best Effort Delivery Log File client DLL , and server used throughout the VaultLogix application suite. WPF test-jig, C , asynchronous file transfer through WCF WS.
  • Worked closely with IT team to mentor and deploy IIS Web applications WAP as well as underlying requirements/Best-Practices like optimal session-timeout values, I/O buffer-size, Application Pool ACLs, URL Rewrite, WebDeploy, Logging, and reduced security surfaces. Managed staging servers, and worked closely with IT on production server s configuration and maintenance.
  • Designed and implemented a WPF MVVM backup solution to image Windows 7, 8 storage devices Volume based backup . All UI defined in XAML. Supported Drag-and-drop, USB device notification, device enumeration, boot order BCDStore , etc.
  • Currently designing, deploying, and integrating MachSol Exchange e-mail provisioning into the InterCloud management and billing portals. Requires deploying and configuring Exchange 2013 servers along with DNS and AD in a network segment. MachSol. allows sales to offer hosted eMail as part of the end-to-end managed IT services offering. Also interfacing with E.W.S. to manage Exchange configuration data.

Technical Lead, Manager


  • Managed external contractors on multiple concurrent projects.
  • Added KBA Knowledge Based Authentication and SSA Single Sign On to Best Doctors' product line.
  • Evaluated ADFS Federated-AD , and SQL-2012 MDS Master Data Services and proposed an adoption strategy.
  • Extended SiteCore-based ASPX web application and added new features leveraging Ajax, JQuery, and ASCX controls.
  • Extended Metastorm BPM workflow application and integrated SOA data interfaces into business objects. Also built an AD Role-based access interface to the BPM client.
  • Built several WS's Web Services both RESTful and SOAP using WCF, EF Entity Framework , POCOs, and STEs. Also wrote integration layer to E.W.S Exchange Web Services to integrate Calendar scheduling with CRM workflow.
  • Developed SOAP WS data import/export layer to interface with Microsoft Dynamics CRM oData API.
  • Worked closely with BI Business Intelligence to develop Stories for AGILE Product backlog.
  • Worked closely with Product Management to provide technical oversight for many concurrent projects.

Senior Software Engineer, Contractor


  • Designed and implemented a new highly extensible shipping feedback system Win32/64 Service to replace an older hard-coded VB.Net shipping feedback framework. Leveraged C , .Net 4.0, WPF, WCF, Linq/Lambda, XML, SAX/DOM, Powershell, Perforce, Moq, nUnit.
  • Interfaced with global carriers via WS Web Service and FTP-based external interfaces. Designed and implemented an extensible metadata-driven FTP definition allowing new carriers to be added without any new code or redeployment. Also designed a generic WS framework allowing proxy stubs to easily be added with just a few lines of programming.
  • Used XP Extreme Programming via TDD Test driven development methodology. All interface behavior validated with Moq framework. nUnit functional, exception and error testing. 2 week release cycle.
  • MS SQL Server 2008 schema development and deployment. Transactional stored procedures using TSQL. Scheduled jobs implementing bulk transfer using SSIS.
  • Leveraged many design patterns including IOC, Visitor pattern, Abstract factory, CTOR-chaining.

Software Architect, Technical Lead, Manager, Senior Engineer Confidential

  • Designed and developed a majority of the Massachusetts Dept. of Unemployment web-based application. Application leveraged ASP.NET-3.5, Webforms, C , Oracle, Toad, LLBLGEN ORM , a proprietary control library and page-flow framework to enforce security. LDAP authentication, Group and Role based security, Responsible for communicating- with, and developing all external government services like ICON, DHS, SSA, etc via SOAP services.
  • High volume system providing load balancing, High Availability, Out of Process Sessions, 200 pages/sec, isolated business layer through WS. Database access through ORM layer. Entire application built using SAAS.
  • Provided many roles to Deloitte: Manager of the local client team, Solution Architect for local and remote teams. Counselor for numerous Deloitte colleagues. Considered a 'go-to' person by all.
  • Designed segments of the Florida and New Mexico unemployment system. Provided architecture and development assistance across multiple teams across multiple projects.
  • Quickly came up to speed on the existing application frameworks, toolkits, and database schema definitions. Assigned the duty of mentoring new hires. Quickly became a leading contributor to the team and filled the missing Architect role.
  • Updated development documents in an effort to reduce the learning curve otherwise required by new hires.
  • Streamlined the deployment and build process using CruiseControl, NUnit, and LoadRunner. Significantly reduced the defect count by keeping non-functional builds from being deployed.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Confidential Technical Lead for the LPS server team. Responsible for code reviews, new architecture design, specs, docs, Unit tests, scheduling , and support of the suite of Loftware labeling applications.
  • Primary responsibility involved porting existing code base to C and WPF using .NET 3.5 via Visual Studio 2008. Code base was MSVC 6.0 and required a firm understanding of both frameworks as well as mastering the 30K source base with little to no guidance. Existing COM controls called through Interop. Internal data exchange interfaces changed to SOAP and XML-based API with XSLT templates using MSXML 6.0 SAX/DOM parsers and WCF.
  • SAP integration using BAPI and XML. Database integration with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, and Oracle-9i.
  • Developed a Java JMeter test-jig to stabilize the Loftware LPS server hosting a TCP/IP based API and associated XML payload. This task leveraged the J2EE framework and Perl REGEX patterns to drive the API and test results.
  • Stored Procedures developed in MySQL, Postgres, Oracle-11i, and MS-SQL 2005 and 2008

Senior Software Engineer, Consultant Confidential

  • Technical Lead on multiple concurrent development efforts for the Synaptics TouchPad pointing device.
  • Involved in the TouchPad driver and control panel design and implementation across all supported platforms. Technologies included: .NET 2.0 Services, C , WTL, ATL, COM, MFC, DDK, INetSDK, WMSdk and UAC on Vista/Windows 2008 server. User-base included everyone, so localization and ease-of-use was mandatory.
  • Worked closely with Partners like Dell to provide co-branded TouchPad control panel and MMC snap-in utilities.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Confidential Member of the Senior Design Team for the SurfControl Web Filter application. Responsible for all design reviews and discussions regarding features and architectural changes to the product on multiple platforms Win32, ISA, Cisco-CE, Juniper, Checkpoint .
  • Used static categories, packet inspection and protocol signatures to enforce internet threat management.
  • Work included TCP/IP Layer II and III , ICAPI, NDIS promiscuous mode driver, HTTP, DNS, LDAP, C , .NET, Java, SOAP/XML, .NET Web Services, .NET Services, Named Pipes, MS-SQL, and ISA.
  • .NET Web Service API SOAP/XML used for IPC/RPC communication and state serialization.
  • Main Web Filter team was based in Congleton, Confidential, therefore remote teamwork and communication skills were highly refined to reduce turnaround time.

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead, Engineering Confidential

  • Architected and developed the SOAP API for the DNI NetworkJustice Fairshare QOS product line. This API leveraged .NET Web Services to provide IPC/RPC using SOAP XML encoded data over the HTTP transport . More important was the data schema that was provided by the web service WSDL XSD definition. The data schema allowed external CRM or management systems to create or change proprietary QOS policies without knowledge of internal DNI APIs. Policy schema derived from RFC-3460, the PCIM policy model. Leveraged bleeding-edge technologies including WBEM/CIM, .NET Web Controls, Xpath, XML, XSD/WSD, ASPX, WS, .NET Inter-op, SOAP IPC, and QOS.
  • Wrote a Microsoft Network Discovery Service. This service converted Active Directory user profiles into IP Addresses and vice versa. This allowed the Fairshare QOS engine to apply IP-based policies on Microsoft AD user profiles. Leveraged many technologies, including WMI, DNS RDNS, AD/LDAP.

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead, Engineering Confidential

  • Architected and developed a complete Java/JSP web-based application to interface with a proprietary appliance running embedded Linux. The web interface provided authenticated profile-based views of network data and appliance configuration, which in turn provided network security.
  • The appliance embraced technologies such as RADIUS, DHCP, LDAP, SLAPD, SLURPD, HA and clustering, all of which were configured and administered through the web application.
  • Data access was through JNDI to an LDAP data store. Sockets were used to communicate with the underlying services also, JNI was used to call local '.so' libraries. JDBC along with MySQL were used to provide a persistent data store to the web application. This position allowed me to refine my Linux and JSP/Java page-building skills tremendously.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Confidential Developed the client and some server portions of the IPDynamics VPN. The underlying technology leveraged UDP encapsulated DNR packets based on a virtual IP addressing scheme. Data transfer is FIPS compliant using AES encryption and HMAC-SHA1 authentication. Contended with issues like man-in-the-middle, playback, DOS, and several other forms of network attack.
  • Responsible for the entire VPN Win-32 client application including the design, documentation, and maintenance.
  • Able to highly refine my debugging skills since all client/driver/server/proxy anomalies appeared in the client application. Worked across multiple teams in the process, so clear communication and teamwork were critical.
  • Developed a full-featured chat utility to demonstrate the group collaboration paradigm over a VPN community.
  • Ported the Win32 VPN Client application to Win-CE-3.0 using the Pocket-PC 3.0 SDK for the StrongARM processor. Contended with CE issues like forced hibernation of an application providing network services.

Senior Software Engineer, Consultant Confidential

  • Strategos contract required developing a rapid prototype, web-based application for the e-Learning industry. Application had to leverage the ARS-Digita ACS J2EE platform to provide the underlying server infrastructure and page-building processing. This required a fast-track learning of Linux, J2EE, JSP Jakarta Tomcat , ANT and other Unix tools and technologies. This was an invaluable contract since it allowed me to compare Microsoft COM /.Net solutions with the open-source community and the new J2EE solution.
  • Data definition described in XML. Page layout described in XSL. HTML boilerplate described in JSP and embedded server-side widgets servlets defined in Java J2EE . Oracle database provided live data through TCP/IP connectors. PL-SQL used to query relational data into PDL objects. Both technologies had to be learned in an aggressive manner.

Senior Software Engineer, Technical Staff Confidential

  • Responsible for the architecture, development, and documentation of a full-featured social interface leveraging Java applets, DHTML, and Java Script on the front end and CGI, C , Java servlets , and COM on the back end.
  • Promoted to Team Lead in charge of three other engineers. Responsibilities included giving chalk-talks to all new engineers on Latitude web architecture, teaching new engineers web technology, cost estimation scheduling of projects, plus many other tasks, all while still owning a majority of the code-base.
  • Developed Java applets servlets to stream raw data from the server and to parse it on the client for algorithmic layout. Contended with performance issues related to running the MSJVM in an ISAPI DLL, plus the threading issues involved in using JCW for COM access to interfaces.
  • Responsible for the development, maintenance, and deployment of the existing form-based web interface for Latitude's flagship product MeetingPlace. This included front-end development in HTML, Javascript, and DHTML, and back-end processing using ASP, C , and Java. Technologies included maintaining/extending NT services, threaded session logic for HTTP processing and persistence of state between user requests, SQL database access via DSN and ODBC on a clustered network providing distributive transaction processing. Server-side processing routed through ISAPI, CGI, and JVM.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Research and Development Confidential Responsible for the architecture and development of the Blue E-Commerce web site. This ASP web application was implemented on IIS and utilized Site Server Commerce Edition pipeline components for distributed transaction processing. This project also required the use of SSL via Verisign certificates and Cybercash credit card validation to leverage a single point of sale marketing paradigm for web-based magazine subscriptions.
  • Responsible for the architecture and development of the Blue Administration web site. This ASP web application provided an interface to the SQL database via DSNs using stored procedures to provide the front office with the capability to manipulate the data delivered to the Blue E-Commerce web site.
  • Participated in the design and development of the Blue Delivery Client. This C /COM client application leveraged the push metaphor to deliver large downloads of data to the consumer using network bandwidth in a highly intelligent manner. This application also had to solve the corporate firewall dilemma that restricts HTTP streams containing MIME types other than those specified by the corporate IS administrator without resorting to spoofing techniques.

Senior Software Engineer, Advanced Development Team Confidential

  • Infoseek Desktop Development Team Lead. Responsible for the Infoseek desktop development strategy, architecture, and team management. Also played a significant role in the marketing and formulation of business relationships based on the Infoseek Desktop product line with key partners such as Microsoft.
  • Managed and developed Infoseek Desktop. Responsibilities included the architecture, management, documentation, and development on this useful web-aware desktop toolbar utility.
  • Managed the Infoseek Quickseek web browser utility. Responsible for the architecture, management, and development on this popular over 5 million users browser add-on.
  • Produced the Infoseek DHTML Searchband. The DHTML searchband leveraged some of the most leading-edge web-based technology available, including Active-X, DHTML, ADT, VBSCRIPT, and JavaScript. Worked closely with Microsoft MSDR.
  • Produced the Infoseek Active-X Control. This control provided a hierarchical web navigation utility. This control won several awards and resulted in an article in VB Developers Journal. Worked closely with Microsoft to define features derived from this control for IE-4.0.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Advanced Development Team Confidential Primarily responsible for evaluating new technologies and developing solutions for the NetManage Chameleon suite of Internet products.
  • Designed and developed the FTP Active-X client/server controls shipping with Microsoft's Internet Control Pack.
  • Participated in the development of the Document Stream Interface, a generalized mechanism used to stream data synchronously/asynchronously to OLE 2.0 enabled container objects.
  • Participated in the design and development of the NetManage NNTP and HTTP Active-X controls.
  • Designed and developed shared libraries to support Win32 extensions while maintaining backward compatibility with existing Win16 Legacy development
  • Designed and developed the NetManage Internet Software Distribution application.
  • Software Engineer Confidential Member of the Appware Foundation Windows and Macintosh Development team. Primarily responsible for helping design and implement cross-platform applications using the Appware Foundation libraries.
  • This NAWF toolkit was offered to select companies along with our skills to develop or port existing applications. These included Intuit's Quicken from MS-DOS to Windows. Provided the Date and Time Picker utility for the Power-Up product Calendar Creator for Windows CCW . Was involved in the entire design and specification phase of the Power-Up Personal Information Manager PIM , which was designed to be cross-platform.

Software Engineer Confidential

  • Involved in design and development of a hypertext-enabled Multi-Media Word Processor developed with proprietary cross-platform C libraries.
  • Involved in the development of a presentation builder, combining the features of a slide manager with those of an object-based graphical layout application and built with OOP technologies.
  • PRODUCTS SHIPPED A few of the products I have written or contributed code to which have been formally released:
  • VaultLogix MobilePlus, IV-Advantage, Web Operator
  • BestDoctors MemberConnect, Physician Connect
  • Vistaprint Vistparint.com eCommerce portal
  • Loftware Inc Loftware Labeling server LPS and Designer
  • Synaptics TouchPad driver and control panel
  • SurfControl Web Filter
  • Deterministic Networks Fairshare Bandwidth Bank 2.0, 2.1, 2.1.1
  • IPDynamics VCN Member Agent
  • Latitude MeetingPlace Web Publisher v-99.2 and v-2000
  • Infoseek Active-X navigator control, Infoseek Desktop, and Infoseek Quickseek
  • NetManage Chameleon Internet Suite and NetManage TCP/IP SDK
  • Microsoft FTP, HTTP, HTML, and NNTP Active-X controls part of ICP
  • Novell Appware Foundation
  • Power-Up Calendar Creator for Windows CCW , Intuit Quicken for Windows
  • Ashton Tate Multi-Mate Advantage Word Processor

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