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Technical Writer Resume Profile

Professional Summary

I am an experienced technical writer and editor with a Master's degree in Technical Writing. I have worked independently and as part of a team to create and edit user and training documentation in hardcopy and online formats. I am an independent self-starter who is organized, analytical, a problem solver, and a team player. I also adapt to change, learn quickly, am able to prioritize work, and can complete more than one project at a time.

Technical Summary

Microsoft Suite









Professional Experience


Technical Writer

  • Created online knowledge documents for new software used by VA call center employees.
  • Ensured the documents met the publishing standards.
  • Assisted other technical writers with creating quality knowledge documents.

Technical Writer

  • Created an online Wiki that contains the procedures performed by GE security personnel.
  • Edited the procedures to ensure consistency.
  • Interviewed SMEs for information.

Technical Writer

  • Maintained a document library in SharePoint.
  • Created a document on how to use SharePoint.
  • Collected FAQs for inclusion in company newsletter.
  • Edited and reformatted existing documentation.
  • Created a multi-functional flowchart that displays the company's payment processing procedure.

Technical Writer

  • Documented Estes' back-end systems by interviewing SMEs and entering the information into an online Wiki in Confluence.
  • Wrote security handbook for Estes' employees.
  • Edited the work of the other technical writers in the group.

Technical Writer

  • Documented the Project Management group's procedures.
  • Created a user's guide and an administration guide for CorVu, which is software used to create balanced scorecards and queries.
  • Created documentation for a new platform that VGT uses to create games. This documentation includes software and server Installation and Reference guides, a Reference guide for using the game engine that runs the platform, and a Troubleshooting guide.
  • Created an online Wiki that instructs users how to use SharePoint.

Technical Writer

  • Documented the implementation of a new phone system to be used by GE employees.
  • Documented the operation of GE sites, including port network layout and trunking information.
  • Created an administration guide for new software that will be used to automate current manual processes.

Technical Writer

  • Edited and reformatted the documentation located in SharePoint.
  • Put the existing documentation into the company's new template.

Technical Writer

  • Updated the Help system for the Performance IQ software to ensure the Help system reflects updates to the software.
  • Edited the Help system to ensure consistency among topics and to ensure grammar is correct.

Technical Writer

  • Created documentation and flowcharts that instruct the Check Research and Adjustments department how to use the appropriate website to process information received from outside sources such as the National Clearinghouse Association.
  • Created documentation and flowcharts that instruct the Central Operations Service Desk how to process information and escalation calls.
  • Created documentation that instructs the Global Deposit Processing department how to use the company's proprietary software to perform customer support functions.
  • Edited the documentation that instructs employees how to input data into the company's databases.

Technical Writer

  • Created Quick Reference Cards that provide the procedures for completing tasks within the software.
  • Created a training guide that instructs trainees how to use the company's proprietary software to process insurance claims.
  • Edited the documentation that the Human Resources department uses during training.

Technical Writer

  • Created Quick Reference Cards that users can access online for easy reference.
  • Created training guides that Miami University trainers use to teach students how to use Outlook 2007 and Entourage 2004.
  • Created documentation that instructs Technical Service Representatives how to configure PCs after they have been converted to Outlook or Entourage.

Technical Writer

  • Documented how to use Documentum, which is an electronic warehouse used to store electronic items.
  • Created documentation that instructs Fidelity personnel how to use the company's proprietary software to perform Configuration Management tasks.
  • Edited the existing documentation.

technical Writer

  • Created online training tutorials that instruct Citigroup personnel worldwide how to use the company's purchasing software.
  • Ensured smooth transitions from one screen to the next.
  • Reviewed the online training tutorials:
  • Inserted translated scripts into the tutorials for Citigroup's international personnel.
  • Ensured proper placement of scripts.
  • Ensured accurate cursor movement.

Technical Writer

  • Used Adobe Acrobat to convert the documents to pdf format.
  • Analyzed the existing documentation and rewrote it in a standardized format.
  • Created documentation that instructs employees how to process a mortgage.
  • Edited the documentation to ensure it met HSBC guidelines.

Technical Writer

  • Created documentation that explains the QA department's procedures.
  • Created flowcharts that illustrate the QA department's process flows.
  • Documented how Development and QA work together to move fixes into Production.

Technical Writer

  • Created documentation that enabled the financial department to meet its Sarbanes Oxley requirements.
  • Created flowcharts that illustrate the company's procedures.
  • Created documentation that outlines the decisions the business analysts needed to make and the possible results.

Technical Editor

  • Edited the documentation for the e-automation software.
  • Edited the online help for the e-automation software.

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