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Websphere Commerce Architect Resume

Westborough, MA

Professional Summary

  • Over ten years of experience in architecture, administration and maintenance of enterprise Web Infrastructure.
  • Expertise in installation, configuration and design of WebSphere v7.x/6.x/5.x on distributed environments.
  • Expertise in installation, configuration and design of WebSphere Portal v5.x/v6.x/v7.x on distributed and highly scalable environments.
  • Expertise in installation, configuration and maintenance of Lotus Quickr v8.x on distributed systems.
  • Expertise in design, installation, configuration of WebSphere Process Server v6.x
  • Expertise in installation, configuration of WebSphere Commerce v5.x/v6.x.
  • Expertise in the installation, configuration and setup of Weblogic Server v11g.
  • System Administration skills in Unix flavors (AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3,6.1, Solaris 8/9/10 ) ,Linux RHEL 3,5 and Windows NT/2000/2003.
  • Expertise in the installation and maintenance and design of HTTPServers ( ihs-1.3.x-2.0.x/v6.x/v7.x, apache2.2.x/iis5.0-6.0 /iplanet).
  • Expertise in the installation and configuration and design of messaging tools WebSphere MQ v5.3/v6.0/v7.0.
  • Setup and configuration of TAM and Siteminder as SSO solutions.
  • Installation, design and configuration of Tomcat v4.x /v5.5/v6.x/v7.x.

Education :

  • MS in Electrical and Computer Engg.

Professional Experience

Confidential,Westborough MA Sep’10 till date
WebSphere Commerce Architect – eCommerce Operations


  • Design and configuration of WebSphere eCommerce infrastructure.
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere Commerce v6.x on AIX 6.x in both horizontal and vertical topologies.
  • Integration of WebSphere Commerce with WebSphere Portal v6.x/v7.x.
  • Configuration and setup of Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal v8.x for collaboration and document management.
  • Migration of WebSphere Portal v6.1 to WebSphere Portal v7.0 both in vertical and horizontal topologies.
  • Managing places, places catalog, document templates, libraries in quickr etc.
  • Design and configuration of Commerce Server and Payments Server instances.
  • Configuration of commerce messaging/transports and job-scheduling.
  • User management using Commerce OrgAdmin Console.
  • Configuration of ITCAM for application performance analysis and Sitescope for monitoring and alerts.
  • Configuration of Dynamic Cache for Commerce and setup of cache-clearing scripts for jobs running on UniCenter.
  • Use StagingCopy, StagingProp and FileProp for data-transfer between the Staging and Prod environments.
  • Architected Commerce with workspaces for business user requirements.
  • Catalog/Promotions/Asset/Marketing Management using Commerce Mgmt Center.
  • Using Commerce Accelerator for previewing a store, order management, marketing, promotions and work-spaces.
  • Schedule Registry Refresh jobs – both scripted and using Admin Console.
  • Automation of application deployment using cruise-control and ant scripts.
  • Ensure proper communication with middleware [datapower appliances].
  • Performance tuning WebSphere Commerce, App-Server and ibm http server.
  • Perform product updates in the infrastructure – install ifix, fixpacks etc.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server v6.x, Commerce Server v6.x, IHS 6.x, ITCAM for performance analysis v6.x, Sitescope, F5 BigIP, AIX 6.1, Endeca, ADP Taxware, IBM WebSphere Portal v6.x/v7.x, IBM Lotus Quickr for Websphere Portal v8.x.

Confidential,Northbrook, IL Mar’10 Sep 2010
WebSphere Portal Architect - ETS APPS


  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere v6.x/v7.0 on Solaris 10.
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere Portal v6.1/v7.0 in both horizontal and vertical topologies.
  • Installation and configuration of IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal v8.x in both single server and clustered topologies.
  • Migration experience for WebSphere Portal Server v6.1 on both WebSphere Application Server v6.1/v7.0 to WebSphere Portal Server v7.0 on WAS v7.0.
  • Migration of artifacts installed on Portal instances v6.1.x.
  • Work closely with application/development teams to document migration processes.
  • Configuration and Administration of IBM Lotus WebContent Management [WCM].
  • Managing places, policies and places catalog in Quickr, adding place members, creating libraries, document templates etc.
  • Engineering solutions for the deployment of the applications on both WebSphere and Portal environments.
  • Designed and developed benchmark application as part of infra-structure hardening process.
  • Provide administrative/maintenance support to the development and release teams in the resolution of issues in both the lower level environments and production.
  • Automation of the application/portlet deployments using ant and IBM buildtool BuildForge.
  • Application rollout between dev, test and staging/production environments using both pre-ear deployment and using XMLaccess tool.
  • Configuration and setup of IBM Tivoli Directory server as LDAP to both Portal and WebSphere Application Server.
  • Configuration of Virtual Portals and realm configuration in Portal.
  • Managing Portal pages, role-based access and portlet configuration in wires and WSRP.
  • Automation/Scripting of the WebSphere/Portal environment rollout using both jython and perl/shell programming.
  • Tuning the applications by monitoring the JVM memory usage, garbage collection, thread usage, response times etc.
  • Troublshooting of the application issues using Thread-Dump Analyser, IBM ISA workbench/ISA Lite and the HeapDump Analyser etc.
  • Perform product upgrades including both fix-packs, ifixes etc.
  • Provide tier-2 support for issues escalated from level-1 team and participated in an on-call rota
  • Expertise in WebSphere Portal Administration interfaces - wpscript, wsadmin.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server v6.x/v7.0, Portal v6.1/v7.0, Solaris 10, ITCAM, TAM v6.x, Oracle 9/10g, Tibco EMS, IBM Http Server v6.x/v7.x., IBM Lotus Quickr v8.x.

Confidential,Chicago, IL May 06 – Feb 10
WebSphere Architect - Middleware Operations


  • Design, installation, configuration and maintenance of WebSphere v5.x/5.x on Solaris and Linux [RHEL 5, 3] environments.
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere MQ v5.3/v6 on Solaris 8, 10.
  • Installation and configuration of Wily Introscope 7.x/5.3.2 for performance tuning the applications on WebSphere 5.1/x and 6.1
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere Process Serverv6.x and Fujitsu IBPM [BPEL component] on WebSphere v6.x.
  • Setting up of WebSphere ND/Base in both horizontal and vertical scaling topologies.
  • Complete understanding of BPEL-WS and business process modules and mediation modules and SCA.
  • Configure/setup of Deployment Environments and Business Process Choreographer [bpc] and CEI.
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere Portal v5.x/6.0 in a distributed infra.
  • Setting up clustering of WebSphere Portal, deployment of portlets, updation of Skins, themes, configuration of remote HTTP-servers.
  • Automation of administration tasks using WebSphere scripting interface [wsadmin] and XMLConfig, ConfigEngine and portal scripting interface tools for WebSphere Portal administration and updates.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Portal Server 9i and the OSSO (Oracle SSO) configuration for the apache 1.3.x/2.2.3 for authentication/authorization.
  • Perform fix-pack upgrades and maintenance releases on the infrastructure.
  • Involved in the automation of the websphere deployments across the different environments – UAT and Prod – using ANT and Jython.
  • Maintenance and support of the Messaging environment- Configuration of Queue Managers, QM clusters and setup of hardware clustering VCS.
  • Installation and configuration of both SSL and non-SSL apache and also the OpenSSL for both certificate generation and setup.
  • Involved in the quarterly infrastructure weekend changes for testing of BCP (business continuity plan) setup.
  • Provide tier-2 support/resolution of problems escalated from tier-1.
  • Provide on-call support on a rotation basis.

Environment: WebSphere v6.1/5.1.x, Oracle 9i/10g, Apache 1.3.27/2.2.3, Solaris 8/10, RHEL 3.0, WebSphere MQ v5.3/6.0, Oracle Portal Server, BigIP, 3DNS, WebSphere MQ v5.3/6.0, WebSphere Portal Server v5.x/v6.x and WebSphere Process Server v5.x/v6.x.

Confidential,Columbus OH July’05 to May -06
Sr. WebSphere Engineer


  • Engineer technical solutions for different business streams using WebSphere v5.1/6.0 and the internal applications.
  • Involved in the maintenance/upgrades of the Web-Environment.
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere Portal v5.x with high-availability topology.
  • Installation and configuration of Vignette Portal server on websphere 5.1.x environment and iPlanet/IBM Http Server environments.
  • Instrumentation of Wily Introscope 5.3.2 for the existing applications in the environment and creation of dashboards for easy view of the application internals.
  • Assisting in the rollout of new applications across the various environments.
  • Provide a level2 support (tier 2) to the web-administration team and the level 1 team on the escalated issues.
  • Involved in the determination of the application design starting with the hardware and the compatible versions of J2EE application servers etc.
  • Monitoring of the applications during load testing (both functional and performance) in the development and the EPE (early production env).
  • Tuning the applications to achieve the required response times - using Wily Introscope .
  • Creating the Wily dashboards for monitoring the applications as well as the basic hardware parameters of the OS and the server hardware
  • Deploying the applications and code release to the WebSphere using the wsadmin scripting tool – Jacl scripts
  • Working with the development teams and the business analysts in problem resolution.
  • Troubleshooting the JVM crashes and the application failures using the thread dumps and the reviewing of the logs

Environment: Websphere 5.x/v6.x, WebSphere Portal Server 5.x, Vignette Portal, iPlanet 6.1 , SunOS 5.8 and 5.9, Wily Introscope , Actuate Server ,Cisco Content Switch , Oracle 9i , DB2UDB 8.x , DNS ,LDAP ( Tivoli directory Server 5.1).

Confidential,June-04 to July-05
Sr.WebSphere Administrator


    • Support of about 50 applications in the environments of DEV/Test/QA/PROD
    • Involved in the day to day IBM WebSphere, WebSphere Portal deployment and configuration.
    • Used command line scripting tools for WebSphere/Portal environment for automating the tasks.
    • Requesting firewall rules for port openings for Internet applications.
    • Wording with developers to deploy their EAR files into the pre-production and production environments.
    • Strong Unix (AIX / Solaris) and windows NT/2000 administration skills.
    • Experience with Interwoven (OpenDeploy) for static content management
    • Installation and Configuration of Trizetto eBill /eEnroll software on Web Sphere.
    • Maintenance and the configuration of IBM HttpServer /Apache as the webserver instances
    • Build and troubleshoot the various environments such as dev, system test QA and the production environments.
    • Configure the http servers (IHS /Apache) for the communication over SSL /non-SSL and to accept the traffic via a cisco content switch and firewall.
    • Update and migrating the LDAP (TIVOLI directory server) with the fix packs.
    • Involved in the migration of MQ v5.2 to v5.3 in the WebSphere environment.
    • Involved in the DR (disaster recovery) plan for the websphere environment.
    • Oncall production support for the environment.

Environment: AIX 5.1, WebSphere 5.0.x/5.1 and 4.0.6, HIS v1.3.x/, Apache 2.0.56, ChangemanDS, BMCPatrol, Siteminder v5.x/6.0, UDB DB2v7.2.9/8.1, Oracle 8i/9i, MQ v5.2/5.3, Cisco Content Switch.
Bordersgroup MI. Mar’03 – May’ 04
Senior Web Sphere Administrator.


  • Responsible for Administration and Configuration of Web Sphere in Development/Production/Testing environments.
  • Create WebSeal failover methods and transaction load management utilizing IBM Edge Server, WebSeal and Web Sphere technologies.
  • Configuration of IBM HttpServer /Apache for SSL transport.
  • Involved in Load balancing/Tuning/Clustering for IBM Web sphere Application Server using Deployment Manager.
  • Involved in Installing and Configuring the Web Sphere Deployment Manager for the Load Balancing and Clustering.
  • Troubleshoot the WebSeal Configuration during fail over for the Production
  • Involved in upgrading and implementing patches for the Web Sphere Application Server and Deployment Manager
  • Written Scripts for adding Nodes/Servers/Clones during Clustering
    Documented the List of prerequisites like Patches, Upgrades, Software, Hardware, Network requirements for Production/Testing/Training Environment

Environment: IBM WebSphere5.x/4.0.x, WebSphere Network Deployment, UDB DB2v7.2, Oracle8i, Tivoli Access Manager, AIX 4.3/5.1 /Linux

Confidential,MD Jan 2002 – March 2003.
WebSphere Administrator


  • Installed and Configured Web Sphere Application Server 3.5/4.0 on multiple-tier architecture.
  • Configured HTTP Plug-Ins and Open Servlet Engine (OSE) protocol, used to communicate from the web server plug-in to a remote servlet engine.
  • Monitored servers in a cluster using the cluster node of administration console.
  • Configuration, Tuning, Cloning and troubleshooting Web Sphere related problems.
  • Familiar with Web Sphere Resource Analyzer for performance tuning
  • Used Deployment wizard to deploy all Entity and Session EJB\'s.
  • Installed and configured Iplanet Web server.
  • Deploying the applications and code debugging.
  • Front-end validation with JSP/Servlet and JavaScript.
  • Configured a virtual host for Development and Test environments.
  • Configured databases separate from the Websphere administrative repository database.
  • Using Websphere Advanced Administrative Console configured JDBC driver and data source.
  • Keeping Backups of deployed Applications.
  • Moving Websphere Applications to Production.
  • Solving Deployment issues and Network issues for the development Team and in the Production Environment.

Environment: Sun Servers, RS 6000 servers, Compaq Servers and Java, IBM Web Sphere, DB2, Java, EJBs, XML, IBM MQ Series, Iplanet Server, LDAP, Services, AIX, Windows NT and Solaris 2.x.

India 04/98 - 11/01
Administrator /Consultant


  • Used Java and HTML to create the WebPages to provide various functionalities.
  • Created EJB Programs for product catalog and vendor catalog. The product catalogue consisting of product code, details of the product, cost etc., were handled by EJB component.
  • Developed this Component to allow the client to delete, add and modify a particular product and these transactions were handled by EJB Component and Serves to update the Database.
  • Implemented navigation in product and vendor catalogues.
  • Involved in administration and configuration of Web Sphere.
  • Deployed Session Beans, Entity Beans and Bean Managed Persistence using EJB.
  • Assisted developers in application problem solving pertaining to OS and Web Servers.
  • Packaged and deployed the Web and enterprise bean components into the Web Sphere.

Environment: Java, RMI, EJB, JNDI, Oracle, WebSphere 3, J2EE, AIX 4.3.3

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