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Sr. Iib Applications Developer Resume



  • 6+ years of experience in message flow development in WMB/IIB using various nodes.
  • 5+ years of experience in DataPower, MQ, IIB/WMB, WebSphere Application Server administration.
  • 3+ years of experience in WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Application Server infrastructure design and installation.
  • Experience creating scripts to automate BAR deployment and to manage IIB/WMB and MQ infrastructure.
  • Experience in modeling and supporting different data format, CSV, JSON, XML, SWIFT, COBOLCOPY and more.
  • Experience developing message flows to interact with back end database and ERP systems using adapters.
  • Experience developing SOAP and Rest based services
  • Experience working with complex SQL queries, Stored Procedures on Oracle, DB2 and MS - SQL server databases.
  • Experience creating high level and low level technical documentation.
  • Experience creating test plan, test cases and test suit.
  • Experience working in Agile based team environment.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills. Strong experience with Problem determination, Route cause Analysis and Defect resolution.
  • Strong experience in working with Health Care, Banking, Insurance and Telecom sectors.


Middleware Stack: IBM MQ Series, Integration Bus (IIB 9/10), Message Broker 8, 7, 6, WTX, Data power XI52, XI50, XG45, WSRR, WXS, WAS, BPM

Operating Systems: UNIX (AIX), Linux, Z/OS, AS 400, Windows

Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server

Version Control: SVN, Harvest, Rational Team concert, CVS

Health Care: HL7, HIPAA

Others: XML, Shell Scripting, XSD, XSLT, EDI

Languages: Java, ESQL, C++, Python

Testing: SOAP UI, RFH Utility, Load Runner, Dynatrace


Sr. IIB Applications Developer



  • Provides design documents and translates into component-level designs to accelerate development.
  • Develop, deploy, and test message flow applications.
  • Testing and re updating pre-existed interface
  • SAP IDOs generating
  • Integration with databases,
  • Design and implementation of RESTful web services
  • End to end system design/architecture

Environment: IIB9, MQ v7.5, Windows

Sr. IIB/MQ Developer

Confidential, PA


  • Participate in architectural discussions, requirements gathering, Design and Development.
  • Develop, deploy, and test message flow applications.
  • Use IBM Integration Bus problem determination aids to diagnose and solve development and runtime errors.
  • Implement interfaces using Extended Structured Query Language and Java programs to transform data.
  • Model and test XML and flat files using Data Format Description Language (DFDL) and MRM.
  • Create orchestration flow to provide SOAP/REST WebService and consume SOAP/REST WebService.
  • Responsible for daily administration of MQ infrastructure and Health monitoring.
  • Use existing pattern and create pattern in IIB and MQ such as PUB/SUB and Request/Reply.
  • Develop XML Firewalls, WebService Proxy and MPGW to enable service virtualization along required objects.
  • Creating network routes and configuring Ethernet interfaces on the device as part of the device deployment.
  • Implement Crypto profiles, SSL proxy profiles as part of SSL implementation.
  • Develop Load Balancer Groups to load balance the requests to multiple back end points.
  • Develop AAA policies to authenticate and authorize user requests using LDAP.
  • Create and define model, local, alias and remote queue, channels and listeners.
  • Implement multi instance queue manager, multi instance broker and HA.
  • Implement proxy queue manager, secure MQ objects using.
  • Responsible for daily backup and restore transaction logs.
  • Responsible for identifying issues in MQ & broker infrastructure, work rigorously on error logs.
  • Lead three interface developers and one QA engineer

Environment: IIB10, DataPower XI52, UDeploy, MQ v7.5, GIT, SOAPUI, Jenkins, Ant, Linux, Windows

Sr. WebSphere Developer

Confidential, FL


  • Prepare mapping documents for each individual interface.
  • Design message flows/sub flows and mapped the code as per inbound and outbound layouts.
  • Develop message flow interfaces using WMB to transform messages between different Carriers to meet their business needs with the help of IBM Primitive nodes i.e. Compute Node, Filter Node, Route to Label, Label, ResetContentDescriptor, Trace, and Database Nodes. Message flows and the Sub flows will process all requests.
  • Develop Web services using both SOAP and HTTP Nodes as consumers and providers.
  • Implement ESQL procedures and functions for message processing and configured to the respective node in the message flows.
  • Design and developed Common sub flows for Audit logging, Error Logging, for handling both Business and technical exceptions within the flow
  • Implement JSON to SOAP and SOAP to JSON transformation in DataPower using XSLT and actions.
  • Implement response cache in DataPower appliance
  • Configure and setup SSL, PKI and Trusted CA for Encryption, Decryption of data using cryptography in DataPower
  • Implement dynamic routing in DataPower to send message to MQ and Database
  • Implement WS Security based authentication with LDAP using AAA policy, Digital Signatures in DataPower responsible for identifying and designing the MQ objects required, and involved in capacity planning for the MQ objects.
  • Configure MQ objects to monitor message interfaces. (Server, QMGR, QUEUE).
  • Performed problem determination and problem source identification by troubleshooting and provided production support.
  • Create test cases, test messages for Unit, Integration and QA testing.
  • Running of Trace in broker level for trouble shooting.
  • Analyze and understand broker trace and Broker logs.
  • Start up and shutdown of MQ queue managers.
  • Coordinated with test team in resolving defects/ enhancements throughout testing cycle.

Environment: IIB9, DataPower XI50, MQ v7.5, SVN, JBOSS, SOAPUI, Linux, Windows

WMB/MQ Engineer

Confidential, IA


  • Create technical design document and helped in creating test plans required for interfaces.
  • Install and Configured WebSphere MQ 7, Websphere Message Broker 7.0 with multi instance queue manager and HA.
  • Implement High Availability MQ on Distributed Systems. Supported enterprise business critical messaging which exploits MQ Series clustering and queue sharing.
  • Administer the MQSeries Objects like Queue Managers, Queues, Channels, Process Definition, and Clusters.
  • Develop message flows, message sets for transformations, routing messages using JavaCompute and Compute.
  • Create reusable library such as Exception Handling, Common function and Monitoring flow.
  • Use database nodes to invoke CRUD operation to a relational databases, Trace nodes for logging errors.
  • Develop MQSC, MQSI, Linux shell scripts for creating queue managers, clusters, topics-subscriptions (pub-sub), queues, channels, remote queues.
  • Implement and support SWIFT and WebService transactions.
  • Implement and model different file formats; SWIFT, XML, JSON and Flat file using DFDL.
  • Complete lifecycle of MQ from development to administration, maintenance and support.
  • Develop shell scripts for checking the health status of the MQ Series and maintaining cron/batch jobs for housekeeping maintenance activities.
  • Create queue manager cluster on Linux platform.
  • Responsible for daily administration of MQ, WMB, WAS and WebLogic servers.
  • Provide production support for Middleware Infrastructure.

Environment: WMB V7, MQ v7, WAS7, SVN, WebLogic, SOAPUI, Linux, Windows

WTX/WMB/MQ Developer

Confidential, AZ


  • Use WTX database designer and import schema to interact with database.
  • Use WTX type tree to map inbound HL7 messages to XML and outbound messages from XML to HL7.
  • Use WTX type tree to map inbound and outbound EDI transaction such as 834/835 and 837.
  • Create Receiver, Transformation and sender flow to orchestrate HL7 with Meditech EMR device.
  • Integrate WTX with IIB using WTX node.
  • Use DFDL and MRM message model to create various data structure.
  • Responsible for installation and configuration of WTX server on Linux machine.

Environment: IIB7, WTX, MQ, SVN, SOAPUI, Linux, and Windows

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