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Websphere Resume



  • 6+ years of IBM WebSphere Administration.
  • Expertise in Administering IBM WebSphere Application Server Base/ND/VE 5.0/5.1/6.0/ 6.1/7.0 on various Operation Systems like Solaris 8/9/10, AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3, Red Hat Linux5.1 and Windows 2000/2003 Server.
  • Expertise in Installing Configuring and Administering WebSphere Portal 5.1/6.0/6.1 in vertical and horizontal scaled environments and clustering WebSphere Portal nodes.
  • Particular strengths in administering WPS ,WAS 5.1/6.0/6.1,7.0,WMQ 5.3, SUN ONE Directory Servers. Web Servers (IBM HTTP Server 1.3.28/2.04.7/6.0, SUN ONE Web server 4.1, IIS, Apache Web Server) & CA e-trust Site minder.
  • Extensive experience in WebSphere Commerce Server 7.0/6.0/5.0.
  • Extensive experience in driving the effort for major migrations which included WAS 5.1, 6.0, 6.1 Web Sphere MQ 5.3 to 6.0.
  • Extensive experience in optimization of enterprise applications using IBM WebSphere Application server 6.0/5.x/4.x/3.5, WSCP, JACL, Jyhton, Python, Perl,XMLConfig scripts, Workload Management (WLM), Resource analyzer, JNDI, LDAP, J2EE, JMS, Oracle 7.x/8i/9i/10g, DB2/UDB on multiplatforms and DB2 on mainframe.
  • Experienced in design, creation of MQ resource objects Queue, Listener, and Channels etc.
  • Much experienced in providing HA solutions for Websphere and MQ infrastructure.
  • Proficient in implementation of SSO (Single-Sign On) Portals.
  • Experience in administration of Apache HTTP Webserver, Apache Tomcat servers.
  • Responsible for deploying enterprise applications from Admin console and enabling security using LTPA and LDAP for admin console and application components on both UNIX and windows platforms.
  • Good experience in virtualization environment including VMware ESX, VSphere and Virtual Center.
  • Configured Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Service Integration Bus (SIBUS) in WebSphere 6.0.
  • Well versed in different stages of implementing the workload Management (WLM) and failover using vertical, horizontal and hybrid clustering for efficient use of resources on single and multiple machines.
  • Experienced in using F5 Big-IP Hardware Load Balancers v9.
  • Experience with issue management tracking tools and change management tools.
  • Configured and administered JDBC Connection pools, JMS Connection Factories, Web logic queues and topics and implemented other services like JTA, JNDI, Virtual Hosting and SNMP.
  • In depth knowledge of IP, network management platforms bridging/switching and routing necessary for supporting the production environment.
  • Configured web Server Interfaces, Session Management, Virtual Hosts and transports for WebSphere Application Server.
  • Familiar with java & EJB design patterns and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Good knowledge on Web Services, SOAP, XML, XSLT and UDDI, Adobe LiveCycle.
  • Experienced in the maintenance of the WebSphere Application Servers on different UNIX platforms and setting up the development, testing, UAT and production environments.
  • Involved in Load Balancing using BIG -IP and Performance Tuning for various projects.
  • Experience in problem tracing, log management, scripting to invocate problem-determination actions involving diagnostic traces and thread dumps.
  • Involved in creating and managing WebSphere Environmental variables for Data Sources and JDBC Driver paths and other creating shared libraries and references.
  • Experienced in deploying J2EE Applications on IBM WebSphere application server using AAT (Application Assembly Tool), Apache ANT.
  • Applied Fix packs/e Fixes/ Refresh packs/ Feature packs for WAS using Update Installer and update.sh and automating it.
  • Developed many WSCP/jacl/jython/shell scripts to automate the maintenance process.
  • Well experienced in troubleshooting and Performance tuning using Resource analyzer and log analyzer.
  • Monitoring and tuning using Tivoli Performance Viewer and Wily Introscope and tracing the transactions during Mercury Load Runner load tests.
  • Extensive knowledge in developing PL/SQL scripts as part of J2EE application support.
  • Performed back-up procedures for system application software data files and WebSphere Config database and xml configs.
  • Extensive experience in configuring and managing security realm for users and groups.
  • Excellent debugging skills in a complex environment including 3-Tiered, clustered environments.
  • Provided 24x7 production support, best practice trouble shooting, monitoring, capacity planning, performance tuning, naming standards, security and maintenance.
  • Well experienced in resolving the Severity/Priority 1, 2 & 3 issues in a timely fashioned manner.
    Operating Systems IBM AIX 4.5/5.1/5.2/5.3/6, SUN Solaris 8/9/10, LINUX (REDHAT, SUSE), Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 Server and Windows XP/VISTA/7
    Application/Web Servers IBM WebSphere Application Server BaseVE/ND/XD5/5.1/6/6.1/7, Apache Web Server 1.2.2/1.3/2.0, WebSphereMQ,IBM WebSphere Portal V5.1/V6/V6.1/V7, WebSphere Process Server V6.0/V6.1/V7, IBM HTTP Server 1.3.28/1.3.2/2.0.42/2.0.47/6.0/7.0, Tomcat 5.0 and IIS 6.0,Websphere Commerce server 7.0/6.0/5.0.
    Database ORACLE 8i/9i/10i, DB2/UDB7.2/8.0/9, SQL Server .5/7.0/2000 and MS-Access 2000
    Java/J2EE Technologies HTML, JavaScript, XML, JFC (Swing), J2EE 1.3/1.4, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, EJB and JMS, Mainframes.
    Network Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP, SSL, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, DNS, Telnet and DHCP
    Scripting Languages Jacl, Jython, Python,Perl C-Shell and UNIX shell Scripting
    Development/Build Tools IBM WSAD 5.1, RAD 6.0/7.0, ANT
    Others Others LDAP, Site Minder, IBM Edge Servers, MS Proxy Server 2.0,Mule ESB


  • Bachelor of Technology
    Confidential,Hartford, Connecticut Oct’10 - Feb’12
    Designation: WebSphere Administrator /WebSphere Portal Administrator

  • Installed, configured and maintaining WebSphere Application Server Base/ND/XD 7.0/6.1, WebSphere Portal Server V6/V6.1 and IBM HTTP Server 6.0/7.0 in AIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Installed, configured and troubleshoot the applications on WebSphere Commerce Server, WebSphere Application Server in clustered environment.
  • Applying patches and plug-ins for WebSphere Application Server.
  • Installed, configured and administered WebSphere Process Server on horizontal and vertical scaled environments on AIX platform.
  • Installed and Administered WebSphere Portal Server V5.1/V6
  • Experienced in using portal update installer to upgrade WebSphere Portal versions.
  • Involved in configuration of WebSphere Application Server resources like JDBC Data Sources, JDBC Providers and Connection Pooling to connect to the DB2.
  • Integrating enterprise wide J2EE applications and deploying on WebSphere and managing security policies for different applications.
  • Utilized wsadmin and XML Access tools to deploy and administer WebSphere applications and portal resources.
  • Transferred default cloudscape database to DB2 and Oracle database.
  • Involved in Deployment of port lets and war files on WebSphere Portal.
  • Experienced in Deploying Themes and Skins and screens in Portal.
  • Experienced in installing the security certificates and installing Site minder for single sign on (SSO).
  • Used IBM Business process management (BPM) life cycle in designing, modeling, execution, monitoring, and optimization.
  • Design and configure eProcess V5.1, V6.2 components to provideBPMsolution for Business processes
  • FollowBPMstandards & Build the work flow and Test & deploy in process engine
  • Used Jacl, Jython,Python,Perl scripts to automate administration tasks on WebSphere.
  • Used web site monitoring and server monitoring tool called “Site Scope” which sends the alerts and gives the reports on the site availability, also used Web Trends for web site usage statistics.
  • Used WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) for storing, accessing, managing information and reuse of services in a successful SOA.
  • Tuned the JVM, web container, db connection pool, and web server parameters to get the maximum performance for applications.
  • Worked on WebSphere Edge components like WebSphere Edge caching proxy and WebSphere Edge load balancer (Network Dispatcher).
  • Involved in the documentation of Software installations.
  • Developed Load Testing Tools forWebSphere Datapower.
  • Configured WebSphere App server to use LDAP for Single Sign On.
  • Utilized Log Analyzer for performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Provided 24/7 pager support and worked with WebSphere Level2 support on PMRs in complicated issue resolution.
  • Experience in Jython Scripting to automate the maintenance process of the WebSphere to handle everyday System Administration tasks such as backup procedure, system cleanup, system tasks, etc.
  • Environment:
    IBM WebSphere App Server Base VE/ND/XD 6.x/7.x,Websphere MQ, WebSphere Portal Server 5.x/6.x , WebSphere Datapower, HP-UX 11.23, Windows 2003, IBM HTTPServer6.0.2.9, Oracle 9i,DB29.x/8.x,ActiveDirectory(ADAM), Mule Enterprise Server Bus, Site Scope, Web Access, XML, DB2, Shell,Jython,Python,Perl scripts.

    Confidential,Los Angeles, CA Oct’ 08 – Oct’2010
    Designation: WebSphere Administrator

  • Installed, Configured and Managed IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.1/7.0 on SUSE Linux v11, Red Hat Linux Platform, Windows (Cluster and non-Cluster Environment).
  • Installed IHS and Apache Web Server and Configure http, https on SUSE Linux v11,
  • Installed configure and Managed Tomcat Application Server 6.0 on SUSE Linux v11,
  • Installed, configured and Managed WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Commerce Server on v7.0 SUSE Linux 11,
  • Generated Plug-in file in DMGR and configured with Web Server Plug-in file,
  • Applied Fix-packs for WAS v7, and 7.0.013 for DMGR and Nodes,
  • Installed manually different types of applications and ran the Jython scripts in WAS v6 to deploy in house applications (EAR,WAR and SAR),
  • Involved in installing different types of third party applications manually on WebSphere Application Server v7.0 like EMC xPression, xResponse, xRevise, xPressForms(EMC Doc Sci), HP Service Center, etc.,
  • Involved in using automation tool IBM Buildforge Console to migrate application from WAS v6 to WAS v7,
  • Created JDBC Providers using Type 2 &Type 4 drivers for DB2 and Oracle 10.2 &11,
  • Involved in creating DB2, Oracle data sources on WAS v6 at Cell level and WAS v7 at cluster level, and reset the J2C user ID and Passwords,
  • Created JMS Providers, MQ connection factories, MQ queue destinations, Listener Ports and Activation Spec for WAS v6 and WASv7,
  • Involved in configuring WebSphere variable and Shared libraries,
  • Implemented Horizontal and vertical scaling and created cluster member for the Workload-Management,
  • Involved Monitoring the Health of applications using Wily Introscope v8.2,
  • Analyzed the heap size for the JVM with help of developers according their application,
  • Involved in monitoring the JVM performance by WebSphere Heap Size, garbage collection, JDBC Pools periodic testing and support of Web Environments with respect to High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
  • Used Jython,Python,Perl scripts to configure the webphere application server and portal server.
  • Configured WebSphere global security with LDAP registry and Created users with various roles to access the WebSphere admin console, users and groups in LDAP and added them as WebSphere Console Groups,
  • Configured LDAP for the third party applications in WebSphere,
  • Generated the Heap dump, Java core and analyze the dumps using thread analyzer and heap dump analyzer(MDD4J)
  • Opened critical PMR with IBM to solve the problems in the WebSphere application Server and collected the Must Gather information according to IBM requirement,
  • Generated LTPA token and exported to the other environment,
  • Administered various Log files like Product logs, Installation logs, Administer server logs, Application server logs were monitored during troubleshooting for reported errors,
  • Provided Service Integration Bus for the cluster,
  • Responsible for Production support by 24/7 on radiation basis.
  • Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server ND/VE/7.0/6.1/6.0, WebSphere Process Server v6.1, WebSphere MQ, Jython,Python,Perl, SUSE Linux 10.2, Sun Solaris, Red hat Linux,IBM HTTP v6.0, Apache v2.0, IPlanet v6.1, Tomcat application server v6.0, Windows 2003, Oracle, IIS, DB2 UDB, Wily Introscope, Build forge.

    Confidential,Downers Grove, IL May’07-Sept’08
    Designation: WebSphere Administrator

  • Installed WebSphere Application Server 6.x ND/VE and created profiles on AIX 5.3 and Windows.
  • Installed and configured IBM HTTP Server 6.0/6.1 and IIS 6.0 locally and remotely.
  • Installed and configured Tomcat 5.0 and Apache 2.x on Linux and AIX.
  • Experience in Administering IBM Lotus Web Content management 2.5/5.1/6.0 versions
  • Installed and configured F5 Load Balancers.
  • Configured WebSphere application Server with Oracle database.
  • Applied Fix packs and feature packs on WebSphere Application Server
  • Created SSL certification using IKEYMAN
  • Configured Single Sign On (SSO) for authorization and authentication
  • Installed and Configured Tivoli Access Manager (TAM).
  • Configuration and Administration of WAS using Wsadmin tool JACL,JYTHON,PYTHON Scripting.
  • Installed EARs, WARs and configured application specific JVM settings, Web container parameters using the Admin Console and Wsadmin scripts.
  • Troubleshooting Admin Server start-up issues, Java code defects after deployment, and class path issues by checking the JVM logs, plug-in logs and the web server logs.
  • Used performance monitoring tools like ITCAM and TPV.
  • Experience in troubleshooting issues using Traces, Logs and Log Analyzer.
  • Supported applications 24X7 on-call on a rotational basis.
  • Environment:
    IBM WebSphere Application server VE/ND/6.0/6.1, WebSphere MQ. Tomcat 5.0,Apache 2.0, IBM HTTP server 6.0/6.1, TAM, AIX 5.3, DB2, Oracle, Windows, LINUX, LDAP, HTML, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer/RAD, ITCAM, Java Script, JACL/JYTHON, XML, JSP, Servlets, ANT.

    Confidential,Eden Prairie, MN Dec05’-May’07
    Designation: WebSphere Administrator

  • Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting of WebSphere Application Server 4.0, 5.X, 6.0 WebSphere Portal Server 4/5/6.
  • Deployed Enterprise Application Archive (EAR), Web Application Archive (WAR), JSP’s, and Servlets in staging, production.
  • Automating the portal resource administration using portal scripting interface (wpscript)
  • Configured the security for portal server using LDAP user authentication.
  • Implemented high availability and work load balancing solutions using vertical and horizontal scaling.
  • Automated the deployment process in test for developers to deploy their applications into portal server without any administrator involvement.
  • Prepared naming standards, best practices and troubleshooting playbook.
  • Mentored other team members in administration.
  • Ensuring consistent communication between Websphere Clients, Edge Components, Web Server, Application Server(s), and Database.
  • Involved in the design and development of claim portlets. specific portlets( Weather, Stock etc)
  • Claim portlet was built for the SNACKS framework using websphere portal server.
  • Strong Portlet Development and admin experience using websphere Portal server.
  • Designed and developed WebSphere Portlets for content management using WebSphere Personalization V4.0.1 and WebSphere Portal Framework.
  • Designed and Developed the Framework Portlet using Portal Server.
  • Configuring WebSphere Application Server on multiple platforms for both horizontal and vertical scaling for Work Load Management and Failover.
  • Application support in testing, identifying issues and tracking bugs and solving the problems.
  • Implemented access manager using Tivoli (TAM, Web SEAL) with Portal, LDAP.
  • Integrating MQseries server with the application server for message queuing.
  • Analyzing Error and Event log files and diagnosing Application Server problems using Log Analyzer.
  • Consulting and providing support to various application groups and testing teams.
  • Monitoring application log files, Application Server Performance, Servlet Status, Active Sessions and DB Pool connections.
  • Configured WebSphere Application server to use LDAP for Single Sign On.
  • Worked closely with developers to define and configure Application Servers, Web Applications, Web Resources, Servlets and JDBC drivers-as well as deployment of EJB\'s on the WebSphere Application Server
  • Fine-tuning both Web Servers and Application Servers for different load requirements.
  • Setting up Environment for Application packaging and deploying.
  • 24x7 application/infrastructure support, working in shifts.
  • Experience in configuration and maintenance of a WAS application server(4.0 and 5.0) with applications using JMS/WebSphere MQ for integration
  • Environment : IBM Portal Server 4.0/5.x/6.0 IBM WebSphere Application Server 4.0/5.0//6.0, IBM AIX 5.X, Z/OS, Solaris 9/10 Windows 2000, EJB, J2EE, JNDI, IHS, Apache, XML, DB2, Oracle 8i, Shell scripts, JACL scripts