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Operations- Project Lead/ Technical Writer Resume Profile

Charleston South, CarolinA


  • Fifteen years of cumulative training and experience in various aspects of law enforcement and public safety, including personnel training/development and diving operations.
  • Fourteen years management experience in providing contracted security support services to businesses.
  • Established organizational, administrative, communication, leadership, instructing, multitasking, time management, problem resolution, interpersonal and public relations skills.
  • Computer Literate: Microsoft Windows, MS Office Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Outlook , Oracle Tutor, Risk Radar Enterprise, CMPro, Mobile Field Reporting, NCIC database and internet.


Service Advisor

To Present

  • Ascertains automotive problems and services by listening to customer's description of symptoms clarifying description of problems conducting inspections taking test drives checking vehicle maintenance records examining service schedules.
  • Verifies warranty and service contract coverage by examining records and papers explaining provisions and exclusions.
  • Develops estimates by costing materials, supplies, and labor calculating customer's payment, including deductibles.
  • Prepares repair orders RO by describing symptoms, problems, and causes discovered, as well as repairs and services required obtaining approval signatures entering RO into service database system.
  • Maintains customer rapport by explaining estimates and expected return of vehicle obtaining customer's approval of estimates obtaining and providing contact telephone numbers answering questions and concerns arranging towing and temporary transportation.
  • Maintains automotive records by recording problems and corrective actions planned.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities reading manufacturers' publications.
  • Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments

Operations- Project Lead/ Technical Writer

  • Work with the Department of Homeland Security's DHS Systems Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders SAVER Program.
  • Facilitate, develop, and conduct impartial, practitioner-relevant operational assessments and validations of emergency responder equipment.
  • Produce a library of highly detailed documents- market survey reports, technical notes, application notes, and technology guides- based on information and data obtained from manufacturers, vendors, and evaluator feedback during and after operational assessments.
  • Recruit and hire private contractors to perform evaluations and assessments.
  • Provide contract and cost proposal information based on past and present practices in relation to government guidelines.

Technology- Information Assurance

  • Perform Gold Disk and Red Hat scans on both Windows and Linux based servers.
  • Provide information assurance vulnerability management IAVM for Department of Defense computers and servers.
  • Provide a record of system health and updates for SSC-Lant Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic computers.

Operations- Project Control

  • Directly involved in the development, management, and integration of various Integrated Master Schedules IMS to support time, resource, and cost management for a USN/USMC client.
  • Supported Integrated Baseline Reviews IBR by capturing and reporting schedule/cost performance, evaluating effectiveness of EVM/EVA processes, and conducting risk analysis based on WBS, OBS, and schedule data.
  • Monitor and evaluate project status and planned cost via MS Project comparing this against actual data captured in SPAWAR's Navy-ERP NERP system, supporting real time management decision making.
  • Provide critical professional council to project leadership in the processes to capture and quantify cost and effort data that supports DCMA and DCAA processes and practices.
  • Worked directly with other project support contractors in gathering and tracking material, travel and ODC cost for which EVM does not support to ensure accurate financial reconciliation.
  • Prepare and present project controls briefing to local project leadership and PG-12 project sponsors on status of project execution and projected funding and schedule information.

Police Shift Supervisor

  • Selected: Chief's Counsel to test and evaluate new computer and reporting systems for purchase and use for a Police Department of over 400 sworn officers. Testing included evaluation of the functionality of the software, hardware, and user interface. Tasked to deliver presentations that were based on the findings of the evaluating group.
  • Selected: Police Officer of the Month November, 2008.
  • Designated as liaison between the Charleston Police Department, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and United States Secret Service June 2004 G-8 Conference at St. Simon's Island .
  • Supervise and conduct criminal investigations to include preliminary investigation, witness and suspect interviews, gathering background and criminal histories, writing and presenting affidavits to grand juries, and testifying in local, State, and Federal courts.
  • Supervise, train, coach, coordinate, motivate and critique performance activities of 4-20 police officers in patrolling City of Charleston assigned areas over 65-square miles with a population of 63,000 .
  • Respond to police calls for service in both emergency/non-emergency situations and proactively patrol designated areas develop, execute and coordinate operational plans in response to crimes, special assignments, and natural/environmental disasters.
  • Receive raw data from various sources, including confidential informants, surveillance and officer field interrogations to develop intelligence that can be used in evaluation and formation of operational plans.
  • Perform administrative duties, to include payroll, leave scheduling/subordinate performance evaluations, and appear on a regular basis as a witness in federal, state and municipal criminal courts.
  • Participated in FEMA related exercises to include Hurricane Preparedness and Mass Incident Situations
  • Trained and experienced in the use of the Incident Command System ICS structure
  • Trained in weapons and use of less lethal devices, to include Taser, Pepper Spray and 40mm launcher.

Squad Supervisor


  • Accountable for supervising, training and coordinating a squad of 10-15 officers that are subject to on-call status in providing rapid response reaction to any disturbances that may affect the safety of citizens and property of the City of Charleston, to include riots, terrorist attacks, and environmental/natural disasters.
  • Act as a liaison between the Charleston Police Department and other law enforcement or outside government agencies, including Secret Service, ATF, FBI, SLED and Georgia Bureau of Investigations, etc.
  • Trained to react, direct and coordinate police officers in hazardous environments, to include deployment of CN and CS gases as well as other forms of less lethal devices for crowd control.

Police Diver


  • Facilitate on-call status diving support in search and recovery of persons and items that are located in bodies of water around Metropolitan Charleston, including conducting of security operations involving cruise ships, Navy vessels and the Maritime Fleet.
  • Develop and execute search grids and patterns based on all available equipment at time of operations, to include hand held and side scan sonar.
  • Work closely with US Coast Guard, US Navy and Department of Homeland Security in searching piers and incoming maritime vessels for explosives and contraband, including providing support assistance to Project SeaHawk US Department of Justice Intermodal Transportation and Port Security Pilot Project .
  • Test, evaluate and make recommendations on equipment that has been made available to the Underwater Recovery Unit for possible purchase and use.
  • Completed training in securing of underwater crime scenes and evidence handling.

New Recruit Field Training Officer


  • Prepared lesson plans conducted lectures/seminars and workshops instructed and trained new recruits in Police protocol and law enforcement policies, procedures, rules/regulations, using approved South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy curriculum intense 10-week course process .
  • Assessed and monitored progress of new recruits, adjusted individual training programs, as necessary, counseled and made recommendations to improve performance and best prepare them for independent Police duty assignments.
  • Critiqued performance, wrote evaluations and submitted recommendations to the Training Officer to either release recruits for duty or terminate employment.

Patrol Officer


  • Patrolled assigned areas and responded to accidents, emergency calls and public complaints provided traffic/crowd control detected/deterred crimes and enforced federal, state and City of Charleston laws.
  • Conducted background checks/law enforcement investigations administered sobriety tests collected evidence interviewed witnesses issued citations and arrested suspects, where called for.
  • Logged/prepared written reports and presented professional testimony in municipal court hearings.

Site Security Manager / Independent Contractor

  • Promote contracted security support services to potential customers, existing business clients, events and individuals in the City of Charleston, including providing uniformed police presence and roving patrols for clients, including car dealerships some with multiple sites , department stores, nightclubs, etc,
  • Conduct informative presentations, explain security services provided, submit bid proposals, negotiate hourly pay rates and secure contractual agreements from various local firms/businesses and individuals.
  • Recruit, schedule, train, supervise, coordinate and critique job performance activities of up to 25 police officers operating in an off-duty security employment status with client accounts.
  • Schedule assignments maintain daily/weekly rosters communicate and coordinate directives with both business partners and associates submit labor transmittals for payroll collect and distribute paychecks.
  • Facilitate consultation services for installation of security cameras and various other security measures for protection of businesses and individual property owners.
  • Manage business client billing, accounts receivable/payable, payroll and issuing annual Form 1099s.
  • Coordinated on-site security for an apartment complex comprising over 1200 units 2006-2007 .

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