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Technical Architect Resume

Dallas, TX

Twelve years of industry experience in software development including developing/ enhancing/ maintaining and administering of communications based web applications, web enabled public sector real estate, health care, Wholesale and Retail banking applications. Oracle ADF (10g and 11g), Web Center (11g), Oracle SOA Suite (10g and 11g), Weblogic application server 10g, OC4J, Web-services and Enterprise Java beans, Java, J2EE in the technology domain.

  • With Verizon Enterprise Solutions worked on Oracle ADF 11g and web center for web based UI applications
  • Worked exclusively on task flows, popups, multi-threading, action handlers, UI design of pages and page fragments
  • Worked in Scrum environment with Agile as the software development life cycle
  • Supported testing team achieve 100% passing for every release
  • Created design documents for capabilities suing ICDs
  • With NYCHA worked on administering, architecting and developing Oracle ADF,J2EE, ESB, BPEL processes and deployed them to OC4j and Weblogic server 11g
  • Have developed a J2EE web application to show server statuses and URLs on a single page
  • Granted access to users by creating security realms on weblogic server
  • Extensively used core java components like collections for data iterations and manipulations
  • Developed EJB methods and created their home, remote interfaces as server side components for IBM Maximo 6
  • Configured web.xml, weblogic.xml for Servlets context, and context root
  • Used stateless, stateful session beans, message driven beans for implementing business logic
  • Created and configured messaging bridge between JMS server and JBoss server
  • Created both file storage and JDBC storage for persisting messages for future analysis and archival
  • Configured High availability for Oracle SOA suite and Maximo applications using network channels, NICs,
  • Enabled admin port on weblogic server for allowing secure data only into the network
  • Deployed Maximo application both as exploded directory for debugging in development environment and as an EAR file to weblogic server on Production server
  • Installed Oracle Weblogic 11g server on UNIX operating system (Sun Solaris 64 Bit Operating System) and created domains using create domain wizard
  • Configured JMS modules like queues, topics and distributed destinations of JMS for communication with other external applications
  • With Shared Health worked on administering, architecting and developing BPEL processes and configured SOA Suite with different trading partners using Oracle Integration B2B application
  • With Radio Systems Corporation worked on administering, architecting and developing the BPEL processes, Human Workflow with Oracle ADF, B2B trading partners set up for different EDI standard document types
  • Developed Java based front end for approving purchase orders using Java Server Faces
  • With Schneider National worked on developing custom based OTM screens using Oracle ADF and published the screen’s functionalities to Oracle Application server 10g2 as web services
  • With Oracle Corporation worked on integrating Seibel CRM pillar to the SOA suite as a Seibel adapter

Operating Systems
Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris
Languages/ Technologies
Java, C, C++, C#, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, BPEL, JavaScript, HTML, JSTL, JMS, AJAX, JSF, Axis, JUnit, XML, UML, EJB, Struts, Design Patterns, Web services, SOAP, Spring Framework, Hibernates, SOA Suite, ESB
Oracle 9i, 10g, PL/SQL Developer
Server Products
BEA Weblogic 11g, 8.1, 700 Apache Tomcat Web server, OC4J (Oracle Container for J2EE)
TOAD for Oracle, Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper 10g and11g for IDE, CVS, Sub version for code merge, Rational Rose for UML, Ultra Edit/Edit Plus for Java development, Beyond compare for Code comparing, MS VSS for version control, Rational Clear Quest for Logging bugs, Oracle JDeveloper 11g for Fusion Development, BEA Weblogic 8.1 as a container and OC4J as Application server for Fusion Developmen


Title: Develop Oracle ADF 11g web application (VPrice Deal Desk and Cost Management)
Confidential, Dallas, TX
Position: Technical Architect
Team Size: 8
The Project: Develop Oracle ADF Rich web UI for the Verizon Business application VPrice using ADF framework and Jdeveloper 11g
  • Have worked on creating the source code from scratch
  • Created SVN repository and committed the basic code
  • Deployed the application to Sand Box
  • Added jspx, jsff, skins, popups, dialogues and bean java classes
  • Created entities from data base tables
  • Created Data Controls for EJB methods
  • Wrote java methods for action events and event handlers
  • Followed Agile methodology to develop using scrum and Rally for effort estimation and tracking
Environment: Oracle ADF, Web center 11g, weblogic 11g, Java, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, HTML, JSP, JDBC, JNDI on Sun Solaris
Confidential, New York City
Title: Admin/Develop/Enhance/Debug BPEL, ESB on SOA Suite 10g & 11g
Position: Technical Architect/Administrator/Designer/Developer

Team Size: 4
The Project: develop, enhance and maintain BPEL and ESB processes those orchestrate data from IBM Maximo, Siebel Call center application, and Global Bay web services applications
  • Have administered BPEL Console and ESB for migrations and upgrades of the server
  • Have created RDBMS schedules, procedures and oracle chains
  • Have configured, developed and deployed BPEL and ESB processes to oc4j and Weblogic 10g4, which retrieves data from data ware house using DB adapter and updates the end systems with the data using web services
  • Have registered, developed ESB processes with ESB console that do real time synchronization of data from one system to the other end systems using routing rules and DVM
  • have added trackable fields to monitor the ESB processes in test and production
  • Have implemented error handling and e-mail notifications
  • Have migrated the processes that were developed in 10g to weblogic 11g server of Oracle FMW 11g
  • Created domains and configured data sources for different types of adapters
  • created clustered environment by configuring the admin server for 3 managed servers
  • Have enabled logging using log4j for process debugging
  • Have done trouble shooting on many process and changed configuration to fix the issues
  • Ran shell scripts to install Oracle RCU (repository Creation Utility) to create schemas in DB
Environment: IBM Maximo, Oracle ESB, BPEL, SOA Suite, Oracle ADF, Oracle AS 10g2,weblogic 11g, Java, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, HTML, JSP, JDBC, JNDI on Sun Solaris

Title: Admin/Develop/Enhance/Debug BPEL, Oracle B2B integration
Position: Technical Architect/Administrator/Designer/Developer

Team Size: 4
The Project: Oracle B2B integration with Oracle Health care Transaction DB (HTB) using HL7 Protocol
  • Developed and deployed BPEL processes for processing Industry standard EDI documents (270, 271)
  • Developed BPEL process for retrieving and adding patient’s medications and allergies via web services
  • Set up and administer trading partners using Oracle Application server integration B2B
  • Deployed the BPEL processes to Oracle Application Server 10g2 as web services and registered them with Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) for web services virtualization
  • Gave reports to executives on a daily basis on the incoming EDI 270 requests from different trading partners
  • Have upgraded SOA suite version from to using Oracle meta-link Patch and help from Oracle support
  • Ran shell scripts to validate xml libraries and also did trouble shooting for incoming payloads
Environment: Oracle ADF, BPEL, B2B, SOA Suite, , Oracle AS 10g2, HTB, OWSM, Java, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, HTML, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, JMS on Sun Solaris
Title: Admin/Develop/Enhance/Debug BPEL, Oracle B2B integration
Position: Technical Architect/Administrator/Designer/Developer
Team Size: 2
The Project: Oracle B2B integration

  • Developed and administered BPEL processes as web services for processing Industry standard EDI documents
  • Translated EDI EDIFACT documents and flat files for 810,850 and 852
  • Set up trading partners using Oracle Application server integration B2B for different protocols like HTTP, EDI X12
  • Deployed the processes to Oracle Application Server 10g2.
  • Developed and administered Oracle BPM work-list application using Oracle ADF technologies to show the processed Purchase order to the business users for order management
  • Developed Human Tasks to integrate human work flow with Oracle BPM work-list Application
  • Gave reports to executives on a daily basis on the incoming purchase orders from different trading partners
Environment: Oracle ADF, BPEL, B2B, SOA Suite, JDeveloper 10g, Oracle AS 10g2, Java, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, HTML, JSP, JDBC, JNDI
Position: Technical Architect/Administrator/Designer/Developer
Team Size: 18
  • Involved extensively in writing MD70s (for MD50s) using AM methodology of development
  • Developed and administered five OTM extensions screens for capturing shipment and service provider related data from OTM using Oracle ADF and Jdeveloper 10g
  • Involved in creating Managed beans, Application Modules, View Objects, Entity Objects and did validations for business rules
  • Developed two interfaces using BPEL and deployed the BPEL projects to SOA suite on oc4j
  • Involved in creating XSDs, XSLs, and WSDLs files while developing the BPEL project
Environment: Oracle ADF, JDeveloper 10g, Oracle AS 10g2, Sub version, Agile Methodology of development (MD50s, and MD70s), BPEL, SOA Suite, Java, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI

Team Size: 10
  • Have involved in writing Technical Design documenst after the generation of functional design documents by the business analysts
  • Have developed many Entity objects (EOs) and View objects (VOs) on which many business rules are defined. Entity objects hold data of a record in the Data Base with persistence attributes.
  • Did back end database modelling like finding primary keys, foreign keys, referential integrities, constraints, sequences, indexes, triggers, functions, packages, stored procedures, schema handling and user privileges
  • Developed user interfaces using JSF, ADF Faces, the component based front end using drag and drop features of Oracle Jdeveloper 11g. The architecure is MVC and we are using Application Development Framework (ADF) for page flow.
Environment: Java, Servlets, JDBC, EJB, Java Server Pages, JavaScript, HTML, XML, JSF, AJAX, ADF- Faces, Jdeveloper 11g, SOA Suite, BPEL Orchestration, ESB, JUnit on Linux FMW session servers

Confidential, USA
Position: Programmer Analyst/Technical Architect
Team Size: 15 +/- 3 (offshore) + 6 (onsite)

  • The application has used MVC architecture otherwise known as Insync architecture
  • The front end screens are designed using JSP and HTML. Invloved in designing many front end screens of 40 odd products each product having eight screens on an average
  • Business rules are defined using stateless session beans, Action Handlers and View Handlers. Created 30+ stateless session beans which are product specific
  • Back end is Oracle 9i updated to 10g. Involved in writing and performance fine tuning the SQL scripts in all environments. Nominated as DBA from development team at client place
  • Messaging is done using MDBs. Involved in generating mails to different application users depending on their role
  • Have worked in clustered environment of Weblogic application server. Used to deploy the ear file to UAT and production environments using the IIS personnel from WFB
  • Navigation is initially done using XML technology. During the course of time we have moved to the navigation to Struts framework. Invloved exclusively in defining struts config.xml
  • Partial submission of page is done using AJAX. Involved in writing JSPs that contacts the server directly without going through the application manager
  • Have run schedulers on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis depending on the bank specifications using java timers interfaces
  • Involved in database failover and fail back process from Primary to Secondary. Also worked on shareplux concept of Databases
  • Have handled many customer quieries and did trouble shooting on business rules and XPATHs
  • As a trainee involved in Impact Analysis, Estimations, Wire frames design, BRD review, Low Level Design Document (LLD), High Level Design Document (HLD), Coding, testing, integration testing, Bug fixing and creation of Quality Assurance Documents. Coded for 75 screens of the front end.
Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JDBC, EJB, Java Server Pages, JavaScript, Struts, Springs, Hibernates, MVC, HTML, XML on Windows 2000

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