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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Career Focus

Challenging position in software industry where I may best utilize my skills. Expand my knowledge in field of software engineering and become part of a good organization.

Academic Degrees

2003 - 2004 M.Sc Computer Science. (C.G.P.A=2.77).
2001 - 2001 P.G.D Computer Science. (C.G.P.A=2.99).
1999 - 2000 M.A Economics. (1st Class).
1997 - 1998 B.A Islamic Culture (2nd Class).
1994 - 1995 Intermediate (Pre-Engineering) 65%.
1992 - 1993 Matriculation (Science Group) 73%.

Professional Certification

IBM IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 Solution Development
IBM IBM Certified System Administrator WebSphere Application Server, ND V6.1
SCBCD Sun Certified Business Component Developer for the Java Platform, EE 5
SCWCD Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE 1.4
SCJP Java 2 Standard Edition

Field Of Interest

  • Research And Development in IBM WebSphere domain
  • Employ Software Engineering best practices like java based frameworks
  • Java / J2EE. Portals specially IBM WebSphere Portal Server, Liferay.

Technology Expertise

  • Programming Languages: Java (jdk 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6)
  • Development Environments: IBM RAD 8, WebSphere Integration Developer 6 (for BPEL), Eclipse 3, NetBeans, Jbuilder.
  • Java Based frame Works: Struts, Hibernate
  • Database: DB2, MS SQL Se;rver 2000/2005, Microsoft Access 2000, HSQL, Cloudscape, DTS (Packages). Visual FoxPro v 6.0
  • Web Development Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JSF, Portlets, HTML, XML ,JavaScript, WMM (WebSphere Member Manager) API/SPI, IBM LWCM (IBM Lotus Web Content Management)API/SPI, JFreeChart API, JAX-WS
  • Server Technologies: IBM WebSpher Application Server 6, 6.1 and 7.0, IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6, 6.1, 7.0 and 8.0, IBM LWCM (Lotus Web Content Management) 6, 6.1 and 7.0, IBM HTTP Server, WebSphere Business Integrator, IBM Lotus Quickr, WebSphere Process Center 7.5. WebSphere Process Server7.5 & 8.0. IIS 5.0, APACHE, Tomcat, Jboss4.2.2, Liferay Portal Deployed on Tomcat and Jboss.
  • Engineering tools: UML, SDLC, Software Engineering, System Analysis and Design, SVN, Bug Tracking Systems Gemini, VMware.
  • Operating System: Windows98/95, WINNT 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • Concepts: OOP, .NET Framework, Distributed Database Systems, Network Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Design Patterns, Application servers, Web Servers, Portals, Directory Servers, File Servers, DI, EJB 3.0 (Enterprise Java Beans), JAR (Java Archive), WAR, EAR.

Non Technical:

Communication Skills
Good observation and analytical skills.

Work Experience

I have experience of 9 years with JAVA-J2EE and more than 5 years of experience with IBM WebSphere Middleware especially in Portal.

Position: Senior Software Engineer WebSphere
WebSphere Portal Developer + Administrator & WebSphere Application Server Administrator
Organization: Confidential
Period: June 2007 to Present

Job functions and responsibilities:

  • Performed requirement analysis in association with business analysts to design and develop the server according to clients business requirements.
  • Worked for various e-commerce websites with inclusion of advanced features for client and user convenience and safety.
  • Performed migration of existing application to the WebSphere portal and management of existing portals for all clients
  • Portal and Portlets development.
  • Web application development using J2EE technologies
  • Backend development which involves working on Java, J2EE Patterns.
  • Front-end development which involves playing with tool stuff like AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Servlets, JSP and Struts Framework.
  • Deployment of web application into servers running Apache Tomcat and IBM Web Sphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Portal Server.
  • Troubleshot all the issues and performed application upgrades
  • Performed code standardization and analysis, unit testing, system testing and implemented build integration processes and modules
  • Performed documentation for technical design specifications
  • Coding and testing of new modules
  • Performed front end and back end application integration.
  • Takes care of projects which I have deployed to servers for Infor, TrustMark, Aramark, Apple-Vac and other valuable clients.

Projects: WebSphere Process Manager V8.0

  • Install, Configure, Cluster Process Server/Process Centre/ESB
  • Configuring Business Space
  • Configuring Business Process Choreographer
  • Configuring Common Event Infrastructure
  • Configuring the SMTP server
  • Configuring SCA support
  • Installing and configuring IBM Process Designer
  • Installing and configuring IBM Integration Designer

[my current Project, Detail will be added later]

  • Confidential Portal Administrator

Administration of Portal on Windows Environment.

As Portal Administrator, I provided 24x7 WebSphere Portal support to Aramark Healthcare Services portal Confidential for the following.

  • Support to Confidential in various areas like configuration, environment and release management areas which are provided as a part of Web delivery Implementation Service team in all the pre-production and production phases of different project.
  • Managing the day to day activities including Planning, Estimation, Resource Management, Technical Guidance to team members for the various activities done as a part of this function.
  • Migrated WebSphere Portal 6.1 to WebSphere Portal 7.0
  • Installation and Configuration tasks of WebSphere Portal 6.1 & 7.0, Web Content Management.
  • Installation and Configuration of web servers(IHS).
  • Installation and Configuration of IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5.
  • Configure SSO between Portal and Lotus Quickr.
  • Configure search collection for WCM contents.
  • Integration of Portal and WCM with Quickr servers.
  • Migrating configuration and content between portal systems (Staging to Production) by XMLAccess & Syndication.
  • Ensure successful releases to all environments.
  • Created Portal Cluster.
  • Worked on IBM WebSphere Portal Solution Installer to install IBM WebSphere® Portal Mobile Experience. (Mobile Themeas Portal Application Archive (PAA) format.).
  • Identifying and troubleshooting issues in their portal environments.
  • Upgraded and Fix-packs applied when ever required or IBM recommended by PMR

Confidential US Portal: A new Virtual Portal for US company

Administration and Development of Portal on Windows Environment.
Confidential needs a new virtual portal with same configuration as other virtual portal.
As Portal Administrator, I created a new virtual portal replica of the existing virtual portal by exporting them and create new virtual portal with that exported xml template. Following task were performed for US portal.

  • Requirement gathering and analysis in association with business analysts to design and develop the virtual portal according to clients business requirements.
  • Document all requirements for virtual portal
  • Create and configure new realm & create new base entries.
  • Create new search base and realm in portal.
  • Create new virtual portal and map that virtual portal to new realm.
  • Export configuration from existing portal and import into newly created portal.
  • Export & import personalization rules from existing portal to new virtual portal.
  • Install and configure new US portal theme and skins and apply it to virtual portal.
  • Create customize public static pages for unauthenticated/anonymous users.
  • Configure RSSs feed portlet.
  • Customize RSS feed portlet according to theme.
  • Color customization for each facility group. I created a java project and deployed it to portal as jar. Through this java project(jar) we load different color scheme of theme(top bar, main menu and inner menu) for different user.
  • Create, configure WCM component.
  • Configure and change some custom Portlets.
  • Migrating configuration and content between portal systems (Dev to Staging to Production) by XMLAccess. (release builder tools).

Confidential ILWCM (Remediation) Development Project

IBM Lotus Web Component Development & Administration Project

Confidential portal was revamped due to performance issues, the portal user were facing. The main objective of this WCM remediation is to facilitates existing Confidential CPS users to be productive, time saving and improved in performance in their existing portal.

  • Bilingual implementation in English and French in WCM.
  • Developed Templates, Workflows and Customizations for IBM WebSphere Content Management System
  • Custom JSP, Custom Actions.
  • WCM Menus implementation & Configurations
  • WCM pagination implementation.
  • Add Search Filter in WCM custom component.
  • Custom JSP components for News, Alerts, Contract, Theme Days, Classifieds
  • Mapping WCM workflow stages to custom workflow stages
  • WCM 6.1 Custom Workflow/Stages/Actions
  • Change WCM 6.1 Custom Workflow Action Factory level
  • Custom Reference JSPs used in WCM Authoring elements
  • Redesign Authoring Template, Presentation Template and some other WCM components.

WASND Administration

  • WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Network Deployment on Operating System Red Hat Linux Version 5.0 (Advance server)
  • Installation of WebSphere Application Server instance/node on server-1
  • Installation of WebSphere Application Server instance/node on server-2
  • Installation of Deployment manager profile on server-1 and clustering of WebSphere Application Server instances 1 and 2
  • Installation of IBM HTTP Server and IBM HTTP Server plug-in
  • Installation and configuration of IBM HTTP Server with WebSphere Application servers

Confidential DOS Project

Portal Development
Developed Confidential Document Ordering System JSR 286 portlet using Spring Portlet MVM framework on WebSphere Portal Server 6.1.5 which was suppose to persist all insurance document information while alerting all stake holders in event of any operations on them, project also incorporated a full business workflow with MS SQL Server 2005. more details will be added later.


WAS Administration

Provided 24x7 WebSphere support as WAS administrator to Apple Leisure Group for 2 years for the following:

  • Fresh Installation of WebSphere Application Server,5.0, 6.1 and 7.
  • Migrated from WAS 6.1 to 7 with all configurations settings.
  • Clustering Workload Management
  • Customized IBM HTTP Server for serving application static content.
  • Maintenance page set on http side for users when application is under maintain process or its down.
  • Worked on Redirect of URL\'s.
  • Tuned WebSphere Application server and IBM HTTP Server for optimal performance based on user load performed.
  • Troubleshooting and Error Analysis for application server and applications.
  • Upgraded and Fix-packs applied when ever required or IBM recommended by PMR.
  • Setting up and performing various jobs and tasks to minimize downtime and system disruptions.
  • Automation of various jobs through custom scripting tools.
  • Performance tuning using different IBM and java tools.
  • Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor WebSphere Applications and tuned the environment accordingly
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 6.1 Administration on AIX environment.
  • Problem determination

IBM WebSphere XD Administration

Provided 24x7 WebSphere support as WASXD administrator to Confidential for 2 years for the following:

  • Integration of WebSphere eXtreme scale 7.0 to WAS ND
  • Integration of WebSphere Virtual Enterprise 6.1.1 to WAS ND
  • Configuration of Catalogue servers and Grid Containers
  • Creating and Managing dynamic clusters
  • Creating Routing rules for ODRs
  • Creating Routing polices at application level
  • Managing multiple versions of applications
  • Configuration of health policies

Confidential, Pakistan.

Portal Administration
It is a Portal Administration Project. Created Cluster of two Portal servers on two Nodes. Install and configure Cache Proxy, Load-Balancer for caching the contents. Installed and configured IBM Omni-Find Enterprise Edition for Search Solution.

  • For content ingestion, crawlers from OmniFind access Portal content in three different ways, and the retrieved content is indexed on the OmniFind server.
  • For searching, search portlet delegates the search facility to OmniFind to retrieve the search results that are indexed on the OmniFind server.


Portal Development
Servlet, Portlet, Html, JSPs, CSS, Tiles framework, Struts and JFreeChar, DTS, MS-SQL Database.
The GE application portal is designed to capture all surveys conducted for GE products across all countries in the world. Customer feedbacks can be viewed and it helps in improving service going forward. The surveys conducted also captures competitors data comparing them with GE products and get relative rankings.

  • Implementation of Internationalization
    Many different locales have been implemented in GE Liferay portal like English US, Spanish, Chinese, France, Hungarian etc.
  • Custom portlets development Developed several custom portlets for new portal pages. These Custom portlets are built using the Liferay portlet API and are following the common standard rules.
  • Tile for views Struts' Tiles are built to render the view of portal pages. Showing analytical reports
  • JFreeChart Through out the GE Liferay portal, pie charts, bar charts, general line charts and many others from JFreeCharts are used to depict the figures in analytical report
  • Document Library Used document library for managing the GE documents and audio files.

Confidential, USA

Portal Development

Developed a portal site which uses many Portlets. developed left Navigation Portlet, Right Navigation Portlet, JSP Portlet, Breadcrumb, and a Weather Portlet by using the JSR 168 Portlet API.

Web-Radar Portlet Project

Portal Development

Tools & Technologies: IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1, JSR 168 Portlet, IBM Lotus Web Content Management (ILWCM), WebSphere Member Manager (WMM), JSP, Servlet, IBM Workplace API for ILWCM, Portal Users Manager Architecture( PUMA) API as Single Sign-on (SSO).

  • IBM WebSphere™ Portal based JSR 168 Portlet solution, using IBM WebSphere Portal Server6.0, WebSphere Member Manager (WMM), JSP, Servlet, and IBM Workplace API for WCM, Portal Users Manager Architecture (PUMA) API for Single Sign-on (SSO). Web project Management Tool application specifically designed for Web teams.
  • WebRadar allows monitoring all activities concerning site's development and maintenance progress. Solely defined several application tabs/modules that provide a variety of easy-to-use tools and widgets.
  • Provide WCM content management using WebRadar.
  • Manage expiry warning of content scheduled to be published.
  • Provide track of recently expired or newly published contents.

SobelWestex: Infor™ B2B and B2C solutions

Tools & Technologies: Servlet, WebSphere, JSPs, Custom Tags, XML, Tiles framework and Struts.


  • Responsible for object-orientated analysis/object-orientated design of current systems.
  • Internationalization of the U.S. application for future flexibility and expandability.
  • Work with Struts front-end utilizing the tiles framework to implement the GUI interface.
  • The Struts framework was also augmented using both the Validator and tiles add-on components. Also performed the Struts version analysis.
  • Supported integration efforts between the Struts Action classes and the Beans form layer.
  • Highly skilled with WCS Catalogue navigation, WSAD, and JSPs.
  • Updated the detailed design documentation that replaced in house framework with Struts and provided analysis on the use of Struts in the GUI coding standards.

Projects/Work for POC & POT:

IBM WebSphere Portal Configuration for (POC)

Database Transfer

IBM WebSphere Portalstores user, configuration, and access control data, such as user identities, credentials, and permissions for accessing portal resources in a database.

WebSphere Portal 6.0

By default, IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0 is installed and uses a Cloudscape database. I transferred Cloudscape Database to DB2/Microsoft SQL Server.

WebSphere Portal 6.1/7.0

By default,IBM WebSphere Portal6.1/7.0 is installed and uses a Derby database. I transferred Derby database to DB2/Microsoft SQL Server.

Configure Security to LDAP User Registry

A user registry holds user account information, such as a user ID and password that can be accessed during authentication. Configured WebSphere Portal with IBM Tivoli Directory Server for authentication and authorization.

Configuring Single Sign-On(SSO) between WebSphere Portal and Lotus Domino

A portal is a Web site that provides end users with a single point of access to Web-based resources by aggregating those resources in one place and by requiring that users log in only to the portal itself and not to each application (called Portlets) they use.

Integrating the Lotus Domino Server and Portlets

The Lotus Notes application connects to Lotus Domino Server and provides a Web interface for mail, calendar, contacts, journal, and to-dos.

Integrating the Lotus Sametime Server and Portlets

Lotus Sametime provides instant messaging, shared white boards, and application sharing for electronic meetings.

Jforum Integration with WebSphere Portal 6.1

Jforum is a JAVA Based Open Source Application for Forum services which uses Command Pattern Clients like Modnus Project required Forum services for their clients and employees so SSO pattern was created between these two application using cookie authentication and both seamlessly integrated using a customized Forum Container Portlet based on JAVA/JSF and Portlet Preferences to store Forum Information.

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager

It helps automate software deployment to servers, desktops and laptops distributed across different environments and locations-quickly, easily and cost-effectively. I installed, Configured and deployed it successfully.

IBM FileNet P8 Platform

For a complete and successful FileNet p8 Platform installation; I installed the following Software.

  • WebSphere Application Server6.1 and its fix pack 27.
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and its fixes for XA-Transition
  • IBM Content Engine 4.5.1 and its client for Process Engine and Application Engine
  • IBM Process Engine 4.5.1 and its client for Content Engine and Application Engine
  • Application Engine 4.0.2

Position: Java Programmer/Developer
Organization: Confidential
Period: August 2004 to May 2007

Job functions and responsibilities:

  • Worked on different community based research projects related to public health with international organizations like (WHO, UNICEF, JHU Save the Children etc.)
  • Developing and implement QA/QC procedures and data validation tools.
  • Developing archiving procedures and ensure their practice.
  • Design and Develop Dual Data Base Entry System.
  • Supervision of all staff including data supervisors, senior data operators, data operators.
  • Produce cleaned Data for Research Study with the help Dual Check, Error Check and Inconsistency Check System.
  • Ensuring data integrity/quality
  • Reports/log sheets generation & checking
  • Developed relevant subject knowledge and program in order to deal with and run project smoothly.

Position: MIS Coordinator
Organization: Confidential, Hyderabad.
Period: January 2004 to July 2004

Job functions and responsibilities:

  • Working with Confidential Tale Marketing Unit
  • Project leader in the successful implementation of new Data Entry Systems in Visual FoxPro
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly group accounts and subsequent reporting and analysis
  • Responsible for developing cost strategies for staff recruitment, training and development


Date of Birth : 10-03-1978
Nationality : Pakistani
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Married

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