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Iib Developer Resume


  • Having 8+ Years of professional experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including System Study, Analysis, Design, Programming, Implementation, and Administration.
  • Experience in Multi - Tier and Web Enabling the Legacy Systems with IBM Web sphere MQ, IIB and IBM Web sphere Message Broker, WTX, IBM Data Power.
  • Extensive experience in Design and Development of enterprise applications using MQ (WMQ), IIB WMB, Data Power.
  • Hands on experience in collecting Requirements and developing Design documents.
  • Designed and Implemented Web Services, in Web sphere Message Broker to implement SOA based services.
  • Worked in Creating Best practice guidelines for the development and deployment of IIB components.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Methodology and tools with proven ability to design, develop, test and implement technical solutions.
  • Have worked on connecting with Data Power from Message Broker.
  • Experience in creating Clusters, File transfers and Integration Nodes in Web Sphere MQ explorer.
  • Created crypto objects as part of the implementation of digital signature to ensure data integrity.
  • Designed and implemented the Publish/Subscribe message pattern.
  • Experience in Multi-Tier and Wed Enabling the legacy system with IBM Web sphere MQ series and IBM Web sphere message broker.
  • Proficient in developing message flows and message sets and building the deployable broker archive (BAR) files.
  • Provide consultation support to 200 application teams across the organization to correct their header issues related to IIH, RFH2 &MQMD that are not tolerated in MQv7.
  • Expertise in different nodes of WMB such as Web services, Web sphere MQ, HTTP, Transformation, construction, and Database.
  • Expertise in different nodes of WMB such as Web services, Web sphere MQ, HTTP, Transformation, construction, and Database.
  • Proficient in developing message transformations using XSL including custom XSLs for various policies in Data Power including routing, protocol mediation, and message enrichment.
  • Good experience in creating documentation related to Data Power configurations, interfaces for the operations team to deploy the configurations in production.
  • Knowledge in Troubleshooting and debugging Data Power services by using the problem determination tools, logs, and probes that are provided within the Data Power appliance.
  • Strong knowledge of XSLT, XPath, XML, JSON, ESQL, XSD, WSDL, SOAP, Web Services, WS-Security, SAML, LTPA, FTP, JMS, MQ.
  • Experience in creating the Services like Multi-Protocol Gateway (MPGW), Web Service Proxy (WSP), XML firewall (XML FW) in IBM WebSphere DataPower.
  • Hands on experience in firmware upgrade of Data Power, APIC and applying fix packs for IIB and upgrading IIB.
  • Experience in creating Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers such as in Oracle and DB2, SQL and db2.
  • Good Experience in configuring and creating components of Data Power application such as Web service proxy, Multi-protocol gateway, XML firewall.
  • Good experience with Data Power security implementation like AAA, SSL and ACL configurations.
  • Implemented two ways SSL, WS-Security, WS-Addressing, Encryption, Decryption, Digital Signatures including certificate generation.
  • Analyzed logs and data flows through Data Power exposed services, during joint troubleshooting sessions
  • Expertise in writing scripts to deploy Message Flows and Message Sets application/library
  • Experienced in IBM Web Sphere ESB and Mule ESB Enterprise Service Bus Technologies
  • Excellent communication skills, able to explain complex technical structures in an understandable user- friendly format.
  • Developed detailed Data Power build documentation, including backup and recovery strategy.


Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/XP, UNIX/Linux, Solaris, Z/OS.

Enterprise suits: Web Sphere, Web Sphere Message Broker IBM Integration Bus (IIB) and Data Power

Software Development Methodologies: Software Waterfall Model, Agile, Scrum Development Methodologies

Databases: DB2 UDB for Linux Unix Windows, Oracle 10g and SQL Server, My SQL.

Scripting Languages: UNIX shell scripting, Linux scripting, HTML, JavaScript.

Web sphere: IBM IIB (IBM Integration Bus), WMB, WMQ, MQ Series (NT/ Solaris / AIX / HP-UX), OS390, AS/400), MQ, JMS, Data Power, WSRR.


Middleware Technologies: IBM Integration Bus (IIB), IBM Message Broker v8.0/v7.0, MQ FTE, IBM MQ v7.5/v6.0, IBM Data Power XI50/XI52, Oracle SOA Suite 11g, OSB, TIBCO BW, EMS, RV, Administrator


IIB Developer



  • Designing and Developing integration solutions using Web Sphere Message Broker and Message Broker Toolkit.
  • IBM Web Sphere Message Broker 8 using MRMs, Message Sets, and Message Definitions, Message Transformation Nodes, XML/XSLT, XSD, WSDL, Java Compute Node, Message Flows, SQL, Broker/Configuration Manager, and mqsi/RFH utilities.
  • Worked and experienced with SOAP & REST services.
  • Working with multiple mapping techniques in IIB (Mapper, SQL, Java nodes)
  • Implementing MQ, MQ-MFT, File, DB based interfaces, SFTP based file transfers using WMB/IIB
  • Testing interfaces with built-in WMB/IIB testing and tools
  • Working with multiple data formats, XML, Fixed length etc.
  • Integrating with databases using SQL, Java, mapper nodes
  • Resolved mapping node and other issues aroused during IIB migration from version WMB 6.1 to IIB v9.
  • Extensively worked on developing WSDL, XML, XSD schemas for web service components and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  • Created IIB & WMQ objects using MQSC script commands.
  • Developed message flows using HTTP, SOAP, Routing, and Transformation for hosting and calling web service.
  • Responsible for the technical design and Mapping documents of EAI projects from requirements.
  • Configured the broker IIB Node for the message flow & Unix to interact with the databases.
  • Extensively used Trace nodes for tracing purposes to debug the flow while development
  • Installed IBM Integration Bus (IIB) to migrate the Leads application to a Message Broker and MQ based solution.
  • Created deployable broker archive (BAR) files. Configured and deployed the BAR files to different environments.
  • Monitored Queue Managers, message queues using Tivoli.
  • Created technical design documents and reviewed functional design documents.
  • Provided development oriented support for the MQ/WMB issues involving critical production applications.
  • Creating unit test cases and validating test scenarios.
  • Created reusable error handling sub-flows for efficient exception handling and auditing of messages.
  • Helping the group with troubleshooting issues.
  • Working with HL7 messages
  • Performed unit testing and end-to-end integration testing of the developed services.
  • Developed and prepared Unit test plan for all Interfaces and Conducted Unit testing as per UTP and migrated code to QA (Staging) environment.

Environment: WMQ 7.0, Message Broker 7.0, IIB 9.x,10.x, IBM DB2 8.2, Oracle 9i/10g, z/OS, AIX 5.3 and Windows 2003, IBM Web sphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB), Service Now Tool, RFH util, Notepad++, SVN Repository, File Zilla.

IIB Developer

Confidential, Georgia


  • Gathered the business requirements from the Business Partners and Subject Matter Experts.
  • Used SQL to execute database stored procedures, to get information from database tables, views.
  • Developed and delivered in springs as part of the agile methodology.
  • Written database stored procedures to build XML out of a database and write to a directory. Then a message flow was developed to read take the XML file and write to the MQ Queue using file input and MQ output nodes.
  • Oracle was used as a database for all transaction develop message flows in recover /search data for inbound and outbound message auditing.
  • Exposed and invoked different Web Services using HTTP and SOAP Nodes to support SOA.
  • HTTP Built in nodes in combination with SSL certificates were used to send and receive HTTP service requests from bank vendors. Developed XML Schema using XML Spy.
  • Create DFDL using COBOL Copybook.
  • Interconnected a variety of different requesters and providers using standard protocols such as JMS, SOAP over HTTP Web Services and SOAP over JMS Web services.
  • Designed, developed DFDL, Message Flows and deployed to the broker on WMB environment.
  • Installed WMB 7.0, IIB 9.0 in development and test environments. Analyzed and converted message flows projects and sets to application and library as part of the migration to IIB 9.0.
  • Created XML Style Sheets (XSLT) and deployed in execution groups.
  • Used XSLT Nodes for complex message transformations.
  • Convoluted in designing of common Error message flow.
  • Built an Error Module using Try-Catch nodes to catch the exceptions and later logging error messages and Exception List on to the Queue.
  • Created Message set using XML Schema Definition File (XSD) and WSDL File
  • Used email nodes to send an email notification to a distribution list when an error occurs.
  • Debugging existing message flows and message flows in current development.
  • Followed the standards and guidelines in naming message flows, message sets, and message queues.
  • Created the execution groups, broker domains, and topologies.
  • Involved in a team that administered MQ, Message Broker in Development and test environments
  • Involved in administration tasks using MQSC commands like creating Queue Managers, Queue, Channels, backup, and recovery.
  • Involved in a team that administered MQ, Message Broker in Development and test environments
  • Setup and configured WSRR to store the web services.
  • Implemented the clustering of queue managers to achieve workload balancing and to reduce system administration.
  • Given support 24x7 to Offshore Team for defect fixing.
  • Responsible for sales, and quoting all lines of personal and commercial insurance products.
  • Access to more than a dozen different insurance carriers. Responsible for knowing the underwriting guidelines of all these carriers.
  • Extensive customer service and extensive servicing of the policies once sold and bound. Responsible for the handling of payments, changes to policies and all underwriting requirement. Cross-selling of additional insurance projects.
  • Configured HTTP Input, HTTP Request, and HTTP Reply nodes as per Corporate Web services
  • Skilled in Setup XML Firewalls, Configuring, Securing and maintaining for secured messages

Environment: Web Sphere MQ 7.0, WBMB V7.0 IIB 9.0, Web Sphere Application Server(WAS), Web Services, Java, JDBC, ODBC, XML, XSLT, SOAP, SQL, ESQL, DB2, Tera data, Oracle 10g, AIX, Windows XP/7.

MB Developer

Confidential, Greensboro, NC


  • Meeting with system analysts to finalize mapping documents for interfaces and design requirements.
  • Performed administration tasks in development and test environments on MQ and Message Broker.
  • Installed Web sphere Message Broker, Web sphere MQ in development and test environments.
  • Web sphere Message Broker was used for routing, transformation and data enrichment.
  • Designed and developed WMB Message flows and Message sets using the toolkit.
  • Developed message sets in CWF, TDS, EDI, Name-Value pair MRM formats.
  • Developed SOA, EAI, Web Services and Workflow based solutions for quick response time, integration with disparate systems and efficiency improvements.
  • Involved in a team that administered MQ, Message Broker in Development and test environments.
  • DB2 was used as broker database and Oracle was used for inbound and outbound message auditing.
  • SQL was used extensively for message transformation.
  • Expertise in Web sphere Cast Iron, IBM Web Sphere ESB,and Mule ESB technologies
  • Developed SQL code for various message flow nodes like Compute and database.
  • Used Java compute nodes for some of the complicated flows that involved sales for processing the JAR files that were created using servlets and JDBC Connections.
  • Developed Publish and Subscribe flows.
  • Deploying the message flows in WBIMB by creating the broker archive file/bar file.
  • Debugging message flows.
  • Creating datasets and unit testing.
  • Problem identification and resolution on development, test and acceptance.
  • Used SQL to execute database stored procedures, to get information from database tables, views.
  • Set up ODBC client connections in the broker, SSL certificate registration with a broker.
  • Built message flows to audit every incoming and outgoing message from and to the broker. i.e., before and after transformation of each transaction.

Environment: IBM Integration Bus(IIB), Business Process Management(BPM) 8.5.5, Web Sphere Integration Developer (WID) 8.5.5, Web sphere MQ 6.0, DB2

WMB/IIB Developer

Confidential, Birmingham, MI


  • Responsible for all phases of the software development life cycle, including Initiation, Planning, Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation.
  • Started working on various projects parallel from project definition phase and understanding existing systems and integrations.
  • Participated in requirement gathering, analysis, identification of Service and transactions.
  • Co-ordination with multiple integration teams to understand the interface and create Mapping documents and specifications.
  • Created multiple web service proxies, XML Firewalls, multi-protocol gateway including MQ, HTTP's, FTP, SFTP Front, and Backside handlers
  • Implemented security for Web services using WS-Security, Digitally Signing SOAP message, SAML, and SSL mutual authentication
  • Configured a service level monitoring policy to monitor the network traffic to the back-end Web Services.
  • Configured Remote Logging of systems Logs/ installed Audit logging for various purposes
  • Created WSDLs, XSDs and developed message models in IIB
  • Created WTX Maps, type trees and implemented EDI Message transformation and compliance in WTX.
  • Developed Web services using SOAP and HTTP Nodes (REST) in IIB/Message Broker
  • Developed XML to copybook, EDI and Text message transformations in IIB/Message Broker
  • Developed message flows using Java and SQL. Implemented various java functionality to be used as functions in SQL
  • Developed message flows for DB integration using stored procedures and SQL. Configured ODBC and JDBC for database interaction from message broker.

Environment: IBM Integration Bus (IIB), Web Sphere Message Broker(WMB), Web Sphere Process server (WPS), Web Sphere Integration Designer (IID) 7.5, Web Sphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB)

IBM Integration developer



  • Message Broker Administration Installation/Upgrade, Configuration and Support, Deployment, and Development of Message flow.
  • Designed and Developed ESQL, Message Flows, Message Sets using Toolkit.
  • Designed Flows using SOAP/HTTP nodes.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging WBIMB messages flows using Trace nodes Throw node, Try and catch node.
  • Transformations from EDI files to XML and XML to EDI.
  • Implemented SQL logic for database lookups, Message Validation/ Translation/Transformation, Exception Handling and Stored Procedures for batched code set lookups.
  • Setup and configured DB2 and Oracle databases for the broker using the ODBC files for Message Broker runtime environment.
  • Used SQL to execute database stored procedures to get information from database tables, views.
  • Setup Broker domains and execution groups.
  • Assign the message flows to appropriate Execution Groups in Broker Runtime Environment.
  • Involved in creating and developing test cases, test messages for Unit, Integration and QA testing.
  • Helped the team to work with SQL server connectivity for MS Project from WMB using message flows involved file input and file output nodes.

Environment: IBM Web Sphere, Servlets, JSP, XML, EJB, JDBC, Oracle, UML, DHTML, CSS, HTML.

Web Sphere Administrator



  • Involved in the migration of Web Sphere Application Server 4.0 to Web Sphere Application Server 5.0
  • Deployed applications (EAR/WAR) files on multiple servers/clusters and maintained load balancing, high availability and failover functionality
  • Troubleshooting and administration of IBM Web Sphere Application Server 5.0 and IBM HTTP Server
  • Troubleshooting applications, analyzing logs to diagnose problems
  • Monitoring applications and servers
  • Creating PMR's (Problem Management Record) and coordinating with IBM for problems encountered by application teams
  • Configured Web Sphere resources like JDBC providers, JDBC data sources, connection pooling
  • Implemented creation of server groups and clusters in Web Sphere Application Server

Environment: IBM Web Sphere Application Server 4.0/5.0, Oracle, Windows XP, Apache, LDAP, IBM HTTP Server, Solaris 5.8, Red Hat.

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