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Api Connect/ Dp/ibm Wmb Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Over Five years of IT experience with IBM Integration Bus / WebSphere Message Broker, Data Power and API Connect and front end developer.
  • Experience in developing enterprise integration solutions using IBM integration tools like WebSphere Message Broker and IBM DataPower appliances.
  • Experience with broker implementations involving WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ, Web Services, Legacy systems, enterprise applications and databases.
  • Worked on the various nodes like: MQ, Filter, compute, Database nodes, HttpRequest, HttpReply, File Input /Output Nodes, Aggregation nodes, SOAPInput, SOAPRequest, SOAPReply, Route to label node and Label node.
  • Configured XML firewalls, web service proxies, multi - protocol gateways and application domains based on the requirements.
  • Experience in configuring DataPower to handle SOAP/HTTP, SOAP/HTTPS, MQ, SFTP Pooler and other front side handlers.
  • Well versed with protocols such as FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MQ.
  • Experience in designing, planning and implementing the Data Power appliances in various scenarios.
  • Excellent programming skills in HTML, CSS, Java, ESQL.
  • Strong knowledge in XML related technologies like XML Schema, XPath and XSLT, WSDL and JSON.
  • Implemented web services to consume the web service, produce the service and to monitor applications.
  • Strong SQL skills built through interacting with backend systems in both integration projects and web based applications.
  • Possess good problem analysis skills with ability to follow project standards and to work with a team and individually.
  • Good ability to quickly adapt and excel in new concepts, tools and technologies.


IBM Software: IBM Integration Bus / WebSphere Message Broker v 10.0/9.0/8.0, WebSphere MQ v7.0 and 7.5, AIX, IBM DataPower XI50/XI52

Languages / Scripting Languages: C++, Java, ESQL, UNIX, XML, PHP, JSON, Java Script

Databases: MySQL, Oracle 9i, DB2

Operating System: UNIX, Linux and Windows

Version Control tools: PVCS Version Manager, Subversion

Others: WSDL, XSLT, RFHUtil, SOAP UI, Swagger, DB Visualizer, Eclipse, Message Archive Utility, IIB Deploy GUI, POSTMAN, HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver


Confidential, Dallas, TX

API Connect/ DP/IBM WMB Developer


  • Regular interactions with Functional Team and Business Analysts to discuss design requirements.
  • Gathered requirements from product owners and BA and prepared specifications for off shore team and successfully managed to finish the tasks on time for the releases.
  • Mostly worked on new interface development, production support.
  • Created API documentations along with working on API Connect upgrades, customize advanced developer portal.
  • Participated in design sessions and prepared design documents.
  • Performed Secure Backup, Secure Restore, System Backup, Import and Export of Configurations, Firmware Upgrade.
  • Designed message flows with Error Handling.
  • Worked extensively on API management console, creating REST APIs.
  • Gathered Business requirements and Initial Requirement analysis, creation of design document and impact analysis of new requirements.
  • Migrated Message flows from WMB Version 6.0 to IIB version 9.0/10.0
  • Involved in securing the APIs using OAuth 2.0 and SSL.
  • Configured SSL Proxy Profiles(both one way and two way SSL)
  • Added APIs to the product, created rate limits with multiple Plans and published the product to a catalog.
  • Verifying all the API JSON data for SQL Injection, XSS Vulnerability to meet with InfoSec FSC security standards.
  • Designed and Developed message broker/IIB Message flows and Sub Flows, ESQL statements, Message sets, Pub/Sub applications.
  • Designed and developed generic Message Flows and Sub Flows which eventually reduced coding and increased flow performances.
  • Created WTX Type trees and Maps for various file formats and integrated with WMB/IIB and Sterling B2B Integrator.
  • Configured Multi-Protocol Gateway(MPGW).
  • Extensively worked with WSDL and SOAP and implemented Web Services message flow using SOAP nodes in WMB/IIB.
  • Extensively worked on REST and implemented Web Services message flow using http nodes in WMB/IIB.
  • Created Webservice REST API in IBM Integration Bus v10 and pushed the deployed bar file to APIManagement Server v5 and published to API Connect Development Portal v5.
  • Configured AAA Policies for authentication and authorization steps.
  • Secured APIs using OAuth 2.0 provider, add catalog-specific properties to API, test a REST API, published APIs to the API Connect Developer Portal, customized and deployed applications.
  • Test API calls from API Manager v5 to IIB v10 to make sure everything is working fine and developer are obtaining the success result in API Manager v5 and IIB v10
  • Developed message flows using aggregation and http nodes in calling external web services.
  • Extensively worked on almost all the nodes.
  • Designed and developed message flows for Error handling and Data Logging flows.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging WMB/IIB message flows using Trace Node, Throw Node, Try and Catch Node.
  • Created and developed Sub flows for various purposes like tracking, routing and message retry for different interfaces.
  • Developed the interfaces to support synchronous and asynchronous message flows.
  • Created a deployable Broker Archive File (BAR), configured and deployed the BAR files to DEV environment.
  • Worked with EDI Transactions bounding to industry standards pertaining to 810, 846, 850, 856, 888, 940, 947, 997 etc.
  • Created MQ objects such as Local queues, Remote Queues, Alias Queues and Transmission queues using MQ Scripts.
  • Creation of deployment document and release notes.
  • Developing and executing test cases. Performed end to end testing, validated the test results.
  • Configured multi-protocol gateway services to provide HTTP, HTTPS connections on front end and backend services.
  • Developed Message Broker Interfaces using SOAP nodes and File nodes.
  • Implemented fan-in and fan-out by using AggregateControl, AggregateReply, AggregateRequest, Label and RouteToLabel and Compute nodes.
  • Developed message flows to send and receive messages from Mainframes and make those calls synchronous using MQ Get node.
  • Troubleshooting during the SIT and UAT phases.
  • Handling onsite data priority and criticality of issue within the Trouble Ticket System.
  • Coordinating with team members, releasing patches and deployment of fixes, handling non production support and deployment in testing cycles.
  • Participated in crisis calls and Ad hoc support activities.
  • Housekeeping, daily checks and following up on team activities.
  • Integration testing of deployed Message broker components.
  • Writing Shell Scripts for Automatic start and stop procedures of the Production Broker.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Message Broker 10/IIB 9, IBM WebSphere MQ v7.0/7.5, API Connect 5.0, Oracle 9i, PVCS Version Manager, Subversion, IBM DataPower XI52, Suite, Notepad++, Message Archive Utility, IIB Deploy GUI, SOAP UI, Postman

Confidential, CT

IIB WMB/DP Developer


  • Low level design and development of the interfaces based on SOA manifesto and architecture to facilitate a common middleware platform readily usable for integrating applications across the enterprise.
  • Developed various reusable sub flows that involved both routing, transformation and error handling of the messages.
  • The transformation was developed in ESQL as per the mapping documents provided.
  • Worked with FileInput, FileOutput, Compute, Mapping, Filter nodes, JCN and also used Input and Output nodes for creating sub-flows.
  • Worked on end to end development and testing of the message flows for integration warranty service of apple hardware.
  • Worked with DataPower and used it to secure and integrate web services in the underlying application layers.
  • Used Try Catch, Throw, ResetContentDescriptor, FileOutput nodes for error handling and writing the errors to a file.
  • Participated in identifying the root cause for critical production issues with cross teams.
  • Ensured that the problem was being recorded and used to effectively resolve the problem in future.
  • Build and deploy of the integration solutions in Production and Non Production environments.
  • Provide guidance and code support to peer developers in daily activities.

Environment: ESQL, SOAP UI, WebSphere MQ Version 7.0, IBM WebSphere Message Broker Version 8.0, DataPower Xi52, Java Enterprise applications on IBM AIX, Windows XP

Confidential, Dallas, TX

IIB WMB/DP Developer


  • Involved in the design of the Integrated Solutions between multiple Applications.
  • Designed message flows/sub flows and mapped the code as per inbound and outbound layouts.
  • Designed & developed Message Sets, Message flows and deployed in broker using broker environment, Customized XML, MRM and TDS based messages using ESQL for various card applications.
  • Developed message flows using HTTP Request, HTTP Input Node and HTTP Reply Node for hosting and calling a Web Service.
  • Coded ESQL procedures and functions for message processing and configured to the respective node in the message flows.
  • Dealt with various message types such MRM, COBOL, and XML for various orders and updates.
  • Prepared and tested COBOL copybooks based on transaction per the business needs.
  • Involved in creating and developing test cases, test messages for Unit, Integration and QA testing.
  • Assigned the Message flows to appropriate Execution Groups in Broker Runtime Environment.
  • Prepared documents for each individual interface to represent the transformations between source and target systems.
  • Prepared high level and low level design document and maintain the project artifacts.
  • Skilled XI-50 configurations and development. Coordinated with test team in resolving defects/ enhancements throughout testing cycle.

Environment: WebSphere MQ 6.0, WebSphere MQ (WMQ) 7.5, WebSphere Message Broker 8.0, WAS, Oracle, DB2 UDB, DataPower XI50, ESQL, J2EE, File Handlers, ORACLE, SOAP UI, and HP Quality Center.


JAVA/J2EE Developer


  • Worked extensively on Servlets for business logic. Contributed to servlet based application development.
  • Implemented custom tags in JSPs.
  • Used JDBC Java Data Base Connectivity to execute queries and invoke stored procedures
  • Involved in creating stored procedures and Views.
  • Created user controls to be used in custom application pages.
  • Implemented MVC-Model architecture using spring and other J2EE design patterns like Service Locator, Session Façade and Singleton for the application development.
  • Involved in designing the Master page, web forms and review of all design documents.
  • Prepared training material presentations and related documentation to use for the team
  • Developed unit test cases and executed them.
  • Participated in the Database Design process.
  • Involved in estimating the tools required for analysis and design.
  • Developed different test cases and created many view pages using Java.
  • Assisted in maintaining and updating existing applications and modules.
  • Helped design form validation programs using HTML and JavaScript.
  • Contributed to development of client side and server side codes for external and internal web applications.

Environment: Java 1.6, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Windows, SQL, MySQL

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