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Senior Confidential Websphere Commerce Infrastructure Consultant Resume


  • Over 12+ years of experience in Administrating, Designing, Planning, Architect and Configuration of Confidential WebSphere Suite of products like WebSphere Application Server (/7.x/8.x), WebSphere Commerce Server (7.x) on various platforms like AIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Experienced in Infrastructure planning and design, Installation, configuration, administration, trouble - shooting, and performance tuning Confidential middleware platforms.
  • Strong experience in Administering, Configuring, Integrating, Troubleshooting and Supporting of middleware technologies like WebSphere Application Server (5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x), WebSphere Commerce Server (7.x) and web servers ( Confidential HTTP Server 1.3.28/2.04.7/6.0, 6.1, Tomcat, IIS, Apache Web Server) on wide variety of platforms like AIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Expertise in installation and administering WebSphere Commerce Server V7.0 in Production/Staging/QA/Development environments on AIX and Windows machines.
  • Defined requirements for WebSphere Commerce Server. Assessed the servers, storage and infrastructure sizing.
  • Planned and implemented Confidential SOLR search engines into the commerce environments.
  • Planned and implemented AppDynamics performance monitoring tool into the Commerce environment.
  • Strong experience in implementations of Work Load Management (WLM) using clustering techniques including Horizontal and Vertical Clustering for failover and backup/recovery processes
  • Experience in JVM tuning and configuration, analyzing Heap Dumps, java core, JVM crashes.
  • Experience in installing Fix Packs, cumulative fixes, i-fixes using update Silent and update Wizard for both WAS and WCS.
  • Extensive experience in driving the effort for major migrations from WASv7.X to WASv8.5.5.X
  • Expertise in wsadmin scripts (Jython), WCBD and Shell scripts to administer and automate day to day admin tasks and deployment.
  • Experience in Trouble Shooting, Performance Tuning and Performance Monitoring using Tivoli Performance Viewer, Log Analyzer, Heap Analyzer, Thread Analyzer,
  • Application Server Toolkit (AST), and Confidential Support Assistant.
  • Experience with Confidential on problem determination, troubleshooting, and resolution - PMRs, running and submitting, gather scripts and log info, tuning, trace, verbose-GC, taking thread and heap dumps.
  • The ability to comprehend and troubleshoot in a timely fashion, remarkable problem solving abilities.
  • Consulting and providing support to various application groups and testing teams.
  • Conducted several trainings on WAS/WCS administration and mentoring other team members in administration activities.
  • Worked closely with developers to define and configure Application Servers, Web Applications, Web Resources, Servlets and JDBC drivers-as well as deployment of EJB\'s on the WebSphere Application Server
  • Excellent communication skills, strong architectural skills, hardworking and a good team player


Operating Systems: AIX 6.0, Linux, Windows2000,2003,2008

Web/Application Servers: WebSphere Application server 8.x,7.x,6.x WebSphere Commerce Server Version 7.xWebSphere Portal Version 6.0,6.1 IHS 6.0,6.1,7.0 Edge Component 6.0,6.1 Tivoli Directory server 6.1

Web Technologies/Scripting: Jython, ANT/Shell, WCBD Scripts, Jenkins, JIRA

Databases: DB29.1,9.5, Oracle 11g

Monitoring Tools: AppDynamics, HealthCenter



Senior WebSphere Commerce Infrastructure Consultant


  • Set up a new Confidential WebSphere Commerce clustered environment with WLM, security, HA.
  • Created infrastructure architecture, such as hardware sizing, effort estimation and security for Development, QA, Staging and production (HA) environment.
  • WebSphere Commerce implementation in highly available clusters for B2C & B2B app.
  • Migration of existing application to new environments, facilitated performance testing.
  • Installation and configuration of Confidential WebSphere Application server v8.5.5.
  • Migration of existing application from WASv7.0 to WASv8.5.5.x.
  • Setting up new Confidential WebSphere Commerce environment for Development, QA, loadtest, upgrade, preprod, staging and production.
  • Upgrading Confidential fixpacks and Feature packs for both Application server and Commerce environment from lower to production environment.
  • Responsible for setting up multiple WebSphere Commerce scheduler jobs, loading data using dataload utility.
  • Worked on applying Feature Packs and enabling various WCS features as per the requirements on WCS v7.0 environment.
  • Configuration of IISv7.0 and multiple website creations for all the environments.
  • Installation and configuration of Confidential WebSphere solr server.
  • Setup WCDB for build and deployment automation.
  • Automated multiple admin activities using WSADMIN script, jython and shell script.
  • Setup index replication configuration and automation of Indexprop utility for search index from staging server to production.
  • Installed and configured performance monitoring tools like AppDynamics and Confidential health center.
  • Day to day Admin activities like trouble shooting, Performance tuning and monitoring.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server7.x ND, WebSphere Commerce Server 7.x, Oracle 10g/11gShell Script, Jython, Window Server 2008, AIX6.1, IIS7.0.


IT Specialist Technical


  • Installation and configuration of Confidential WebSphere Application server v6.1/v7.0, Deployment Manager and Application Server Profiles on multiple platforms like AIX, Linux, and Windows.
  • Installation and configuration of Confidential WebSphere portal server v6.0/v6.1
  • Installed and configured the Confidential HTTP Server 6.x. in AIX and Windows platforms
  • Installed and configured the Confidential plugins
  • Migrated environment from WebSphere Application server 6.1 to 7.0 environment including the war file and ear files.
  • Configured WebSphere for messaging by defining Queue Destinations & Queue Connection Factories.
  • Installation of Fix packs, Refresh Pack and Interim Fix Pack to overcome App server problems.
  • Configuring Global security, SSL and LDAP.
  • Automated multiple admin activities using WSADMIN script, jython and shell script.
  • Configuring virtual hosts, session management, and transports for WebSphere Application Server.
  • Configuring application specific JVM settings, Web container parameters using the Admin Console and WSADMIN.
  • Troubleshoot problems with performance using the Heap Analyzer, GC Analyzer and Thread Analyzer.
  • Problem determination through the log files and rectifying the problems by coordinating with AppsDev team/ DB team/ MQ team members.
  • Configured WebSphere resources like JDBC providers, JDBC data sources and JMS.
  • Troubleshooting, Performance Tuning and Capacity Monitoring of Applications Servers using Tivoli Performance Viewer and log analyzer.
  • Involved in configuring the WebSphere load balancing utilizing WebSphere Workload Management including Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling.
  • Performance tuned WAS by configuring caching, queuing, pooling, heap size and other JVM parameters.
  • Configured and enabled PMI (Performance Monitoring Interface), PMI Request Metrics and Dynamic caching for better performance monitoring.
  • Was part of Confidential PMR support team and involved in resolving multiple customer problem and severity 1 PMR's.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server6.x/7.x ND, Confidential WebSphere portal server v6.0/v6.1, Confidential HTTP Server 6.x,DB2, Oracle 10g/11g, Shell Script, Jython, Window Server 2008, AIX6.1,IIS7.0.

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